Friday, January 26, 2007

La, la, la, la, la

I couldn't resist captioning the picture from tonight's AC360 opening. If you missed the beginning, AC was reacting to William Hong's singing his new release on, LKL.

Thanks to Ms. Sheryn and Quitty for giving me a night off last night. I'm dealing with an little infection and it's slowed my recovery. Enough about me, on to the important stuff.

I'm not sure if I'm losing my bliss or if tonight's show was sub par, but I found little to get excited about. There certainly was lots of news covered, but nothing that really got my juices flowing.

AC seemed fascinated by the Costa Rica story. I enjoyed the Gary Tuckman piece from Nogales, AZ. We have family in town visiting and my kids took them to Nogales, AZ and Mexico on Tuesday this week. It's an easy journey into Mexico, you just park at the McDonald's in Nogales, AZ and walk across the border (through customs) to soak up a little Mexican culture. The shopping is great, the prescription drug prices are rock bottom and the food is cheap and excellent.

I didn't have a chance to comment last night on Wolf's interview with Cheney. It's been interesting to see excerpts popping up on most network news shows today. Even Keith Olberman did an excellent summary of the interview. I particularly liked Paul Bagala's evaluation of our vice president, on TSR. He described Cheney as arrogant, dishonest, and incompetent". Sort of succinctly sums it up, doesn't it?

Did anyone catch 'The View' today? It seems CNN and its anchors have been hot topics there in recent weeks. I watched a few weeks ago when Rosie gave AC a little dig and was very pleased to hear Joy and Barbara Walters defend our favorite anchor. I think Rosie's mini rant had an ulterior motive, but I won't be going there.
Bill O'Reilly is a frequent guest on the show, so it was refreshing today to see one of the good guys make an appearance. CNN's own Lou Dobbs sat on the couch with Rosie, Elisabeth, Joy and guest host Tia Fey. The interview was nothing much, but it was obvious that the ladies had a respect for Lou and agreed with his opinions. All but the resident Republican, Elisabeth, were quite complementary. Lou sidestepped the toughest question of the interview. When asked by Rosie, if George W. should be impeached Lou hemmed and hawed and finally they ran out of time.
Did you catch Anderson's sign off at the end of Thursdays' show? Instead of the usual 'see you tomorrow' we got 'see you later'. Wonder if he's taking a long weekend? Well we aren't, so we'll see you after the show on Friday.


Unknown said...

No mention of the 'naughty panda's'? That was too cute!

Thanks for the cool caps, Phebs. Love the first one!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can see everything tonight!

Phebe said...

I guess I'm just not in a warm and fuzzy place lately. The panda's didn't do it for me. But he was working that gorgeous grey suit!
I did think it was interesting that he had so many viewers willing to explain.

Roonie said...

GREAT video from yesterday!!!

"happy birthday to you..."

ACAnderFan said...

I really enjoyed last nite's show. In my opinion it was the best one of this week.

The naughty panda's was so cute.

The segment about living longer was pretty interesting, esepcially Andy's little comments. Like the part where the guy was talking about eating nuts and Andy was like, 'Really? Like eating them everyday?' He sounded so cute saying that. And the part where the guy was talking about how people who live longer don't sit in a room with the door closed and the air on, and Anderson was kind of giggling and said something like, 'You're describing me.' I thought those little comments were cute.

Gary Tuchman's segment was very interesting. It just shows that people will do anything to get what they want, even if it means crawling through a sewer. And when Andy was talking to Gary, about it he said, 'Did you take a bath?' I cracked up at that.

Oh yes, one more thing before I shut up. Did anyone notice that when Anderson said, 'I spoke with blah blah balh eariler' and then they showed it that his face seemed really red, but his face was only red when he spoke with people earlier in the day. Perhaps the makeup artist wasn't there earlier in the day. Did anyone else notice this, or is it just me?

FanGirl moment: He looked so good last nite!!! I wish he'd wear gray more often, it looks REALLY good on him. And I thought his hair looked really nice last nite.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Anderson talking about sex a whole lot more here recently on his show. I wonder if he's doing it for know what they sells. Or does he have a little somethin somethin going on we don't know about?

Anyway...he looked great as always! Though the show wasn't that great. I fell asleep and missed the last 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

@acanderfan the bath comment coming from a man who touches everything, lol. But he did look great last night didn't he.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I am an ardent reader of your blog and I am also a nurse. You do need to rest post-op to really heal. I wish you all the best and good health for always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the first picture, it was a light moment to start the show. I loved the panda video, especially when he mentioned which panda should be vote the naughtiest. That was a LOL moment.

AC seem to be in good spirit last night, quite a few banter with his guest and Gary, maybe he is ready for a week long vacation.

Anonymous said...

I caught Lou Dobbs talking about his "The View" segment on his own show and the question about impeaching Bush. He said the answer he should have given was to the effect that when Clinton was impeached it essentially shut down Congress and divided the country for years and to what effect? Then at the very end he said "Do we really want Dick Cheney as president over George Bush?



Anonymous said...


I agree with you on the red face. I actually e-mailed them 2 weeks ago about this. At times his face looks orange/red while his hands look white, it looks really ackward.

I actually think that his make up artist may be putting too much make on him. I get it, he is really white, but not invisible!LOL!!!

When he is on the field he looks really great and does not use that much make up.

Anonymous said...

loved the pandas!! and he looked gooooood ;)

Anonymous said...

No offense, but I need more than "looks" to sustain my interest. I think the show has been below par ever since they announced "The Raise." Lately they have gotten into a "sexual rut;" first there was the "would you email during sex" thing, then there was the "sex slave" issue, and tonight is sex with a minor. I guess if you don't have much sex these topics are of interest. In my opinion, the most interesting thing this week was Wolf's interview with Cheney on TSR. Now that was news!

Quitty said...

I missed the beginning of the show so thanks for the cap.

Did you notice the Blueszone guy said Anderson slept 3 hours a night. He also said people born in June don't live as long. Anderson was born in June.

Anonymous said...

@Avalon..Cheney's politic's scared me to death when the announced he was the VP candidate...thinking of him as President would keep me up at night! The only good thing about W is that he's not Cheney.

Anonymous said...

I Loved LOVED LOVED the Pandas!
Gary is always a welcome addition!

Anonymous said...

Anderson's hair is gorgeous, my favorite length!

@acanderfan, I think Anderson is tanning, and the previously recorded segments don’t have makeup. I read someone commenting that Anderson isn’t an anchor who cares about makeup, he is all about reporting the story. Even his ‘what’s coming up’ segment on LKL, Anderson’s forehead was shinny. He was touched up in the 15 minutes between that and when AC360 came on. At first I thought it was studio lighting, but all his guests appear to be the same shade.

Peter Bergen, the suit, the tie, the hair…he looks better in casual clothes. Was that Wyatt’s old suit?

Who’s voice was Anderson channeling during the naughty panda comment?

Funny, they have started a new thing, On The Rise, which the sandwich in between the commercials, they play a prerecorded Anderson intro tape (Wednesday was about an innovative bandage, last night was about the new armored equipment.) However, last night they mistakenly showed Anderson announcing the innovative bandage, then showed the Buffalo ballistic and blast protected vehicles.

Did anyone take the survey? But I actually got teary-eyed when the result came back, says I’m only going to live 2 more years! Of course there is no essay portion of the survey. So when they asked about how much activity you have had in the last 30/7 days, there isn’t a place to explain “recovering from knee surgery” (not that I’m a jogger anyway), and the whole depression segment of the survey I couldn’t explain “planning divorce/moving away from grandchildren and out of work for 3 years.”

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 10:39 am: Lately they have gotten into a "sexual rut;" first there was the "would you email during sex" thing, then there was the "sex slave" issue, and tonight is sex with a minor. I guess if you don't have much sex these topics are of interest.

The 'e-mail during sex" segment is vastly different from AC360 reporting on a serious problem such as sex trafficking, IMO. You don't have to have an active sex life of your own to care about women and girls being exploited in such a horrific way, and I had no idea it was such a prevalent problem in places like Atlanta, so I felt that the story was necessary and informative, and I hope it contributes to awareness and more solutions to the problem.

The show was alright last night, but that 'naughty' voice was hilarious. I, too, wonder who inspired that voice...

Anonymous said...

I have several pictures I took of him in Seattle with lots of makeup on; however, in New Orleans, he did not wear any at all.

Anonymous said...

Darn, Wolfie just mentioned that John King would be anchoring AC 360 tonight. I guess Anderson needs a long weekend to recover from all those pandas...

ACAnderFan said...

I know this is a stupid question, but could anyone please tell me where the quiz is on the site, I guess I'm too dumb to find it. I've looked all over the site and still cannot find it :(.

Anonymous said...

About Anderson's red face...maybe it is from the cold wind and weather. I being a red head with fair skin can attest to the weather making your skin chapped, exspecially if you are out in it every day and don't moisturize it good or keep it covered. Another thing it could be is high blood pressure. That also will make fair skined peoples faces red.

sydney said...


I had trouble at first, too, but then I finally figured out that you have to register/logon first, then you can access the Bluezones Compass. This starts the quiz. I got 95, which surprised me since I don't eat much produce. I guess the fact that I don't smoke and rarely drink makes up for it.


Don't dispair! I bet if you retook the quiz and answered using your normal activity level when you're not recovering from surgery, you'll get a different story. I doubt being temporarily sidelined should knock that much off your lifespan.

Anonymous said...

@acanderfan It's not such a dumb question, it took me quite a while to find it too. It's in the blue boxes in the middle of the page, bottom row far right. You have to login before it functions. Log in is free, just click on "create login" in the left hand side bar. Then it should work.

I haven't actually done the quiz yet. Can't decide if I want to know.


Anonymous said...

@acanderfan, first you have to register and set up your username and password. After that select Blue Zone Compass which is listed right below My Profile.

Registering takes literally 2 minutes max. Especially tonight. Last night after it took forever to get onto the site, then find the survey, the survey crashed on me 4 times. I don't know about those didn't take long for us to crash that poor site!

BookAsylum said...

Loved the segment on the pandas! Just too cute!

Maybe Anderson is working on his Special Investigation's Unit show or another segment for 60 minutes today??

If we have to have a substitute - John King's got to be my favorite. <*tries to hide silly grin*>

Pemberly said...

@acanderfan, to get to the quiz, make sure you are on the home page first -
Then look for the box that says "Blue Zones Compass." You do have to register to take the quiz. Don't tell anyone but I used a false name and e-mail address I don't check often just to be sure I don't get a lot of spam. The good news is that I'm going to live to be 82.

Anonymous said...

About survey --

I tried 3 times to print my report from the site, and each time it crashed my internet. You can email your results to yourself or alt/printscrn and paste it to Word.

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I took the Life Expectancy quiz last night. It was interesting. I need to eat more vegetables! It predicts I will live to 97. I'm nuts about nuts and eat them everyday which helped my score. I was disappointed that AC did not share with us his result. Anybody got any guesses?

I thought it was a pretty good show last night. I also thought the Murder at 13,000 feet segment was interesting and wondered why we only got to see a pic of the supposed suspect. No pics of the victim nor of the dude that they were both dating.

Also, I thought Anderson didn't like pandas? The baby pandas looked adorable though!!!

Anonymous said...

First AC tonight....I am sad but John King is alright......Anderson must need some well dersevered rest - hopefully he will sleep more then 3 hours....that just is not enough.

Last night AC360 was so good on so many levels.....the pandas....OMG were they ever cute and Anderson's comments were too funny.

Bluezones story.....very interesting.....took the quiz and it said I should live to we will see.

Anderson's story about being out on Patrol....very good....but he kept touching everything and I kept thinking about the video from yesterday's blog......we should send AC a hugh bottle of should become his friend.

And of course Anderson looked HOT!!!

Until tomorrow all......good night :)

Anonymous said...

@Candy 2:l4, The Sex Slave stuff has been covered many times before; this was old news that they seemed to be presenting as "new." Frontline covered it rather extensively last year. It may be an important subject, but no matter how you package it, sex stories are meant to titilate and that does wonders for ratings. I still think they have been in a 'rut" with this subject. I was beginning to feel like I was watching Geraldo. A disappointing week; but I will look forward to next week.

Anonymous said...

@sydney, I start a horrible job Monday, but surprisingly the one question that really did me in was 'do you enjoy work', I answered "I don't work" and that was my lowest point on the graph. I just retook the survey and changed it to 'I'm somewhat dissatisified' and it charted somewhat higher.

I have lost 50lbs in the past 6 months, but due to health and work I haven't attended in 3 months. I return Monday, so my diet should be back on track with the survey. I haven't gained any of the weight back, but I've been doing it by eating once a day instead of eating right.

I did retake the test and looked at the questions more carefully. I ran it at my current weight and my goal weight--and surprisingly it turned out the same. However it only brought my # of years left from 2 to 12.

Also interesting, when I answered that I'm married it went high, but when I said I was unhappy with marriage, it took it all away.

The other 2 questions that did me in: How often do you attend religious activities? and During the past 30 days, how many days per week did you have fish and/or other seafood? I only eat canned albacore.


Taffiny said...

Anderson did seem animated at times, fingers in ears, naughty pandas, and with the bluezones guy (I never know the voices, what was "hey lady" from, he did awhile back, with the chocolate corset shot of the day?), but I wondered if he was down. Maybe he was just evoking seriousness, for most of the show he had those dents above his eyebrows, like he was constantly doing a sad frown, with his eyes. True he does often look that way, but I thought his face muscles had seemed perkier lately.

I hadn't noticed the red, but I do at times notice that his hands and face don't match. I prefer less made up Anders (which over-all I think he does, sometimes on the other guys I can clearly see the eyeliner, and plenty of mascara, I never notice that on Anderson)

I like the close up shot they do in the beginning now. I like it when he sits down, rather than stands. Is this new or has he always done this,( I have only noticed in last few months), that big intake of breath he does while he is standing and talking? Maybe it is something anyone would have to do before talking for an extended period, but it makes me worry about/for him.

@5th anonymous post
The sex survey segment was about sex, but the other ones mentioned really weren't, they were serious and disturbing segments/topics (sex was mentioned in them, but as an act of violence). True they weren't about the war, but I think they do concern/raise issues of, politics, policy, laws, and where we want to go, and what we believe in and what we will and wont accept as part of our country (like @candy I had no idea about Atlanta, etc). There was nothing lascivious about it, I really don't think sex sells applies to these segments.
Now despite Anderson's having said he just isn't into pandas, here we see pandas again (18 pandas from China and 4 from Japan), maybe someone on staff, the youtube person(s), is a pandaholic, or perhaps it is pandas that sell. :)

ACAnderFan said...

@Pixie, thanks for telling me how to take the test!

So I took the test and it says I'll live to be 69 years old :(. Apparently it thinks I don't weigh enough for my height. Whatever. I don't see how a computer test can be all that accurate anyway, or maybe I'm just mad that is says I'll only live to be 69.

Anonymous said...

your right you knew when is Mr. Anderson Cooper will be live in his show or not because his not around on fridays show! thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am more enthralled with John King than Anderson now.

He is one of the most genuine, sincere, and down to earth men out there! What a real catch he is.

His eyes and tender nature are very appealing.

sydney said...

Now that I've had a chance to watch the whole show...

The pandas were TOO cute!!! Yeah, I thought Anderson wasn't into pandas, but the funny naughty panda voice tells a different story. But of course, he loves Japanese video, so maybe that was his motivation.

Was anyone else yelling at Nic during his segment in Beirut, standing there in the middle of gunfire, "Yo, Nic, put on a vest or helmet or something!!" Geez!