Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Here's some Chicken Soup for the Ailing Anchor!

Good afternoon! Poor Anderson sounded so sickly last night, didn't he? So many people are sick that it wouldn’t surprise me if he caught something from that plane ride home from Southeast Asia last weekend. Let’s hope someone hooked him up with some good meds and a nice big bowl of piping hot chicken soup!

Last night’s AC360 was interrupted by breaking news but not before Anderson got to talk to Michael Ware about John McCain’s comments regarding the "improving state of Iraq." When I first saw Michael Ware answer this question from Wolf Blitzer last night on TSR, I sat there with my jaw in my lap. Michael was so flabbergasted by McCain’s comments that he invited McCain to come to Iraq for a little stroll in the streets. Michael repeated much of that sentiment last night in an interview with Anderson. Here is a bit of the transcript, just in case you missed it:

Michael, earlier today, Republican Senator John McCain told Wolf Blitzer that the new strategy is working in Iraq, and, in some parts of Baghdad outside the Green Zone, Americans can walk around.

I want to play you part of what he said.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: I know for a fact of much of the success we're experiencing, including the ability of Americans in many parts -- not all. we have got a long, long way to go. we have only got two of the five brigades there -- to go into some neighborhoods in Baghdad in a secure fashion. (END VIDEO CLIP)

COOPER: Is that true? You're on the ground there.

MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely not, Anderson.

Actually, the senator couldn't be further from the truth. I mean, the senator has been very solid on his Iraq strategy to this point. He's always been very cautious and very conservative when it comes to Iraq, warning people, despite the unpopularity, that the war needs more troops, not less, that we will have to stay longer, not shorter.

Yet, here, he's just gone way out on a limb. To suggest that out there, right now, are any streets where Americans could walk, without a Shia militia being tipped off, without a Sunni insurgency scooping you up, without al Qaeda snatching you, or without local gangs just seeing dollar signs and -- and taking you away, is ludicrous.

If he knows any part of this city where Americans can walk, then I would appreciate the senator coming and telling me that, and we will go and take that walk together.

He even suggested General Petraeus, the commander of all forces here, travels out almost daily without arms. Well, the American officers we spoke to were laughing about this. The general travels in a heavy, very well protected, multilayered bubble of security.

So, Senator McCain is way off base -- Anderson.

You’ve gotta give Michael Ware credit. He’s been entrenched in that war since the beginning. I’m glad he gave it to McCain. McCain’s comments coupled with General Fallon’s ridiculous statement that there isn’t really a civil war going on in Iraq just add to the nations distrust of this administration. And now Republicans are beginning to whisper the “I” word inside the administration as well. Unfortunately for us, the “I” word here is Incompetence and not Impeachment but, hey, it’s a start!

I don’t normally read Robert Novak’s column in the Washington Post so when I saw a teaser for it yesterday I skipped over it. That is until Andrew Sullivan blogged about it as well. I’m not sure there’s been a more telling article about the frustration inside the Republican ranks with the President and his incompetent administration. I think you will be enlightened by what Novak has to say given his close ties to this party. I just have one question about Mr. Novak, however. Why isn’t he wearing the same orange jumpsuit that Scooter Libbey’s donning for the next couple of years?

I’m worried
Did you see Anderson talking to Christiane Amanpour last night? Is anyone else worried that Prime Minister Tony Blair is going to threaten military action if he doesn’t get his 15 kidnapped sailors back? I heard today that Iran is supposed to let the woman go but I don’t think Ahmadinejad is going to let go of the rest of these sailors easily since the UN Security Council just imposed sanctions on his country. And I’d say we owe Mr. Blair a huge debt for his allegiance to the US in Iraq. So what does that tell you?

I pray that Iran and Britian take Madeline Albright’s suggestions on TSR last night. She must have said three or four times, “Wolf, cooler heads need to prevail.” Oh, I long for the days Ms. Albright was doing Condi’s job.

LKL Tribute schedule
Today, CNN Pressroom released a statement regarding Larry King’s 50th Anniversary Tribute. This is going to be one week-long extravaganza! Larry may have gotten a little soft in the past couple of years but he is the premiere talk show host of our time. It’s going to be fun to watch next month! Anderson and Ryan Seacrest host a two hour special on Wednesday, April 18th called 50 Years of Pop Culture. Phebe posted a link to a small portion Anderson’s interview with Larry King yesterday. Congratulations Mr. King!

Well, I hope Anderson is feeling better this evening. Seriously, I’d even watch Lou Dobbs a 11pm tonight in order for Mr. Cooper to get some rest and recover. Okay, Anderson’s GOT to know what a huge sacrifice that is for me!

Update: We aren't getting Lou Dobbs at 11pm but we are getting Combat Hosptial according to Inside Cable News. (Thanks to an Anderfan from another site for the heads up!)

Have a wonderful evening everyone! And I’m serious, if you have the time, please read the Robert Novak article, A President All Alone. It’s extremely informative!


Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for Anderson! I hope he gets well soon! I wouldn't be mad if Andy took tonight off to just rest. God knows he needs it! Let's take that soup up to him in NY and help him feel better!! Who's game?

I hope this hostage situation with the British soldiers can be worked out civily! I do not won't to go to war with Iran. There's no telling what they would try. And who really knows what type of weapons they have! MA was SO right...cooler heads need to prevail!

I can't wait to see the LK tribute. Although I don't know much about his career(not old enough) I do think he is a great host, from what I've seen in the past few years. Plus, I can't wait to see Anderson and Ryan. Two cuties!! Who wouldn't want to watch them!


Anonymous said...

Great blog Sheryn - I've been watching PM Tony Blair for a long time and if anyone can resolve this peacefully and diplomatically, he can. I'm just glad they didn't take our men, this administration does not know the meaning of diplomacy.

About the chicken soup, if eat a big bowl of chicken soup and think of Anderson that it will make him well by the psychic connection?

Anonymous said...

I am so tired and all I did was work Sunday.....I didn't cross the international date line. Anderson should take the night off but he probably is thinking if I just make it through to friday night I will sleep all least that's what he should be doing this weekend.

The LK tribute week looks so good....I love LK....he reminds me of my grandfather. From the press release it seems like Anderson's part will be on his first hour of 360....if I was reading it properly....but again I am tired

MW is awesome, I love him......he totally is telling it like it is. Like McCain would ever take him up on that offer to go for a stroll down the streets of Bangdad.....not that I dislike McCain but he seems to be running his mouth off about Iraq. MW was like rather nice last night....almost refreshed or something

I pray for those British soldiers.....although Canadians are not in Iraq (we are in Afganistan), all military, Canadian, American and British are in my prayers......prayer may be the only thing keeping them going.

I feel asleep alittle bit into the second hour but I will watch my tape this weekend. I missed CA which is too bad cause I haven't seen her in a while.

Breaking News with Anderson is such a catch 22....on the one hand I love Anderson when it is not scripted.....when he just is out there and he let's it all go.....but on the other hand breaking news is usually pretty sad so I don't like that

That's all for now I guess.....except to say that pic of chicken noodle soup looks good but not as yummy as Anderson :P

swmpratt said...

I'll join anyone to go see Andy and take him soup! Smile....

Did anyone see Koppel's "Our Children's Children's War" about a month ago. From what I recall (and my memory is not that good), Ted Koppel said about the same as Michael Ware and postulated that even if we and the British get out of Iraq and Afghanistan soon, we will still be fighting this war against terrorism, etc. for years to come (hence the show's name). His first quote was from Bush about he was starting the war on his watch, but someone else would end it on their watch. Strange, I was always taught to clean up my messes and not leave them for the next person that came along.

I hope the British soldiers are released alive and soon - with their heads intact. Do we even have any good diplomats right now? And are we trying to help the one country that has consistently stood by us?

I hope Andy feels better today - from the blurb on the AC360 page there will be coverage of Oprah's school tonight. Some parents are calling it a prison not a school, and Andy seemed to enjoy the story about her before. So maybe this will perk him up.

Anonymous said...

Great post sheryn. I couldn't agree more with your comments about this administration and I too desperately wish we had someone of the caliber of Madeline Albright doing our negotiating right now. It's all very scary.

And dang, you got me all excited with your tease about the "I" word!

Michael Ware rocks! I've been a huge fan since he first showed up on 360 and I was thrilled when he joined CNN. No one has a better handle on what's happening in that country and he always tells it exactly like it pulled punches. His bravery and dedication to telling this story are to be greatly admired.

I hope Anderson takes your soup advice. Of course, it's one of those 'hot' liquids, but apparently, soup's OK? *shakes head*


Anonymous said...

oh how Anderson makes me laugh....right before he came on during LK text poll question I was yelling at my tv YES Sanjaya should be kicked off AI and then Anderson said he already voted YES.....we're so in sync LOL

and AnCo. looks hot the blue tie

copperfish said...

That soup looks yummy, but for colds just lots of liquid intake (h20 and juices) will do.

Maybe McCain thinks walking in the streets of Iraq is like walking in wonderland! Really some politicians should banged their heads against the wall. Who knows their brain cells might start working.

TB threatening Iran for the release of these 15 marines is worrisome. I think MA's suggestion that "cooler heads shall prevail" in this kind of situation is right. Iraq is already a dead end and another impending war is too much. I hope and pray that it will be resolved quickly.

Looking forward to LKL's 50th anniversary presentation. I didn't LK started 50 years ago. He's really an icon in the broadcasting industry.

Codeh said...

This is in reference to the story that's the first story on 360 tonight. And my beef with it is...If the Iranians wanted to send a negative message they wouldn't have created the video showing the soldiers in good condition, and actually eating. I mean if they wanted they could have shown them with guns to their heads and they could have been demanding orders. I mean jeezus people just leave Iran the hell alone.

But no the Pres. won't he'll keep pushing them, and using diplomatic means to make it harder on Iran in the region then he's going to piss them off, and start another war. It's so stupid. I'm sorry call me whatever you like, but this story has just gone to far already.

The US, and GB are going about this ALL the wrong way, and I'm just sick of the idiots thinking they can bullrush over anyone and everyone. Iran finally stands up and says we will not be controlled and threatened by the US. I say go them. I mean man ohh man it's lunacy.

You can't threaten and bomb every country who doesn't bow down and kiss your ass President Bush.

I'm moving to Canada(A neutral)

I'm so sorry for that rant, but its stupid to keep threatening and taking diplomatic action against a country who's apparently not scared nor afraid to stand up for themselves.(Be it another dictatorship or not)

CLH said...

I feel so sorry for Anderson! I got some sinus problems because of all the pollen in the air. The funny thing is I got a flu around Christmas and there was a sign near my house that was saying something about flu shots, the other side was Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheryn - Not only would I like to know why Robert Novak isn't sharing a cell with Scooter Libby, I still want to know why the treasonous Oliver North never served time.

The subject makes me too agitated this late at night - change of subject:

Chicken soup is OK but Hot and Sour soup from any Chinese restaurant is even better. Try it some time.

Mr. Cooper looked mighty fine tonight. Also good to see Christiane Amanpour again but for a disturbing story.

Anderson and Erica - together again.


Anonymous said...

codeh....glad your moving to Canada.....and of course we take everyone cause Canada loves everyone EH!!!! LOL

Taffiny said...

wow, biting my lip (or would that be crossing my fingers) to keep from responding to some of these posts.

Codeh said...

lol. Megan.

I'm sure canada does love everyone, but I suppose I'll stay here, and fight for someone to be put in office that actually knows how to handle international matters and foreign affairs.

because evidently and surely enough the current President doesn't!