Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Lurve Dennis Quinn

Okay, so I'm in a really, really pissy mood today. In fact, this post is going to be the shortest post I've ever made in order to spare you hearing me bitch about the government or Oprah.

So, who is Dennis Quinn? Well, he's Time Warner's EVP of Business Development. And why do I love Dennis Quinn? Well, he had some mighty high praise for Anderfans! Here is an article posted on Inside Cable News regarding Quinn's vision for the future of mobile news. Here is a portion of the interview:

Q: Do you see more value in content created exclusively for the mobile environment or a re-packaging of your already well-established content?

A: I don’t know that it’s an either or. On our sports content you’ll see whether it’s PGA or it’s NASCAR, it’s kind of hard for me to take it and say I’m not going to provide the drama and the excitement and all of that adrenaline pump of a race or at least highlight some of those kind of things. But how do I then get you a really good picture where you can follow on the smaller screen? So in those situations we look and say, OK, how do we capture that emotion and do we use an application, do we build an app, how do we transport that data and telemetry and make it an experience that is one, complementary to the television experience in this case; two, that delivers on what that consumer expects of a NASCAR experience; and then three, enables us to deliver something we’re willing to stand behind—the quality and the character of what we’re used to delivering? … We have an audience around Anderson Cooper that is young, savvy, very educated, articulate and happens to be very pro-technology. So this gives me a perfect opportunity to take those types of users who index very high on early adopters of all kinds of technology, so they’re prone to be people that are downloading and watching stuff on their handhelds. Well, I want to be able to capture what’s the best about him and bring them there, not necessarily show an entire Anderson Cooper show. So how do you do that in a way that delivers for that audience with the character and the content they want? And so it could be short-form clip or it can be done in a way that you can watch it in a condensed period of time. I’m not saying that we condense things, I’m saying in an appropriate period of time.

Yup, that Dennis Quinn really knows his stuff! He really knew how much I needed to hear that I'm still young and hip, even if its only at heart!

One more thing from me today. A wonderful friend sent me a heads up to this beautiful picutre on Flickr from the DVF fashion show during NY Fashion Week. Isn't it stunning?

So that's all from me this week ladies and gents. I hope you have a great weekend.


Anonymous said... are young and hip :) All you ladies are super cool in my book :P

That photo of Anderson is amazing! SQUEEE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He looks a little too close to the camera.

sydney said...


Um, a Surgeon General's warning would be appropriate here! :-P

@anon too close? Never!

Anonymous said...

I guess Quinn knows a good thing when he sees it...Anderson...and US!!

LOVE both pics of Andy!! He looks mad as a rip in the first one!! The second...I'm afraid I need to go to the NAUGHTY CHAIR now!! Before I pass out...getting dizzy!! WHEW...just made it!!

Anon3:34...Andy can NEVER be too close to a camera!! I don't care if it's touching his nose!! When you're HOT you're HOT!!


Anonymous said...

I just want to go on record that I was one that didn't like JR filling in for Anderson. I guess I thought he was trying to make it his show, but after reading all the questions sent in and his very thoughtful answers, I have definatley changed my mind. I think it was a very bad perception on my part and would like to apoligize to JR. I think what you ladies did was a great idea and I agree that Erica would be the next great one to ask questions of.

I loved the last picture of Anderson and tried to save it as my background, but it made his head way to wide and he looked weird,(I know a bad thing to say about our man) so I will just have to come back and look at it from time to time.

As always great post.

Codeh said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I would honestly LOVE to hear Sheryn go off on the government. lol

Someone really needs to because man ohh man things are NOT going down the right path right now.

And as for the pictures Anderson's photogenic looks simply leave me dazed and confused and stunned with excitement and happyness. lol

He's so hot. Just made my day better seeing new pictures. (well that 1.)

copperfish said...

DQ and AC's pics... COOOL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The second picture, he has a 'let's go to bed' look about him... the eyes, the little smile... yum...

Whereas the first one is just hot. :)

Anonymous said...

baby blue tie/white shirt/black suit.......Anderson looks FINE tonight :)

swmpratt said...

Young and hip - wow! My kids will never believe it. Mom?? Young?? hip??

I do have a really STUPID question to ask - when he is referring to handhelds ipods, PDAs, mobile phones? Anything else? (Yep, not too hip here, you see!)

I have an ipod and its less than half full; about 3/8ths full. But of that 1/3 that has stuff on it, 1/3rd of that is AC clips. Yep, every time I find one I download a copy (or make a copy on my tivo), and slap it on the old ipod. I can lay in bed at night and watch Andy on my ipod. What a way to fall asleep.

Andy too close to the camera - he could climb in it and not be too close!

Quitty said...

Cool comments from Dennis. I agree with his observation about Anderfans. If we aren't young in age we are young at heart.

Taffiny said...

I have hips, does that count for anything? ( I guess it does if we are being graded/evaluated on a curve.)

I am a little concerned about the fact that the picture of Anderson looking so furious is very appealing to me. Looking so hot when hot under the collar.

I better go, I've obviously been infected with Badpun disease. (Does anyone know what the cure/antidote is for this?)

Anonymous said...

@ Tiffany...I'd say the cure is a GOOD dose of Anderson and the shot from 360 on the side! That should clear it right up!! LOL Or could make it even worse???I'm no doctor!! Where's Sanjay when you need him!?! LOL


sydney said...

Sorry, first pic doesn't do anything for me...reminds me too much of my ex (needless to say, he was not a pleasant person).

As for the second, I'm still reeling! (swoons)