Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I hope I don't have to ruin my new hairdo!

Good evening everyone! It's been a while! Did you miss me? LOL! Did you enjoy last night's show? I did and I didn't. But I'm going to give Mr. Cooper a pass on this one since he had a very busy weekend and I'm sure he had a career thrill interviewing Walter Cronkite on Monday. Nope, I don't blame him at all for showing the Afghanistan special YET AGAIN! Note to CNN: Please stop showing old packages. WE HAVE SEEN THEM WAY TOO MANY TIMES! Thank you!

*looks around the room confused* Whew, sorry about that outburst! I have no idea where that came from! Well, here are all of my thoughts about last night's AC360 in no particular order!

The upside of the downslide:
For anyone who has money in the stock market, yesterday was rather unsettling indeed. The upside to the drastic market drop: I got to see Ali Velshi on AC360! I LOVE Ali! He has got to be the most stylin’ reporter on CNN.

Only Ali Velshi can wear a beige suit (see screencap below) and look good. I don’t know how many of you get my attraction to Ali but I think he’s adorable! I love when he flirts with Kiera Phillips in the afternoons. And seeing Anderson and Ali standing together made my heart flutter!

Reporting from Afghanistan:
I was looking forward to hearing the ex-CIA operative piece last night. I was so engrossed in it that I didn't realize Peter Bergen was actually doing the reporting until the segment was half over! Not only is Peter Bergen AC360’s Terrorism Expert, he’s a damn good reporter as well!

I’ve made the comment once before and I will say it again. My ultimate dream (now keep in mind I’m a political geek, k?) is to have David Gergen and Peter Bergen as professors. Lord, I would definitely never miss a class!

A story I don’t mind seeing over and over again:
It was wonderful to see how great Bob Woodruff looked last night! Anderson and Sanjay did a great job on this segment. It was so touching to see Bob's daughters teaching him the phrase "belt buckle" wasn't it? I cried like a baby. I'm sad that I missed ABC's special last night. I hope I can catch it at a later date.

Brian from TVNewser posted the Woodruff's PR schedule. It looks like Bob and his wife have a very busy month! I don’t mind saying that this is one story I will watch over and over and over again! There is an angel watching over Bob Woodruff and his colleague Doug Vogt, also hurt in the explosion. I hope that angel is with these two gentlemen as well as all combat reporters for a very long time. If you would like to know more about Bob Woodruff and his road to recovery, you should visit his foundation's website.

One thing that I find very disturbing is that our soldiers and embedded reporters do not have the proper head gear. We learned this last year when Cher sat down with Anderson to get much needed exposure for her Operation Helmet campaign. Last summer I blogged that there have been more brain injuries in the Iraq War than any other war the U.S. has fought. I wonder, if Bob Woodruff had the proper head gear, would his injuries have been so severe?

My WTF moment for today:
From the AC360 website:

Wednesday's show
Forced from his home, banished from the community. He blames polygamist leader Warren Jeffs. "360°" investigates. Tune in tonight at 10 ET.

Okay, I’m going to cut Anderson and the 360 team some slack right now. I know that there are a couple of new developments on the polygamy front. And we all know that Anderson has a fascination with this story.

If only the NEW developments are covered, you will not read one single bad word from my keyboard tomorrow. But if I’ve gotta sit thru that old “Lost Boys” piece ONE MORE TIME, I’m gonna frigging pull out my newly highlighted hair strand by strand. You will hear about it forever because it cost a major fortune to get my hair done yesterday! Anderson Cooper the future of my nicely coiffed hair is on your head now! LOL!

Okay Ladies and Gents, I’ll leave you with a screencap that I found amusing. Talk about Beauty and the Beast! And damn isn’t that one UGLY BEAST! *ducks and runs from FBI*

Have a wonderful evening all!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Ali Velshi is a cutie. I have a bias, cause I am Persian, but him and Andy standing next to each other, I had to go to the naughty chair lol. I sure love the fact that CNN has so many Iranian Journalists, and people working behind the scenes. I bet Fox doesnt have any lol.

Great Post. I love the pic with Cheney and Andy. He sure is a beast lol.

By the way, I was at the cronkite interview too. I dont have much to add to Lynn's account since I was sitting in back. I didn't get to get close to him or anything, but that is ok cause I have met him before. It was a great night.

Anonymous said...

Sheryn, wow...I'm assuming it's you by the writing style. Ms. O **ducking from whatever you are going to throw at me** said they are replaying her school special (I think she said Saturday) so I would assume they will show Bob Woodruff again as well. I watched Ms. O's (see, I'm not even writing out her name so it won't bug you) show with Bob and his wife. It was so good, they are so much in love. I'm going to buy the book because Ms O said that it was really a true love story, and you can see it when they look at each other. Every time they went to break, they would kiss. It is truly amazing to see his progress. He said he didn't think he would ever be 100% again, but then the doctors said he would never talk again, so he is praying for a full recovery. He wants to return to journalism, and I think he would be a great reporter on CNN. I don't think his wife will ever let him go to a war zone again. They have been great friends with David Bloom's family for years and years. When David died, they were there for his wife and family, in fact, Bob took David's daughter to the father/daughter dance. So when Bob was injured, David's wife went to Germany with her. It was so touching seeing her on Ms. O too. I think Anderson needs to stay home!

I agree, for someone who doesn't even want one wife, AC seems to get carried away with those that want many. I think I've been married too long, cause I would gladly share my DH, in fact I would just give him away :-)

Yeah, I'm not going to write what I was think when they announced it was a close call with Cheney, but it wasn't nice!

I loved Andy's tie last night, but was that a pink or light lavendar shirt? I went to 2 TVs to check it out. Then I thought, surely he wouldn't wear that tie with a pink shirt. Can we get a fashion investigation on that? I thought Andy had great fashion sense, so I will reserve judgement until I hear from someone else.

And since I'm the designated OMW on this blog it just me or are the word verifications getting harder to read?

sydney said...

I loved the show. Why? NO ANS!!!!

Good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see Bob Woodruff doing and looking so well after that horrible head injury. You would think our government would try to fit our military with the most protective gear availiable. I think everyone should have a Cher helmet. And why not since it would save the government millions or billions of dollars in the long run from all the physical therapy or disability payments. But that would make too much sense!!!!

ACAnderFan said...

Sheryn, I am so happy that someone else out there also like Ali Velshi. For a while I thought I was the only one. I love Ali...he is SO cool. And he has the coolest clothes. They're always interesting and I like that he has his own unique style. I was so excited when I saw Andy talking to him. Maybe next time when Andy can't host 360 they could get Ali.

You don't like the lost boys thing? I am a sucker for this polygamy stuff. I wish Andy would talk about it more often. Isn't Waren Jeffs trial coming up? I'm sure Andy will be covering it alot once it starts.

The Bob Woodruff story is very touching. I am glad that he's recovered and sharing his story. When Andy and Sanjay were talking about Bob's injury all I could think about was how very easily Andy could be injured. I worry about him so much when he goes over there. I hope Andy takes all the necessary precautions when he's in the middle east...we don't want anything happening to him.

xtina said...

"Note to CNN: Please stop showing old packages. "

LOL! Uh, was that a subliminal comment, girl? Yeah CNN, stop showing 'old packages', there's only one package we want to see!! *naughty chair*

Roonie said...

Hiya Sheryn!!

All I can say is, AWESOME suit/shirt/tie combo!!!!

That is all.

Sandra said...

I have marked my calendar to see Bob Woodruff on the 26th of March in my neighborhood!

Thanks for the website link! I agree, his story is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I loved the show last least the first hour. It had great stories told by some good reporters. Then came the second hour...Afghanistan...Watched some of it (just to see Anderson in the field...SO SO SEXY!!) But then I just couldn't handle it anymore. Seeing that I've watched it umpteen times!!

I don't understand why they are showing all of these reruns that we have seen dozens of times. I thought they were trying to boost the ratings...well this tactic surely isn't going to work!! PLEASE AC NO MORE RERUNS!! WE ARE BEGGING YOU!!


Anonymous said...

when I watched last night I thought Anderson was wearing a white shirt but looking at the photots it looks light purple like a lavender and the whole outfit looked amazing.....Anderson looked so yummy......what a way for me to see Anderson after a week away.....I think I am heading to the naughty chair :P

Anonymous said...

Even though I thoroughly learned from the AC 360 coverage from Afghanistan in September, I can appreciate the rerun this week. It is because of the excellent reporting from Mr. Cooper, Mr. Bergan, and Mr. Robertson in September that I understood then that we face many obstacles as a result of also going into Iraq...I say Congrats to 360 for saying to us, in light of recent "new findings/intelligence", hey, let's remind everyone of what WE reported back in Sept. 06. May God keep our troops and front line reporters/staff safe.

Anonymous said...

wow sowhere out there in the kosmos someone heard my plea to get Anderson a green tie after I saw Anderson wearing that green shirt in the Amazon.....although not completely green but black with green strips it is a fantastic new tie :)

I well keep working on sending out cries for a complete green tie (if he gets one - I will be convinced "someone" is reading ATA :P)

Anonymous said...

@ Sheryn:

Thanks for the photos of Ali. I have watched him on CNN FN and now AM for years.

Does anyone remember Andy on AM? When I was on a CNN tour in NYC I got to meet Andy. Well, they retired Andy and then one morning Ali showed up and I have been tuning into Ali now every morning. Does anyone know anything about Ali's book? I emailed CNN and never got a response about how to purchase Ali's book. Are you getting the feeling Anna's house is full of books! I am like a B & N regular. Let's just say I am on a regular name basis with the UPS man and he listens to BOR every day! Ug! :)

BookAsylum said...

I like Ali as well. I swear that if other men tried to copy his style, they'd look completely foolish- but he pulls it off and looks fabulous!

Thanks for the Bob Woodruff links.

copperfish said...

Peter Bergen looks good without his glasses. And Sheryn, you're right he is. I have yet to see the Bob Woodruff Story but based from what I've read that is what I call a MIRACLE.

Sheryn said...

Hi all! I only have a few short minutes but I wanted to say two things.

1. Yay for the Ali Velshi love! I'm so glad you guys get it!!!

2. @Anon 7:27pm. I would have agreed with you if AC360 hadn't already showed this particular 45 minute special 2 times in two weeks prior to last night. Sorry, although this is wonderful reporting by all parties (I agree whole heartedly on that point) it is nonetheless, old and has been show far too many times in the past month. But that is the way of CNN and I should just accept this one day!

Deepak Adhikari said...

Hi Anderson. It was nice to find you here. I'm a Nepali blogger and a journalist. I watched your program today morning that was on polygamist sect and the lost boy. It was moving.

Well, there is a pleasant coincidence about how I came to know about you. I rarely watch TV. I'm a bibliophile. A friend of mine provided me your book : Dispatches From The Edge and that triggered an immense interest on u. As I was reading the book in my apartment at Bhaktapur, near capital Kathmandu in Nepal (I guess u have'nt come to my country), I saw your face in my TV and was immediately hooked to it.

Two things are very important here. The book and the Net. As the traveling and people's movements have become easier, I was fortunate enough to navigate through your book. And, as my curiosity heightened, I googled your name and found so many information, including that u run a number of blogs. So do I. So, keep in touch, stay tuned!

All the best from Nepal!

Phebe said...

@Deepak, We thank you for the compliment but our blog is not in any way sanctioned by Anderson or CNN. We, like you, are fans who share our opinions of AC360 and news of Anderson's public appearances.

Anonymous said...

i like ali too!!

and for me, second hour repeats = more time i get to spend watching stuff on the speed channel. :)