Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Year's Eve All Access

Cute Cap Courtesy Sheryn

Did you know CNN has Podcasts you can subscribe to? You can subscribe to about 30 different podcasts on everything from Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, to Paging Dr. Gupta, to The Gyrst (satire), and a Racing Report (NASCAR). If you want to subscribe to a Podcast go to

Unfortunately there isn't one for Anderson's show yet, but the All Access podcast caught my eye. Sure enough, there is a behind the scenes look at this year's New Year's Eve celebration with Anderson. There are some cute shots of Anderson at different angles as well as showing what he does when the clock strikes midnight - toasts the New Year with champagne and types on his Blackberry. Why does that not surprise me. Also, if you look closely at the monitors in one of the production room shots you can see someone hugging Anderson. I'm jealous of whoever that was. Below is the video for your viewing pleasure. If you can't see the video below you can find it HERE.

Keep your eye on the All Access Podcasts. They have already done videos featuring Rick Sanchez, Gary Tuchman, Thomas Roberts, and Soledad O'Brien. Surely they'll do one featuring Anderson soon.

Here are a few more caps from the video all captured by Sheryn.

Nice Profile!
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Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!...Drinkin' on the job?! ;)
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Isn't it amazing how recognizable his profile is even in the shadows?
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Mmmmm! Anderjeans!
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For someone who has a fear of heights he sure is pretty high up!
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Anonymous said...

What a totally awesome treat! Thanks so much!!!

Phebe said...

Quitty you are the bomb! That is just an amazing find, thank you. I am just in awe of your talents.

sydney said...

I always wondered what he did at midnight! I had to watch twice to catch the hug.

For some reason, watching him walk to the set flanked by 2 women cracked me up. It's almost like they were guarding him LOL!

Anonymous said...

I had come across this video on the CNN website and I totally feel in love with it....of course I was spending my New Year's Eve with Anderson (via my living room LOL) and I wondered what he was doing once midnight it was so nice to see those clips and the blackberry does NOT surprise me at all either although I wonder who he was writing therory is his mom wrote to him lol .....Gloria I think is probably not technology challenged....she can do everything right she is Gloia Vanderbilt :)

Thanks again for a great post :)

Any idea if Anderson will be back tomorrow since I didn't get to see AC 360 on Friday :(

MissAnne said...

Thank you so much-Such a nice way to start Sunday!!!

Anonymous said...

yummy captions.....Anderson has the best side profile ever!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Great post. I subcribe to that podcast and I have been sending them the suggestion to do a behind the sceens of AC360 but still NADA!!

JoeBlogs said...

Interesting find. You can also access news videos on the BBC site.

Anonymous said...


and a racing report! how cool! i'll have to look into that :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting up the link about Anderson's fear of heights....very interesting and it is nice to know he gets a real Christmas tree......too bad we don't have a pic.....I love Christmas trees!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you so much for that podcast...I missed it the new years special:(

Did anyone else catch the Anderson look alike sitting at the desk. Sorta reminded me of him but not as hot...

Anonymous said...

That was great, thanks! He is just so adorable isn't he! Those women probably were guarding him, it wouldn't have looked right having 2 male bodyguards with him.

Anonymous said...

Who's the blonde with the boots? Could it be his SO?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Quitty for the interesting information on the Pod Casts. They are great to download when I am heading on the plane.

Just, FYI, everyone. We have Brighthouse which is a TW cable company and if you have digital cable you can get CNN On-Demand. The only things this month on the CNN On-Demand are.... guess what and guess who? So there you go! Not on Pod Cast yet because our favorite anchor is 24/7 on
CNN On-Demand.

Keep up the great work and thanks so much for being a respectful and kind group of human beings. As I previously stated, I was "lurking" at another blog and everyone was fighting and arguing about this and that. All which was fiction I am sure. Who needs that?

ACAnderFan said...

Quitty, thanks for posting that video. Gee, what a surprise Andy e-mailing someone on that blackberry. I wonder who he was e-mailing? Maybe his mommy.

Aww...Andy buys a real Christmas tree and plants it. It makes buying a real tree seem not so strange (I don't like real trees). I think it's sweet that Andy plants his Christmas tree. And it's good for the environment too.

*Pictures Andy getting dirty sweaty and his shirt sticking to him while planting his little tree* I think I need to be sent to the naughty chair. I think I may also need a cold shower too...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Talking about the Rockafeller (sp?)Center Christmas Tree

COOPER: A beautiful tree, and they killed it.

HILL: Unlike you buy the live trees and then plant them on Long Island.

COOPER: Yes, I do. I buy a living tree and I plant it, the last few years it worked well.

OMG! So much to think about!!!!!
1) Where does Andy buy his living tree?
2) Who decorates it???
3) Where does he plant it, his property???



sydney said...


I have TW digital cable so I had to check out my VOD. Alas, no Anderson. They do have Jeanne Moos, whom I find hilarious. Also some CNN Presents and Your Money. Thanks for the tip, though - I'll keep an eye on it in case he shows up in the future.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to turn on CNN and check out Anderson's show again.

Anonymous said...

I have DishTV and there are 79 sports stations...but no CNN OnDemand :-(

Rachel said...


There is something wrong with the runs like 10 mins but after the end of the post cast it keeps going with the black screen but the last 30 secs you see more footage of Anderson.

Akashabreeze said...

You don't have links for those photos, do you? I can't see them. :(

Roonie said...

You guys really impress me every day with your video/article/photo finds. Keep up the AMAZING work!!

Did you guys notice the end of the video? (fast forward to the end). How nice was he to sign an autograph!!! What a gentleman!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the NYE podcast here or at the actual site. It sucks to have a lousy computer. :( I wanted to see who was hugging AC!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing the video with us about the all access. we are blessed because you are there quitty.


Anonymous said...

Quitty, you continue to come up some really interesting stuff! You need to get some FBI equipment so you can zoom in to that TV screen, then hit a button that digitally clears everything know, loke they do on TV.

I've been checking on the Dr Germ video, and I think the photo on Anderson's overhead is President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. What does everyone else think? Maybe Leigh can clear this up after her trip to NY!

Anonymous said...

The blond with the boots must just work at CNN. If you look at the picture on the blog you can see she has wedding rings on. She isn't Andersons SO.

Anonymous said...

What year was the Cooper/Hill exchange about the tree, is it in the transcripts? I'd like to read the entire conversation. I hope he wasn't kidding; that would be another great thing about him. We have some acreage out here and do the same thing. It is nice to be able to look outside and see them in your yard.

Quitty said...

anon @ 10:50AM...Right before the fear of heights comment I linked to in the post he talks about the tree. The original conversation was the night before (11/29/05). Here is the link to that transcript:

Taffiny said...

Thanks Quitty.

I really enjoy all the photos, screen caps, and videos here.

Ugh but all this talk about trees reminds me of something, ours is still up, and it is almost February, I keep almost doing it. Oh and we are wicked people, it was alive, but now it isn't, it will make good mulch though.

I couldn't see the hug. And I missed the Ander-end after the dark screen (thanks for mentioning it), so I will have to see if I can see that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "tree" transcript info Quitty. Did he or Gloria have a home out on Long Island in 2003 or 2004? Someone must have.