Monday, January 29, 2007

Rachel's Smack Down

In case you missed all the excitement last week, Fox News took offense at AC360's investigative report, and smack down, of Insight Magazine's article on the Obama/madrassah story. The story aired last Monday night and Anderson said "Barack Obama's Muslim education in Indonesia -- others are reporting the heat. We are sticking to the facts". When AC introduced John Vause's segment, he said: "Other news organizations ran with Insight's story. They didn't check the facts. We did."And after the package, Cooper concluded: "Well, that's the difference between talking about news and reporting it. You send a reporter, check the facts and you decide at home."
Unfortunately, Fox didn't take the smacks down well and decided to resort to name calling (see the above ad). This has Rachel, our newest contributor, a little hot under the collar, read on:

Well my first post here for All Things Anderson is done out of anger. Oh, MAMA IS PISSED!!!! Here, I'll explain:

If you have not yet seen this totally bogus ad being run on The Drudge Report here is the link to the PDF file. The original runs using Flash and I know a lot of people do not have this program so click here to view.

OK, pissed yet? Well, in true Rachel form which would be wit and charm (hehe).I came up with my own little ad. Now I don't think The Drudge Report will run this one but I know All Things Anderson will. There is no music because, well, I could not think of a song that expresses the anger and rage I was feeling so it is silent. Sometimes silence is all that's needed.


Anonymous said...

@ Rachel:

If I ran CNN, I would have to hire you immediately for a marketing post!

Sorry, Greta lost me on Holloway and I haven't been back. And BOR...boring! I am sorry I just can't listen to either of them rant and rave about themselves and their books! There is NO meat to their shows except for themselves.

Really, do they give you anything to really think about and put your heart and soul into besides missing people and sex scandals????? Yikes, I don't want to be talking sex with GVS or BOR. For some reason, ladies, I was just thinking, do you think BOR e-mails during ?? Just a morbid thought. I am trying to be on a diet and dinner is ready. My appetite is gone. I guess the thought worked because now I am really sick.

The Original Miranda Lane said...

Well done. I just found the segments on YouTube and your response was right up there. Good show!

Uree said...

Greta is just jealous because her claim to fame has nothing to do with real journalism...lets get out 2 fingers to count on shall we:
#1 OJ's homicidal rampage gave her a job that broadcast her wilted face into every home for well over a year.
#2 Her face lift made headlines because nothing else about her is news worthy.
And I am soooo sick of FOX reporting on specualtions instead of getting confirmations on their crap...I COULD SPIT SHIT!

OK I got that outta my system. Hi Rachel...Imissed you so here I am :)

Anonymous said...

That is true bully mentality - to call names when they hear something they don't like and can't respond to in a legitimate way.

Nice job Rachel.

BTW - who is that in the photos next to Greta Van whatever's name?

Anonymous said...

This makes me so very angry! I've seen this advert everywhere even on it's so irresponsible. First, no one noticed that Wolf Blitzer actually broke this story and said almost word for word what Anderson Said. Second, why are they attacking Anderson? Larry King gets much better ratings and they've never personally attacked him. They even mention Oprah in their advert. This is wrong and so very irresponsible.

Stacey said...

I'm still scratching my head over hearing them say he's 'one of those fabricated news people'...are the people at FOX smoking crack?? I don't know if they're more sad or pathetic...but I know I don't waste my time watching them!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Rachel......great post and's time someone opened a can of whoppa** on Fox news. And by the way didn't Greta use to work for CNN......I always assume they fired her or something.....I just remember he pre plastic surgery.

No body disses AC and gets away with it!!!

Anonymous said...


Your video is great. Glad to see you here. I was so mad this morning when I heard about the ad. They are just jealous that AC is such a better journalist, and they are threatened by him lol. FOX NEWS blows. Anderson is probably laughing at this nonsense. Great job sweetie.

Unknown said...

Rachel, LOVED IT! Welcome and keep up the good work. We are so glad to have your snark. :)

Anonymous said...

How childish can Fox News be? That has to be the most immature advert I've ever seen, seriously. Like little kids, with the idiotic name calling.

Grow. Up.

Lovely rebuttal, Rachel.

Rachel said...

hehe my first post is sooo angry, and I LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Anderson really got under the Foxes hide on this one. Kind of funny they put all this money and time into this GVS advertising campaign when supposedly they were not responsible for the information but rather, it was "leaked" by the Hilary team. As Anderson would say, "hmm..." Honestly, I get enough of this crap from the politicians in the "bluest" state in the nation. Hannity and O'Reilly are gods here...makes me nuts. I can't remember ever being able to sit through an entire episode of O'Rielly, or Hannity...journalists? I think not! And the comparison to Paris Hilton...OMG, that was just plain lame. ROFL at how increasingly ridiculous the folks at Fox appear!

Anonymous said...

I have always hated Fox News...This just gives me another reason to hate them...

Anonymous said...

This may seem "cute" right now, but I worry that Fox may try to dig up some scandalous info on Anderson, especially since he likes to keep his private life quiet. I am sure this has crossed his mind already. Maybe CNN should have backed off promoting him so vigorously. Jealousy is a dangerous thing.

Anonymous said...

As fans of Mr. Cooper and CNN, let's remember to take the high road on this one...class outFOXes trash every time. :)

BookAsylum said...

Rachel- great vid!

Fox is scared of Anderson. He has beaten them in overall ratings a few times & frequently will win the demo. CNN has accomplished a lot in the last 18 months & Fox see's their market share slipping away to both CNN and MSNBC.

Think of it this way- its free adverstising for Anderson. For those who have never watched the show- they might just get curious- after all- he's important enough for Fox to attack.

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Well Rache,

I am glad to see that you are here 350%. Thank goodness for that!

Lord, I HATE Faux News. That they even have the audacity use the word 'News" in their name is total BS. There is nothing "news" about them. So this is what I have done...REMOVED them from my channel directory. I never watch anyhow, but that was the final straw. If that channel ever came up, I would be physically ill.

What are we here Fox? Kindergartners? Grow the heck up! Get a figgin' life and get off of the airwaves. More proof that they are the Antichrist. Give me strength.

Thanks Rachel, missed ya! And thank goodness you are here. ROCK ON!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you go girl! Love your snark, too. I can't stand Fox News!! Everything about that channel is irritating to me even the background music. Welcome to All things Anderson! You are a great asset! I've been out of the loop for over two weeks d/t my mother's broken hip, but I'm back now. Had alot of catching up to do with all the posts. Really missed seeing these posts everyday!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just posted on YouTube:

Faux reporters=self-absorbed maniacs ranting to hear own voices. Typical, promote OWN ad. So pitiful!

Carlson: 3 Amer Women Radio&TV Nat’l Awards; Best Network Feature. 1989, 1st classical violinist crowned Miss America. Internationally=Italy.

Cooper: 2005 Nat’l Headliners Award; Emmy; Silver Plaque-CIFF; Bronze Telly; Bronze-NEF&VF; GLAAD Media Award; 2006 3 Emmys. Reporting from Thailand, Burma, Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Lebanon, Rome, Hurricane Katrina, Niger, etc.

A little choppy to get it under 500 characters.

Roonie said...

We all know Fox News sucks. Even "The Simpsons" knows it sucks.

Hooray for YouTube and the comeback! Nice job and you're totally right, silence is golden.

Sheryn said...

Good job girlfriend!

Fox News and Rupert Murdoch are just showing their true colors. They are slime. Can't fight with credentials so they sling mud. YAWN!


Anonymous said...

Apparently Fox tried to steal Anderson from CNN a few years ago.


lori said...

rock on Rachel!!!

Now, folks, I normally lurk or keep the old mouth shut cuz I'm better at creating art than making sense with my words. However, today I reached the boiling point with Faux News' stupidity, spin, crapola and bubble-headed talking heads (THEY are not JOURNALISTS as dear Gretchen would like to think they are) and posted a comment at YouTube (I'm lipdesign). It was almost better than sex!

@Uree: Oh, honey, you are so right!

@cactuskid: welcome back! I hope your mom makes a speedy recovery.

@pixie: High Five! :D

Anonymous said...

FoxNews reached an immature and unprofessional level in their game play. Taking cheap shots at competing networks reaks of imcompetent management on Fox's end.

What a sad day that a trusted news source resorts to childish name calling to distract viewers from their erroneous reporting.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:37-

I never thought about that, but now that you brought that up, I hope that this does not escalate any further as well.

Anonymous said...


Love the rebuttal. Miss American 2006 is out rehab that should kept GVS busy for couple days. HeHe.

People watch real news will turn to AC360, after all he does show all sides, unlike Fox beating on the same dead horse for the last couple years. If you disagree with them, you got BOR "FAIR & BALANCE" yelling at you. Wish Bill Clinton will get back on one of their show and tell them what a kind of news people they really are

Anonymous said...

People can try and hurt him. But those of us who admire him won't stop doing so because of negative campaings,whatever the nature of them.

Whatever Anderson does in his private life is his buisness, and it will never make me doubt of his talents, work ethics, professionalism and compassion. Anderson has something Greta will never have: CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anderson is so discreet and has more class in one toe than the psycho idiot Rosie O'D has in total. When she went off on Anderson, he simply stopped talking about her. Pure class.

Taffiny said...

I really can't understand the Paris Hilton comparison. ???
Hilton- she is famous (or rather let's say known) because of her family, and because of her bad behavior in public, and dragging all kinds of private life stuff into the public eye, video tapes, fights, etc.
Anderson-I watched 360 for several months before I googled, wikipedia-ed him, and then I was shocked to read that he was the son of Gloria V. About Anderson's private life, we know, um...almost nothing. In the media, He is about, his show is about, the work (the stories, the news covered). Yes, his family has money and he wears a suit very well, but that is not enough to compare these two.

I find the whole thing odd. I just don't get it. How they can see this, or their motivation for saying it.

Speaking of confusion, I still don't understand how the whole ratings thing works. How do they really know what we are, and are not watching.