Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wednesday's AC360

I'm back after a few days off and I feel like I need another vacation. Christmas just flew by and my normally tranquil home was like Grand Central Station. Everyone has cleared out for a few days so I've begun my preparations for our annual New Year's Eve party. I wish CNN would do the celebration from Times Square with Anderson on tape delay. Do you know how hard it is to get a room full of people (non Anderfans) interested in watching the festivities 2 hours before midnight?
Before we get to tonight's show I've got a surprise for you. Our annual Andercalendar is finished and ready for downloading. Here's the link and enjoy!

There isn't much I can add to Wednesday's 360. The coverage of President Ford was interesting and emphasized just what a wonderful man he was. It seems to me that he was the perfect President to help us heal after Nixon. I wonder if we'll be lucky enough to get someone like him to help us heal from all the divisiveness that George Bush has brought to our country?

Two reminders that Anderson mentioned on Wednesday's show. Don't forget to vote today in the 'Keeping Them Honest' contest and send in those New Year's Resolutions. We love to hear your resolutions too, if you'd like to share.

And one final thing before I try to catch up on my beauty sleep. Did you notice Anderson nonchalantly reach for his Blackberry at the end of the show? date maybe?
Well any date with AC would be hot. On that note I'll sign off for now.


Anonymous said...

Anderson's been in a great mood lately. Maybe he's had LOTS of hot dates over the past few days.

Anonymous said...

My niece just sent me an article from People Magazine on Anderson, dated 12/06/2006, with a new childhood photo of him w/Gloria and Carter. He has on what looks like a little riding outfit.

Did anyone else see this?

Anonymous said...

i thought the coverage was good. i actually got teary during the story on the fords' marriage. i'm wondering how much coverage he'll give the story on the tapes that were released this morning.

i don't make new year's resolutions. that way, i won't feel crappy when i break them. :)

glad your home has quieted down, phebe. how many will you have for new year's eve?

Roonie said...

Maybe Anderson is getting ready for New Years! He mentions in his book that he's slowly begun to enjoy covering it, so he's probably getting pumped up!

More than likely, I'll spend New Years with him, unless something miraculous happens.

On Gerald Ford, I really liked the guy, he seemed genuinely decent, and it's sad that he's gone.

Phebe said...

Wow it's quiet around here today.
@anonymous, yes I saw the picture of Anderson and we've posted it in the past. I'll dig it up and post again soon.
@book faerie, not sure how many will show up. It's the same group of friends we've been getting together with for 20 years. Some we only see on NYE. Any chance you'd come with DH if I issued an invitation? I need an Anderfan by my side.
@aruna, here's hoping for something miraculous. A TV date with AC is better than most dates, IMHO.

lori said...

I enjoyed the coverage on Gerald Ford last night as well. Like Anderson, much of what I remember about him was Chevy Chase falling all over the set at SNL. And who could forget Betty Ford's memorable appearance on The Mary Tyler Moore Show? I wasn't quite into politics in the mid-70s just yet.

@phebe: I noticed the blackberry grab as well. good luck with the party preps! Sounds like fun!

Anderson will have to be my date on NYE, too.

My resolution for 2007 is to take the necessary steps to be the happy and healthy person I once was ... could be a very dramatic year.

Anonymous said...


I hope this is not a totally lame question, but I was wondering if someone could tell me about the Anderson Calendar. How do you download it. Maybe I am having trouble because I am trying to see it from my work computer. I will try again when I get home, but if anyone has any suggestions for a computer-illiterate I would be most grateful.

Thanks and Happy New Year (with Anderson especially)!

Unknown said...

Great work on the Calendar, Phebs. I love it :)

The red tie with the dots is growing on me, but I shouldn't say that too loud because I'm sure we'll never see it again now. LOL

Anonymous said...

@phebe...if only i could find someone to watch the cats....we would SO take over the tv!

Unknown said...

OT - Andy interviews the Donald tonight - lord help us all.

Sheryn said...

Oh I can't touch the hot date thing! Nope, just not going there!

Loved the calendar, its beautiful!

My DVR was full last night so it didn't record the show. He loves that crackleberry, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that for the last two nights Anderson continue to remark that he is amazed at the Ford's lengthy marriage and how much in love they were. After seeing the photos of the Fords when they were young married, they were a very good looking couple.

My new year's resolution is to make the necessary changes in my life so that I will be happier and healthier. It is going to be tough, but I just have to.

@Flo, I had trouble at first too. First you close the full-page ad by clicking the top right button X. Then you click on the DOWNLOAD button on the top right. I saved it to my secret space on my computer. Before I could open it, I had to download a bunch of updates to my Adobe, which made me reboot several times. But well worth it. It is very nice.

Anonymous said...

@Sheryn, are you giving up on the naughty that your resolution?

BookAsylum said...

oooh! What a gorgeous calendar! Thank you! Thank you!

NYE- I think I'm doing the TV date with AC. I'm not much for crowds these days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pixie,

Thanks so much for the help. I tried it and it worked. Appreciate the info.

Happy New Year!