Friday, December 29, 2006

Donald Trump is an ASS!

Donald Trump is an ASS! Do you think he'll sue me for saying that? I know by name- calling I've lowered myself to his level, but come on - can he be any more asinine? As I stated before I'm not a Rosie fan, but no one deserves to be called a slob, a fat ass, a loser, etc. ever, especially in a public forum. Very creepy guy. Watching Anderson interview Trump tonight was a study in polar opposites. Breeding and class shone through for one of them, and it sure as shit wasn't Trump.
I asked myself an interesting question tonight. Yes, I know I'm weird, but hey I'm on pain meds and they cause me to do odd things. 360 has been great the last few weeks, even though it has only been on for one hour. Would you prefer one hour of snarky, fast-paced 360 or 2 hours of what we've been seeing the last few months? I vote for the one hour show, I have found these last few weeks particularly delicious.

A reader emailed me a link to a blog that mentioned Anderson and Gloria had lunch together, at the St. Regis Hotel, in the Astor Court, the day after Christmas.
I did a little research and discovered the Astor Court to be just the kind of place I think Gloria would enjoy. Very refined and elegant. Here's an excerpt from the website description:
The menu offers international dishes such as sheepsmilk ricotta ravioli with fava beans or tuna tartare and American fare like buffalo steak tartare with quail eggs and grilled New York sirloin. Porthault linens, Limoges china and Waterford crystal set the tone for an elegant dining experience. Tea is served daily and both lunch and tea have live background music.
And to think I was excited when DH took me to Sam's Club for a hot dog today. Boy, who says life is fair?

Have you noticed that AC360 has picked up a new sponsor recently? Viagra. This got me to thinking (danger Will Robertson, danger). I like the good, old sponsors,
Just a Trim
Active On

Head On
So here's the thinking part. What if Head On merged with Viagra? Would the advertising look something like this?

Oh, just once I'd like to see those ads on 360. That's it for now, enjoy your Friday.
(Thanks Lori, I owe you one!)


Anonymous said...

Phebe: Thanks for the laugh on your merging of those adds...too funny!

As for Trump, not only is he an ASS, he's an arrogant male chauvinist! Rosie alluding that The Donald is a pimp was pretty funny. And did you notice Anderson saying the f-word from Rosie's poem? I about fell off my bed...the bleep was a bit off....

Unknown said...

Money sure as hell doesn't buy class in Trumps case. He's an ass. I was sickened by his repeated words on Rosie being a slob, a loser, unattractive and fat. I didn't realize that all of those so naturally go together. The only thing I wanted was for Anderson to ask him why being unattractive was so bad. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't play devil's advocate with Trump like he does with others. All I have to say is if being unattractive = loser he'd better look in a damn mirror! He's a big bully and he thinks he's god's gift. If he didn't have all his "billions" there isn't a woman on this earth that would sleep with him.

Anonymous said...

And, how many times do we have to hear the Donald say he is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business?

BookAsylum said...

LOL- now where's that naughty chair?

I hate admitting this but, I'd prefer the one hour of consistently great programming to the sometimes hit & miss format of the two hour show. It can't be easy filling two hours of air time on a typical news day.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Great post!
Hilarious with the new ad!

The Trump Vs. Rosie fued will likely never end, the publicity coming from this is just too great

Anonymous said...

I agree, AC has way more class than Trump. Just goes to show that money can't buy everything. Trump sounds like a broken record going on and on about Rosie being a disgusting loser. He has the money, how about buying a vowel and getting some new adjectives?

P.S. Love the Head On meets Viagra ad! Genius!

Anonymous said...

Less is definitely more! I do wonder why they have a two hour show and then show a "repeat" for the second hour half the time. Maybe because of people like me who can't stay awake past the first hour. I mean, why not let Anderson go home if I'm only going to be sleeping through the second hour anyway?!

Anonymous said...

May I first say I love this blog -

Now the Donald - is there a bigger ass on the planet - all he talks about is his money and then says I don't mean to brag - of course his opinion of women is based solely on their looks and not on their brains bacause any woman with brains would have nothing to do with him -

While Rosie may have her faults she has done a lot of good with her celebrity in her charity work - When was the last time anyone heard of Trump's philantropic endeavors

I think Anderson showed the contrast between class and money during his interview -

Anonymous said...

OK everyone will probably be mad at me, but I'd be more excited seeing Lauren Bacall than Anderson & Gloria. As for the Rosie/the Donald feud it's getting way out of hand as a local news anchor said "these are adults?" The one sane voice in this is Anderson - classy and adult(well sometimes)about the whole situation.

Loved the tie last night looks like someone either went shopping or had a good Christmas.

I love the 1 hour 360 Anderson seems so much more relaxed and not pressured into filling 2 hours. Maybe a two hour show if there were something news worthy going on, but 1 hour is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump didn't have much of an argument against Rosie (I'm not a fan of hers, either) all he kept saying was how unattractive she is. I really don't think he's all that upset about what Rosie's said about him, bankrupt? a pimp?, what's the big deal? He's just blowing everything up for publicity. It's nothing to sue anyone over.

360s been really good lately and I love the snark, but 2 hours of AC a night has me spoiled and as much as I'd like him to keep this fast paced and snarkier tone going, I'm hoping they can incorporate that into the regular 2 hour show. I don't think I could get used to only an hour of Anderson, but we'll see.....

sydney said...

When am I going to learn not to read this blog at work? How am I supposed to keep a straight face? Head on/viagra, TOO FUNNY!!

I advocated a 1 hour show several months ago (either here or on another blog) and was universally blasted. Glad to see others are finally coming around! :-)

I said the same thing last night when Donald called Rosie "unattractive". Uh, hello, have you looked in a mirror? Rosie talks about real issues, like his morality and his financial record and all he can do is come back like some dumb school yard kid "Oh yea,'re ugly." Yeah, good comeback there, Donald.

Frankly, I'm sick of both of them.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone really want LESS Anderson a night?! They should work on the two hour show to make it better.

Quitty said...

Phebe, tell us how you really feel!

It is just one big publicity stunt. Everything that is coming out of his mouth is a soundbite. You know a new season of the Apprentice is going to be one soon. What does that tell you?

As much as I like seeing Anderson for two hours I vote for 1 hour of great snark.

That pic of Anderson where it says "In His Own Words" is scrumptious.

Those pain meds definitely have put you in the naughty chair. I can see the commercials now. Apply directly to the $#&%?! Apply directly to the $#&%?! Apply directly to the $#&%?! Off to the naughty chair...

ACAnderFan said...

The Trump/Rosie fued is hilarious. I was laughing so hard listening to Anderson's interview with Trump.I know it is wrong to call people a fat ass or a loser or whatever else he called her. But it's funny becuase they are supposed to be grown "mature" adults, yet the carry on like children. Trump could learn a thing or too about class from Anderson.

Pink Panther, I laughed so hard when Anderson said the f-word in Rosie's poem. I agree, the bleep was a bit off, which made it all the more hilarious.

Oh and another funny part was when Anderson asked Trump if this is all for publicity and Trump was like no, then goes on to say when his show starts up again. He's so ridiculous.

@manda said...

ahaha....this is such a funny post! i would most DEFINITITELY vote for the 1 hour show. i usually can't stay up past 11 (waking up at 6 is horrible.) so i'd love to see him sign off for once!

and my mother said something interesting last night; wasn't trump in "cohoots" with star jones after she left the view? (i could swear he was offering her a few deals...maybe i'm thinking of someone else), but maybe it's fuel to the fire? i know barbara walters is friendly with him (ugh! barbara!) so i don't know. i do know that he p'oed me real bad last night, and that anderson was trying so hard not to laugh.

"hey anderson... (long creepy pause)...i'm a pretty rich guy"
"(chuckle) so i've heard..."


feel better!!!!

lori said...

Oh phebe you are so right! Listening to the Donald rant about Rosie being a loser was painful. I don't care how many billions he's worth. He's a classless, egotistical jerk sporting a bad combover. Why any woman would crawl into bed with him behooves me.

@pink panther: when I heard Anderson's f-bomb I couldn't believe it. I laughed so hard. *whispers* actually, it was kind of a turn on -- like he was talking dirty to us. *runs to naughty chair*

I'm on the fence about 1 hour 360. I agree the show's been better lately, but would hate to lose an hour of Anderson. I guess whatever's best for him, though, right?

@phebe: I accept MC/VISA, cash and personal checks. :) j/k! anything for you, darling!

Anonymous said...

Phebe - couldn't agree more about Trump - what a self-important blowhard. I loved what Jeffrey Toobin said. "Donald Trump is a horse's ass - but that's an opinion . . ." Enough already.

You crack me up with the DH comments. I always think "Designated Hitter? - Designated Husband?" Kinda like "You're my alternative girlfriend" by the Barenaked Ladies.

I did get a little thrill there when AC said "F*#@ing"

Happy New Year all,


Anonymous said...


I was just checking out the schedule and there is NO 360 tonight. I guess the crew is resting up for a long weekend.

I guess Anderson is busy calling one of the 4 winners from the KTM video event. Someone will be very, very lucky! Do you think Anderson hugs and kisses the winner at midnight?

Anyway, the great news is that we are getting Anderson all day on Sunday from 1PM EST to midnight. So if you missed a special, set your TIVO/DVR and record and record!

Don't forget Anderson is on Oprah today at 4PM EST.

ACAnderFan said...

I just checked the schedule and now it says there is a show tonight. It says it's going to be about the ramifications of Saddam Hussein's death. Sounds interesting.

Anna, thanks for sharing that Anderson would be on Oprah today. I didn't know they were going to repeat that episode today. I've wanted to see it, but keep missing it.

Anonymous said...

@ acanderfan:

Sorry for the wrong news. Just checked the schedule and it looks like 360 is on tonight. Sorry for the wrong information on that one. You know how the news is ever changing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll probably be banned from commenting after this, but Rosie is the one who started this and made it personal. She had every right to disagree with the decision on giving Tara Connor a second chance, but she started it with the making fun of his hair. I'm no beauty queen so I am very careful about not criticizing other people's looks but tht gives others a perfect opportunity to start on my looks.

There are many overweight people in the world, but they look neat, they look like they made an effort. My Mom always mentions George Clooney's aunt Rosemary Clooney; she always says how nice she looked. She was heavy, but she have very nice clothes and she looked neat and well, put together. She wore things that suited her. Candy Crowley is another. Also, this thing died down over Christmas, that is, until Rosie started it up on her blog. When Rosie treats people with respect and is kind, no one mentions her looks. You don't notice it because she is being a good person. IMO, she brought this one herself and is adding fuel to the fire.

I want 2 hours of AC; if he runs out of news, he can read blog entries, take phone calls or read his grocery list. I don't care; just want my 2 hours!!

What's this about AC all day?

Happy New Year's everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori, there's more work to do: you've only set up HALF of the "new ad" ;)

If you notice in the original, the cap shows the product BEING APPLIED BY THE USER.

Excuse me, I must now go wash out my brain with Clorox and Lysol, to get rid of this horrific mental image.

*dials phone*
"Hello, is this Pfizer's New Product Development Division? I've got an idea for you..."

Anonymous said...


Yeah Rosie made the first comments, but it was done in satire, she was being playful and said those things jokingly, Trump couldn't take it as a joke, and proved he is a poor sport. There is a subtle difference between making fun of someone's hair, and him saying the absolutely horrible things that he did... Sydney pinned it when she compared him to some schoolyard kid saying whatever he possibly can to get attention

ACAnderFan said...

@ Anna:

Don't worry about it. I know how the news's ever changing.

Thank you for the Anderson on Oprah news. I'm glad I finally got to see it. I learned alot about poverty that I did not know. And I can honestly say that after watching that episode it made me feel like a selfish, materialistic person. It really opened my eyes to what really matters and what really goes on. I have learned something today. It doesn't matter what clothes you have, or what handbag, or electronics you have. None of that matters. What matters is having people who love and care about you and being happy and content with what you do have.

Thank you, Anderson. You have truly taught me something today.

Anonymous said...

I for one am tired of hearing "The Donald" brag about how much he's worth and what he owns.

I don't make much money and live in a low-income neighborhood and his bragging is a slap in the face to the "unrich".

Not once has he ever mentioned doing any charity work or donating any money to needy causes.

Calling him an ASS is too good. There are worse words that describe him but I'm assuming you want to keep this blog Rated PG.

Anonymous said...

Oh Phebe...I'm LOL. When they came out with the commercial with people saying how much they hated the commercial, I thought it was so appropriate. However, if they did the hard-on commercial--now that WOULD be funny!

@pink panther, I noticed the blip didn't really work either. It was kind of exciting!

Actually, I was pretty mad at Anderson for airing another interview that did nothing but sling nasty remarks about her physical appearance, her livelihood and her soul. That was a totally baseless interview, he said NOTHING new and I think Anderson shouldn’t have aired it. It didn’t progress the story.

Comparing a remark about Trump's combover (which he himself brought up and asked for a vote of Oprah's audience whether he should change it or keep it) to saying that someone is a fat ass, ugly-inside and out, and all the other mean remarks about her physical appearance just isn't the same.

I’m not a big Rosie fan either, but I did enjoy her program and she does support some good charities. Anderson said he invited Rosie to comment, but that she declined—so she’s going to show up and let Anderson prod her into saying something she COULD get sued for? The legal experts have already said that what Rosie has said so far Trump can’t sue her for. Although I thought it showed how full of sh** Trump is that when Anderson mentioned what the legal experts said, Trump’s response was to say AGAIN how rich he was and that he could sue anyone.

I didn't realize how shallow Trump is, but I will NEVER EVER buy anything or go anywhere that he is associated with again. I'm going to find out who sponsors his stupid show and contact each of them telling them I won’t buy their products. I hope the public puts his show out of business just as they did OJ.

I also think it is unfair that Anderson didn’t read her entire poem, by doing that he took her remarks out of context. I won’t bore you with the entire poem, but I found her website and read it for myself. At least these parts give her comments context:

i was raised reading ms magazine
i remember the burning of bras
as women demanded equality
in unison

beauty pageants
where women were paraded around
judged valuable or not
by old white men

it is always old white men

they added a talent portion
and gave away college degrees
they evolved - beauty pageants
and eventually - nearly faded away
for good

remember the seventies
a young girl in nyc
meets a pimp
he cons her into a life of illusion
she works for him

no fun - no fu****g - no future
she is owned
when she sneaks out -
to party the night away
he freaks

he roughs her up a bit
shames her in front of the others
teaches her to behave
for his own benefit

I instant messaged Anderson telling him I was disappointed with his report, I thought it was one-sided, and that if he was really about ‘keeping them honest’ then I thought he could research the people who lost money, and how much they lost, every time Trump filed to ‘reorganize’ to bail out one of his projects.

Sorry if I seem so incensed about this, but at this point I think Anderson is just giving a platform to an a*****e who is apparently only capable of leveling kindergarten remarks at someone and talking about how rich he is. He may have money, but he isn't rich in the true sense.

I apologize if my opinion has annoyed anyone. Just MO.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, on the screencap with Winter Blast, is Anderson posing for that new product of yours?

Anonymous said...

For anyone who missed the interview between Anderson and Donald Trump, here is the link on youtube.
Gosh he sounds like a pompous twat. Sorry for the harsh words though.

lori said...

@ruby slippers: LOL!!! Actually, I was all ready to use a, erm, male "parts" model for product application but thought it would be too graphic. We'll just use our imaginations for this one ... *runs to naughty chair again and liberally applies clorox and lysol to eyes and brain*

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad they aren't really considering taking a vote on eliminating one of the hours on 360 because those of us that want it to stay at two would be outnumbered! If I'm not mistaken, Anderson's contract ends in 2007 on CNN and who knows what's going to happen or where he'll end up. I want to see as much of him as possible, so I say keep the two hours!

Anonymous said...

Phebe, the caption for your post pretty much says it all for me "Donald Trump is an ASS".

Have a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Rosie bugs me, but I think Donald is either a pig of gargantuan degrees, a nutjob, or he has gone to the dark side! If he said Anderson's name one more time, I would have died. Anderson sure has class, it was like night and day. When I saw Anderson try not to laugh, I cracked up!

Linnea said...

LOVE the Head-On meets Viagra ad!! Oh, God, that's funny!

I hate Trump! He's just a rich, arrogant you-know-what. At least Rosie does some good in the world, and our dear Anderson both does some good AND has class to spare.