Saturday, January 27, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Baby it's cold outside. Since we didn't have Anderson to keep us warm on Friday night maybe this wonderful screenart by Lori will heat things up. Enjoy!

Actually, I was so furious at one of John King's leading stories on Friday night's 360 that I had no trouble getting fired up.

How much longer are we going to let the Pentagon lie to us about the deaths of our soldiers, without someone being held accountable? They did it with Pat Tillman and again this week with the ambush in Karbala. If you missed Tom Foreman's report on Friday's 360, here's the jist of the information. Instead of the 5 soldiers being killed instantly, as previously reported, when the enemy convoy (impersonating US military) passed through the Iraqi checkpoints only 1 serviceman was killed instantly. 4 more were kidnapped and killed during the escape. How did it benefit the US military to lie to the families of these soldiers, and the American public, and why did they not learn their lesson from the Pat Tillman case? This just pisses me off beyond reason. I do not like to be manipulated with false information nor do I like to think of any other family going through what the Pentagon put the Tillman family through. This policy of deceit needs to be dealt with now!

Anderson's interview with Michael Ware about his near death experience in Iraq at the hands of El Zarkawi was chilling. I know there are some doubts raised among journalists about Ware's near death experience, but I for one believe his story and admire his courage. Michael is a true treasure and CNN is very fortunate to have him on their team.

I am at a loss for words when it comes to Rick Sanchez's report on the teen from Georgia. I must be a bit of a perv because I did enjoy hearing JK and Jeffery Toobin's discussion of the different legal consequences between underage oral sex and intercourse for the Georgia teen. But I'm not perv enough to tune in this weekend for the extended Rick report.

One more thing before I sign off for tonight. I noticed JK was out of sight for a few weeks in January and I assumed he was taking a much deserved vacation. When he reappeared this week he looked like he had lost a little weight. Something else caught my eye. Here's an older cap on the left and one from tonight on the right. Is there anything different about the very sexy Mr. King?

Have a great weekend. Monday Anderson is live from Texas, yee haw!


Sheryn said...

Anderson is live in TX? I missed that! Why?

I'm bad, I turned it off to spend time with the hubby. And I was jabbering on the phone too!

I must go watch rerun then I guess.

Lovely work, Ms. Lori! I love the artwork!

BookAsylum said...


That interview with Michael Ware was incredible. I had heard that he had had some scary moments in Iraq- but never realized just how close he had come to being executed.

I was just about to start whining about reshowing the Ambush special- that is until JK said it was the two year anniversary. It has to be one of the best programs they've put together- even after seeing it multiple times, I still can't sit through it without ending up reaching the tissues. Noticed that Anderson updated the introduction, too.

Anonymous said...

What part of Texas?

Is this another speaking tour?

Or a visit to the Crawford Ranch?

Anonymous said...

Great post Phebe, love the artwork Lori!

What is more troubling than them lying about how our young men are dying is if they lie about this, what other things are they lying about...and do we have to wait for our grandchildren read about them in their history books?

What I personally have found so troubling the past few weeks is how casually they throw out how much money we are going to spend here and there (Afghanistan, Lebanon, etc.) Where is this money coming from?

If all of these billions are available, why the Gulf Coast not rebuilt? Why does USA rank next to last for the number of children living in poverty in industrialized nations? Why can't we take care of our own before we spend all these billions elsewhere?

Michael Ware--I had not heard of his harrowing experience. Did this just happen before he came back to the States?

I can't tell the difference in John King from the shots you showed, but I noticed he doesn't have his wedding ring on tonight.

Anonymous said...

@Sheryn, Anderson will be live from San Antonia reporting on "an amazing place that rebuilds the spirits and the bodies of brave men and women coming home from the war"

Anonymous said...

Sorry, went back to old blogs and it doesn't appear he wears a wedding ring...didn't he say something about his children wanting something for Christmas?

Cyn said...

I was surprised they didn't use the footage from Michael's camera that day. It was included in the Frontline he did, and it is chilling. You see the guys with the grenades and all this jumbling around (feet, pavement, etc) as he's hauled from the car. He yells, "I'm Australian!" and then it cuts off. Brrr.

I think Anderson should do a 60 Minutes piece on Michael. Of course, I'm biased; but I know Jack Cafferty would love it too!

Araceli Elle said...

lori! fabulous anderart! lol! i love it.

i've never heard of michael ware's troubles in iraq and i missed last nights show! i was out celebrating [i'll be 25 on monday...tee hee quarter century!] and didn't watch. guess i need to get my priorities straight... sounds like it was pretty scary though. nearly exicuted? why are there doubts being raised? why would be lie about it? geeze...some people bug me. he was in iraq! the soldiers are dying! the people who live there are dying! other journalists have died! why would michael be any different? i agree phebe, michael ware is an excellent member of the cnn team.

Anonymous said...

It was great to learn more about Michael "Balls of Steel" Ware's experience in Iraq. If only it hadn't been so chilling! I think what I appreciated most about the interview was his complete lack of false bravado. Quite a few men would have been all, "Well, you know, Anderson, I just went on with things, just doing the job." He very openly admitted not being able to leave the safety of his room for several days. And then he returned to the very spot where he was nearly executed. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Can someone post a screencap picture of Anderson last night with his hand on his chin when he was talking to Micheal Ware?

Also is the thing different about JK, something to do with his teeth or mouth? I seem to think something is differnt about that area of his face.

Great blog you have hear

Anonymous said...

@Pixie: It happened in September 2004. You can read a bit more about it here:
(scroll down to "Taking Risks").

Anonymous said...

Great post Phebe. The government doesn't want us to know anything that might jepordize their vision that we are there to help people who want to be helped. Do they want our help - I won't speculate, but I doubt it.

By leading the American people down a path with blinders on they hope to boost the ratings of the present admin. However what they seem to forget is that the American people are very news savy and are no longer so easily duped.

I didn't see the show last night, but heard about Michael's story and am sorry I missed it.

San Antonio - there is a Fisher House at Fort Sam Houston TX could this be where Anderson is going? As long as he doesn't visit a military barber I'll be happy(Andy with a miitary buzz cut - ewwww) Maybe he'll use part of his visit for a 60 minutes piece.

Anonymous said...

Great artwork!!!!!!!!!!

I am so upset because my CNN channel was not working last was working fine during LKL and then I feel asleep and when I woke up at 11 it wasn't working.....very sad cause I could then not tape AC360 at 2 in the morning and the interview with Michael Ware sounds so interesting.

But thanks for the blog keeping me updated :)

xtina said...

You're so artisitc - that's gorgeous, Lori. I believe Anderson is at Brooke Army Med Ctr. interviewing recuperating soldiers.

Anonymous said...

I believe John King is divorced. I know he has 2 children, a girl and a boy.

Cyn said...

@araceli elle, the only reason there are doubts is because the neocons despises his honesty -- there are many right-wing bloggers who open call for him to be fragged or at least charged with treason because he dared to tell us the truth about what was happening in Iraq.

Also, he did not speak publicly about the incident until the Frontline special was done some two years later. Anyone who's dealt with PTSD would understand the reasons for that. (Although he was named Time's Baghdad bureau chief the month after it occured. I assume his bosses saw ALL of his video footage from that day!)

And for anyone who missed the interview (which was, after all, the only new AC we got last night!) it is available on my site in QT format:

Phebe, let me know if you need that requested screencap of Anderson made.

lori said...

Thanks phebe for a great post. I've been missing 360, so I've been relying on ATA and CNN transcripts to catch up. Last night I was too sick to stay awake. Sorry I missed JK. I really, really like him. Am checking with DH about possible dental work; he looks really good doesn't he?

Michael Ware's interview must have been very compelling. I enjoyed seeing him in DC with Anderson earlier in the week. He is a treasure, and one tough cookie.

Thank you, dear ATA readers, for your lovely comments on the Anderart. Funny thing is I just put that up on my desktop the other day thinking it was appropriate given the weather. My kids asked why they were replaced with Anderson ... told them to take it up with their therapist!

Phebe, I hope you're taking care of yourself this weekend. I owe you a phone call ... perhaps after our festival of "vomitus maximus" ends?

@araceli elle: Happy Birthday! 25 is a good year! Enjoy your day on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Looks like to me John had his teeth fixed and whitened. And he looks like he may have a ton of make-up on.

Anonymous said...


You know..I have to tell you Miss Phebe that I thought John looked a little different this week. I could not put my finger on it.

How did the face go from so round to so elongated? Are you thinking of a little nip tuck on Mr. King? I am thinking chin implants?

Maybe Mr. King spent some time with Doctor 90210 in South Beach in January?

ACAnderFan said...

I liked last nite's show and was very glad to see John King hosting. Why doesn't that man have his own show? He's very intelligent and I like the way he presents the news.

@grace, don't give Andy any He's probably reading this and saying, 'Hey that is a good idea!!! Maybe I should visit the military barber.' LOL. We all know how Anderson likes to cut his hair REALLY short just when we think it's at the perfect length, and I have a feeling a haircut is in the near very future for him. And for whatever reason it wouldn't surprise me if he did vist the military

Anonymous said...

I think John King has possibly had veneers as his teeth are much whiter. And, had his hair colored and styled.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful picture of Anderson, makes him look so heavenly and angelic. Thanks for sharing!

Can't comment on the show; i didn't watch since AC wasn't on.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it looks like JK had a little work done on his teeth, and either went on a diet or had some work there too? Love the artwork, Lori, very cool. And Phebe, hope you're feeling better, I've been out of touch lately so need to catch up on my blog reading :-)


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does JK look a little Dudley Dooright-ish in that last picture?

Phebe said...

@araceli, happy b day
@clemetine, if he's Dudley he can rescue me from the railroad tracks anytime!
@anon 7:14,ding, ding, ding you win the prize for reading my mind. Wish I could do the cap you asked for but I erased my recording. Sorry!
@Lori, hope things are improving, call me soon

Anonymous said...

jk does look thinner; abc friend says he went snowboarding with his children around the holidays and he looks, her words, "more fit and more happy than i have ever seen him."