Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday's AC360

There was absolutely nothing on television Friday night that my house guests wanted to watch, so I slyly suggested we catch up on the news on CNN. I must preface the story by telling you that DH's family know I write for a blog and they know the blog focuses on CNN news shows, but that is the extent of what I've shared. So I settled in with two of my sister-in-laws to watch AC360. My favorite sister-in-law is quite the news junkie and very well informed. As we sat there watching The Gerg we launched into a discussion of Obama and politics. After a few minutes of watching Anderson sister-in-law #1 says 'Boy, his eyes are really blue. Does he wear contacts?'. Then sister-in-law #2 says 'I love his hair, how old is he?'. Followed by 'That's a great tie' and so on and so on. So much for a good political discussion. If I didn't know it before I guess I learned tonight that very few women are immune to the good looks of our favorite newsman.

We have news of a personal appearance by Anderson Cooper in the NOLA area. He will be speaking at Loyola University on March 25th at Roussel Hall. This will be the final lecture in Loyola’s Father Carter Lecture series. Unfortunately it is only open to Loyola students, faculty, and staff. If any of our readers will be attending we'd love a first hand report.
Speaking of good looks, our Ms. Lori has been busy creating pretty again. She also sent me the links for the Fox News story on Obama that follows. Thank you Lori.

Since the weekend is here I have a little homework for you. Please take a minute to watch this You Tube video concerning Fox News. If you would like to register a complaint with the State of Nevada for naming Fox it's official partner for the 2008 Presidential Primary Debate then please take a minute to sign the petition at or you can go to

We've had 2 requests for screencaps in the past week. Here's Anderson with Kenny Chesney.

And here's the closeup of AC's watch from the manatee segment.

Have a great weekend and here's hoping we find lots of pictures of AC at the Vanity Fair party on Sunday. Stay tuned.


Kimber M. said...

Guys, I totally went and stalked out CNN Los Angeles right after work because I heard the LKL toss. I saw a Limo outside CNN, but no Anderson. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooo much for the picture of Anderson's watch! I've been wondering for months what type of a watch it was (not that I could really make it out still).

My best friend actually got my book signed for me when he was out in LA (I was out of town) and I asked her to check out his watch but she was too capitivated by all that was Mr. Anderson Cooper she completely forgot.

I chuckled a bit when I read about your experience with your two sisters-in-law. You're a better woman than I am, I would have stopped them mid-sentence and said "hey! I found him first!" ;)

Love the blog. Thanks to all your dedication!

Anonymous said...

That's funny about your in-laws, Phebe. I would call it the Andereffect! First your drawn to his reporting. Then to his voice. Then to his grey hair. Then to his gestures and hands. Then to his face and so on. At least that's how it was for me. I can't say it was love at first site cause it wasn't. I was just drawn in and taken in. I was seduced! LOL! He is a brilliant and special man. He's the type of man that we wish we could have brought home to have met our family at one time or other and would have gotten along well with everybody. When I was younger I wouldn't have been interested in his type cause I was stupid, but now that I'm older and wiser I am smarter and appreciate the realness more. And Anderson is the real thing. I haven't told anyone that I've started blogging either. It's my personal secret. And I love it that way! Lori, loved your graphics as always!

ACAnderFan said...

360 was pretty good last nite, even if it was only an hour long and the 2nd hour was a repeat of that disatser special.

I'm probably the only one who feels this way, but David Gregan drives me nuts. I can't even pay attention when he's on. I end up just starring at Andy when Gregan is on. Something about him just irks me.

I too hope we get some really nice pics of Andy at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Now what would be perfect would be if there's a picture of Andy and Leonardo DiCaprio together.

FanGirl moment: Is it me or does he get better looking every day. I love when he wears that purple tie. And when they showed him with that american flag background...WOW!!! I thought it really complemented his good looks and made his pretty blue eyes look even bluer if that's even possible.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone confirmed yet if AC is hosting the Oscar coverage for CNN this year? I thought maybe he was in LA to finish up his piece on Simon Cowell.

Phebe said...

@lavendar blue, oh how we love you for trying to catch a glimpse of AC. You would have shared the details with us I assume? Maybe next time.
@cactuskid, Andereffect, yes that has to be it.
@acanderfan, I think you're the first to ever say they didn't like The Gerg. He's a new junkies dream, imo.
@anonymous 9:15, AC has never covered the Oscars for CNN. He is in LA to do a lecture with Walter Cronkite on Monday night for the University of Judaism (see previous posts). It has been his pattern to attend the Vanity Fair after-Oscar party, but not in any offical CNN capacity.

Anonymous said...

Loved ac360 on friday, anderson was on for only an hour but, 1.loved the news 2.He looked very handsome,the purle tie with that suit was really good.
@acanderfan you're not alone,I'm thinking the same thing that he gets better looking every single day.On thursday he was vey handsome, yesterday he was

sydney said...

@cactuskid Andereffect, hee hee, I like that! He does kind of suck you in, doesn't he? The hair caught my attention first a few years ago, then I noticed how handsome he was. I'm ashamed to say it took awhile for me to actually concentrate on what he was saying long enough to realize how talented he really is. And that's the most attractive trait of all; even though it's true he has only gotten better looking, that's no longer the most important thing to me.

Sorry to get all fangurly - sometimes it just has to come out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the yummy pix from last night. A nice Sat. treat!

Re: David Gergan, I love him but think it's hilarious that he, Cheney and Rumsfeld all got their start together in the Nixon Administration. Thankfully, he's changed his views!

I'm getting ready to go down south to see the Cronkite lecture, and have no idea what to wear - which makes the bf makes so much fun of me :-) Gotta look my best even if AC can't see me! A girl's gotta be prepared!

Roonie said...

Hilarious story about the in-laws!

That is totally something that I would do at any family affair, but I do it anyway with my roommates and any guests who are over past 9....also, it's only me who says, "his eyes are so blue" and "look at that awesome suit!" ;)

@cactuskid, I was just thinking about the Andereffect and lemme tell ya, it really works! I still don't have any AC-converts yet. I guess it'll take some time for my friends to take more interest in different news sources.

Anonymous said...

It might be my imagination (or my computer), but doesn't it look like there is a ring indentation on that third finger, left hand?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1:10 PM,

I am afraid it is either your *imagination* or computer as there is not a visible ring indentation. Or, perhaps a halo effect from contact lens? I periodically have that issue.

Anonymous said...

@ ANON ring indention...belive me..if and when he gets married it'll be all over the place as much as he is won't have to guess!!

OMG did you all see the Gerg's jacket and tie!!! All I could think of was a clown...sorry Gerg...what was he thinking!?!

The first thing that got me about Anderson where his eyes, then the smile,his quirky sense of humor and then his brilliant mind!! I think smart men are so sexy!! But I also like that he is so down to earth and you can tell he is a very humble, caring person. Even though other newscasters make fun of him for that...I think that's why he is so popular and his star is still rising while theirs is burning out.


Anonymous said...

Phebe...great job recruiting! We need all the ratings we can get to combat Faux. Maybe when the ANS saga is finally over the ratings will readjust. You know, I was never a big fan of ANS, but I have to say that I feel so sorry for her now. She was surrounded by extremely selfish people. How could anyone who really loved someone allow them to remain in storage for weeks, and now weeks to come? Would a mother really do that? My brother asked to be cremated and his ashes be spread in the water between California and Catalina. It wasn't what I wanted for him, but I spread his ashes (BTW, not really ashes).

@cactuskid, wow…you are right! We ARE being seduced, I like that it is now Andy’s fault that we are forced to go on and on about him. The only place where we differ is that I would have been attracted to him when I was young, but when I was young he wasn’t BORN! BTW, I broke the news about blogging by referring to this blog as a politically involved blog…not really a stretch. We are opinionated and we discuss politics…I just don’t mention the drooling part.

@sfacfan, we are sooo jealous. Can’t wait to see your critique.

LOOK OUT everyone East of Indiana! The last few days have been sunny so some of the snow from the blizzard finally melted. We couldn't get the trash can out of the snow drift last Monday to put it out. But this afternoon DH was able to chip it out. I was at work (trying to catch up) and DH called to say the ice storm started early. Had to chip my trunk open to get the scrapper to chip my door open. Normally I would sit to let the car heat up and defrost the windows, but as I sat there the ice just kept coming down so fast I finally got out and slip-slidded around the car to clear the windows. We had an ice storm last year that left us without electricity (lights, heat, water (well-which mean no toilet or shower), AND TV AND COMPUTER) for 9 days! We lost a 30' blue spruce and huge branches just missed our new hot tub room. DH is running around the house finding all the flashlights, candles and clearing the snow packed around our generator. Yep, the dish is going off and on, losing the signal…it’s only a matter of time now. So if you don't hear from me for a few days...

Unknown said...

The Gerg seems like a sweet lovable guy... kinda like he'd be a great grandpa! You know, the kind that always gives you great big hugs and then slides you some money. Tee hee

Unknown said...
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BookAsylum said...

Anderson just has that effect on people... hehe, I'm sooo glad that I'm not the only person who ooggles the ties.

@lori- loved the artwork!

@sfacfan- I'm envious! Have fun!

Anonymous said...


I love Gergen's commentaries. My daughter saw him on tape once and calls him Mr.Gergie Thing. Anderson is Mr. Cooper Thing.

Read his bio Sarah at his website and then let me know if she still boths you. I saw him at a lecture in Boston. He was remarkable.

His groupies were a bunch of 60 year old ladies! They thought Gergen was hot. It was so funny. Just for the record. I do not think Gergen is hot. Credible but not hot.

Anonymous said...

About Anderson attending the Oscars: I watched a program where Anderson was discussing the Oscars with Dan Perez, a Film Critic, and another magazine editor..can't remember their names. Anderson commented that his greatest fear was that CNN would ask him to do the red carpet on Oscar night and he would have to stand their yelling, "who are you wearing, who are you wearing." He just doesn't get it and said he didn't know why you couldn't just tell someone they looked beautiful and fantastic like they did in Grace Kelly's time without having to know who they were wearing. It is a good program and used to be available on You Tube but I haven't seen it recently. Anyway just a bit of trivia for those interested. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

That movie discussion was originally on Showtime. I've seen it a number of tim

I do recall seeing AC in a tux covering the Oscars.. I'm pretty sure there are screencaps for that floating around.

I'm going to check out CNN coverage at 7EST just in case he is doing some kind of reporting...