Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dalton School

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Many times I've read in different bios about Anderson that he attended the Dalton School in Manhattan but I didn't really know much about the school. After I heard the name of the school brought up on a rerun of the Sex in the City I wondered if it was more prestigious than I thought. So, I did a bit of research and found out some interesting things about Dalton.

The school is k-12th grade with two different locations in NYC. Teacher, Helen Parkhurst created something called the Dalton Plan in the early 1900's. This plan was a progressive way to educate students. It focused on not only 2 R's but also on the interests, abilities, and intellect of each child. It was a 3 part plan consisting of House, Assignment and Lab.

According to their website....

House - "The House is home base in school for each Dalton student, and the House Advisor is the parents' key contact with the school. In the First Program and Middle School, House is comprised of students in the same grade. In the High School, House includes students from each of the four grade levels, creating a microcosm of the larger High School community."

Assignment- "The Assignment represents a contract between student and teacher. In addition to defining common obligations for daily class work, long-term projects, and homework, Dalton Assignments are uniquely structured to promote the internalization and refinement of time-management and organizational skills, while offering students opportunities to develop their individual strengths and address their specific needs"

Lab- "The word "Laboratory" refers to the one-to-one and small group sessions between students and teachers which augment the traditional classroom instruction, combining study, research, and collaboration. Students and teachers schedule these Labs at specified times throughout the school day to discuss Assignment projects, expand upon questions of interest that arise in class, clarify issues, and explore new facets of a topic they want to pursue."

Some other interesting facts:

-member of the "Ivy Preparatory School League."
-In 2003, percentage wise, was the 5th ranked school (public or private) in the country of graduating students accepting into Ivy League schools.
-Christian Slater, Max Dlugy (grandmaster of chess),Noah Emmerich (actor),Mary Stuart Masterson (actress) are among some of the people that attending Dalton during the time Anderson was there.
-Chevy Chase, Claire Danes, Jennifer Grey, Traci Pollan and more have attended the school.
-Notable parents of attendees, Tom Brokaw, Michael J. Fox, Mia Farrow, Dustin Hoffman, Ralph Lauren, John Lennon, Sidney Lumet, Rupert Murdoch, Robert Redford, Diana Ross, Neil Simon, Wesley Stipes, Barbara Walters.


Anonymous said...

Sweet picture of Carter and Anderson! Very interesting post,PT. Dalton sounds very prestigious to have it ranked so high and children lucky to have a chance to go there for the educational opportunities! Also, sounds very affluent with all the celebrity kids. Hope all had a great Christmas! Mine was quiet, but good.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cool school to attend, if you can get in and the afford it!I always wondered why he said he went to Dalton in one clip when he was 10, then said he graduated from Dalton as well. That explains it! Hope everyone's Xmas was a good one :-)

Roonie said...

Dalton definitely sounds like an awesome school.

On another note, check out the 360 site!! There's tons of confetti falling as a new and stylish Andy asks you to join him on New Year's Eve :)

Since I'm at home with my parents for Winter break, and I have absolutely no friends here to ring in the New Year, I'm guessing I'll be watching him wishing I was in Times Square....

Take care ATA,

sydney said...


Thanks for the tip! I was just on the site earlier today and it wasn't updated yet. A somewhat more casual pocket Andy! I was hoping there would be new photos or videos, but those sections are exactly the same, so I was a little disappointed with that.

Anonymous said...

Great piece of material.

I hope I get a question about this on Trivial Pursuit!

Anonymous said...

Dalton seems to have the same philosophy as the school my daughter attended. Burris Laboratory School is K-12 and is the lab school for Ball State University. http://www.bsu.edu/burris/ Fortunately, Burris costs the same registration and book fee as all other schools in our area. We had to sign a contract that stated if my daughter didn't flourish under their school curriculum, we would remove her and put her in another school.

Burris is always on the cutting edge of progressive education. Time management is the emphasis from 1st grade on. My daughter was pulled out of class often to participate in new educational development studies. All the kids were taken out of regular classes at one time or another, some for speech therapy, some for advanced programs--none of them felt special, it was normal for their school.

Since it is a lab school, through middle school she was in a class of size between 15-20 students and usually a teacher with a doctoral degree and 2-3 college students doing their internships. Her graduation class was 32, so you can see the ratios had a lot to do with the success that she and her classmates enjoy now.

In middle school there is a Gifted and Talented program, and she was selected for that. It is tough to watch your child do so much work that seems beyond their years, but in the end she benefited by every experience. Having completed all of the high school math classes, her sophomore year she began taking math courses at BSU.

Burris also houses the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics and Humanities. http://www.bsu.edu/web/academy/ The Academy serves Indiana as a state-wide center for gifted education so that pupils all across the state can have access to the programs and resources appropriate to their abilities. Through the latest advances in interactive telecommunications technology, the development and dissemination of innovative curricula, applied research in gifted education, and in-service education of teachers, the Indiana Academy strives to stimulate vitality in educational programs for academically gifted secondary pupils and their teachers.

It is a dormitory situation, even if you live in town. When she was invited we declined. During college meetings we asked if they would differentiate between being a graduate of Burris or the Academy and back then we were told that the colleges would consider them equal. I say 'back then' because since my daughter graduated they began selecting students based on a lottery system.

My daughter's classmates are all making a difference, some as doctors, entrepreneurs, computer technologists, and many as teachers--as is my son-in-law. They were so close to their high school teachers that it influenced their life decisions.

I wish all communities had the opportunity of selecting this type of education for their children, especially when there isn't a huge price tag that restricts attendance based on socio-economic standards.

Anonymous said...

Check out the new pocket Andy on the AC360 website on the "New Years Live" with Anderson Cooper link. A dressed down Anderson...works for me!!

Anonymous said...

Dalton is quite a humble, inviting school and has been for several decades. They've had an attractive financial aid program that is need based only.

For students tired of the same kids year in,year out or would like a taste of the public school scene, there's always Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, etc.

As Anderson can attest, an Ivy League education doesn't guarantee a ticket to ride the subway, much less a commercial jet. It didn't get him a job answering phones for ABC. He ain't alone.

lori said...

What a fascinating post, PT! I am very impressed with the school's philosophy and mission.

@pixie: what a wonderful opportunity for your daughter. I know you are very proud of her.

@anon1119: how very true. sad, isn't it? as they say, "it's who you know, not what you know."