Thursday, February 22, 2007

All is Right in the World

Anderson is back in the studio and all is right with the world. That may seem a little bit dramatic but frankly I'm just so tired of the Kiran debate. Many of us call ourselves news junkies but I think some were thinking with their hormones not their brains when it came to Ms. Chetry. I'm sure some of you were genuinely annoyed by her, as I am by John Roberts. It's just a gut reaction. But the swiftness of the attack on her reminded me of the days when Barbara Walters attempted to anchor the nightly news with Harry Reasoner. She really wasn't given a fair chance, instead she was judged by the fact that she was a woman in a man's world. I think I would have respected the comments on Kiran more if a little time had past. That's just my opinion and it is not meant to chastise anyone in particular. You know we love each and every comment that we post and we don't shy away from posting a dissenting opinion. So if I've upset you with my commentary, have at me!

I didn't talk about the autism story from Dr. Sanjay the other night, so seeing the follow up on Thursday's show presents the opportunity for some discussion. Such a good topic and Amanda's ability to communicate her thought processes is awesome. Dr. S conducted what must have been a very challenging interview in a very respectful way.
I really liked the concept of viewers sending in questions for story subjects. This interactive approach really makes you think about the story and what else you want to learn. I didn't send a question in, but I found the ones that were used on Thursday's show excellent. I'm wondering if this approach could be used with other interviewees, such as political candidates, or maybe Michael Ware? The possibilities are endless.

I'm with Anderson in not being able to watch the courtroom proceedings concerning Anna Nicole Smith. I think he said something like it was frankly too much for him. He said he wanted to scream at the screen 'There's a war on, there's a war on, there's a war on'. I was amazed none the less when AC commented on Thursday night that it would be hard to find a less competent judge than the one who presided over the hearing. It seemed like Jeff Toobin agreed whole heartedly with Anderson. And let's not forget AC's bold prediction that Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband had nothing to do with fathering Anna's baby. Now that's really going out on a limb.

Did anyone find Randi Kaye's 'Keeping Them Honest' about patient dumping extremely difficult to watch? My heart just goes out to that poor, poor paraplegic who was forced to crawl in the gutter with his possession's bag clutched between his teeth. The state of health care in our country is absolutely abysmal. Something must be done and it really needs to begin in Washington.

The worst news of the night? The Anderca reunion was a nonevent. The best news of the night? "We'll see you tomorrow night" Yes you will Anderson Cooper, yes you will.


Roonie said...

You said it Phebe! I'm with you on all of it!

I so badly wanted to see Dr. Gupta's piece, but again, I missed part of the show. I'll have to catch up on CNN's website.

It's good to see Anderson back in NY, but I only wait in anticipation as to where his travels take him next!

Anonymous said...

I am glad someone else noticed the formality between Anderson and Erica. What's up with that? I thought everyone realized it was a little harmless banter and we all enjoyed the light heartedness after all the serious news. I don't understand what happened.

I love the sentiment "Anderson is back and all is right with the world!" Amen!

copperfish said...

Glad he's back! The ANS hearing was becoming more of a circus than a serious hearing. That Judge is something not the typical judge
that I know of. Sometimes I would shake my head and laugh at what he' saying. His ECCENTRICITY rocks!!!!
Autism is always misunderstood by us who are non-autistic. It was an enlightening report by Dr. Gupta by telling Amanda's story. It seems that autistic people are somewhat gifted in a way.

Elfin Goddess said...

Thank you Andy! So nice to have you back :)
Loved Amanda Baggs' story....what an incredible young woman! Autism is one of the most difficult disorders to fig out....but after hearing her story & that sweet sense of humour...."disorder" isnt a good word to use. I am so touched by her story & her life! Many of us are born 'normal' & we take our daily lives for granted! But here is this beautiful spirit who is so optimistic & filled with life! What a lovely soul!
ANS doesnt have much relevance to my world....but I s'pose her life & death makes for interesting TV viewing. Im sooooooooo fed up!!! I would so much love for Anderson to do his war stories or poverty or PIP.....Andy can u jet off to some new place soon??? While at that, please also make provisions to keep us glued to our TV sets or in my case radio set....which means....dont take off & lv us wondering if you're gonna show up at all! Does that even make sense! Hmmm! (Psst!!! Come to India) Anyone with clips of Andy & Needle prick or Andy with Arachnid....puhleeeze upload!

Unknown said...

I like Kiren okay. She's not my favorite but not the worst either. I like her a lot better than Hiedi Collins...she seems more natural and less made up. She also seems to be a bit more personable. I think she works best as more of a morning anchor but wouldn't mind seeing her and John King subbing together again.

ACAnderFan said...

Andy is back!!! YAY!!! You have no idea how happy I was to see those blue eyes and sliver hair last nite. And the best part is at the end of the show he said, 'See you tomorrow.' Andy will be back tonite!!! I'm glad my Anderwithdrawal didn't have to get much worse...LOL! Aww...Andy is back!!!

Sanjay's piece about autism was very interesting and informative. I always look forward to seeing what topics Sanjay will talk about.

The Anna Nicole thing...sometimes I can watch it. It just depends on my mood, but like I said before, I am a sucker for celebrity news. Dosen't matter who the celebrity is or what is being said abou them 8 out of 10 times I'll watch it. But I can see how Andy could easily get sick of it. Even I get sick of it sometimes. I cracked up when he said he wants scream at the screen 'there's a war on, there's a war on, there's a war on'. He's right though. There are more important things than this celebrity news. And did anyone catch this but when Jeffrry Toobin was tallking about Anna he said something like people thought of her as an ATM Machine with big boobs. I laughed so hard at that. Oh and I think Andy's perdiction that Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband isn't the father is probably more than accurate.

Phebe, by the way I agree completely with the title of this post, because that's how I feel. It's amazing what Andy can do to people.

FanGirl moment: Andy look SO good last nite!!! The suit/tie/shirt...perfect. His eyes seemed bluer than usual too, and his hair looked so amazing. Ok so maybe I'm a little too happy that he was on last nite, but I don't care. Andy is back and he's not in the jungle!!! I like Jungle Andy, but nothing beats him in a nice suit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phebe, I knew you ladies would have good screen caps. I love the first one. He might not have blood shot eyes, but he does have dark circles. I hope he gets some rest while in CA.

I am so glad he said he would see us tonight. Maybe the second hour will be a special of his Brazil trip.

Anonymous said...

The subs. are o.k. I really don't watch much of the show when Anderson isn't on. It's just not the same for me and seems to lose some of the juice when Anderson isn't reporting the news. I found the patient dumping appalling!! Whoever is doing this should be held accountable and locked-up! It is so inhumane to treat a person this way and how was this poor man supposed to take care of himself and empty a colostomy bag. To say this was inhumane is an understatement!!!! I couldn't believe Anderson actually gave his opinion on ANS judge as he did. I watched bits of the hearing yesterday and couldn't believe the theatrics and especially the judge. Never seen a judge conduct himself this way before! Looked like a scene from a movie and will probably be made into one. LOL! Good to see Anderson back last night. He is a surprising fella.

Anonymous said...

All I've got to say is THANK YOU JESUS!!! We got Anderson back!! And he'll be on tommorrow night also. My week was made!! Although I do feel a little bad...he took no time off!! He has to be totally exhausted! He is too much of a's quite obvious now why he is single!! Man he needs to find him someone who can keep him at home and resting sometimes!! I guess he figured he had to come back before his fans started a mutiny!! I would love to be able to read the feedback for this weeks shows!!

Did you see his eyes!! So beautifully blue!! They need that backdrop in the studio. I'm surprised they weren't blood shot from so much work and he uses alot of visine!

As far as Kiran goes I tried to give her a chance she just annoyed the heck out of me! (Talking too fast,Giggling all the time, being all flirty) Barbara Walters I bet was never that way.And that was a different era when men ruled the airwaves...she paved the way for all women. Now women are every where on tv. They don't have to fight to get on like she did. I have no problem with women anchors,like Katie Couric, Soladad O'brien,etc. because they actually are good and do the news. They aren't trying to be all cutesy and flirty. There is a place for that but it is not AC360. IMHO it doesn't even belong on CNN.


BookAsylum said...

Huge loud *squee* when I saw Anderson come on. I really wasn’t expecting to see him for the rest of the week- but OH so glad to be wrong. Loved the interview with Michael Ware- found myself yelling at the screen “why are you sniffing the powder that they’re sending you?” Could have done with a LOT less ANS coverage.

For me- its not hormones that drives my less than luke warm reaction to Kiran & John Roberts- its more along the lines that I see them as threats to the on air talent that I like. There's only so much air time to go around & so many anchor positions. JR's been there a year now & I've come around a little bit- he's gone from annoying to slightly amusing. With Kiran, its also going to take me a while to forget that she came from F-- news.

Anonymous said...

Aruna, I believe I heard Larry King say that Anderson was "lurking" in the Los Angeles studio.

And as for the Anderson/Erica pieces...if you look you will see that all of Erica's pieces are taped and not live. It just gives the illusion of looking live.

Deleilan said...

When he commented on what happened to mister Olvera, the paraplegic man who was dumped in the gutter with a broken colostomy bag, the spokesman from the hospital said there was "a breakdown in communication".

No sir, it's called a complete lack of humanity.

Araceli Elle said...

lol! I think anderson is right with his prediction that the "prince" has nothing to do with ans' baby. good call anderson! that guy is the most random posibility! i think that none of these guys are gonna be the father. this all seems like such a joke and i'm so sick of hearing about it, but i feel so bad for that baby. she doesn't have a chance.

aaaaanyway, dr gupta's piece on autism was fantastic. it was amazing. i have worked with autistic kids and had no idea that they had the complete ability to communicate like that! i mean, maybe every case is different, but even the parents of these kids would say things like, he just doesn't understand. it's amazing that even the parents don't realize. one thing that i did notice about the kids was that a routine had to be established. if we didn't move through the class the exact same way every week, it was really difficult to get through anything. i'm glad that amanda is working to educate the world and has such a great sense of humor about everything. she was truly amazing.

and not to take away from the fantastic job that dr gupta did on this piece, but ooooooh man he is attractive. wow. he makes my heart beat faster! lol! he is close to being more attractive to me than anderson! *ducks to avoid flying objects* i'm sorry! don't hurt me!

Anonymous said...

To my surprise, Larry was covering ANS again, but what he said at 9:59 PM was the best part. This is from transcript so no one will think I am quoting fiction.

Larry King said............
right now, we shall turn the podium -- oh, he's here in the studio, he's not over there. He's somewhere in our studios here in Los Angeles, lurking in our studios. He likes to lurk. Anderson Cooper stands by with "AC 360." Welcome home, Anderson.

So now we know. Anderson does like to lurk. Larry, was that a subliminal thought for all the bloggers on ATA?

Yippee! Tom Foreman was back last night with that great map! Ahmadinejad still scares me to death. It is something about those eyes. I see no soul in the man. I will keep praying for him. What else can you do?

Anonymous said...

I like MW report the new weapon, especially on that he had to call a HAZMAT team to his house to check out the chemical.
Even though AC is in LA sitting behind the anchor table, instead roaming around his NY studio, it is still great to see him back to his element. Got couple good snarky comment from him to make me laugh.
I hope he has an one hour special on his Amazon adventure tonight.

lori said...

"All is Right in the World" well put, phebe. :D

I agree ANS story is surreal. Let the woman rest in peace. I predict Judge Larry getting his own TV show next year; what a nut!

@bookasylum: No kidding! Michael Ware needing a hazmat team at his house! Dude, be careful.

Amanda's Story is fascinating. Great idea, phebe, suggesting the interactive questions and answers be used more. There were lots of good questions and comments posted for her on the 360 blog. I hope we'll see a follow up report in the future.

I missed the Anderca exchange ... let's hope the frostiness isn't from "Kiran fallout."

I'll admit I'm not a fan of Kiran's, but I haven't written her off, either. I give her lots of credit for jumping in with both feet -- it takes chutzpah to go on camera hours after being hired by a new network. I admire her enthusiasm and spunk. She has a tremendous amount of positive energy, but seemed out of place on 360. Maybe I just prefer my news like my men and liquor -- HARD (served straight up with snark)! :P All kidding aside, she will find her niche. Maybe do some reporting from the field or special segments like Randi Kaye? Randi is so versatile, and I think Kiran may offer that as well. Time will tell.

There. Now I can say I'm not always the bad kid in the sandbox!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to watch my tape of 360 this morning! I set the Tivo just in case he was on and was so suprised to see him when the repeat came on. (but I must admit George Clooney won out and I watched the Oprah special just to see him!)

sydney said...

I'm not upset by your "hormone" remark (it takes a lot more than that to upset me), but I do have to respectfully disagree with it. I don't think the reaction to her was based on being "threatened" or the fact that she is a woman. Many on this blog, and others, have expressed fondness and admiration for other female reporters, such as Randi, Erica, etc.

If someone annoys you, it's not something that's necessarily rational, it's just a gut reaction you get right away. It can also be situational - I don't think Kiran would annoy me in a different format. Much like JR and Rick Sanchez are great doing field reports, but in the studio they grate on me.

JMHO, of course, and I respect yours, as well! :-)

Anonymous said...

@ Lori,

Maybe I just prefer my news like my men and liquor -- HARD (served straight up with snark)!

My God, I have been thinking the same thing for about 6 months. I just about choked on my lunch. I am LOL so hard and nearly peed my pants right at my desk.

I have been wanting to instant comment the line 360 line for months. The line would say....just give me the damn news hard and fast! Enough of all this other non-sense.

Then again, I didn't send it because I thought the connotation would be less than respectable.

Thanks for the funny comment! I will drink to that at 4PM today. This is why I watch CNN vs. the other channels.

Anonymous said...'s a heads up...they are showing the special "The Edge of Disaster" again tonight on AC360. So we won't have too much of Anderson. I'm so sad!! Guess he needs a break though!!


Anonymous said...

@ all

Do you guys know why is Anderson in LA?

@ sydney

I agree with you 100%, could have not said it better.

Anonymous said...

'All is right in the world'
That's true Phebe.
Glad to have Anderson on tonight after all speculations that he wouldn't be on. Was nice to see him. : )

Phebe said...

@andysgirl, Erica's news was prerecorded, because AC was in LA they didn't tape at the same time. So there was no opportunity for banter.
@avril,we don't do video clips of 360,keep watching You Tube for those you're requesting.
@anonymous 11:34, if you read our blog regularly you know that Anderson is in LA for an events on Sunday and Monday night. I suggest you check this weeks previous posts.
@everyone, Thanks for taking my comment on those who criticized Kiran in the spirit with which it was intended. I only had one disrespectful comment which I won't be posting. As is our policy at ATA if you say it without a personal attack on the blogger (or commenter) it will make the comments. This anonymous poster did not follow our guidelines.

Anonymous said...

@phebe, I am surprised that you would claim that women make judgements because of their "hormones!" Based on that assumption you would have to conclude that men follow the "will" of their penises when it comes to hiring bimbos? I for one have watched Kiran on FOX and I passed judgement based on what I had seen. Shame on you!

Everyday this blog seems to "flip flop" over this issue. I don't understand it. I haven't seen anything that would cause me to rethink what I feel.

Anonymous said...

OH poooooo,

I didn't think Andy would be on last night so I fell asleep without even turning it on to check. Each night this week I did and I was disappointed each time so instead of falling asleep disappointed I just went to sleep....
I hope he's on tonight to end the week properly!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay Phebe..I get your point..although I am not quite sure I even have hormones anymore. However, because I always respect your opionion, I will give Kiran the benefit of the doubt by assuming that she was just overly giddy at the prospect of finally working on a "real" news program.

lori said...

@anon1031: Sorry about you nearly choking and wetting your pants. I have that affect on people. Ask Phebe, she understands my madness. Seriously, that remark was most certainly meant for a laugh, and I wouldn't worry about what 360 thinks. Much to my surprise, they posted a rather cheeky comment I made on the 360 blog last week. I'll join you for a toast at 4:00!

Phebe said...

@anonymous, I do think men hire women based on their penises. That's the only explanation I can come up with for how some women get their jobs.
If you have seen Kiran before then you were one of the few here whose reaction wasn't knee jerk. When people post opinions anonymously it does make it more difficult to substantiate. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe, The Feb. 15th comment about the "beauty queen" was mine. Contrary to what many have been saying, "cheerleader chick" is not just learning. John Klein didn't hire her so he could change her, he hired her because he liked her style. I often watch other channels to be able to compare what is being reported and how it is reported because I am on a news only rating panel. On FOX the uniform for women is skirts as far up as possible, globs of lip gloss, and lots of cleavage. See any similarities to the CNN women lately? I have seen a lot of change in how the women on CNN are dressing. I wouldn't mind so much if Anderson, Rob Marciano, Gary Tuchman, and a few others would agree to wear muscle shirts and tight jeans. Anyone disagree?

Unknown said...

Anon12:18-I lost you on one point. What do you think we flip flop on? There are 4 different writers and we sometimes have our own opinions that may not be shared by the others. Just curious, not an attack.

Deleilan said...

@anon 4:11: Hmmm, I can think of one guy (besides Anderson, of course) I'd like to see in a muscle shirt and tight jeans — and it's not Rob or Gary... Here's a clue: he's got amazing hands and he knows how to use them! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I knew Anderson was in LA because I heard LKL intro. That's why the background was the blue that makes his eyes look so blue.

Phebe, you didn't make me mad, but I want to explain that my dislike for cheerleader chick has absolutely nothing to do with hormones, you know me. I just really got an instant gut feeling about her. I gave her time, but for me...time's up!

I love it when the other women in AC's life flirt with him and make him blush. I love the banter between Erica and Anderson, especially when she's a little flirty (so safe when you are in another state and pregnant...I still remember), I LOVE when Kelly flirts with him, I love Randi's journalistic skills (I worry about how much she travels) but my favorite 'fluff' piece was when she sat in front of Anderson and discussed the sex survey. I love Candy's dry delivery, and I can't wait for the political climate to heat up and she is on more. I even thought it was cute when Katie Couric flirted with him when she was on I have no outlandish illusion that I will ever see Anderson in person.

Not that anyone cares what I think about all the women in Anderson's life, but I just wanted to make sure that my rantings about how much I not only dislike, but distrust, cheerleader chick has anything to do Anderson. It all about her. And it doesn't have anything to do with handsome JK, I didn't like her before they brought him in to try to salvage the show and buffer her from the real news reporters.

I just really don't understand why you would take a person with so little real news skills (and since she is from Faux...experience) and throw her on a heavy news program like AC360. She could probably fill in for LKL, I rarely watch his show anyway, but it's more along her style of reporting.

She was really rude and really latched onto the fluff pieces in true Faux style. Talking to the shrink and saying that Brittany had lost her head, not just her hair (or something to that affect) resulted in the shrink putting her in her place, and that was one of three times I heard that happen. I have to edit how many times because the last couple of days I really did ff through her yapping.

Yes, Barbara Walters took her licks and didn't deserve all the crap that was dished out to her, the same holds true for Diane Sawyer. They paved the way by working harder than the men in a truly man's world. They had to work harder and be judged by how their hair was cut, etc. But there have been many women since them, and comparing this little twit to Barbara Walters is a big leap...too big a leap for me.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox.

I love Anderson's show last night, all the news that we have been missing. The situation with Iran and the Strait is scary! Gas at $8/gallon OMG!

Dr Sanja's continuing story is just amazing. Too amazing, can you imagine all the parents out there with autistic children searching the internet trying to figure out how they can help them. That commercial that was running all the time a couple of months ago, that 1 in 6 children today are autistic...scary stuff. Hope someday we can unlock the secret to changing that statistic!

The patient dumping made me sick. I used to ride the bus past Pershing Square on my way to work every day. In fact, a temp was hired when I had to have surgery, and she was a bag lady that lived in Pershing Square. She came to work every day with her cart. Gotta give the bank I worked for credit, they didn't discreminate! You hear the statistics all the time, the federal funding dried up so they just released all the patients. I'm glad that AC360 is bringing yet another important issue to the forefront.

Everyone have a great night with Andy and have a great weekend.

BookAsylum said...

It is still harder for women in the news industry- at least when you're looking at the top spots and top salaries. CNN's Mon-Fri line up is a good example-
Soledad CO-anchors
Kira CO-anchors
Heidi CO-anchors
Paula is the only one that doesn't share the anchor spot.
4p - 8p, 9p - 12a are all solo anchored by men.

@anon 4:11p - muscle shirts and tight jeans - I'm all for that as long as its not mandatory- I don't want to see Dobbs like that!

Anonymous said...

@Bookasylum, The sad part is, I am sure there are many excellent women journalist who have been passed over or denied a job because they don't look like Barbie Dolls.

To tell you the truth I am having trouble thinking of anyone else I'd like to see dressed in muscle shirts and tight jeans at CNN besides Anderson, Rob, and Gary. They don't have enough to put out a calender I can tell you that!

sydney said...

Finally got a chance to watch. Ah, those eyes, that snark, all is indeed right with the world. The man never fails to surprise.

Now I know what has been missing from the coverage of the ANS drama - Anderson's snark. It almost makes it bearable! I love it when he gets on a roll like this. I was waiting for the popcorn and twizzlers. :-)

Anonymous said...

@avril, I feel so sorry for you, seeing Anderson is pretty easy on the eyes. But I could listen to his 'Reporter's Notebook' voiceovers all day long. The passion he has in his voice for the difficult situations he is witnessing is just unsurpassed.

I don't have the capability of posting anything, nor the equipment. But the pin-prick is kind of like the 'trust therapy' thing where one person stands behind the other, and the one in front is supposed to stiffen up and fall straight backwards, trusting that the person is going to catch them. Then picture that, but at the last minute the person decides not to catch him. Or, if you have seen the comic strip Charlie Brown, when Lucy holds the football right up to the last second, then when Charlie's momentum is unstoppable she pulls the ball away. Those are the two things that popped to my mind when Andy got stuck. Jeff kept saying 'trust me' and silly me is thinking there must be some kind of tropical nirvana sensation...nope just draws some blood and gives Andy a nasty sting. I feel in the middle of a large cactus once...I know the sting--you don't have to go to Brazil for that! I thought it was really hard to see the spider, I don't think even the cameraman wanted to get THAT close. At one point the spider scurries, and it was just from Jeff's breath. If Anderson needs therapy to get 2' from roaches, I can't even imagine how he got that close the the spider...I wouldn't have.

Ooohh Andy just came on and Purple Tie is going to have sweet dreams tonight!

Anonymous said...

@ pixie...I'm with you...I love when the women mess around with Anderson and get him all flustered. He seems quite shy when it comes to women and certain subjects. It's quite funny. And like you I have no delusions of meeting or being with him. Cause really the actuallity of anyone on here being with him is nil to none. So when I say I don't like Kiran it's because I have a gut feeling that she is out to get what she wants and doesn't care who she runs over to get it,even Anderson. I've always been a very good judge of character, and to me she seems to be a user...someone who will do anything to get ahead ,no matter at what cost. That to me is why she acts so cutesy and giggley...trying to get on everyones good side so they will let their gaurd down and she can move on ahead of them.

I have noticed the change in the women's clothing,make-up,etc. I hope John Klein isn't stooping that low and making them do that. Hopefully CNN isn't going down that road!!

Hey if the women have to be sleazier why not the men...atleast some of them! I could take Andy, Rob, Michael, Sanjay, John all in muscle shirts and tight long as they showed full body shots...front and back!! LOL WHEW...Just thinking about it makes me need that good ole naughty chair...bring it on!!!


Anonymous said...

@bookasylum...okay, now we're both in trouble, the Lou Dobbs comment made me laugh so loud I woke DH up! Ewwww. What about Cafferty? Wow, I'm with dannie, I'm thinking of AC, JK, DrSG...yep, that's it.

What does it say for CNN that they hire the quality level of Faux and put her on AC360 when they don't promote from within? As long as they don't put her on AC360, I don't care where she ends up at CNN. I just question what direction they are heading. If they want Faux ratings and hire Faux reporters...guess I'm back to network programs and news.

Deleilan said...

@pixie: I was really thinking about MW... (I find his hands absolutely hypnotic, they're just as sexy as Anderson's.)

Ewww, Lou Dobbs in tight jeans! *shudder*