Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What a pleasant surprise!

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a peaceful and loving holiday filled with family, friends, laughter, and of course, presents! I’m blogging today because Ms. Phebe is completely worn out from her after-Christmas shopping extravaganza! Lord bless her, I can’t even find my way out of my living room because there are so many toys in here! Goodness, you’d of though Santa dropped his entire bag of toys in my house! One day when Anderson actually takes a vacation, I’ll tell you all the story of how Ruby Slippers and I schlepped two large bags of American Girl paraphernalia all around New York City just because I’m too cheap to pay for expedited shipping! Note to self: $50 shipping costs are much easier to handle than bleeding fingers!

Okay, so how many of you tuned in this evening to watch Tom Foreman’s special? How many of you were pleasantly surprised to see Anderson Cooper live in New York? How many of you scared your spouse to death when you screeched, “OMG, Anderson’s on!” TeeHee, its okay, I’ve become a Playstation 3 widow so Anderson Cooper 360 is all I’ve got now!

On with the show!
So it took me about 10 minutes to actually focus on what Anderson was saying tonight. I was so consumed by the pretty! Damn that was one fine suit! Loved the whole ensemble! But after the shock wore off, I did watch the show for content and IMO, tonigt's show was one awesome!

I have to say, Anderson did a terrific job with the James Brown tribute. I don’t normally like Al Sharpton but this interview was wonderful. I had no idea that he was greatly influenced by James Brown. It was nice to see a different side of Reverend Sharpton. Loved the SNL clip! I got the best screencaps from this interview! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

I also thought it was sweet when Anderson told the missing climber’s sister that he was thinking of her and her brother over Christmas. Anderson is a truly thoughtful person who, I believe, is moved by tragic events of all kinds. He is one classy guy.

And of course, you have to love that he just can’t let this Donald Trump thing go! Yeah, here I am dreading the first week of 2007 when I get my credit card bills from all of my Christmas purchases. Did I really need to hear just how much money this butthead has and I don’t! Jeez, depressing, huh?

On a far more spiritual note, I loved Delia Gallegher’s piece on Padre Pio. I have a friend who has been on pilgrimages to Padre Pio’s tomb as well as his home town and places where various miracles have occurred. Padre Pio is definitely awe inspiring. Monica has told me many stories about this boy and what a miraculous event this was. If you would like to know more about Padre Pio, here is a link to his foundation.

And last but not least, congratulations to Yoray Lieberman and his wife Sarah on the birth of their handsome baby boy, Shiloh. Yoray Liberman has gifted us with his wonderful photography for Anderson’s Reporter’s Notebooks. Best wishes to the Liberman’s!

New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper
Today, CNN released a press release detailing Anderson’s New Year’s program. I’m so excited because the musical guests are kicking! The Killers, the Goo Goo Dolls, Nelly Furtado, Smash Mouth and here’s where I get uber excited: the Scissor Sisters!!! OH YAY! I absolutely love the Scissor Sisters! Way to go Anderson! Here is a excerpt from today’s press release:

Anderson Cooper Hosts New Year’s Eve Coverage Live from Times Square CNN’s Anderson Cooper will host live coverage of the New Year’s Eve celebration at New York City’s Times Square on Sunday, Dec. 31, from 11 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. (ET). For “New Year’s Live with Anderson Cooper,” CNN anchors and correspondents will provide reports from celebrations across the country and around the world, including Sean Callebs in New Orleans; Robin Meade, anchor of Robin & Company on Headline News, in Chicago; Kyra Phillips from Time Square; Rick Sanchez in San Antonio and John Zarrella in Key West, Fla. The program will feature musical performances from the Killers in Los Angeles; the B-52s in Atlantic City, N.J.; the Goo Goo Dolls in Anaheim, Calif.; Sister Hazel in Orlando, Fla.; Montgomery Gentry in Lexington, Ky.; Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New York; Lionel Richie, Smash Mouth, OK Go and Rockstar: Supernova, all in Las Vegas; Nelly Furtado in Mumbai, India; and Scissor Sisters in Berlin.

I won’t be home to watch the actual broadcast this year but you can bet your sweet boopy that I’ll be taping it!

New Pocket Andy
There was a second part of that press release that I never even bothered to read. Thank goodness, Ms. Purple Tie did though! There is a link to the updated AC360 fansite. Oooh, Pocket Andy in jeans with confetti and balloons! What more can a girl ask for? Oh yeah, did you notice that they added one more clip of David Doss in the Behind the Scenes section? He talks more about Anderson in this one. Its cute!

Here is the second part of CNN’s press release with the link included:

During the program, Cooper will reveal the winner of the Anderson Cooper 360° “Keeping Them Honest in ‘06” contest. Based on the program’s weekly segment “Keeping Them Honest,” the contest allows viewers to submit nominations for citizens who challenged authorities to do the right thing this year. Viewers may vote on the submissions beginning Thursday, Dec. 28, by visiting the Anderson Cooper 360° Web site at

Breaking News:
Before midnight, Anderson came back with breaking news that President Gerald Ford died today at the age of 93. Gerald Ford had been the longest living former U.S. President. He is survived by his wife, Betty and four children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

I’ll leave you tonight with a screencap of tonight’s Shot. How beautiful was this picture? Today is the 2nd anniversary of the tsunami. What a moving tribute that must have been to see in person.

Well, I’m off to bed now. I’m still trying to recover from the holiday blitz! So, did anyone get any cool gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah? I’d love to hear about them, even if they are not Ander-related!


Anonymous said...

I did let out a big scream and gasp when Anderson appeared on the screen. I said "what are YOU doing here, you're supposed to be on vacation!" A lot of people on the various Andersites were expecting him to be on his Christmas break. It's cool that he can still manage to surprise us--just when I thought I had his schedule all figured out, he comes on as if to say, "oh no you DIDN'T!" Just because I've been watching 360 for several years doesn't mean I know everything about him or his schedule. I'm happy to get slapped into reality by AC!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Sheryn and as usual, you guys are collectively a class act!

ACAnderFan said...

Last nite was a wondeful surprise. I didn't expect Anderson to be on at all. I was sitting in my room writing up some thank you cards when I saw Anderson come on. I was like, "What's he's doing there?" My mom laughed at me and shook her head. lol. It was a very good show though. It just cracks me up that Anderson can't let this Donald Trump thing go.

I did get something cool for Christmas. It's a hot wanter dispenser. What you do is put a mug of hot water in it, and abut 45 seconds you have hot water for hot chocolate or whatever food or drink you can make with hot water. It also came with two snowman mugs and some really chocolaty hot chocolate. My parents figured I needed it since I am cold all the time lol. Now, if I can Just figure out how to keep it in my room instead of out in the

Oh and I can't forget to mention that I did get Anderson's book for Christmas too. I'm only half way through it, but it's really good.

Sorry for all the rambing. Sometimes I get a little carried away. lol

Anonymous said...

Was happily surprised to see Anderson on last night. Liked the part on the remembrance of James Brown with Rev. Al Sharpton and I didn't know they were that close either. The story of how James Brown took Al Sharpton to his hairdresser to have his hair restyled to look similar to his was very interesting to say the least!! Sounds like it's going to be a rockin' New Year's Eve with that line up! My favorite are the Goo Goo Dolls and also, I like the Scissor Sisters. I didn't get any really cool or different gifts for Christmas, but my favorite was the newly framed pics of my baby nephew who is 11 mos. now. He's so precious! On a sadder note was sorry to hear about Pres. Ford's passing. He had been sick off and on for sometime. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Dixie Girl said...


I did the exact same thing you did. I tuned in to watch Tom Foreman and was oh so surprised to see Anderson. And then I started watching David Letterman only to switch the channel to see that Andy was back on with news of Mr. Ford. Oh what a night!

Anonymous said...

i clicked over just before 10 and was so happy to see him! then we switched to the local news at 11 (didn't feel like watching taped not anderson programming) and started watching letterman after that. as soon as the crawl announced ford's passing, we went back & i was pleased to see him live again. he did a great job, switching between all the callers.

ford was the first president that i recall--the one who made the presidency a non-abstraction for me (i was in 2nd grade & saw his picture in the school office). before that, i thought of the "president" in terms of washington & lincoln. had my third grade class been the ones to decide, he would have been reelected! :)

i received lots of lovely gifts. i'm not sure which one is my favorite, but certainly one of the top ones was volume 1 of neil gaiman's _absolute sandman_. it's lovely! and heavy! if it weren't so pretty, i'd threaten to use it as a weapon ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope ya'll had a nice Holiday. I received a first edition copy of Wyatt Cooper book Families. It's not signed but it's nice to have my own copy. I just want to wish you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's and if anyone every need anything all you have to do is email me at

Anonymous said...

Seeing Anderson last night was a great treat and he wore my favorite tie - the one from Thomas Pink. The whole Trump thing is just too crazy and makes me appreciate just how normal Anderson is compared to some of these so called celebrities.

My favorite Christmas gifts this year were the complete 7 season DVD collection of the West Wing and the Spike Lee documentary When the Levees Broke.

Wanna bet Anderson will be covering some aspect of Ford's funeral or maybe(let's hope not) he's thinking about going to Somalia.

Quitty said...

Thanks for letting us know about the other David Doss clip.

I didn't even turn on AC360 until 9:15 because I assumed he was on vacation. During the breaking news coverage, out of curiosity, I kept flipping back and forth between Fox and CNN. Anderson's coverage was sooooo much better. Apparently, Fox was on all night but longer doesn't mean better.

Anonymous said...


I hope you all have recovered from the holidays. My best gift was Annie Leibovitz book A Photographer's Life. It is a great book full of photos of family, friends and celebrities in all parts of the world.

Also, just was to let you know that Yoray has a great web site He has some photos from Isreal this summer.

I spent most of the evening last night looking at Annie's work and some time today looking at Yoray's work. It is one thing to see images on TV. However, it is just breathtaking to see the works of art in print.

Getting these stories to print and on TV is just amazing. I was looking at the Isreal conflict from the summer just wondering how they are doing over there. Are the schools, shops and houses rebuilt? Are the places of worship rebuilt? Are mothers and children driving hours to school because the bridges are still out?

Being an American gives us so much to be thankful for and so much to be proud of at the same time. Our conflicts here in America seem so small compared with the rest of the world.

P.S. I wonder, did Anderson get some new ties for Christmas?

Roonie said...

I think I mentioned this in another post, but I got a tshirt from my roommate that reads:

"got cooper?"

And, of course I squealed when a new pocket Andy came on my web browser!

Unknown said...

It was good to see him last night. I felt pretty sure he'd go on vaca. I'm wondering if he's gonna cover the funeral of Ford and maybe head out of country at some point soon. As I said before, I'd love to see him revisit Nola soon, as well.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I am accurate on this prediction and I am not a palm reader or fortune teller; but I think Andy may be heading to DC in the next week for Ford's funeral time and for the Inaguration of the Congress on the 4th.

What does anyone think?

Roonie said...


Anderson will be on Oprah this Friday!! It's a rerun, but it's a great show profiling Poverty in America. Be sure to set your VCRs!! (Or TiVos if you're cool...)

QuotidianEditorialist said...

I was also squeeing over the fact that Anderson was on last night. I love when he surprises us! You just never know with him! LOL! That is a big part of the fun!

I was moved as well when Anderson mentioned thinking of the climber's family over Christmas, he surely is a compassionate and caring man. We need more of those in the world! Also appreciate when he mentions that they are in his prayers. Good man!

My fav present was an awesome printer so that I can now print some of the amazing Anderpics that I have collected (thanks you you ladies at ATA!) I owe you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone at ATA and the bloggers! I cannot watch the live coverage, which makes me sad, but I will be taping it to enjoy later.

lori said...

Oh, Sheryn, my house looks like Toys R Us, too! I'm still putting bandaids on my fingers from those crazy wires that they put on the toys to keep them secured in their boxes. ouch. and don't tell anyone, but, the Cars Lightning McQueen programable race car is wicked fun!

I, too, let out a "wow! he's LIVE" last night. What a treat. Much better than the stocking full of kitchen gadgets I got from DH... I'm not complaining; he's taking me on a cruise in July 2007 sans children.

Quitty said...

@pati mc....I got a printer for Christmas too. I intend to use it to print my travel pics. Why I hadn't thought about printing Anderpics before I saw your post is beyond me. I better stock up on ink.

Anonymous said...

@acanderfan, your Mom has raised you well! Writing thank you cards is a dying art today...but so appreciated. I know I talk about my daughter too much, but when Ball Corp owned the company where my husband works (and now my daughter) my daughter received a scholarship from the company. When they sold the company she sent a thank-you letter to the president, thanking him for the scholarship for the two years she received the scholarship, telling him what their funding had meant to her and her future. In all the years they handed out the scholarships, no one had ever sent them a thank you. Even though they no longer funded the corporate scholarship, he personally provided the scholarship for the next 2 years and had her letter framed and kept it in his office. Thank yous still show class!

User1974 said...

I was soo not expecting Andy to be there, but i was so happy to see him. The report was good too, i turned of in the 2nd hour but after reading your blog i shouldnt have done that since he came back on. I have a feeling he will be on tonight as well.
You guys do such a great job

Anonymous said...

Hey ATA,

You guys probably already know this (I'm quite convinced that you you know EVERYTHING) but in case it somehow slipped past you -- did you see that someone posted the Newsnight clip from the first time Anderson made People's Sexiest list? If you go to YouTube and search for "Cooper's 1st time as People's Sexiest Newsman" it's right there. The sound doesn't quite line up with the video, but it's worth muddling through.


Sheryn said...

I got the most beautiful bride and groom Lladro to replace the one I broke and a long-sleeved AC360 shirt from the turner store.

I look forward to the new year. For me, there are so many changes in store. I'm kind of excited about all of them!

Anonymous said...

@Anthony - how cool you got that book. It is always several hundred dollars on ebay! Wow, someone really loves you!

My favorite gift was wonderful photos of my grandchildren and a calendar with photos of the kids for each month--and everyone's birthday--noted on it (Snapfish). And a present I've been enjoying since Christmas husband went to Ohio to see his parents and left me home (knee surgery and work) doesn't matter--mini-vacation!

I played AC You Tube as loud as I could stand it last night. I didn't think Anderson would be on, just about fell off my chair when he blessed us with his appearance. I stayed up catching up on the computer later than I should have and was surprised when Anderson came on live to tell us of Ford's passing. I thought when the recording started he would leave...but there he was pitching and catching. On the Christmas LKL interview (I didn't see the original) he said that on the nights he is handling breaking news, no script, it is as exciting as when he is in a war zone.

By the way, did anyone notice LK's tie tonight. Just the reverse of Anderson black & white tie. Just saw the last minute, but wondered if someone on his staff is checking out the ATA blog?

I would imagine that most of you aren't old enough to remember the time when Gerald Ford came to office. It was a horrific time. Inflation was so high (I think the prime rate was 22%). In California we had rationed gas. My (now) husband had an even number license plate and I had an odd number, so one of us would try to get gas on our day (wait in line for hours and pay $5/gallon) then we would siphon the gas from one car to the other so we could get to work the next day.

Our hatred of the Iraqi war is nothing compared to the hatred of the Vietnam War, somewhat fueled by the newfound drug culture. Nixon was a pampas ass, and the whole Watergate thing was like the three stooges. I don't remember if Nixon knew of the stupid break-in or not, but he was very aware of the cover-up. Why he didn't just cop to it and reprimand the culprits--no one will ever know. It was really the first time the press had the nerve to leak a story. Now we know that there were far greater clandestine things happening within the White House, but not back then. Nixon got caught…on tape!

That is why Gerald Ford was such a breath of fresh air. He was genuinely a nice guy. The polar opposite of Nixon. We were hopeful that he could really turn things around. But when he pardoned Nixon, it was a stab in the heart. Looking back on it with perspective, it was the right decision...but it was a tough pill to swallow at the time.

Today someone mentioned that they didn't remember the two attempts on the assassination of Pres Ford. But we were still reeling from the assassination of MLK, JFK and RFK; watching film of Vietnam soldiers carrying the wounded and dead every night on the news. The attempts were news, but not really shocking...we were numb.

On a lighter note, Gerald Ford was such a kind and humble man, so gracious. My family all lives in Palm Springs. When Ford moved to the Palm Springs area, my cousin’s husband had a new construction company and she would go clean the buildings after the remodeling or construction. She was in Mr. Ford’s home in shorts with a bandana on her head when Ford came to his home early to look around. He introduced himself and actually stayed and visited with her for a little while. My cousin was also the daughter-in-law to the then mayor of Palm Springs, and they certainly didn’t think she was good enough for their son. That night she was back at Ford’s home as a guest. In the greeting line the mayor began to introduce her to Pres Ford. Pres Ford said they were already friends, greeted her by name, told her she looked lovely and gave her a wink.

And to end on a downer, my husband just called coming home early...tomorrow night :-(

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Pocket Anderson is gone! One day with the update, then taken away from us in a blink.

I sent an instant feedback and told them I hoped they just had it down to add more behind the sceens and photos.

Anonymous said...

@Cassie, LOL, that is sooo funny. He isn't like that anymore. I guess 4 years has toned him down, maybe it's our squeeee that scares him...or he doesn't want anymore of us to show up in his car!