Wednesday, February 28, 2007

'Young Republican' want-a-be!

I missed AC360 tonight due to some family drama (the great in-law saga continues) and when I finally got around to watching my recording I was a bit puzzled. Why hadn't Sheryn called squeeing about AC wearing her favorite tie? On closer look I realized Tuesday's tie was an impostor for the Young Republican tie.

Before I get to Tuesday's 360 did anyone watch the Bob Woodruff special on ABC? Bob has made an amazing recovery and he's got to be the poster boy for traumatic brain injuries. While watching Woodruff and his team walk the viewer through the day of his injury I realized that could have so easily been Anderson. It's a very sobering thought and one that I hope isn't lost on AC and crew. They need to be ever vigilant. I'm so glad that Anderson covered this story. And Dr. Gupta's medical expertise added much to the report.

Do any of you watch The Today Show? I found it odd that The Today Show and AC360 both featured "The Secret" on Tuesday. I'm not sure why 360 found this story important enough to retell, and on the same day too? I guess if the premise of the book is correct we should all visualize slimmer bodies and personal encounters with Anderson. Man, AC is going to be very busy fulfilling all our 'positive thoughts'. For those of you who are one step ahead of me maybe a visit to the naughty chair is in order?

Does anyone find themselves yelling at AC not to climb down into that damn hole in Afghanistan? He never listens and last night was no exception. Anderson, Anderson, Anderson what is the fascination with climbing into tunnels and holes in the ground? You're such a boy!

The show ended with a repeat of Afghanistan The Unfinished War. Here are the screencaps from Anderson's Reporter's Notebook. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Yep, I do the same thing! I always get weary when he climbs down there. Luckily he never gets spooked by the boogie monster... but still!

Anonymous said...

Great post and screen caps Phebe, thankyou.
Yes he's such a boy!! climbs into holes handles guns and rockets, and jumps at

Cyn said...

Newsweek has an article in this week's issue debunking "The Secret" -- Anderson mentioned it in passing -- so I think that's why they're all covering it. De-covering it? Un-covering it? Whatever. Anyway, I thought it interesting that although he mentioned that Oprah had devoted two shows to it, he didn't mention that Larry King has, as well.

I was so glad to see Anderson back. I had despaired when Paula cross-chatted with Kiran on the 360 set... thought he missed his flight or something. So thanks to all of the rest of you for Staying Positive and bringing him back. (Hey, The Secret says it works. So I think y'all deserve the credit.)

So... can we all agree to Ask and Believe he'll wear the blue tie with white dots tomorrow? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice pics of Anderson. I like that tie better than the "Young Republican" tie. Bob Woodruff is one lucky man to have survived a brain injury like he had and to have progressed as well as he has! He, also, was very lucky the military got him to a hospital in ?37 min. and, I think, was a huge factor in his survival and progress. Had he been somewhere else he may not have gotten to a operating arena that quick! Kudos to our military and their doctors!!! Yes, Anderson will be a busy fella trying to fulfill all of our positive thinking ideas!!!!

ACAnderFan said...

I thought last nite's 360 was really really really good.

When Andy was talking about Bob Woodruff all I could think about was that it could have been Andy. I thought about it so much that I couldn't even really pay attention to what Andy and Sanjay were saying. I worry when Andy goes over to the middle east and this is exacly why. It's so very easy for someone to become seriously injured over there. I just hope that he dosen't go over there anytime soon. Speaking of which when he was tallking about Afghanistan he said that 360 would be spending alot of time talking about what's going on over immeidate first thought was that it was a subtle warning that he's going over there sometime in the coming months. I hope I'm wrong, but with Andy you never know.

'The Secret'...yeah I don't believe it. Although if visualizing myself thinner and meeting Andy is gonig to get me to meet him, then hey I'm all for it. And yes Phebe, I'm already one step ahead of you...I maybe two or three steps ahead. I definitely need the naughy chair, no question about that...LOL

*goes to naughty chair for visualizing herself with Andy...*

I LOVE when Andy climbs into that hole in the Afghanistan special. I swear it's the best You're right though he is such a boy always climbing in tunnels and holes.

FanGirl moment: How amazing did Andy look last nite??? The suit/shirt/tie is my new fave on him. I used to like the black suit/white shirt/black tie with silver stripes, but last nite's outfit was simply impressive. Which is weird because I cannot stand the Young Republican tie. Oh well. He just looked so very amazing last nite.

BookAsylum said...

After the 360 Bulletin, did Anderson blow Kiran off? He was in a hurry to finish the segment and move ON. And he didn't share the shot of the day with her? Loved the Superman snark!

Anonymous said...

Loved the new tie...he looks as awesome as ever!! Even when he is all tired out!

Liked the show last night...I too wondered about them showing The Secret. I don't know why they'd cover something like that. Doesn't interest me any!!

This is off topic...but did you see that Kiran replaced Erica Hill? Maybe that was why the last time Anderson and Erica seemed cold to each other. Because she just got the boot from his show? Let's hope not!! I love the friendly banter that goes on between them. It just isn't there with Kiran and Anderson.

Anytime Andy is on I'm in the naughty chair!! Doesn't have to be a special occasion....Me and the naughty chair have become old friends!!! I'm sitting in it now!!


Unknown said...

Oprah had a wonderful speical on yesterday featuring Bob Woodruff and his lovely wife, Lee. Their story was so moving

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe,

Yes, I watched ABC last night. Yes, Sheryn, I no-showed my Tuesday night date.

Bob's interview was amazing. He was on Oprah yesterday too and I ordered his book today. His wife, Lee, was wonderful too and they have 4 children. Bob has been out visiting with the injuried soliders giving them some hope.

It was good to learn that David Bloom's wife (name?)was right by Lee's side. What a wonderful display of friendship for each other? After David died, I guess Lee was right by her side too. Really, I ask, can we live without geniune friendships and love for each other?

I am an NPR junkie too. Bob and Lee were on NPR today and NPR reported that since the war started 93 journalists have been killed in the line of duty. Most of these men and women are Iraq citizens.

With regards to The Secret my friend just dropped the DVD off to me yesterday so I haven't seen it. Soledad covered The Secret on AM. Soledad announced she was going to win PowerBall which is $289 Million. She wants the money coming her way! :)

I guess I just try to live my life like my spin of Lake Wobegon (NPR: Garrison Keillor) were the women are strong, the men are good looking and the children, well, they are exceeding above-average.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see AC back to the studio. He looks happy last night and hot. He sure got into with the ambassador from Pakastian. He mentioned that they will keep an eye in Afghanstan in the following month. I got a feeling he wants to go back there to do more story. Anderson, Anderson, you should stick with Jeff and the wild animals they are lot safer to be around.

I saw Bob Woodruff piece at Oprah yesterday, what a touching piece. I was teary eye most of the interview.

Right now I am positively thinking my cold away, and winning the lottery LOL.

The Original Miranda Lane said...

I guess if the premise of the book is correct we should all visualize slimmer bodies and personal encounters with Anderson. It's like you read my mind!

Honestly, after that report I put copy of my headshot on top of my TV, to help me visualize ME on TV - literally.

But "The Secret" is nothing new, but there is something to it. I bought the book Wishing Well by Paul Pearsall years ago at the recommendation of a Tarot Card reader. I gave it away long ago to someone I thought needed it more than I did, but I do still practice the meditation and wishing technique. Sometimes I get what I wish for, but every time it helps me calm down and relax.

Thanks for the post and the screen shots. I do enjoy "The Unfinished War" piece, but it's getting a little bit of overplay lately. It's time for new special if we're not getting 2 full hours of AC live!

Anonymous said...

Bob Woodruff's recovery is soo amazing! You just can't stop thinkin' about everybody in a battlefield and their day to day lives. Prayers to all those who are working and fighting for the country in Afghanistan and Iraq.
'The Secret' has been everywhere, mh! I wonder if its 'The Secret' anymore. And, of course Anderson looked adorable! in that pinstripe suit. Sorry guys, With the secret in working, it's just impossible to avoid visualizing STUFF! with the fav anchor... Oh! hell yeah! one of my positive thinking is that I would like to meet Anderson in person and at least, I repeat, at least chat with him. Is this it? mh! don't think so but, I'm trying to be a good girl.'sigh'

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:12am
I don't think Anderson and Erica were cold to each other last time Erica read the news bulletin, I think Erica was recorded before the show, and I think she was not live with anderson that's why it seemed odd, knowing that they interact very well with each other when together on the show.

sydney said...

@bookasylum: The bulletin and the shot was about the only thing I caught of the show (I'll watch the rest over dinner). I noticed the same thing - it did look like he was just dismissing her. He probably misses Erica. (I don't think they were cool to each other last time, I just don't think they were both on live at the same time.)

But the most important question is, what WAS superman doing at the DMV? Does he need a car? Or a license? :)

@anna: It's my understanding that Bob and David were best friends. My heart about broke when David died - I thought his field reports were awesome, and I really enjoyed him and Soledad together on the weekend Today shows. I'm glad that these incredibly strong ladies were able to be there for each other.

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe,

You don't have to post this one!

Sorry about the IL thing! I am with you on that one.

If you haven't seen Brokeback Mountain, go to You Tube and see if you can get the Thanksgiving dinner shot. It is a hoot and reminds you when the IL are in your house, they must be respectful or head on out to the nearby hotel.

Trust me, I have paid for my BIL and all his beer to be at the neighborhood hotel. Really, Phebe, can you take those stories on more time? I can't. It is the same old thing over and over and over again. It is borderline harrassment sometimes and if you don't take it from strangers then why are women required to take it from the IL's?

Okay, now I am being really snarky! Is there a snarky hotel for you to check in to?

Phebe said...

@Anna, Thanks for the You Tube suggestion, I'll check for it. As far as having to 'take it' from the in laws, you really don't know me very well. Taking it is just not in my personality. I am quiet for just so long and then watch out.

Anonymous said...

I put both pics of him together (old tie, new tie) I think the old looks best on him. It puts more color up at his face...he looks good with more color near the face.

But then again he looks good in anything...he'd look sexy in a brown paper bag!! Love to see that!! ;p Think I'm off to the naughty chair again!!!


Sheryn said...

Hmph! I can't believe he teased me like that! I got all excited because i saw a hint of red stripe but the Anderson Cooper banner was blocking my vision. Then when they removed it, I saw thin red stripes. YUCK! Don't like that tie at all. Especially not with a lavendar shirt.

Who dresses that man anyway? LOL!

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was the return of the much maligned "ugly a** accountant tie" but turned out the strips were red, not purple. Too bad, I was hoping maybe the ATA paper-shredder-incident was just an urban legend. I like that tie. [ducks]

So with the whole "we will be spending a lot of time on Afghanistan" comment is anyone starting a pool on just how quickly he'll be ditching the tie for the field shirt and heading East? What do you think? A week , ten days to catch up on mail/bills/Molly/kiss his Mom and then off he goes?


Anonymous said...

As soon as "The Secret" segment was over I ran and put Anderson's picture on my "focus board." I'll let you know if it works!!

Rachel said...



Anonymous said...

@Cindy, Since "cheerleader chick" is John Klein's new protegee, I don't think Anderson has much of a say in who does the "news bulletin." Let's hope it is not permanent.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Cassie...i give him a couple weeks..if that. He can't seem to stay away from there too long. I think he needs to go and get his "fix" of danger!! Then he'll be our same old Andy once again. GOTTA LOVE HIM!!