Monday, February 26, 2007

Bits and Pieces

The only good thing about an Andersonless 360 is that it gives us a chance to catch up on some of the 'bits and pieces' that have fallen through the cracks in the past few weeks.
For those of you who enjoyed the pictures of young reporter Anderson, from Channel One, that we posted last week here's the link to the video they were capped from. The picture below is not from the same video, but I believe it also is from the same time period.
Ruby Slippers has sent us her opinion of Kiran's pink outfit from last week.

“Surrender the Pink”
by Ruby Slippers, ATA Fashionista and Freelance Contributing Reporder

With Anderson Cooper recently flying down to Rio for CNN’s version of “Anderson and Jeff’s Excellent Amazon Adventure”, the office hallways of All Things Anderson has been abuzz with talk about the newest *ahem* SUB on 360, Ms. Kiran Chetry.

Is she wonderfully charming, or overly perky? Trying too hard, or making a good impression? Fitting into the CNN workgroup, or FauxNews mole? These kinds of questions don’t interest me (unless I’m working on my third martini, and then, please, come sit next to me…). I also have to admit that those evenings I was awash in the splendor in of the rainforest, so I missed seeing this pic:

But thanks to Editoress-in-Chief Phebe passing along this comment from an alert viewer:

@ Ruby Slippers,
Ruby, what do you think about pink pumps in NYC in the dead of winter? Fashion statement or fashion error? What is the protocol for woman anchors -- hose or no hose, toes or no toes? Where is Carson Kressley when we need him?

The black-skirt-and-black-hose is a classy look, loveit loveit. But IMHO, when it comes to color, be selective: choose ONE piece. Pink shoes with a black dress: fun. Pink jacket with black dress: updated classic. But please, pick one. Not both.

Pink shoes + pink jacket kinda reminds me of:


Barbie, or (yikes):

As to question #2, I’m a traditionalist: in the office setting, whether you’re the boss or the assistant: it’s YES to hose and NO to toes. (Only office ho’s show toes and skip hose, dahlings). And stop whining right now, don’t give me that line of “oh, but it’s soooo hot in NYC in August”. That’s why God invented air conditioning.

Oh, and puh-leeze: do NOT mention Mister K’s name in my presence. That Man is dead to me, ever since the 2006 Barney’s year-end clearance sale, when he yanked that Donna Karan black-and-gold tapestry blazer right outta my hands and ran to the cashier screaming “Mine! Mine! I don’t care if it’s a womens’ size 10; it’s DONNA KARAN and it’s 70% off!!!”

Rachel has a treat for us. She's taken the screencaps of Anderson in the Amazon and created 'Jungle Boogie'. Enjoy!

I really can't comment on Monday's AC360 since I didn't watch. If you did and you'd like to share your opinion put it in comments. I did check my recording and JR said "Anderson is back tomorrow (Tuesday) night." We'll be back too and hopefully we'll have the details on AC's interview with Walter Cronkite.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video of the young reporter anderson from chanel one, how nice to see him, then.

Unknown said...

Great video Rachel! Very cute :)

Yay for Anderson being back tomorrow!

Unknown said...

*Quietly slips away*

Sorry, I need to be alone with that Channel 1 picture for a little while.

Cyn said...

Was I seeing things or was Kiran wearing a skirt and knee-high socks tonight? (Is the school-uniform look in fashion these days?)

Oh, hurry back Anderson.

BookAsylum said...

IMO I could have done without them spending the first part of the show on the documentary - I would have liked to have had my *real* news first.

On the KC/ JR pairing- I suspected that if JR got to co-anchor w/ KC that he wouldn't be nearly as cordial as JK was. The crack about thinking she meant men in heels was classic JR.

Yippee! Anderson is back tomorrow!

Kimber M. said...

Not gonna lie. I kinda like those shoes.

ACAnderFan said...

YAY Andy will be back tonite!!! I didn't even watch 360 last nite. When I saw who was hosting...I couldn't even be bothered to watch.

Thanks for the link to the Channel One video, Phebe. I'd had seen it before, but couldn't remember what site I had seen it Andy was so cute when he was yourger and his hair...aww!!! Every time I see him with his hair like that I just want to run my fingers through it and play with it. Now Andy is so handsome and distinguished looking with his hair 'a little tight on the sides' LOL!!! I love seeing things from when Andy was younger. It's always nice to see what he did before I started watching him on 360.

Anonymous said...

Funny post, Ruby Slippers. Loved the third comparison to Pepto Bismol. So funny! I'm all for dressing nice as long as you follow a dress code. We have a dress code at work, but every now and then someone will slip up. In some places of work it's just not appropriate to wear certain things and serve the public such as really short tops where you can see a persons navel piercing and some places of work you can wear this. I liked the video, Rachel. Especially the frogs! Good job! I didn't watch the show either last night, Phebe, so I have no comment. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch either...fell asleep right before it came on...woke up saw JR turned it off and went back to sleep. Thanks for letting us know AC is back tonight...

Anonymous said...

@ Ruby Slippers,

Not one eye on 360 last night! I was on ABC with Oprah balling my eyes out. I am totally on ABC tonight with Bob Woodruff at 10 PM. He is also on Oprah today at 4 PM with his wife promoting his new book.

Thanks for the feed back on the attire. I can do without the "ho" comment because I guess now I must officially be one! Thanks for the opinion on that. I thought "working gals" were okay with open toes between Memorial Day and Labor Day with a great pedicure.

With regards to Carson, sorry, I just love him and would love to win lunch with Carson and shop in NYC with him. Of course, it would be on a working girl's "ho" budget so I am sure I sure would be glad to get a dress for 70% off. Ruby Slippers, don't you think Queer Eye is very funny? I sure do. They makeover straight and gay guys. It is a hoot IMHO.

I had to become an old, married blogger to officially get the name "ho!" Oh my, Ruby, have a great day! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love the video Rachel. It will have to do until Anderson is back tonight.
Last night show was all right. Overall I still say Kiran is just too perky to swallow at night. She acutally make JR looks good for change.

Deleilan said...

Pepto-Bismol. How appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

Last night I was busy watching the new show "The Black Donnellys"(EXCELLENT) so I only watched the segment Randi did on the car accident. It was very good. I like her. I wonder why she can't fill in for AC. Plus I love her fashion choices.

In regards for Kiran's pink shoes....I like them however was she wearing black stockings with them???? If so yuck if they were nude I'll give it to her....

Can't wait to see AC tonight...To bad in NY it will coincide with the Bob Woodruff interview....Goodness I need Tivo!!!!!

sydney said...

OT - Jeff Corwin has posted about the rain forest on the 360 blog.

Didn't watch last night once I found out Anderson wouldn't be on. There's no way I could stomach Kiran and JR simultaneously (one or the other, maybe, but not both) - pass the pepto!

ACAnderFan said...

Rachel, I was alone with that Channel One pic first!!! Wait your turn!!! LOL!!!
Seriously though, great video! You're so creative Rachel. Keep up the good work!!!

Araceli Elle said...

so my thoughts on kiran last night were that she seemed to be messing up a lot. she seemed confused and unsure. when she was talking to the woman about the supposed jesus bones, she had her facts wrong and the woman corrected her. i also wasn't an overly huge fan of the high boots with short skirt look. i mean, in general i'm not anti boot or skirt. it just seems a little not right for tv. am i wrong? i'm undecided. i don't want to rip her up just because she isn't anderson, you know?

Anonymous said...

I've had my say on Kiran. I tried to watch last night but just couldn't stay interested..hope I didn't miss anything good. At 9:00 MST I turned it over and watched Oprah..what amazing girls. LOL Ruby Slippers..I can so picture Karson doing that. Surprised you didn't bash him with a Manolo! As always Rachael, the video was great. Here' to hoping you are all right and Anderson will be back tonite!

Anonymous said...

Ruby Slippers, you do make me laugh......I loved your post. KC has kinda grown on me but I do not think she should anchor by herself, she needs someone else.....but she SHOULD NOT be allowed to co-anchor with Anderson EVER.......just my personal opinion. I personally like her best with JK.

Jeff just blogged on the CNN blogs, everyone should check it out.

Finally after a week of no Anderson, I get to see him tonight, god it is going to be a long time until 10:00 PM....I am so excited I can not wait :P

lori said...

*rockin' the house* Jungle Boogie! *throws out back* Oy! Too old for that! FUN video Rachel! LOVED the frog sequence!

Thank you, dear Ruby, for setting the fashion record straight! Pepto Bismol! :D You brightened my day!

Looking forward to AC being back. Fell asleep before 360 so I can't comment on our subs.

Anonymous said...

Looking at that old pic I can see why he paid someone to decorate his house!! Looks like a typical bachelor pad.

Anonymous said...

I fell asleep watching the show last night so I can't comment on the subs but apparently viewers liked what they saw.

I just saw the ratings for last night show and they are the best ratings AC360 has had for this month with the exception of the day ANS died and the day after.

Anonymous said...

I can't get over his "Beach Boys" recommendation?! Not a good choice. Aren't they a little bit before his time? He doesn't look like the Beach Boys type to me.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe, Thanks for the video of younger Anderson! He was just as professional then as he is now. He looks so gangly, but you can tell by those "puckery" lips that that is our man!

sydney said...

Hmm, his reporting style hasn't changed a whole heckuva lot, has it? You can really see it all coming together there. Nice. But, sorry, I think Anderson is SOOO much better looking now. It's not just him - in general, I find most men tend to get better looking when they get a little older.

So, OK, Ruby, I don't do toes or hose, so what does that make me, a "half-ho'?" :-P I don't think I know anyone who wears hose anymore, but I'm with you on the open toe thing - yeck, but then I have an aversion to feet in general.

@anon 3:51 I'm not a Beach Boys fan, either, although I did see them (or what's left of them) in concert last year. The only song of theirs I even like is "Good Vibrations", which AC did mention. Yeah, I don't picture him listening to them, either.

Now, excuse me while I go "Jungle Boogie" :-D

Taffiny said...

"sniff" "sob" "whine" I missed so much!! I saw the frog/toad segment the night before we left for "vacation". I was lucky ( ? ) enough, to be ill one night and went back to our place early and saw the manatee segment (Anderknees!!). Actually my stomach hurt almost the entire trip (the first day or two it didn't).
Ugh, why doesn't CNN repeat and recycle this footage like they do everything else? Seeing the stills is great (thank you for sharing them) but now I realize how much I missed . Does anyone know if there is moving video footage on youtube of this stuff?

What is with the painting behind young Anderson? Roosters held high, what does it mean? I tried to watch the video, but the internet is very busy now, will try again another time.