Thursday, March 29, 2007

March Madness Continues

Did anyone expect an abbreviated edition of AC360 on Wednesday night? I certainly didn't, I just hope that AC used the time off to catch up on his sleep and take better care of himself. The hour we did get was excellent. I cannot rave enough about Tom Foreman's snarky Raw Politics. He quoted Cindy Lauper, asked if 'he could get a witness', called out Huzzah! in response to a story and gave us Rudy in a dress being felt up by The Donald. Most excellent job Tom!

I found the story on shock therapy very disturbing. As a mother I can't imagine shocking my children. But then I've never been faced with having to watch them self mutilate, so I won't criticize. As I was watching Randi Kaye's report I had one thought. If they knew this story involved a cattle prod why didn't they send Rick Sanchez? Let's send Rick, he'll do anything.

If there is such a thing as the Anderca Hall of Fame last night's edition surely would be included. We had the giant guy with the new wife that caused AC to fumble with doing math in his head. Then AC admitted that he couldn't have saved the dolphin because he has little tiny arms. Now we all know that's not true. Thanks to Annie Kate for clipping this and uploading to YouTube.

I'm sad to report that this is the last installment of our question/answer series with John Roberts. I was really impressed with the caliber of your questions and of course with the effort JR put into his answers. I think by getting to know John better it has helped us (for sure me) to accept him in the substitute anchor position.

I'd love to approach another CNN personality about answering our questions. If you have a request put it in comments, but I warn you I don't think I'm ready to ask Anderson just yet. I don't handle rejection very well.

From Carrie M.
How do you view the future of television news? The internet has changed so much. Bloggers and online news sites have become many peoples primary source of information. They can get the news they want when they want it. And they can be selective. Where does that leave broadcast journalism?
What I like about the explosion of internet news and blogging is that more and more people are becoming interested in current events and politics. For a number of years, it looked like younger generations were losing touch with the world. I think the more that people are aware of events around them, the better off we are. So I welcome blogs, the Daily Show, internet news, etc. The challenge for us is to give our news programs more context and perspective than people can get from other outlets. I think in the future, you’re going to see a rich synergy between broadcast and the internet. Just look at the way CNN and are integrated.
From Fran M.
What does he do to cope with the trauma and stress of his job?
I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I also like to relax with my guitars, take a long ride on my road bicycle, or drive my Harley on the backroads. When I’m not working, I like to completely get away from the news. With my BlackBerry attached to my belt at all times, though, it’s pretty tough.
From Lori in Chapel Hill:
You have had such an extensive and rich career in television news, not only as a reporter but as an anchor. Of all the historical events you have covered over the past 10 years, is/are there any one or two stories that are most memorable to you?
I think the two most memorable have been Hurricane Katrina and the Israel-Hezbollah war. Katrina, because in a few hours, a city in the United States became no different than the type of scene I’ve witnessed in some of the poorest areas of the world. I don’t have to rehash the whole failure of the federal, state and local governments to respond…you know it well. Suffice it to say it was a real eye-opener for me. Also – my embed during the Israel-Hezbollah conflict. We walked into Lebanon – about 10 miles – on an overnight march. Talk about feeling exposed. I was so exhausted, I kept falling asleep for the next three days. But it was an amazing opportunity – for which we won a prestigious Headliner Award.
From M. Silva:
What kind of motorcycle do you ride?
I have two. Both Harleys. A 2005 15h anniversary edition FatBoy and a 2007 Road King Custom.
From Cassie:
At what point does a story become too dangerous to tell?
When telling it would actually put lives in danger. Coming to that determination is very complicated, though.
From Jenn:
Was there ever a story that you covered that left such an impression on you that it just stuck with you for while, emotionally? If so, what was it?
Stories of human suffering get me the most. Katrina, earthquakes, the tsunami, famine – they all change you. But I’m also haunted by an IED attack the army unit I was embedded with responded to in Iraq. It was terrible. You can actually feel something like that affecting your thinking.
From Stephanie:
As a fellow Canadian, I am wondering what drew you to American national and political news. Was it just how the opportunity for advancement was presented? Or was that the goal all along, to be a national correspondent/anchor with a major American network?
Stephanie….it was more of a fluke than anything. I was working in Toronto when an American agent called me up and asked for a tape. I was simply interested to see what he thought. A couple of months later, he called and said he had a job for me in Miami. And the rest, as they say….histoire

I set my DVR to record the late edition of Tuesday's AC360 (if you don't know why, catch up by reading March Madness). I've been thinking a lot about Warren Jeffs today and a few things struck me. Isn't it so very appropriate that he's being held in Purgatory? That's Purgatory, Utah to be exact, but it's a very fitting place for Mr. Jeffs to be, unless of course we could get him transferred to Hell. And the other thing that struck me is Jeffs' defense attorney is a woman. How apropos that a man who treats women like $hit and truly believes that women are beneath men (take that literally and figuratively) should now turn to one to save his a$$. If you didn't know before, you know now how much this man and those like him make my blood boil. Thank God we have people like Mike Watkiss and Gary Tuchman who bring stories like this to people's attention.

Thanks to Xtina for sending us a new Anderson appearance. It's at The Museum of Television & Radio in New York, 25 West 52 Street on May 8th. It looks like it might already be sold out but here's the link if you want to check.

On a personal note, Thursday should be an interesting day around casa Phebe. We start the remodel of our pool. First thing in the morning I'll be greeted by a back yard filled with non-English speaking men welding jackhammers. I actually had a dilemma of conscience over using this contractor. It wasn't the fact that he probably uses undocumented workers, but the fact that he had a George W. sticker on the back of his truck. DH and I went round and round on this and finally he told me I could argue politics with the guy as soon as the job was finished. For now I will keep my mouth shut since we are saving almost $3,000. I guess my scruples are for sale.


Anonymous said...

Please, can we have a question and answer session with Erica Hill? I'll be your bestest friend... :)

ACAnderFan said...

I really didn't mind the shortened 360. I guess it was because Andy isn't feeling well. I hope he gets better soon. If we have another shortened 360 tonite that's OK, because we know he hasn't been feeling well this week and needs his rest.

The Oprah story...I thought it was kind of I don't know how to explain it...rushed...maybe...a story about and issure blown out of proportion...I just can't explain it so I guess I won't...LOL!!!

The shock therapy story was sad. To me it seemed rather cruel to shock. I mean I know that the guy was hitting/hurting himself, but surely there must be a another way to deal with it. I just don't think shocking is the right thing to do.

Andy and Erica were so cute last nite!!! I loved when he was like 'are we done now?' and she's like 'yeah' and then they tell each other bye...too cute!!!

FanGirl moment: Andy looked so handsome last nite. Loved the tie, it really brought out his beautiful eyes. His hair however looks like it could use a trim. Oh well he still looked really good last nite.

Anonymous said...

Definitely loved the Anderson and Erica exchange. I usually look forward to that. I'm glad they brought her back.

copperfish said...

Are all CNN personalities as nice and game as JR? Hmmm...just wondering.

What may looked right to some may not be to others. The story of RK seems debatable. Besides we don't know what's like to be in the couple's situation, so it's hard to judge if it's right or wrong.

swmpratt said...

Seems like the biggest story was the English soldiers that Iran has. It was even on Larry King - he had Madeline Albright on there and she was still recommending caution and skillful diplomacy - not going off half cocked. I think it was she that also said this wasn't the time to be having naval exercises in the gulf. Looks like a game of chicken (my words, not hers).

I like Andy's blue tie too - and the segment with Erica was too cute. Did not look like he would want to save a dolphin with is "tiny little arms" - those faces he was making were a scream. I love the chemistry between them; they play off each other perfectly.

It would be nice to have a question and answer session with Erica - i would love to know how many children she has (was that her first she just had) and how she balances the demands of motherhood with her job. Is she as frazzled as the rest of us? She never looks it - always beautiful and cheery.

Seemed like they didn't have enough news to fill two hours but just enough to spill over into the second hour so they had to rush so they would have enough time to show that special again. I wish they would repeat the "Murder in Hollenbeck" again (my tivo fritzed out in the middle of it). I thought that one was good and that Andy did a really good job reporting it.

Lets hope Andy feels better tomorrow. Bet he will take Friday off - what do you think?

BookAsylum said...

I've really enjoyed reading the Q&A with JR.

I'd love to approach another CNN personality about answering our questions. If you have a request...

There are so many to pick from but the first name that comes to mind is John King.

Kiran Chetry would be another person near the top of my list. She's part of the CNN team now & a Q&A might help those of us that have been resistant to accepting new anchors come around a bit.

David Doss would probably be the best person to address our questions about why certain things happen on AC360.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mind the one hour show seeing as Anderson is sick. Hopefully he went home and got in bed and rested! But knowing him he probably went home then got on his laptop!

Even though he was sick he looked SO good. I really liked the blue tie. It brought out those baby blues!

I loved Tom Foreman's Raw Politics...I hope they do that on a regular basis. That is more of the things they need to put on 360.

The Bernstein's shocking their son was really disturbing to me. I have a very close friend with a sister who is mentally handicapped. I can't imagine them doing that to her. Yes she sometimes hits herself but they control it with meds and positive reinforcement. I think the Bernstein's need to open there eyes to new treatments. They have been shocking him for so long they don't know of anything else. But these treatments have come a very long way in 40 yrs.!

I also loved the banter between Anders and was great! I am SO glad she is back...taped or not. She is way better than KC!!

I just want to say Thank You to John for taking the time to answer our questions. I really enjoyed them. I would like to try and get Erica or Randi to answer some questions. And of course you know we all would die to get Anderson!! Seeing as he's so busy I don't blame you Phebes for being afraid of rejection.

OH..btw..good luck Phebes on your pool...hope all goes well..and don't give the pool man too hard of a time! LOL


Anonymous said...

I was totally going to suggest Erica Hill next for a Q & A session.....I think we should build our way up to Anderson.

The Anderca banter last night was the best I think I have ever had it's tallest man, true love, dolphins, Anderson talking about his "short arms"(which made my mind wonder all the way to the naughty chair....don't ask, to long a story to tell :P), Erica pressing Anderson to confess he would totally save the dolphins if he could. I was laughing during through the whole thing so hard. If you could get video of it, that would be awesome.

I loved the AC was a guest on LK last night for a segment about Iran....I forgot he interviewed the Iranian president last september.

Randi Kaye's expression in the pic is priceless.....made me think of the flinching peice a few days back, they shouwed a clip of Randi and it made laugh. Her piece......very interesting, I am not sure on which side I sit because it almost seems like a lose-lose situation for this man.....wither get little shocks or beat yourself. It is a hard call.

Well got to go back to work :P. Looking forward to that HAHA

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I just thought you might get a kick out of this from JibJab.

It's too cute. Turn the sound up.


lori said...

I signed off with Anderson at 11 ... well not, WITH him, but, you know what I mean. I do hope he gets well soon.

You're right about it being a good hour, though! Tom Forman's story was so snarkilicious.

The story about shock therapy was very sad, but I was relieved that Randi's report was more sensitive than I anticipated (having read the 360 blog yesterday afternoon).

Not sure what to make of the Oprah story... damage control?

I agree that last night's Anderca banter is Hall of Fame material! Though, DH and I exchanged our own X-rated banter about that Chinese couple and ended up in the naughty chair.

LOVE your thoughts about Warren Jeffs. The irony of a woman saving his skin is priceless.

I really appreciate John Roberts taking the time to answer our questions so honestly. He's a cool guy, and it was nice to get to know more about him. I hope you'll have the opportunity to approach other CNN folks (totally understand about not approaching AC...yet).

Good luck with all those men wielding their jackhammers. I mean, dealing with the noise and dust. sheesh! my mind wanders in the gutter again. For $3000 savings, I'd overlook the W sticker and make sure the job gets done right.

Anonymous said...

I guess I have to express disappointment in Anderson. He cancelled his scheduled lecture at Loyola in New Orleans which had been scheduled for Sunday, March 25. Loyola was told that Anderson would not be returning to the U.S. until the day after Anderson's lecture hence the cancellation. Then on Friday night JR says that Anderson is on assignment when in all likelihood he was on his way home to New York and shows up at Elton John's birthday bash at Madison Square Garden after he blew of Loyola (Loyola is not happy with Anderson and his 80% cancellation rate and indicated they would be unlikely to ask him to return).

In my opinion it just looks bad on Anderson's part. Like he got a better invitation and decided to go to that.

Anonymous said...

How about questions for Randi Kaye, Erica Hill or Tom Foreman?

Araceli Elle said...

i was pretty happy when the second hour of 360 was the combat hospital special. i was so tired and wanted to sleep but the first hour was so great, i was going to stay up for the second hour just because.

the anderca segment last night was glorious. so cute! i wish it was like that every night.

also glorious last night was andersons suit/shirt/tie combo. i know he has fancier ties and suits, but i'm a total sucker for the black suit, white shirt and that bright blue tie. it is definitely my favourite. it makes his eyes jump out at you. very nice.

i really enjoyed the john roberts q&a. there were a lot of questions and he answered all of them! that's amazing. he did a great job. i really appreciate it.

American Tomboy said...

I didn't mind the shortened 360 - that way if I fell asleep I wouldn't feel bad!

The Anderson/Erica banter was too cute. You know he would try to pull out the plastic from the poor dolphins stomach and that's why we love him - I think Erica said something like that and she is right!

I think we should submit some questions to AC - why not? I have a whole list that I brought with me when I saw him at the University of Buffalo last November and then I chickened out. From what I saw that night - he loves the dialogue and really thinks about the question and his answers. I say give it a go - who knows?

In regards to the Jerry Seinfeld special on HBO this weekend. New York magazine has a one page ad that reads "Jerry Seinfeld: The Comedian Award - Hosted by Anderson Cooper" but no pic of AC.

And Rolling Stone said, "Jerry Seinfeld receives the first ever Comedian Award. Anderson Cooper hosts in an awkward fashion as Chris Rock, Robert Klein and Garry Shandling pay tribute." So we'll see. They kinda have a crummy attitude about a lot of things so who knows?

Yay! No word verification!!! Have a great day.

swmpratt said...

What day and time is the Seinfield special? I would like to see that.

On the cancellation at Loyola - the original plans could have been that they would not get back until Sunday. Then they may have come back a little earlier because of Jeff's mishap. Anderson had already cancelled, so he went to the party rather than stay home. I agree that it doesn't look good, but he's worked hard this year and needs some time off for himself.

Since John King is in Iraq, it might be quicker to start with Erica next on the Q&A.

Also on Karen Chetry - I know they announced she was part of the team , but honesty we haven't seen her much at all. Maybe they decided she wasn't "right" for that show and are rotating her around to find a good fit. She was a little bubbly for my tastes - I prefer Anderson's serious (almost grim) look when serious news is being reported!

The Erica/Andy banter was so good - I rewatched it several times last night. When he held up his fingers to indicate he had short arms I wound up in the naughty chair each time! What a hoot!
I got some great screenshots of some of his grimaces during the story..I'm going to try to put them in a slideshow - anyone got any suggestions about what music to put with it???

Anonymous said...

Who really cares if he went to Elton John's b-day bash. If you look it up on the web half of NY was there! He's entitled to a little fun every now and then!

I looked at alot of says Anderson went to the concert. It says no where that he was at the private party. Anybody can attend a concert. Maybe he was tired of being home alone. He had already canceled Loyola what was he supposed to do call and get back on schedule!


Anonymous said...

Regarding the story on the shock therapy it is really a sad situation. When the young man was born nothing was really known about autism and they handled it the only way they knew how. And being that he is already 48 the damage has been done, but I still don't think it's right.

@Cindy I agree Anderson had every right to go to the EJ Bash and I just hope he had a good time since he works so hard.

Anonymous said...

I saw John McCain in TSR and he is paddling back on his statement on how safe Iraq is. He is also going to Iraq in April, let us see if he will take up Michale Ware's offer on walking around Baghdad w/out bodyguard!!!

I think EH and AC should host an hour for The Shot marathon. These two would have a good laugh on all these funny clip.

Poor Randi, we don't want her to be the next Rick Sanchez.

I would love to ask some questions to Charlie Moore, he had been w/ AC on most of his big story. It would be interesting to know how he got started in the business, and how he get assigned to all the big story with AC. Did the assignment desk put them together, or AC request to work with him.

Anonymous said...

i didn't expect the shorter show, but want to see all of "combat hospital" again (i switch to the local news at 11).

i vote for erica as well. and thanks to JR for answering all those questions! it's been great reading all his responses. and yeah, i like him a lot more now.

the Husband walked in just as randi was being shocked. he was surprised they didn't send sanchez.

good luck with the pool!

Anonymous said...

I second Alice, I want Charlie Moore! Well, I mean to ask him questions, but he is kinda cute too! I think he started working with Anderson in August 2002. It seems wherever Andy's gone, Charlie's right there with him!

Anonymous said...

All the questions that were sent to JR were really good. And he was so gracious in taking time out of his busy schedule to answer them. Very insightful. Much thanks to JR.

Phebe, i don't blame you for being hesistant about submiting questions to AC. I don't think i could do it either.
Since AC doesn't seem possible right now maybe we can try a Q&A with Erica Hill.

Anonymous said...

Glad Anderson is an Elton fan. I love his music. Elton is a little outlandish and well, he spends way too much money. I bet the tickets were cheaper than $700 each as in Vegas. Just can't get myself to Vegas since I don't gamble. I am sure I am missing more that I know or think. I love EJ but $700 per ticket is way too much from my humble wallet.

Anyway, I just downloaded the concert. It looked like fun! With regards to the cancellation in NOLA, it is a shame because I am sure people were using Cooper as a key note speaker and now have to refund tickets etc. Really he and his people should know, that his fans will find the truth if he was in fact truly at the EJ concert and these prior comments were not based on speculation.

Then again, he may be in the middle of rescheduling the date with the university. Who knows?

Akashabreeze said...

How about Erica Hill, John King, Michael Ware, Gary Tuchman, or Tom Foreman? Christiane Amanpour would be great, too, as well as Randi Kaye.

Anonymous said...

Best Anderca EVER. I am *so* glad she's back.


Unknown said...

None of us really know what Anderson's orginial plans were. They may have had to come back early for other reasons, but the truth is we don't know the reason. I don't think he flew back early just to attend Elton's party. Why always assume the worst when we don't know the truth?

I enjoyed the Shot last night too. :)

Phebe said...

@alice & anonymous 9:49, Charlie would be one of my first choices too. He's been in on things since the beginning and I'm sure he has lots of great stories to tell.
Also I'd love to do John King (tee hee) but like with AC, I couldn't deal with the rejection. I guess I can't only ask people that I don't feel fangurl about! That sort of limits things! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Why always assume the worst when we don't know the truth?

I LOVE that sentenance! It is soo true! Thank you Purple Tie for coming up with that!

Oh, I was anonymous 9:49, hoping for Charlie Moore. I forgot to sign my post. OOPS!


Anonymous said...

For the next Q&A "guests", I vote for Michael Ware and Peter Bergen.

sydney said...

I caught a few minutes last night before going to bed and thought Anderson sounded better. But now watching the whole thing, he really sounds just as snuffly as he did the other night. Glad he got to slip out early - hopefully to get some rest.

I've been loving the Raw Politics segments, and with Tom Foreman's unique twist I love it even more.

Oh boy, now I'm watching a Daily Show from the other night and they're making fun of Rick Sanchez! - where was he last night? I'm not sure what to think about the whole electrotherapy thing. I can see and understand both sides of the issue. It sounds horrible, but so does letting the poor guy beat himself to a pulp. I guess I don't feel I can judge.

Anderica was just precious. "That's why people love you." Well, Erica, that's only part of it... :-)

swmpratt said...

On our Q&A stuff - if we work up the chain, doing all other people on AC360 first and assuming they all are gracious and do it as well as JR did, then perhaps when we DO approach AC we will have a better shot of him doing it. The precendent would have been well established at that point. Make any sense??

My votes - Erica Hill, Michael Ware, Randi Kaye, Charlie Moore, and the photographer (I can't remember his name). Lets not forget the people behind the camera!

Taffiny said...

I wasn't that interested when you first mentioned getting JR to answer ATA questions, and I ended up really enjoying that, so now all the suggestions for people to Q&A sound good. (whether it be someone I already like, someone I am neutral about, someone I think I don't like, or someone I have never heard of before.) For me- Erica Hill, Randi kaye, Charlie Moore, camera guy, all stand out as people of interest.

I'm so glad Erica and Anderson are doing the news bulletin and the shot together again. It is just so much better with Anderica.