Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cooperman Explained

(screencaps courtesy of Phebe, photo courtesy of Boxchain)

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. Today has been a very strange day here in Northwestern New Jersey. Brownouts, no heat, no stove or microwave. I'm freezing! But worst yet, we've been having intermittent internet outages. Yikes! I don't do well without my internet connection! LOL!

Well, I must say that ever since John Roberts gave us "Cooperman" as The Shot, I've been quite perplexed. Ms. Phebe and Ms. PT assured me that the Krewe of Muses were just poking fun at Anderson in a harmless way. That's what Mardi Gras is all about. Hearing from some of our NOLA residents that the float was all in good fun also made me feel better.

Then, the other day, a good friend of ours at ATA asked me my thoughts about the float and I told her that since I'd never been to Mardi Gras, I wasn't the best person to ask. I told her that I would put the question to my husband since he would know better than I. My DH told me satire and black humor are often used to depict current events but since there is an underlying feeling from some residents that Anderson has done nothing more in the past year for NOLA than make money off Katrina, he couldn't be sure if the Muses were just poking fun or not. He suggested that I email the Krewe to see what their thoughts were in designing their concept. Dang, I love that man! He has the best ideas, doesn't he?

Well, yesterday I did just that. I must say that the Krewe leader, Staci Rosenberg got back to me in swift fashion! I wanted you all to read her response in full so that you will know that the Muses really do admire Anderson Cooper and respect the work he has done for New Orleans residents!

Hi Sheryn,

I am the captain of the Krewe of Muses, an all-female krewe with over 1,200 members. In keeping with the 150-year-old Mardi Gras tradition of social and political satire, we make fun of everyone and everything - local and national politicians, celebrities, and most importantly, ourselves.

This year's theme was Super Muses, which chronicled the adventures of our heroine, Super Muse, as she strove to rebuild New Orleans. Because Anderson Cooper is so good looking and because he has been so high profile here, we depicted him as a super hero, saving New Orleans one photo-op at a time. This was a joke, and not meant to be taken seriously.

We try to maintain a witty, irreverent tone, but we certainly don't intend to offend. We have the utmost respect and admiration for Anderson Cooper, and we greatly appreciate what he has done to keep our City's plight in the national eye. In addition to Anderson Cooper, this year we spoofed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Spike Lee, all of whom we admire immensely. With 24 floats, we poked fun at many public figures, but it is all in the spirit of fun.

Thanks for your interest in Muses.
Staci Rosenberg

I'd like to thank Staci for allowing me to share her response with you today. She truly wanted to make sure that everyone knew how much the Muses respected Anderson Cooper.

Okay, Ms. Phebe and Ms. Pt, I apologize for doubting you! But in my defense, this picture sums up why I couldn't be sure "Cooperman" was all in good fun. I have to say, if this guy is all in good fun, I'll eat my keyboard! (I hate this picture so much, I refuse to credit the guy. I'll just tell you that you can search on Anderson Cooper in Flickr to find the original.) I will however thank my friend Xtina for forwarding this on to me!

Okay, that's all from me today! I don't know if we'll be seeing Anderson tonight on AC360. With the weekend coming and the fact that he probably won't be on Monday, I think I'm definitely going to have to break out my Mole DVD!

Alright, Of course I'm wrong! Good News! Anderson's on right now! If you are reading this thinking he's not, RUN to your TV! LOL!

Have a great weekend all!


Phebe said...

If I say 'I told you so' would you consider me a beotch? Yep, that's me! Great research, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure AC will take a day or 2 off before heading out to California, however he's a work-a-holic so who knows for sure!

Unknown said...

Thanks for clearing it up. Humour is always a matter of taste. It's a little over the top and not necessarly my taste but I felt pretty sure they didn't intend to offend him or anyone. Thanks for the research.

Anonymous said...

@ Sheryn:

I know this is off post but..this sums up almost all of our thoughts except may your thoughts over the last week. For the betterment of 360, I hope the producers read this blog. You all are like a free survey to 360. You would think they would start sending you free stuff!

Here are the results from

Thursday, Feb 22
Anna Nicole: Greta's Demo Delivery Beats 360's Total Viewership On Tues. Boosted by continuing coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith legal drama, Greta Van Susteren had the highest 25-54 demo rating in cable news on Tuesday.

Live from Fort Lauderdale, she averaged 717,000 demo viewers. That's higher than Anderson Cooper 360's total viewership of 687,000, and almost triple 360's demo delivery of 249,000. (Kiran Chetry and John King subbed for Cooper, who was reporting from Brazil.)

Greta had a total of 1,844,000 viewers on Tuesday night...

Anonymous said...

Okay the Mardi Gras float might have been a tribute to Anderson, but I don't think the guy with the sign about "World of negative news in New Orleans" is a tribute. That one really honks me off.

Thanks Sheryn for taking the time to research the float issue.

I think everyone is right, he probably won't be on again till at least Tuesday. I guess I also will pull out the Mole and watch it again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I'll take their word for it, although I DO THINK they crossed the line.

People say any type of publicity is good publicity, but If I was the one "honored" that way, it would definetl;y make me feel uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

This may be OT as well, but I would have paid to see Anderson cover "Judge Larry!" He could have brought out the popcorn and Twizzlers again. It would have been great!

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering if anyone was going to explain that, and as did. Thanks Sheryn! I don't like it when people are mean, and after reading all the comments that was summation. I've never been the LA, let alone NO or the MG. I was in TimesSquare once for NYE, and that was a night I wish I could forget (for personal reasons...nothing against NY).

That second shot was probably a Faux newsman or watcher!

Anderson's going to California? Where?

@annon5:38. I know the ANS stuff may sell to the 25-54 age group, but what poor representation for most of us. I thought the 360, sans AC, gave the ANS enough coverage for my taste. This is no longer about ANS or her poor little baby, this has become a circus event with the judge as ringleader. I have to say that after watching LKL for a couple of nights, I can understand why ANS took drugs...look at the people that surrounded her. Too bad she couldn't just focus on that precious little baby, but it doesn't appear--at least at this point--that Stern is the father.

What does it say about the voting public that they would rather watch interpretations of interpretations about ANS and not stay abreast of what is happening in the ME or about our planet? These are the people who are going to elect our next sad.

After getting so close to that spider...especially when it jumped...Anderson probably has some laundry to do!

I know he is probably tired, but I think he feels excited about being in Brazil, and I think something has stirred in him that makes the rest of the reports something he is looking forward to. I'm glad, we need all the publicity and spotlight on this issue we can muster. You know, if Global Warming continues at its present rate all the coastal land will be under water in 30 years. That means Indiana will be just a short trip to the beach! Although still longer than the 1 hr trip when I lived in California.

I truly hope that we are going to see some great stuff when Anderson returns and the footage is all edited together...can't you just hear his voice on a Reporter's Notebook? Ahhh....

Leigh said...

I had a professor a few semesters ago who was a Muse, we actually spoke about Anderson and his coverage (I took her class right after Katrina) and she was saying how so many people in NOLA were grateful for him being there. Thats really neat that the president wrote you, Sheryn does her homework! I like!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Coops home! I just saw him on LKL.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Anderson definatly reads this blog. We all asume that he was not going to be on and then SUPRSISE, there he shows up. (bye the way a very nice suprise)

Is it my imagination or is his blue eyes really showing up tonight. Also think the camera is more upclose than the NY studio. Can't wait to see the screen caps that you post after the show.

Anonymous said...

@big fan of ac, I also noticed that his eyes actually appeared blue with the blue background. I'm convinced that it is studio lighting and the color of the backdrop. It was nice to see the baby blues though...

He's back and in the first 2 minutes the show became respectable again!

Anonymous said...

So... it is just me or did we get tricked again?
Right as the second hour was beginning, they repeated the first segment of the show, then played the two stories they had been tossing, and then replayed another first hour segment!

They didn't even remove the "Live!" tag when they replayed it. I was peeved so I changed the channel.

Did anyone else catch this or am I now officially going insane?

Sheryn said...

@Phebs, BEOTCH! Hee, Just kidding! Hey, I admit when I'm wrong or completely clueless! LOL!

@anon, I cannot believe he's on tonight! That's it! I'm never making another prediction about Anderson Cooper's schedule ever again. Well at least for the next 40 days. That's my Lenten Promise!

@PT, Yeah I'm glad that the Muses respect him. I just hope she doesn't think I'm a completely daft person!

@anon, You can go off topic anytime you want when you compliment like that! LOL! Thank you!

@bigfan, Yeah, I was not thrilled with that guy. I guess can't please some people. Its been rough on everyone down there. Some people see the exposure in a different way. And you are welcome!

@anon, I think people in NOLA get the humor and to them it is an honor. PT put it best I think. I guess its like a Friar's Roast.

@Anon 7:07pm, Sooo how much money did you pay? Hee! I'm glad you got your wish!

@Pixie, you are very welcome! How are you feeling? Yeah, we didn't get a Reporter's Notebook from this trip, did we?

@Leigh, Wow! That's really interesting, thanks for sharing that! Hee, I'm glad you like! We aim to please! LOL!

@Anon, he works entirely too hard! He needs to take a day off! Thanks for the heads up!

Sheryn said...

@bigfan, I know! His eyes do look really blue tonight! I'm surprised they are not bloodshot from being tired!

Sheryn said...

@grey, I'm sorry to tell you that you are ATA's official first case of Anderinsanity! No, just kidding! But I didn't follow what you were saying. They did a repeat of which segments?

I'll have to go back and look now!

Anonymous said...

Did you saw Larry's face when he found our AC is hosting tonight (Priceless). Anderson is on a roll tonight. His comment on the whole ANS debacle is right on. I can not wait to see your gals posting tomorrow.

I squeel when he said see you tomorrow nite. I hope it will be a 2 hour AC. But 1 hour AC beats any sub for 2 hours.

Anonymous said...

@Grey - I don't think it was a taped replay; they often repeat the top stories during the second hour for those who watch 360 instead of their local 11:00 news programs. Also, at the end he said he'd see us tomorrow and I believe the exchange with Jeffrey Toobin was different.

I'm so glad he's back but now I feel guilty because he is probably really tired and wouldn've like to have a couple of days off. *walks off looking ashamed of myself*

Anonymous said...

@Sheryn, I can't believe it, I got two of my wishes! When I saw him on LKL I almost flipped! I hate the Anna Nicole coverage, but I found the "Judge Larry" show mildy entertaining.

I won't tell you what the third wish was, but I haven't given up on it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on COOPERMAN. I had a similar situation here in Central Jersey last week which lasted for two days. I hope your electricity will come back soon. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

@Andysgirl and Sheryn:

What I meant was at the very beginning of the second hour, they replayed the first introductory segment of the show, then showed some new material about some stories they had been talking about, then replayed another segment, I guess it really is no big deal it just really confused me haha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sheryn, I feel better now that you feel better about the whole "Cooperman" thing.

Sheryn said...

@Joanie, why thank you. I hope you don't think that I didn't believe you. I truly take NOLA residents' words very seriously.

We just had a lot of people who just don't know the traditions of Mardi Gras question the float and the journalist in me wanted to put the issue to bed.