Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I hope I don't have to ruin my new hairdo!

Good evening everyone! It's been a while! Did you miss me? LOL! Did you enjoy last night's show? I did and I didn't. But I'm going to give Mr. Cooper a pass on this one since he had a very busy weekend and I'm sure he had a career thrill interviewing Walter Cronkite on Monday. Nope, I don't blame him at all for showing the Afghanistan special YET AGAIN! Note to CNN: Please stop showing old packages. WE HAVE SEEN THEM WAY TOO MANY TIMES! Thank you!

*looks around the room confused* Whew, sorry about that outburst! I have no idea where that came from! Well, here are all of my thoughts about last night's AC360 in no particular order!

The upside of the downslide:
For anyone who has money in the stock market, yesterday was rather unsettling indeed. The upside to the drastic market drop: I got to see Ali Velshi on AC360! I LOVE Ali! He has got to be the most stylin’ reporter on CNN.

Only Ali Velshi can wear a beige suit (see screencap below) and look good. I don’t know how many of you get my attraction to Ali but I think he’s adorable! I love when he flirts with Kiera Phillips in the afternoons. And seeing Anderson and Ali standing together made my heart flutter!

Reporting from Afghanistan:
I was looking forward to hearing the ex-CIA operative piece last night. I was so engrossed in it that I didn't realize Peter Bergen was actually doing the reporting until the segment was half over! Not only is Peter Bergen AC360’s Terrorism Expert, he’s a damn good reporter as well!

I’ve made the comment once before and I will say it again. My ultimate dream (now keep in mind I’m a political geek, k?) is to have David Gergen and Peter Bergen as professors. Lord, I would definitely never miss a class!

A story I don’t mind seeing over and over again:
It was wonderful to see how great Bob Woodruff looked last night! Anderson and Sanjay did a great job on this segment. It was so touching to see Bob's daughters teaching him the phrase "belt buckle" wasn't it? I cried like a baby. I'm sad that I missed ABC's special last night. I hope I can catch it at a later date.

Brian from TVNewser posted the Woodruff's PR schedule. It looks like Bob and his wife have a very busy month! I don’t mind saying that this is one story I will watch over and over and over again! There is an angel watching over Bob Woodruff and his colleague Doug Vogt, also hurt in the explosion. I hope that angel is with these two gentlemen as well as all combat reporters for a very long time. If you would like to know more about Bob Woodruff and his road to recovery, you should visit his foundation's website.

One thing that I find very disturbing is that our soldiers and embedded reporters do not have the proper head gear. We learned this last year when Cher sat down with Anderson to get much needed exposure for her Operation Helmet campaign. Last summer I blogged that there have been more brain injuries in the Iraq War than any other war the U.S. has fought. I wonder, if Bob Woodruff had the proper head gear, would his injuries have been so severe?

My WTF moment for today:
From the AC360 website:

Wednesday's show
Forced from his home, banished from the community. He blames polygamist leader Warren Jeffs. "360°" investigates. Tune in tonight at 10 ET.

Okay, I’m going to cut Anderson and the 360 team some slack right now. I know that there are a couple of new developments on the polygamy front. And we all know that Anderson has a fascination with this story.

If only the NEW developments are covered, you will not read one single bad word from my keyboard tomorrow. But if I’ve gotta sit thru that old “Lost Boys” piece ONE MORE TIME, I’m gonna frigging pull out my newly highlighted hair strand by strand. You will hear about it forever because it cost a major fortune to get my hair done yesterday! Anderson Cooper the future of my nicely coiffed hair is on your head now! LOL!

Okay Ladies and Gents, I’ll leave you with a screencap that I found amusing. Talk about Beauty and the Beast! And damn isn’t that one UGLY BEAST! *ducks and runs from FBI*

Have a wonderful evening all!

'Young Republican' want-a-be!

I missed AC360 tonight due to some family drama (the great in-law saga continues) and when I finally got around to watching my recording I was a bit puzzled. Why hadn't Sheryn called squeeing about AC wearing her favorite tie? On closer look I realized Tuesday's tie was an impostor for the Young Republican tie.

Before I get to Tuesday's 360 did anyone watch the Bob Woodruff special on ABC? Bob has made an amazing recovery and he's got to be the poster boy for traumatic brain injuries. While watching Woodruff and his team walk the viewer through the day of his injury I realized that could have so easily been Anderson. It's a very sobering thought and one that I hope isn't lost on AC and crew. They need to be ever vigilant. I'm so glad that Anderson covered this story. And Dr. Gupta's medical expertise added much to the report.

Do any of you watch The Today Show? I found it odd that The Today Show and AC360 both featured "The Secret" on Tuesday. I'm not sure why 360 found this story important enough to retell, and on the same day too? I guess if the premise of the book is correct we should all visualize slimmer bodies and personal encounters with Anderson. Man, AC is going to be very busy fulfilling all our 'positive thoughts'. For those of you who are one step ahead of me maybe a visit to the naughty chair is in order?

Does anyone find themselves yelling at AC not to climb down into that damn hole in Afghanistan? He never listens and last night was no exception. Anderson, Anderson, Anderson what is the fascination with climbing into tunnels and holes in the ground? You're such a boy!

The show ended with a repeat of Afghanistan The Unfinished War. Here are the screencaps from Anderson's Reporter's Notebook. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Anderson Cooper and Walter Cronkite

Our wonderful ATA reader Lynne has just sent her account of Monday night's lecture with AC and Walter Cronkite. Lynne asked what kind of things would most interest ATA readers. She intended to listen closely for the answers to our burning questions. When she wrote to me today she said "He didn’t talk about any of the things that you suggested that I listen for. He mentioned nothing of his time in the Amazon, where he would be going next, who he would be interviewing next, etc. " I was a bit disappointed until I read the rest of her story. Settle in and enjoy!
(I have cropped Lynne out of the last picture to protect her identity but I just had to post the picture of Anderson. How lucky for her to have such an amazing picture with her favorite newsman.)

The event was at the Gibson Amphitheater, which seats about 5,000 people, I think. It was about ¾ ths full. You weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the theater, and there were no questions from the audience. We had really good seats. We were in the second row of the incline. It was very close, but on an unfortunate angle. Like if he was at 12:00, we were at 2:00. (Luckily when he interviewed Walter, he was facing in my direction, and Walter was facing in the other direction.). A couple of speakers spoke for about 5 minutes each, and then Anderson came out. (!!) He spoke for about fifteen minutes. I personally was disappointed in the speech. There was nothing new. He relied really heavily on his notes/papers, which surprised me. Hasn’t he told these stories a million times already? He talked about finding his “bliss”, the fake press pass, not being able to get a job out of Yale, New Orleans, etc. The audience seemed riveted, so apparently a lot of people hadn’t read his book.

Throughout out his whole talk, I just kept thinking, “Boy, this guy really LOVES what he does.” I guess I always knew that, but seeing him talk about it, it really hit me. I mean, why was he doing this? He obviously doesn’t need the money. He does a lot of public speaking, and why? He could just enjoy his time off and relax or go on vacation somewhere. But instead he does this stuff! I’m an accountant and I can guarantee you that on my days off, you will never find me teaching accounting to people or writing a book about it. When I’m not working, I don’t even want to THINK about it. The fact that he schedules these appearances and speaks to people when he doesn’t have to really impressed me. He truly has found his bliss.

So then Walter Cronkite came out (90 years old), and they sat down for the interview. It went on for about an hour. I really am not interested in Walter, so I just stared at Anderson and watched how he reacted to him and stuff. Walter obviously thinks super-highly of AC and admires him a lot. He kept saying how AC is the first one to go out to trouble spots in the world and how he reports all the facts. You could tell that it was a love-fest up there! Here are some of the questions that he asked Walter (not necessarily his exact wording) . If he did indeed write the questions himself, it probably gives a little insight into his mindset:
- He started out by jokingly asking “So what do you think of Anna Nicole Smith”? You can tell he’s aggravated with all of this tabloid reporting.

- When Walter was on CBS, I guess he was the News Director of his program, or something like that. And he got to choose what aired, and Anderson asked him what it was like to be able to make those choices and to only report on things that he felt was meaningful. Again, you could tell that he isn’t so happy on some of the things he has to report.

- “Do you think that the news today is influenced by the ratings?” Walter went on to talk about the ratings that would come in once a month, and AC said “Once a month?? We get ours TWICE A DAY!” And everyone laughed. He said “I’m serious. It’s terrible.”

- “Were you ever speechless on the air?” (WC: the moon landing)

- “Who do you wish that you would have been able to interview?” (WC: Hitler)
- “What do you think about anchors or networks who give their own views on the air?” (a reference to Fox, I assume.)

- “What president did you most admire?”

- “What was it like the day that JFK was assassinated?”
- “Do you think reporting is harder now than it was when you were in the field?”
- “Would you have liked to have been able to go to Iraq?” (WC: No, not much.)

- “What do you think of the situation in Iraq?” (WC got the biggest applause of the night when he went off on what a disgrace it was that our guys were dying over there for this lost cause. It’s so nice that at his age, he’s not the lease concerned about Bush attacking him or anything. He just says it as he sees it.)

That’s kind of all I can remember about the questions. WC was very articulate and so well spoken, but you could tell that he was very old. He was having a horrific time with his hearing. He kept having AC repeat things and speak louder and stuff. AC was about 18 inches away from his face, and WC kept going “Say that again.” I felt bad for him. And I felt embarrassed for AC that he had to try to interview this guy who couldn’t hear him!

At the end of the interview, Anderson said something like “This man has been doing the news for 50 years, and I can’t imagine doing it for another TWO!” Hopefully he was just kidding about that one! He has found his bliss, after all!

Then it was time for the dessert reception. I naively thought that there would be about 40 or 50 of us that had paid extra for the reception. Well, there were about 200 ! It was outside in a tent, and it was packed. At first I was like “Screw this….we’ll never get to meet him. There are way too many people here.” I was ready to give it all up and go home, quite frankly. But then we noticed that people were actually forming a line. And then it became clear that there were two separate lines: one to meet Anderson and one to meet Walter. It was all organized and formal and stuff. You line up, you meet him, take a picture, move on. Not at all like I expected. I thought he’d be mingling and stuff. This was more like a book signing kind of thing. Of course I came totally unprepared. I should have brought his book to be signed. My friend knows that I like his work and have read his book, so that all would have been cool. But I had nothing. So I gave my friend the camera and told her to take pictures. There were two young, 20-ish girls in front of us, and they were freaking out. They obviously loved him and kept saying “He’s so beautiful!” and all this stuff. It was cute. So when they got to him, they had the book for him to sign, pictures, and all sorts of stuff. Then they took several pictures. The people around AC kept saying to the girls “Okay, that’s enough. We’ve got to keep moving.” But they were so excited. And AC was so NICE and so considerate and so INTERESTED in everyone. He really has a special way about him. Again, why does he spend his time doing this?? I certainly wouldn’t! He’s genuinely a good guy. I’m more impressed with him than ever.

So then I got up to him. I didn’t think I was too nervous, but then I just sort of froze! I shook his hand and said “Hi, I’m Lynne.” He said hello and reached for my program which he autographed. And then he went right into the posing-for-picture mode. My friend took a picture, and that was it !

I SAID NOTHING TO HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing about the Amazon, nothing about the frog, nothing about what an interesting evening it was, nothing about how much I admire his work, NOTHING !!!!!

I was so mortified with myself !

So that’s it ! I’ve included much too much detail in this recounting, because only Anderson fans would probably be interested in it! I needed to get it off my chest! I hope some of it was partly interesting. Fans definitely should go to his public appearances in the future. It was actually totally easy to meet him. No work at all. You need to do it next time.

Thank you so much Lynne for sharing your experience with us. I too think I would be mortified if I was to meet Anderson. Either that or I'd babble so much he's call for Security. You did a great job and we're all grateful for your account. Thank you again.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Bits and Pieces

The only good thing about an Andersonless 360 is that it gives us a chance to catch up on some of the 'bits and pieces' that have fallen through the cracks in the past few weeks.
For those of you who enjoyed the pictures of young reporter Anderson, from Channel One, that we posted last week here's the link to the video they were capped from. The picture below is not from the same video, but I believe it also is from the same time period.
Ruby Slippers has sent us her opinion of Kiran's pink outfit from last week.

“Surrender the Pink”
by Ruby Slippers, ATA Fashionista and Freelance Contributing Reporder

With Anderson Cooper recently flying down to Rio for CNN’s version of “Anderson and Jeff’s Excellent Amazon Adventure”, the office hallways of All Things Anderson has been abuzz with talk about the newest *ahem* SUB on 360, Ms. Kiran Chetry.

Is she wonderfully charming, or overly perky? Trying too hard, or making a good impression? Fitting into the CNN workgroup, or FauxNews mole? These kinds of questions don’t interest me (unless I’m working on my third martini, and then, please, come sit next to me…). I also have to admit that those evenings I was awash in the splendor in of the rainforest, so I missed seeing this pic:

But thanks to Editoress-in-Chief Phebe passing along this comment from an alert viewer:

@ Ruby Slippers,
Ruby, what do you think about pink pumps in NYC in the dead of winter? Fashion statement or fashion error? What is the protocol for woman anchors -- hose or no hose, toes or no toes? Where is Carson Kressley when we need him?

The black-skirt-and-black-hose is a classy look, loveit loveit. But IMHO, when it comes to color, be selective: choose ONE piece. Pink shoes with a black dress: fun. Pink jacket with black dress: updated classic. But please, pick one. Not both.

Pink shoes + pink jacket kinda reminds me of:


Barbie, or (yikes):

As to question #2, I’m a traditionalist: in the office setting, whether you’re the boss or the assistant: it’s YES to hose and NO to toes. (Only office ho’s show toes and skip hose, dahlings). And stop whining right now, don’t give me that line of “oh, but it’s soooo hot in NYC in August”. That’s why God invented air conditioning.

Oh, and puh-leeze: do NOT mention Mister K’s name in my presence. That Man is dead to me, ever since the 2006 Barney’s year-end clearance sale, when he yanked that Donna Karan black-and-gold tapestry blazer right outta my hands and ran to the cashier screaming “Mine! Mine! I don’t care if it’s a womens’ size 10; it’s DONNA KARAN and it’s 70% off!!!”

Rachel has a treat for us. She's taken the screencaps of Anderson in the Amazon and created 'Jungle Boogie'. Enjoy!

I really can't comment on Monday's AC360 since I didn't watch. If you did and you'd like to share your opinion put it in comments. I did check my recording and JR said "Anderson is back tomorrow (Tuesday) night." We'll be back too and hopefully we'll have the details on AC's interview with Walter Cronkite.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Night

NEWSFLASH! Anderson will be on the Conan O'Brien Show this Thursday!

Today I'll be updating this post several times with pictures as I get them in. So, keep checking back. Anderson did show up to the Vanity Fair party last night.

Anderson with James Bond (aka Daniel Craig)

Check out more pictures at FilmMagic!

Edited to Add @ 6:40est More pictures at Just Jared.

Also, Monday is the day that Anderson is interviewing Walter Cronkite at the University of Judaism in California. We are hoping for some first hand accounts of the event and will, of course, bring them to you as soon as we can.

"There's a war on! There's a war on! There's a war on!"

Did you know a war was going on? Not just one war but two wars? Was anyone able to watch a TV news show that didn't talk about Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears? Only on National Public Radio could I escape these sensational stories and actually hear what is going on in the world - the cold, hard reality that we are in a war. My heart goes out to people in the stories I heard - the war widows trying to survive without their husbands and the group of soldiers talking about getting ready for their 3rd rotation in Iraq.

I can't imagine what it must be like to be a soldier or an Iraqi citizen living in a situation where a bomb could hit at any time. How do they cope with that? I'm pretty sure I'd be in a constant state of fright, worried about where that next bomb is. I thought about this tonight in the middle of some stormy weather that came through.

This week it has been beautiful weather. Sunny with the highs in the 60s/70s. Of course, in tornado alley we pay for having such great weather. Tonight was the night we paid for this week's nice weather. I knew it was going to be bad when CNN's breaking news this morning was the stormy weather. I may not have ever seen in person the fallout after a bomb but I've seen my share of cars turned over, homes destroyed, and basically destruction everywhere as a result of a tornado. When I was young I saw the aftermath of one that had such an impression on me that everytime the skies turn grey I'm glued to the tube watching the radar. Tonight was no different. It had been windy all day but around sunset the wind got so strong that the blinds in my bedroom shook from the wind getting through the window. WTF?! Had never seen that before. Then, our local three stooges weather guys broke into the regularly scheduled program and started yacking about all the tornado warnings west of the area. That was all I needed to start preparing my tornado shelter (i.e., my toilet room) with a radio, flashlight, blanket, pillow, cell phone, landline phone, and a new item this time - my purse.

The weather guys were giving suggestions on how to protect yourself and they suggested having ID on you in case something were to happen. I'm sure hearing all the horror stories of Katrina had something to do with that idea. For future reference, they also had a couple of new suggestions I hadn't heard them mention before. One, wear rubber-soled shoes to protect you from lightening strikes and two, if you have a bicycle helmet put it on to protect your head. *note to self: add bicycle helmet to Target list*

So my safe room was ready. As the storms got closer the tornado warnings continued to get closer and my nerves were rattled. I tried to occupy myself with something else but instead pulled out the map and started pinpointing the tornados' tracks. When the storm line finally came through it turned out to be a non-event for me. Lots of rain & a few claps of thunder in the distance but my town ended up squeezed between the rotating clouds the super-duper, new & improved radar was capturing.

When it was all over I felt a little silly (as I always do) about setting up my safe room but I then remembered the deadly tornado that hit in early spring less than 15 miles from my house and didn't feel quite that silly.

Of course, after the storm line went through I was able to go back to my daily life but our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan can't escape the bombs. I dug around and found a January 2005 Nth Degree of Anderson in Baghdad talking about being frightened with the bombs around. He says in the clip "...fear does have one remarkable side effect. It causes the most amazing sharpening of the senses." I hadn't thought of that before. Do my senses sharpen when storms are coming?

I hope this week the whole Anna Nicole-Britney Spears sagas disappear. But if last week's ratings are any indication, they'll be back on. Brian at TVNewser has been posting the ratings and statistics since the Anna Nicole story hit and basically the more you mention Anna Nicole, the more likely you are to have viewers. I won't bore you with the statistics but if you are interested in the details check out TVNewser. Because CNN and specifically Anderson's shows had less coverage, the ratings reflected that. CNN came in behind both Fox and MSNBC one day. Anderson's ratings haven't been good the last couple of weeks either and that's sad considering the time and effort that went into the Brazil shows as well as the fact they talked about important things like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I was so glad to see Anderson's "Is There a War On?" comment. I just wish more TV news shows had at least acknowledged other things were going on in the world.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday's AC360

There was absolutely nothing on television Friday night that my house guests wanted to watch, so I slyly suggested we catch up on the news on CNN. I must preface the story by telling you that DH's family know I write for a blog and they know the blog focuses on CNN news shows, but that is the extent of what I've shared. So I settled in with two of my sister-in-laws to watch AC360. My favorite sister-in-law is quite the news junkie and very well informed. As we sat there watching The Gerg we launched into a discussion of Obama and politics. After a few minutes of watching Anderson sister-in-law #1 says 'Boy, his eyes are really blue. Does he wear contacts?'. Then sister-in-law #2 says 'I love his hair, how old is he?'. Followed by 'That's a great tie' and so on and so on. So much for a good political discussion. If I didn't know it before I guess I learned tonight that very few women are immune to the good looks of our favorite newsman.

We have news of a personal appearance by Anderson Cooper in the NOLA area. He will be speaking at Loyola University on March 25th at Roussel Hall. This will be the final lecture in Loyola’s Father Carter Lecture series. Unfortunately it is only open to Loyola students, faculty, and staff. If any of our readers will be attending we'd love a first hand report.
Speaking of good looks, our Ms. Lori has been busy creating pretty again. She also sent me the links for the Fox News story on Obama that follows. Thank you Lori.

Since the weekend is here I have a little homework for you. Please take a minute to watch this You Tube video concerning Fox News. If you would like to register a complaint with the State of Nevada for naming Fox it's official partner for the 2008 Presidential Primary Debate then please take a minute to sign the petition at or you can go to

We've had 2 requests for screencaps in the past week. Here's Anderson with Kenny Chesney.

And here's the closeup of AC's watch from the manatee segment.

Have a great weekend and here's hoping we find lots of pictures of AC at the Vanity Fair party on Sunday. Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

All is Right in the World

Anderson is back in the studio and all is right with the world. That may seem a little bit dramatic but frankly I'm just so tired of the Kiran debate. Many of us call ourselves news junkies but I think some were thinking with their hormones not their brains when it came to Ms. Chetry. I'm sure some of you were genuinely annoyed by her, as I am by John Roberts. It's just a gut reaction. But the swiftness of the attack on her reminded me of the days when Barbara Walters attempted to anchor the nightly news with Harry Reasoner. She really wasn't given a fair chance, instead she was judged by the fact that she was a woman in a man's world. I think I would have respected the comments on Kiran more if a little time had past. That's just my opinion and it is not meant to chastise anyone in particular. You know we love each and every comment that we post and we don't shy away from posting a dissenting opinion. So if I've upset you with my commentary, have at me!

I didn't talk about the autism story from Dr. Sanjay the other night, so seeing the follow up on Thursday's show presents the opportunity for some discussion. Such a good topic and Amanda's ability to communicate her thought processes is awesome. Dr. S conducted what must have been a very challenging interview in a very respectful way.
I really liked the concept of viewers sending in questions for story subjects. This interactive approach really makes you think about the story and what else you want to learn. I didn't send a question in, but I found the ones that were used on Thursday's show excellent. I'm wondering if this approach could be used with other interviewees, such as political candidates, or maybe Michael Ware? The possibilities are endless.

I'm with Anderson in not being able to watch the courtroom proceedings concerning Anna Nicole Smith. I think he said something like it was frankly too much for him. He said he wanted to scream at the screen 'There's a war on, there's a war on, there's a war on'. I was amazed none the less when AC commented on Thursday night that it would be hard to find a less competent judge than the one who presided over the hearing. It seemed like Jeff Toobin agreed whole heartedly with Anderson. And let's not forget AC's bold prediction that Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband had nothing to do with fathering Anna's baby. Now that's really going out on a limb.

Did anyone find Randi Kaye's 'Keeping Them Honest' about patient dumping extremely difficult to watch? My heart just goes out to that poor, poor paraplegic who was forced to crawl in the gutter with his possession's bag clutched between his teeth. The state of health care in our country is absolutely abysmal. Something must be done and it really needs to begin in Washington.

The worst news of the night? The Anderca reunion was a nonevent. The best news of the night? "We'll see you tomorrow night" Yes you will Anderson Cooper, yes you will.

Cooperman Explained

(screencaps courtesy of Phebe, photo courtesy of Boxchain)

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. Today has been a very strange day here in Northwestern New Jersey. Brownouts, no heat, no stove or microwave. I'm freezing! But worst yet, we've been having intermittent internet outages. Yikes! I don't do well without my internet connection! LOL!

Well, I must say that ever since John Roberts gave us "Cooperman" as The Shot, I've been quite perplexed. Ms. Phebe and Ms. PT assured me that the Krewe of Muses were just poking fun at Anderson in a harmless way. That's what Mardi Gras is all about. Hearing from some of our NOLA residents that the float was all in good fun also made me feel better.

Then, the other day, a good friend of ours at ATA asked me my thoughts about the float and I told her that since I'd never been to Mardi Gras, I wasn't the best person to ask. I told her that I would put the question to my husband since he would know better than I. My DH told me satire and black humor are often used to depict current events but since there is an underlying feeling from some residents that Anderson has done nothing more in the past year for NOLA than make money off Katrina, he couldn't be sure if the Muses were just poking fun or not. He suggested that I email the Krewe to see what their thoughts were in designing their concept. Dang, I love that man! He has the best ideas, doesn't he?

Well, yesterday I did just that. I must say that the Krewe leader, Staci Rosenberg got back to me in swift fashion! I wanted you all to read her response in full so that you will know that the Muses really do admire Anderson Cooper and respect the work he has done for New Orleans residents!

Hi Sheryn,

I am the captain of the Krewe of Muses, an all-female krewe with over 1,200 members. In keeping with the 150-year-old Mardi Gras tradition of social and political satire, we make fun of everyone and everything - local and national politicians, celebrities, and most importantly, ourselves.

This year's theme was Super Muses, which chronicled the adventures of our heroine, Super Muse, as she strove to rebuild New Orleans. Because Anderson Cooper is so good looking and because he has been so high profile here, we depicted him as a super hero, saving New Orleans one photo-op at a time. This was a joke, and not meant to be taken seriously.

We try to maintain a witty, irreverent tone, but we certainly don't intend to offend. We have the utmost respect and admiration for Anderson Cooper, and we greatly appreciate what he has done to keep our City's plight in the national eye. In addition to Anderson Cooper, this year we spoofed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Spike Lee, all of whom we admire immensely. With 24 floats, we poked fun at many public figures, but it is all in the spirit of fun.

Thanks for your interest in Muses.
Staci Rosenberg

I'd like to thank Staci for allowing me to share her response with you today. She truly wanted to make sure that everyone knew how much the Muses respected Anderson Cooper.

Okay, Ms. Phebe and Ms. Pt, I apologize for doubting you! But in my defense, this picture sums up why I couldn't be sure "Cooperman" was all in good fun. I have to say, if this guy is all in good fun, I'll eat my keyboard! (I hate this picture so much, I refuse to credit the guy. I'll just tell you that you can search on Anderson Cooper in Flickr to find the original.) I will however thank my friend Xtina for forwarding this on to me!

Okay, that's all from me today! I don't know if we'll be seeing Anderson tonight on AC360. With the weekend coming and the fact that he probably won't be on Monday, I think I'm definitely going to have to break out my Mole DVD!

Alright, Of course I'm wrong! Good News! Anderson's on right now! If you are reading this thinking he's not, RUN to your TV! LOL!

Have a great weekend all!