Monday, January 29, 2007

Traveling Man

Last year, Anderson clocked so many miles while traveling that he could have circled the globe over 15 times! He went all over the States from West Virginia to Seattle and everywhere in between. He also went overseas a few times to the Middle East as well as Africa. So I have to wonder where will he go this year? I suppose he'll be headed to the pre election hot spots like Iowa(I know someone that will like that! ;) ) and New Hampshire and other debate spots. I, for one, hope he doesn't go back to Iraq but I suspect he can't stay away from there. I'd also like to see him and 360 head back to Africa to do an update on the progress or lack of progress being made on AIDS and famine. One other place I'd like to see him return to is region effected by the Tsunami. It would be interesting to see what's happening there.

I'm also wondering about Hurricane season and how it will be this year. He and the Gulf Coast hit it lucky this past season with no major storms. Who knows this year, though? I enjoy his coverage of hurricanes but it's also hard to watch knowing that there will be so much destruction.

So... what places would you like to see Anderson and 360 cover this year?

And as a little treat, since a few people were asking about it. Here's a cute video clip of Anderson back in 2005 with Pete an Penny Penguin. The video is a little fuzzy but it's worth it the cuteness! (Thanks Quitty for the upload)


Anonymous said...

I love hearing Anderson's "uh huh".

Another gem of a film clip ATA friends!

Anonymous said...

I'd definitely like Anderson to revisit some of the various parts of the world he's covered in the past for updates. He should also keep tabs on the Gulf Coast as much as possible.

The first photo of Anderson covering the hurricane brings back memories of staying up all night and watching him being soaking wet blown by the wind every which way and trying to think of interesting things to say about the hurricanes. No one wants the death and damage that hurricanes bring, but Anderson's coverage of them was not to be missed.

There are some moments on 360 that are worth keeping on tape and AC and the penguins is one of them. I never thought I'd hear AC say "I like poop!" on national tv. Plus watching him stroke and rub them and then say he'd like to toss them like a football(!) is priceless.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get slammed for part of this reply, but those of you who know me will understand. I want Anderson to go back to the Gulf Coast and I don't mean just the Lower Ninth Ward. I know it was basically obliterated off the face of the Earth and nothing is being done, but there were other places hit just as hard if not worse.
Can you say Waveland MS?

Also I do want him to go back to NOLA, how about showing what has been done. There are a lot of small non profits down there, I am involved with 2, that are doing good work, but need volunteers badly. I want Anderson to go there and show America, the world that something is beingg done and it is being done by people NOT associated with FEMA, the US government or the City of NOLA.

OK I'm done passionate rant over. Anderson you know you and 360 need a little friendly prodding once n awhile.

MissAnne said...

Anderson is always welcome to visit New Jersey (I know that Sheryn will agree)!!!

Anonymous said...

I want Anderson to come to Toronto, ON, Canada........enough said :)

Can you tell I live in Toronto :P

Roonie said...

I LOVE penguins!!!! so cute :) Great movie too, if you haven't seen it, it's amazing.

As far as Anderson's travels, I definitely want to see more follow-up on war-torn and disaster-torn locations around the world. I love seeing him on location because he's so in his element out there.
NOLA, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Israel, he'll probably visit all of them. I really want him to visit Africa more and see what happens over the course of the next few years with AIDS and hunger.

I think he'll be a world-traveler again this year.

But, with the new administration, new things will be underway in Congress, so focusing on that may not be such a bad idea! Something to think about....

Anonymous said...

Don't you all wish you were Penny Penguin?

Anonymous said...

i love the penguins!!

i'm with grace--i want him to go back to the gulf coast--not just NOLA, but other places he's been to down there as well.

Anonymous said...

low hanging appendages?

what happened to bits and pieces?


I'd also like to see AC go back to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast as well as other spots like Haiti and the Phillipines.

Phebe said...

Ahhhhh I love the penguins and Anderson's fasination with certain subjects.
I would love to see him touch base with some of the people in his book. One in particular was that wonderful lady who cleaned her house before she evacuated and brought her rock collection in, for safe keeping. She was such a sweet person.

Anonymous said...

@ Grace,

I could not agree with you more. I have to say I think 360 did a blog spot last year on where should AC go? Anyway, I would send it to the instant comment line anyway, you never know, they may read it and come to other areas.

Also, maybe you could send something in on Keeping Them Honest in your town. Maybe the not-for-profit can be the "honest" segment we all need about this Katrina mess. The thing about not-for-profits is it is people helping people and not government trying to help people. That is a big and great difference.

Have a great and awesome day!

Anonymous said...

@Anna I am planning to send something to CNN about the non profits, but I thought I would send it to their Gulf Coast Bureau down in NOLA since they are closer to the subject. I am also waiting to hear back from one NP to get info from them to send to CNN. I wantto get my facts straight before I send anything.

Taffiny said...

I like it when Anderson is on location (but I don't want it to be from anywhere where he is in danger. As a mom, I find myself thinking about his mom, she has been through enough, she doesn't need to lose one more person, or to worry that she might).

Get stuff ready to throw at me. I didn't like the penguin movie (I didn't make it all the way through to see the end). It just made it look so miserable to be a penguin. Got frostbite just watching. What they get like 2 seconds to get an egg back under themselves or it freezes. shudder.

Anonymous (first one) comments made me laugh :)

I would like to meet Anders (have him cover me), but I realize the only way that will ever happen is if something incredibly horrible happens to me, and/or my loved ones, so I'll just stick to watching him on TV.

Anonymous said...

A bit of trivia for you when Pete and Penny travel they always go first class and are allowed to walk around the plane to smoze with the passengers.

Anonymous said...

You guys *really do* find the best videos. Applause! Applause!

So we know Anderson has handled Penguins, seen Gorrilas in the wild, held a baby cougar but chose not to pet the aligator that time Jeff Corwin was on the show. Does anyone have a running list of just how many animals this guy has been upclose and personal with? I'm a little jealous -- they never let you pet anything at the zoo.


Sheryn said...

@missanne, amen to that! :)

Though I've thought a lot about this and I think, I'd love to see Anderson take 360 on the road to different military bases around the globe to put faces and names to the images of these soldiers fighting this war. If we got more personal stories, then this war would be a more personal story for many more people.

And lord, how do you not love those penguins! I love the football comment!

Anonymous said...

oh the penguin video was so cute......I loved March of the Penquins.....great movie.........and those penquins are so sweet. Anderson is such an animal lover :)

Anonymous said...

PT, I love that you can email this video to yourself. Is there any way to put the NYE video or Dr Germ video in Photobucket? Or any way to access them from another site? I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Pipeline. But I don't know how to find either of these videos.

Oh, I’m so jealous of Penny…what does that say me when I’m jealous of a penguin, a dog and a gorilla?

I would love Anderson to visit Muncie!!! He could speak at BSU, they have a great College of Communication, Information. Unemployment in Muncie is down 700 jobs last year and 10,000 jobs since 1995! Guess we would have to have a devastating tornado come through here. Being without power for 9 days last year due to ice storm didn't get him here...not that I would have known. We are on a well, so we didn't have electricity, heat or water.

I would like to see him go to some of the Native American areas and include them when showing Americans living in impoverished areas. I would like him to do an in-depth story about American children living in poverty, giving us faces to go along with our dismal rating of 25th among the 26th industrialized nations, only Mexico ranks worse.

I don't want him to go back to Iraq, I think it would be a senseless exposure for him, and he wouldn't be able to get out of the green zone anyway.

I would like to see the comparison of rebuilding between Katrina and Tsunami areas.

I would like to see what progress has been made in Africa.

But most of all I would like CNN to spend more money on advertising AC360. I don't know about cable, but on DishTV there are always ads for programs that are airing on other stations. That would increase his ratings a lot.

Anonymous said...

I would like AC to visit Congo again and do an update on if the rapes have stopped and how the women/children are doing. I would also love an update on the Gorillas. Just a few weeks ago, there was a report that two gorillas were killed and eaten by rebels there!

I do think, however, that the AC360 team has been getting flack for not covering more US based issues so I'm thinking with elections coming, etc. that perhaps AC will continue with his "Keep them honest" focus and do more human interest stories here in the US