Sunday, January 14, 2007

Shearer, Anderson and some YouTube

I wanted to start off today's post with a brief word about the Harry Shearer article appearing on the Huffington Post. I think what bothers me more than anything is not that Mr. Shearer has a negative opinion of Anderson Cooper(there are others that do and that's fine) but that he feels the need to take personal swipes at him. If he doesn't like Anderson's show or his style of reporting, again, that's fine by me, but to take it to that level is very wrong.

How many articles or reports has Mr. Shearer done about the Gulf Coast that have directly lead to someone getting the help they hadn't gotten before? Even, if you share his beliefs that Anderson somehow is doing all this to further his own career or is just phoning it in, wouldn't it still be helping the people on the Gulf Coast? What if Anderson's motives were not pure? Does that change the amount of good that has been done there and the number of people that have been helpe? AC360 reported there for 5 solid weeks during the aftermath and has been back a dozen times or more over the past 18 months. How many other shows have done this? Every time he goes there a spotlight is shining on the city and helps keep it alive in the minds of people that forget. I'm not sure how that's a bad thing?

I am not going to put down Mr. Shearer, because he is entitled to his opinion, I just find it unfortunate that he had to bring it to that level. I'm sure Mr. Cooper would NOT do the same.

Moving on, here are a few YouTube videos that are pretty funny:)

Have a great week and Happy MLK DAY.


Sheryn said...

So, if I'm reading correctly, Harry is basing his comments on Anderson's V-blog the other day. I'm wondering if he watched the whole show?

PT, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Its one thing to criticize show content, but why make it personal?

On a lighter note, thanks for the vids! It might be cold but those warm my heart! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I can't recall anything that Shearer has done that approaches the level of commitment to keeping the Gulf Coast and NOLA in the spotlight that AC and CNN have done. All he can manage is to take pot shots at Anderson. Why should anyone take anything Shearer says seriously when he resorts to making personal attacks?

Anonymous said...

I actually responded to Mr. Shearer...normally I try not to be confrontational and steer clear of slamming others' opinions, but his criticism was pretty childish and very offensive. No matter Anderson's true intentions (and I highly, highly doubt a lack of genuine integrity and interest on his part or on the part of the other CNN correspondents), his actions are far more commendable, respectful, and helpful to the cause than some random "journalist" sitting on his behind and criticizing others.

No worries, though. Karma is alive and well, and that's why Anderson commands far more respect and a much bigger platform for potential social change.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how many times I watch that joke vid, I can't get enough of it! That is a near perfect ander-giggle in there too.

Anyway, PT no use even commenting on the guy really. It is *much* easier to sling mud on the internet than attempt to weigh a topic with mild-mannered, reasoning.

The ones who are the loudest get the attention first, but the ones who speak fairly get the respect. We all know who is on what side of that equation. =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Shearer:
To paraphrase Ann Coulter, "Shut Up and Do Principal Skinner".
Ruby Slippers

Anonymous said...

Harry really lost it. I'm never watching the Simpson's again.

Phebe said...
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Unknown said...


sydney said...

Shearer needs to stick to funny voices, evidently it's his only talent.

I have the sudden urge to watch 360. Anderson rocks!

I don't know why I just said that... :-P

The Original Miranda Lane said...

Thanks for the YouTube bits. Those always make me smile.

I empathize about the Harry Shearer story, but try not to let it get you down. Hey, free publicity.

BookAsylum said...

PT- thanks for the YouTube vids.

Don’t give the Harry Shearer’s of the world more attention than they deserve. Anderson's success will inevitably bring on criticism and personal attacks. He’s good at his craft and has earned the respect of his viewers and colleagues.

xtina said...

Wha? What Harry Shearer article? I would like to read it. . . LOL, btw at "shut up and do Principal Skinner!"

Roonie said...

I heard an interview with Shearer on NPR long ago and he said how he likes imitating reporters and wanted to be able to perfect Anderson's persona. I have no problem with parodists and comedians doing what they do b/c hey, it's a living right? But this seems uncharacteristically inappropriate.

I love him on "The Simpsons" but this just isn't fair.

"It's so cold even rich people are cold....giggles...I like that one" (how adorable was that?)

Unknown said...

Harry should do more research on his subject and not just base his comments on one vblog. In time this will come back to haunt him as they say - what goes around comes around.

Love the vids especially the one about the cold. The Andergiggles are great - wonder how many takes he had to do for the outside segments?

eliza said...

I left a couple of comments for Shearer and he responded back. The thing that ticks me off the most is that he didn't even watch the show. He can criticize all he wants (hell, I do that all the time on my blog), but at least WATCH the show. Sheesh.