Sunday, February 04, 2007

Taking $%#* to the Nth Degree

Tonight is the Super Bowl! While I'm not the biggest pro-football fan (I'm more of a college football fan) I will watch the Super Bowl...for the commercials and half-time. I remember a few years ago sitting in my living room gasping when I saw the Janet Jackson incident. Since then, most live events have a 3 to 6 second delay to catch the occasional flash of bits and pieces or catch the occasional cuss word slip. With Anderson's show being live every night there is always the risk of a guest or even Anderson blurting out a cuss word. I got the feeling Anderson had no problem saying the occasional cuss word after I found three separate occasions where, on purpose, he cussed his way through a segment. Here they are for your viewing pleasure! Roll the $%#*! tape :)

Sorry, the link is broken on this first clip. You can read the transcript here: Nth from January 14, 2004:

The most recent time he had to be bleeped was back in November 2005. (Sorry about the quality of the video. I downloaded this when it first aired and didn't make a note of the person who captured it. So if it is your video let me know and I'll give you credit for it.)

I was unable to find a video clip of the 3rd time and if you happen to have a copy of the clip you are willing to let us add to ATA, drop us an e-mail. Here is the transcript from October 7th, 2003.

COOPER: Tonight, taking (EXPLETIVE DELETED) to the "Nth Degree." Can I say that on TV? Apparently it depends whether it's a verb or an adjective. See the Federal Communications Commission today said it will take no action regarding something the singer Bono said during the January 19 "Golden Globe Awards."

To be specific he said quote "this is really, really (EXPLETIVE DELETED) brilliant, only without the...


The FCC said it got 234 complaints. All but 17, from people associated with the Parents Television Council. But in section 3 subsection 8 paragraph 5 of its ruling the FCC says Bono didn't violate the law because what he said quote "does not describe sexual or excretory organs, or for that matter the filthy, disgusting things people do with them." In other words he meant (EXPLETIVE DELETED) the merely crude adjective, not (EXPLETIVE DELETED) the reprehensible verb.

I refer you to FCC footnote 16 citing the nonactionable noun usage, quote, "the hell I did, I drove the mother (EXPLETIVE DELETED)." The FCC also says it's okay to use such words as an insult. In other words, I can call you a (EXPLETIVE DELETED), but not because you (EXPLETIVE DELETED) my sister.

If it gets too confusing for you well, (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


Phebe said...

To all, Quitty wrote this post before she went away for the weekend. I posted it tonight and found that the second video wouldn't work (at least for me). I have not idea how to fix it, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Quitty, those old clips are great! The 2nd one said "sorry no video" when I clicked on it, but it could just be me (the dreaded user error!) I wonder what's in store for us this afternoon at half-time?

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

During one of the many Rosie/Trump coverages, Anderson read a poem Rosie had posted on her blog. Anderson read the f-bomb in the poem, and they didn't get the bleep in the right spot. It was funny.

For the first year EVER, I will not be watching the Superbowl for the commercials this year. MY team is playing!!! GO COLTS!

ACAnderFan said...

Quitty, thanks!!! Those are hilarious!!! The second one will not play for me either.

I think I rememeber reading somewhere (can't remember where I read it though) that Andy likes to swear/use curse words.

@pixie, I rememeber when Andy read the f-bomb, that was hilarious. That bleep wasn't in the right spot at all...LOL!!!

I probably need to visit the naughty chair, I'm pictuing Andy saiying curse words and maybe possibly using one of them as a verb.

*goes to the naughty chair for a long time, and takes Andy with her*
Hey if I'm going have to go to the naughty chair I might as well have some company with me. Besides I'm sure Andy probably needs to visit the naughty chair too. He's naughty at

Anonymous said...

great post.....the first video was terrific....I had never seen it before

One of my favourite videos of Anderson on YouTube is along this lines of this post:
Take a look it is really funny and cute.

As for the Superbowl.....totally watch it every year with my dad.....and my pick Indy over Chicgao 27-7 (Indy is my pick.....the score curtosy of LK on Friday night at the end of his show LOL - one of my favourite Simpson lines ever.....if your right 52% of the time....your wrong 48% of the time)

ACAnderFan said...

@megan, that is a great video!!! I have never seen it before. I think it's my new fave Andy clip. This may sound weird...but Andy cursing is kind of a turn on.

I would LOVE to sit and have a conversation with Anderson. It would be hilarious. That man has a sick sense of humor, and mine is probably worse than his. My mom always tells me that no matter how crazy something he said is, I can say something ten times crazier. I take that as a complement..LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

@ acanderfan: Oh, I think Anderson is naughty, too, sometimes. Noone that good is that good all the time! LOL!

Anonymous said...

@megan: That clip was so funny!

I love the first clip...Anderson seems so relaxed and at ease...I don't think I have ever seen him sitting on his desk before...Its kind of

The second clip did not work for me either...


Taffiny said...

Dear Moderators,
Hi I had a response to the That was my Story-mmm....thin mints post. (yesterday) I see it is still not there. Was it inappropriate in some way? Which topic? I want to know so I do not make the same error again.

Oh and BLEEP! I can't get either video or sound clip to work. I am surprised to know Anders is so fond of swearing.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Nth Degree about Bono and cursing some time ago. It was hilarious and I must say the F-Bomb seemed to come natural to Anderson. I love the little flashes of "naughty" we see on occasion! He is just so darn cute. Seems Ace can cuss like a sailor times but still blushes to his roots when it comes to sex survey's. You gotta love him!

Anonymous said... can watch the clip where Anderson reads Rosie's poem on Youtube:

Rachel said...

HAH!!! I remember this one! Funny as H E double hockey sticks....I am bleeping myself sorry.

Roonie said...

HAHAHAHAHA. That video makes me laugh every time!

I wonder if he's actually saying the word when it's bleeped, or if he's toning it down so that those around him aren't offended ;)

As for the Super Bowl--I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!

I'm still unsure of who I want to win. If it had been my ideal game, I would have wanted the Patriots to take it all!!!!!

Oh well, I suppose Manning deserves his ring.

Anonymous said...

@Megan - I just watched that clip that you linked to; it's hilarious! I loved after he finishes his rant of expletives and then he stops and gives that "sweet, innocent little boy smile!" So adorable and cute.

Thanks for the link. For some reason I can't load the clips that you post here but I can on youtube. Thanks again, great blog and great clip. I needed a chuckle today and that clip gave me one.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the first clip also. Liked the casual and relaxed looking Anderson sitting on the desk with his tie loosened up!!!!

I miss the Nth. degree. I wish AC360 would bring them back....

GO BEARS!!!!!!

Phebe said...

@Tiffany, I'm still blogging from a laptop, since I'm not able to sit at my desk. I'm not used to the laptop and I sometimes strange things happen. I have noticed that occasional comments disappear before I have a chance to post them, not sure why. I'm sorry if that happened to your comment yesterday.
@everyone, the only comments we don't post are ones that speculate about Anderson's personal life and relationships, comments that are disrespectful of other commenters and links to sites that we are not familiar with. Other than that most everything you have to say we'd love to hear.

Quitty said...

I'm back and I've fixed the 2nd video so it should work now!

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Anderson, the f-bomb, and admittedly the cutest "potty mouth" I have ever seen or heard. Thanks ladies.

He cusses and in the same breath manages to look totally innocent and bashful. How DOES he do that? All part of the magic and wonder
that is Anderson Cooper. *sigh*

Perfection. Pure and simple. =)

Anonymous said...

Anderson later admitted in an interview that he was actually saying "fudge" in the first video you have posted.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anyhting about the "Out" magazine that featured Anderson, April 2005? I get emails daily for anything Anderson Cooper on Ebay and this showed up today. Supposed to be an article and a pic. Anyone know what pic? Or if it's worth $8 ? Also features Jake Shears from Scisor Sisters on cover, I love them!!

Pam in Colorado

Anonymous said...

The greatest thing I heard in the last 24 hours, "Grandma, you're the best grandma in the whole world."

Second greatest thing I heard...COLTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL! Wohoooo!

Anonymous said...

Off topic question: Does the "Anderhideaway" page still exist? I see the link on your blog, but anytime I go there and try to register, it says registration is disabled. Does this site still exist? Thanks.

Anonymous said...


The hideaway still exists but they pre-screen applicants and I think it is somewhat of a challenge to "get in".

You know, think "Dalton" in NYC and all that stuff. *Sarcasm*

Taffiny said...

Thanks Phebe. I'd re-write it but that post is long gone now. I can't believe how much more is on here since the last time I stopped by!

Pixie that is so sweet. Even if I paid my son he wouldn't say such nice things to me, but maybe someday if I get to be a grandma, I could hear such sweet words.