Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Friday Night Date!

Newsflash: It's really not breaking news, just something important that I forgot to put in the post last night. Here's the link for Anderson's book signings. His book, Dispatches from the Edge is being released in paperback in May. Keep checking, I think they'll be adding more.

I'm going to try something a little different tonight. I'm just going to list some of my thoughts about Friday night's AC360 and hope you'll give me your impressions in comments.

1. I so thought that Anderson was showing us (in the toss from LK) that he remembered to wear his watch on Friday night.

2. It's refreshing to see Holy Week recognized and Christianity featured on AC 360.

3. I'm out of words for Iraq. I just don't even know what to say anymore, it distresses me so.
4. 3 segments of Anderca? I loved it, but damn you Mr. Cooper for being too emotional about the little boy reuniting with his father. You made me cry! Someone please have this man's baby, he would be the most loving father. If you missed it, or just want to get all teary eyed again here's the clip. Great thanks to Annie Kate.

5. The 'sweet Jesus' debate between the artist and the zealot from the Catholic Church made me very uncomfortable. I actually muted it after the name calling began.

6. Awwww, Herbert nice to see his home is almost finished.

7. Finally CNN is starting to cover the MenuFoods poisoned food crisis.

8. Candy Crowley looked hot tonight. Maybe she had a big date? Seriously I love when she's on the show. And where are The Gerg and John King?

9. Poor Wynonna, I thought she'd finally found happiness. Maybe she should have AC's baby?

10. Two new installments in the 'What is a Christian' series during Holy Week. Excellent!

11. I so think that Anderson didn't mean to say 'I'll see you on Monday'. He tried to hold it back and then it was like he thought about it and couldn't figure out a way not to say it. Major Anderstumblage. Should we expect a vacation?

As I was reading through some of my usual webpages today, I came across an interview with Barry Diller, husband of Diane Von Furstenberg, and friend of Anderson's, in Financial Times .com. One of the subjects of the piece was newspapers. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

FT: What do you think the future of newspapers is?
MR DILLER: Its popularity is clearly eroding.
FT: Is it going to fall off a cliff at some point?
MR DILLER: It is not necessary to have a cliff if every year, on the clock, you’re down by 5 to 7 to 10%, so that cliff is just a long decline that is inevitable. Now, is it going to zero? No. Is it sustaining? I think yes. Is it going to be the level of sustenance that is going to allow these news gathering enterprises to continue to put out the product? No, on its own. But, will other ways be found? I certainly think so.
FT: What about the possibility of billionaire owners coming in and old fashioned news organisations becoming like sports teams, a trophy asset?
MR DILLER: Warren Buffett says it earlier and better than I ever could, but he feels that one of the enduring values is going to be that there is going to be vanity owners of some of these still powerful icons, these big journalism brands, and by definition they’re all local and there’s going to be some of that, and that will play out, as it does. For sports it has played out pretty good. They not only have gotten to play or make huge noise, like that guy makes in Mavericks, but they’ve also made a lot of money, because it was economically viable. Now, is that what Sam zell is doing? I doubt it, since he says, I don’t really care about the product, I just want to make money.

Interesting enough as I went through Huffington Post Arianna had written a piece about newspapers today too. Here is a snippet from her article:

I recently went on vacation with a group of friends, all of whom are major users of the web. It's where we get most of our news and information. We were all fully locked and loaded, each of us sporting a bevy of devices allowing us instant access to the net: Blackberries and Helios and Sidekicks and laptops with wireless cards.
And yet, every morning, when we gathered for breakfast, we all brought with us hard copies of our favorite newspapers, freshly-minted off a new machine that makes it possible to print an exact replica of hundreds of different newspapers anywhere in the world.
Looking around at an ink-and-newsprint tableau that could have come out of a 1930s movie or 1950s sitcom, I suddenly wondered, why aren't we all online surfing the net? What is it in our collective DNA that makes us want to sip our coffee, turn a page, look up from a story, say "Can you believe this?", and pass the paper to the person across the table? Sure, you could hand them your Blackberry or laptop...but the instinct is different (and, really, who wants to get butter or marmalade on your new PowerBook?).At that moment, all the endless obituaries I've read about the death of newspapers struck me as rather ludicrous -- or, at the least, extremely premature. Until those of us who came of age before the Internet all die off, there will be a market for print versions of newspapers. It's one of the reasons two new companies, NewspaperDirect and Satellite Newspapers, have come up with remarkable systems that make it possible for you to print a full-sized edition of as many different papers as you like. So there we were, overlooking the Caribbean, and every morning we were able to order up hard copies of the latest edition of a huge selection of papers, including the New York Times, the London Times, the Washington Post, the Financial Times, even, I admit, the New York Post -- a guilty pleasure.

This is not to suggest that the newspaper business isn't changing in dramatic and painful ways. It clearly is. But, far from being the death knell of daily newspapers and the indispensable journalism they provide, these changes can serve as a wake-up call. A wake-up call the industry, after years of yawning and repeatedly hitting the snooze button, is finally starting to heed. And not a moment too soon.
Those papers that wake up in time will become a journalistic hybrid combining the best aspects of traditional print newspapers with the best of what the Web brings to the table. We're getting a glimpse into this hybrid future in so-called Old Media places like the Washington Post and the New York Times, and from New Media players like Josh Marshall's
Talking Points Memo sites. And, of course, that's exactly what we're trying to do with the Huffington Post.
There is more behind the link and it would make good reading for a lazy Saturday morning, but I guess what I'm wonder is what's your opinion? It seems to me that those over 40, give or take a few years, prefer having a newspaper to read in their favorite chair, or at the breakfast table. Few, if any, of the 20 somethings that I know appreciate the luxury. I do both. I love my morning newspaper but I also scour the net daily too. I have a feeling Mr. Cooper does the same. What about you?


swmpratt said...

Um....well I don't read the newspaper much anymore except online unless something really big happens - like 9/11. I read Newsweek and other news magazines for national and foreign news. Local news I don't pay much attention to unless we are having major storms/tornadoes (I live in tornado alley in Alabama). For the most part, I get most of my news from CNN online.

I think though I gave up the newspaper when I had to start wearing bifocals so maybe it was an eyesight thing with me as well! Print just got too small....

Anderson has described himself as being more of an old hat conservative as far as habits, way of living, etc. (I forget where I read that, but I remember reading the quote because it surprised me). Also, I have seen him with a newspaper in his hand in some photographs, usually in the morning on his way to work. And, he refers to several newspspers in his news reporting on a regular basis. So, I think from that he regularly reads the Newspaper.

As far as newspapers going away - I don't think so anytime soon. There are still a LOT of people who are not online and whose main source of news remains the newspaper. These people grew up doing exactly what was described in the Huffington post and are not likely to give it up anytime soon. Its an institution with them. Plus while I find it hard to believe, there are some people who actually manage to live their life away from the computer and only use it once or twice a week...and don't watch much tv.

I remember my parents reading the newspaper everyday - mother always had to work the crossword (still does) and they saved the important ones. She still has the newspaper from JFK's assissination. I forget what else she saved.

On another subject - how many of you got tears in your eyes watching the reunion of the 6 year old boy with is father just back from Iraq that Anderson showed? It was so sweet. Even Anderson went on and on about how sweet it was (more than Erica did), and of course I thought that was sweet too (smile). The clip reminded me of just how much some families are having to sacrifice to fight Georgie's war, and how much appreciation they deserve. It was such a sweet segment.

Anyone got great plans for the weekend? My husband makes soap and candles so he is feverishly getting ready for a craft fair in Prattville, AL tomorrow. (Man, will I be glad when he is done and gone - what a grouch). I am looking forward to a nice quiet day with a good book and my cat, Emma, curled up in my lap. I might even go through my millions of pictures of Andy and try my hand at making a slideshow. Doesn't look hard but I bet I can mess it up but good!! LOL.

swmpratt said...

If he will find a surrogate I will be MOST happy to rear his children - I have already done 5 so I have EXPERIENCE galore! And the perks - oh the perks. Off to the naughty chair with me.

You would post the pictures after I commented! I loved the screencaps. How do you all get them so fast?? It seems like AC360 is hardly over and you have them - I'm still downloading the show. Amazing group this one!

Phebes - I agree with you on Iraq. I remember Vietnam and it seems more and more like that every day. My nephew is over in Baghdad - he is my sister's only child. I just pray he comes out ok. That they all come out ok.

Anonymous said...

I will! I will! I'll have his baby! Where do I sign up?

ACAnderFan said...

I really liked last nite's show.

I thought it was so adorable that Andy got so emotional about that little boy being reunited with his father. I think Andy would make an amazing father. I hope he gets the chance one day.

The 'Sweet Jesus' debate...that was great. I love when two people try to get their point across to each other, but neither is willing to listen to the other.

I'm looking forward to the new installments of 'What is a Christian'. They seem like they're going to be pretty interesting.

You're right Phebe, it did seem like he really didn't want to say 'see you monday'. Maybe he's finally taking a vacation...he needs one. Poor man just keeps working and working.

FanGirl moment: Andy looked SO amazing last nite. I loved the shirt/tie combo. It looked really nice. His hair was looking very nice as well, however I have a feeling he'll be cutting it sometime soon.

copperfish said...

Reading news online is convenient but there is nothing more refreshing than having my newspapers in the morning with a hot mug of coffee(brewed or instant).

He looked dashing from that toss from LK, crossed arms and smiling. What an awesome way to start a show!

This dispute between UK and Iran seems to be escalating. It looks like Iran has no plans of releasing these soldiers until the west get out of Iraq. Is it presumptous to say that if Iran is adamant then there's a covert/clandestine operation in the making to rescue these Britons?

Aawwww...that video of the child running to his dad is tearjerker and it nearly brought me to tears. AC also seemed to be teary-eyed. It really warmed everybody's heart.

I know that when it comes to arts, there's really freedom of expression that's why there are nude paintings and sketches of the human body. But I've never seen a statue or pic of Christ without a piece of covering/clothing in the genital area. That "Sweet Jesus" sculpture is really debatable knowing how conservative the Catholic Church is.

Does AC360 goes on regular programming on Holy Thursday and Good Friday?

Herbert Getrich....he's adorable, how lucky his "old lady" can be!

If AC is thinking of vaction, this coming Holy Week maybe is the right time. Not really to enjoy and frolick somewhere else but just take the time for a while to rest from the pressures and stress of his business and do some reflections..(I guess...).

I'm not counting on the YRT but is there someone here knows if he's a Dem or Rep? Uummm,,just asking?...

sydney said...

I like reading the paper for local news. I also like curling up with the crossword and jumble. National news, though, is all online and cable.

#4 You say that like there's a lack of willing volunteers! If my eggs were younger, I'd definitely be in line! :-)

Anonymous said...

Let me put my answers to your comments. (In no particular order appearently :P)

Points 4 & 9. - oh Phebe......I was right along along with you on every point until you said Wynonna should have the Anderchild......what I so don't think so. But I must admit that would be one job I would absolutely volunteer for no questions asked......and with that I am heading to the naughty chair.....glorious naughty chair.

The whole story about that little boy from every word Anderson used to discribe it, to the pictures to the tone of Anderson's voice made me cry. I could not stop crying. It was such a beautiful moment. You could honestly fell it was almost like he was picturing him and his father. Although Anderson didn't lose his father in a war, the pain a little 10 boy must have felt can never be discribed and we see little glimpses of it when stories like this are shown.

Point 1. - Glad Anderson made a point to wear his watch last night.

Point 2 & 5. - Not that AC 360 does not cover and discuss other religions, but it is very refreshing to me as a Christian to have a news outlet try to cover it as unbiasly as they can. Now the "Sweet Jesus" I wouldn't have minded so much if maybe he was covered up. When the artist said I want the people to taste it and oh my gosh I was like stop talking about Jesus like that.......that whole segment bothered me cause there was so much yelling. I turned my tv down (I don't know how Anderson just sat through that...poor Andy)

Point 6. - I was so happy to see Herbert last night, glad his home is almost completed. I was hoping Anderson was going to say Herbert's "old lady" was home with him.

I feel asleep after the shot so I can comment on the rest later. But I am torn because I want Anderson to get some rest but I miss him when he is not on.....but we will probably get JR which I like :)
I'm sure I will have more later but i went on so i will stop for now

Unknown said...

I loved the entire show especially the video of the 6 year old and his dad. I've rewatched it twice and cried each time. Hey we got 2 hours of Anderson AND it was Friday, what gives? Is he planning a loooooooong weekend and we won't see him part of next week, you never know.

Tom's Girls Gone Wild comment really made me laugh. And I love Candy Crowely. Politics from the CNN crew id absolutely fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I loved that cross armed pose! And yes, he was wearing a watch. I just love Herbert and think it's great that people are still going down to NO to help out! That segment on the little boy being reunited with his soldier father was heartwrenching!!!! When he said "I missed you Daddy" I lost it!!! Such a sweet, sweet little boy! I'm sure there are alot of stories just like this that we don't hear which makes it so much sadder. So many sacrifices our military families make to keep us safe! I think I saw Anderson's eyes glistening at the end of that video. He was moved, but who couldn't have been?! Phebe, you are too funny! I would love to have Anderson's baby and see all that love if I could, but then so would millions of others!LOL!!!! Annie Kate, Welome to ATA!!! Sweet Home Alabama! Hope to see you in Atlanta at Anderson's book signing!No word verification. Thanks, Phebe!

BookAsylum said...

I always grab a Sunday paper, but other than that I have no use for newspapers. My parents would always read the paper before going to work in the morning. I'm not a morning person - my single goal in the morning is to get myself put together & get to work on time. I scan a few online papers each day. I don't watch the local news. I used to love reading the WSJ though. If I was going to subscribe to a daily paper- that would be it. I've even tried the audio version and online version- but for the cost, I just don't make enough time in my day to take full advantage of them.

Anonymous said...

I never thought there'd ever be so much talk about exposed genitals on 360... The lady from the Catholic League couldn't seem to get over that — what a dirty mind!

And being a practical sort of gal, I only buy the Saturday paper for the tv guide...

Anonymous said...

i go through phases with the paper, although i do read all 3 sunday papers (we get 2 local + NYtimes). the Husband reads 'em all daily. plus some net stuff.

we went out for a lovely dinner, and missed most of 360, but did see the chocolate jesus segment. the Husband said bill donohue (sp?) has been spewing this sort of crap for at least 20 yrs.

saw the segment with the little boy on the other cnn morning show--heidi got teary. and so did i.

Anonymous said...

Phebe--that was the first thing I thought when Anderson was shown with his arms crossed, that he was showing us his watch.

I had wished he would give us an updated on Herbert's wife. I wonder if she has made it back to NOLA.

I don't really have a lot of time to read a newspaper, so I get my news from TV,(mainly AC) or from the net.

On the chocolet Jesus, when I saw the guy from the Catholic group, I new we were in trouble. I watched it and that man is just down rude. My question is why did they do it in the nude. Why not do it with a robe on him?

Please no baby by Wynonna. Anybody but her. Anderson was so sweet when he showed the little boy seeing his dad. I wonder if they won't end up on his show at some point. Hope so.

I also don't think he meant to say see you Monday, so I taped the repeat to see if they took it out, but they didn't, so I guess we won't know till Monday night.

I am glad that he made a point to say the Wed and Thus were new shows. I thought maybe they were going to be the one that has already been on and they were going to be repeats.

I can't believe we got him for 2 hours on a Friday night, especially since he was sick most of the week. He did sound better and acted like he felt better last night.

Araceli Elle said...

in a rare event, i only watched the second hour of the show last night. the little boy being reunited with his father was the most touching thing i have ever seen. so many tears...

i am so excited to watch the "what is a christian?" specials next week. especially the science one. i am 100% on team Darwin but i am interested to hear these theories.

haha i agree with the anderstumblage. i thought the exact same thing when he said it. definitely sounded like he didn't mean to say it. or maybe he just forgot what day it was and he was going to say tomorrow, but realized tomorrow was saturday, so it wouldn't be till monday that he saw us.

as far as the newspaper thing goes, i read the paper every morning for local news. but during the day i read the cbc website and cnn. frequently. they update and change as the day goes on with national/world news and i like that.

swmpratt said...

Um.....maybe we really will see him Monday but he had to mentally check before he said it to be sure yesterday was Friday and not some day earlier in the week. At the pace he goes, I'm sure he loses track of the days.

@cactuskid: Thanks so much for the welcome. I will try to earn my keep around here! I doubt I will be at the book signing - I have degenerative disabling arthritis and am pretty much homebound. That's one reason I love this group so much - you all are my outlet on life....Wish I could get my hardback to him to get it signed; of course I would sleep with it then...

I hope he gets that family he so obviously wants and doesn't wait too long - at some point even men get too tired to have kids. He would be a very good father it seems and it also seems he has put a lot of thought into it.

I have wondered if he is Episcopalian - his father and brother's funerals were at the big Episcopalian church up there; and tonight he said something to the effect that this upcoming week was Easter week and that even those that didn't go to church any other time of the year, would go to "MASS" on Easter. Now I'm Catholic and my DH is Episcopalian. I had never heard DH refer to the service by that name so I asked him and he said "High Episcopalians" called it that. What pray tell is a High Episcopalian - my mind is coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas.....

Annie Kate

Codeh said...

I soooo totally agree with the chocolate jesus thing. I just muted the whole segment. It's so stupid. All of it.

And the navy man coming home, and the surprise at school and Anderson's facial expression was just TO much for me. I was getting all teary eyed.

Anderson is the beauty of all things positive. I lurve him.

AND I'M SO GOING TO THE BOOK SINGING IN ATL. I already have his hardback book though. So I hope that's okay with them. lol

Mmmmm I think I'm going to have many a fangirl(boy) moments.

Please help me refrain myself. lol

Anonymous said...

Star Jones Reynolds is hosting LKL on wouldn't that be an interesting segway from LKL to AC360......I kind hope Anderson is there cause I think I would like to see that

Anonymous said...

Anderson is a flip flopper about wanting a family. Does anyone remember the time when he said he tried to stay at a family hostel and he could only stand it for one night and had to get out. On other occasions he has made some other similar remarks about kids.

lori said...

I missed chunks of 360 last night, but did catch the watch "pose" at the toss, and, fortunately, the Anderca segment with the reunion. I was a bit misty myself over that ... I wondered if it brought back a flood of memories for him about his father and brother? He was quite moved.

The chocolate Jesus story is bizarre, and of course, controversial That's likely the reaction the artist wanted! I'm Catholic and personally have no issue about this, as I believe art is art, and think this artist is bonkers (he used melted cheese as a medium once). However, I'll admit I got a little wigged out last week when my daughter brought home a chocolate lollipop from her catechesis class. It was in the form a cross with "He is Risen" at the top. I found it a bit unsettling -- perhaps because I prefer my chocolate nondenominational in the form of a fine handcrafted Belgian truffle?

I'd love to bear the Anderbaby, but am too old and much too fug. He would make a great dad, so I'll send him my 2 little ones ... no muss, no fuss and they're already toilet trained. They're smart (allecks) and fun to be around (for about 2 minutes).

CANDY is my woman. I'd love to hang out with her for a night. I hope she did have a hot date last night. You go, girl!

We're newspaper readers, though I scan online news since I don't take the time to read the paper every day. DH spends much time reading the paper in the porcelain library, while I'm the idiot scrambling to get the 1st grader out the door on time while the preschooler runs around bouncing off the walls. However, I do make a point to enjoy the Sunday NY Times over coffee...and leave DH to deal with the children. :D

Anonymous said...

I don't think newspapers will ever go away. I am a little obssessed about reading them everyday and even have them saved while I'm on vacation - then go through every one of them when I get back.

Big Fan of AC: I agree - anyone but Wynona Judd. That whole family is so dysfunctional and publicity hungry. I'd bet my entire IRA that she'll be on Oprah (and elsewhere) discussing her latest tragedy.

I'm sure I'm in a minority here, but the tape of the soldier surprising his little boy made me very uncomfortable. This seems like a private, initimate family experience that should happen in private and not in a classroom, much less on TV. I wonder about the motives of those who staged this.

It is good to have Anderica back.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED that we had Anderson live for two hours! But it makes me think maybe he was on because he's taking a well deserved vacation! I know how much he needs it, he works his butt off, but I hate it when he isn't on!

I'll volunteer to have Andy's babies!! I LOVE kids also!! ;-p

The piece with the little boys reunion with his dad made me cry. It was SO sweet. I loved that Andy got so sappy! He deffinately needs to have kids...I've already volunteered once!!

I was born and raised in church and the "sweet Jesus" thing didn't really bother me. Although I hated hearing them fuss back and forth and say such bad things to each other. In reality back then they did crucify every one in the nude. To shame them. The loin cloth was added by the Romans when they adopted the Christain religion. It was not originally there. So the nude Jesus was a real depiction of what really happened. But when the artist started talking about eating it...that's a bit much!

I don't read newspapers at all. I go on the internet and watch CNN for my news. As far as Andy he has said that he gets several papers a day delivered to his house.And he goes online and to news blogs.

As far as him stumbling at the end of the show with the closing...I think he was going to say SEE YOU TOMMORROW...cause he is so used to saying it. But then remembered it was Friday so he had to collect his thoughts and say SEE YOU MONDAY. But who knows...he is way over due for a vacation.


Anonymous said...

I love reading newspapers if given the chance. My University has a great one on campus so I try to pick one up every now and then. The problem is doing the crossword and Sudoku during class...means for bad grades. However, if I had a BlackBerry, I'd be surfing the NYTimes all day long. It's easier online.

I want to have his children. Period. Now it's my turn to go to the naughty chair.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:11am: Wanting your own kids and liking another person's children are two vastly, VASTLY different things, trust me on this. *lol* I'd love to have my own family too, but don't even get me started on parents that bring their young, undisciplined kids to the movies, restaurants, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops, double post! I also wanted to add that I love newspapers--nothing quite as satisfying as hearing the paper crinkle and fold while you have your morning tea. Plus, the complex where I live shares papers among themselves; one person buys a subscription, two more people chip in for it, and they share it according to the time of day they'd prefer to read the paper. It's a nice way to keep in touch with friends, too. :)

Could that smile be any more gorgeous during the LKL toss!? Whew, Anderson. Somebody had a good day. *lol* And count me in as one of the viewers reduced to a puddle after that footage of the little boy reuniting with his dad. Simply beautiful, and a poignant reminder of why this war's conclusion needs to be taken seriously, for the sake of the families and children involved in this debacle.

Anonymous said...

First off, no fair saying you'll have his baby and then signing "Anonymous", leaving the rest of us who sign our names to take our chances.

It's probably silly to say how moving that little boy's reunion with his Daddy was; who couldn't be moved. I got misty eyes every time I saw it. About the reunion being in the school, Erica said that he told his son when he shipped out that when he came home he would come and pick him up at school. Also, his classmates had sent letters to him while he was in Iraq so they have been involved. I'm sure it was filmed for the family but then someone decided to share it with 360.

The chocolate sculpture of Jesus didn't bother me, the artist said there was no intent for it to be eaten and he is Catholic so it's not like he is insulting someone else's religion. With all the fuss, I wonder if anyone has thought about how difficult a project this must have been. If you noticed in the pictures, there is the outline of the ribs and muscles and it's a very detailed sculpture; it took immense talent and skill to create it.

imagine said...

Hey Ladies! I so enjoy reading this blog! At least 3 times a day I am here reading your thoughts. In fact, when I watch 360, I sometimes ask myself,"hmm, wonder what the ladies will say about that?!"
i thought the anderstumble at the end was him about to say to watch him on HBO hosting the Jerry Seinfeld thing tomorrow night. But who knows, he probably doesn't know what day it is :)

Yes, the little boy had me in tears also. I did think that Anderson was so moved because he was thinking of his dad. I guess I have to get in line to have the anderbaby!

In regards to Sweet Jesus. I thought it was dumb. Don't some Christians take communion, eating bread and grape juice (wine) believing it is the blood and body of Christ? If so, what's the big deal about chocolate? Art is art. That Catholic guy should be more concerned about all the priests that are molesting young boys! Have a great weekend ladies :)

Anonymous said...

Annie Kate: No need to worry. I'll get you an autograph if I get to see him. I'm sorry for the arthritis. I grew up with a friend who has Rheumatoid arthtritis. She has recently had surgery on her ears to restore some of her hearing. Didn't know it affects your eardrums,but it does. I'm sorry. ATA is a great outlet. So type away! Or read away which ever is best for you! I don't read the newspaper anymore. I get everything on line. My bad. I know. As far as Wynonna, I'm sorry for her hardship. Her husband was her road manager and known him for years. Who would have guessed? Hope he didn't do anything to her children.

BookAsylum said...

I'm a little late seeing Friday's 360- didn't get to watch the tape until late Saturday morning. Was Friday the first time since they started the "Give the Shot a Shot" campaign that they've used a viewer shot? The reason I'm asking is the graphic that they put up at the end- I'm wondering if the numbers at the bottom of the screen meant anything? The 1/360 is what caught my eye.

I just loved Tom Foreman's 360 Raw Politics segment.

swmpratt said...

@cactuskid - Thanks so much for being willing to get me his autograph - will you need my book? Let me know; I trust you to return it. And BTW, even though I KNOW you know it - if you can get me HIM instead I'll opt for that!

Sweet Jesus - I hate to ask a stupid question butI remember the artist said that while he looked for a place to display it, it was in a refrigerated truck. So, eventually what happens to all that good chocolate if its NOT meant to be eaten (and yes I would be uncomfortable eating it!). Just he just let it melt away?? Seems like a big waste especially if its dark chocolate (yummy). I got raised by Depresson age parents so you can see the "waste not want not" coming out in me...

Newspapers - they can't go away. What would we wrap our fish in??

Annie Kate

Anonymous said...

@ Annie Kate You are very trusting, but I am very trustworthy. I pride myself on that. Let's see if I get to go as far as you sending me your book. I want to go to Atlanta that Friday before the day on Saturday, but it will hinge on if my boss will let both myself and a friend off at the same time. We are just asking for that Friday pm off so we'll see. I don't want to go to Atlanta by myself.I'm very excited about the possibility of seeing Anderson in the flesh! But as far as bringing him for you, nope can't do any sharing of him. I'm not quite that generous! LOL!!!! Seriously I'll get you an autograph if I can.

swmpratt said...

@catuskid - Just email me if you want me to send the book to you and we can arrange. I would love an autograph. I hope you get to go even if you can't get me one - I know you will enjoy it and that it will mean a lot to you. I will want to hear about it all though.......every last detail. LOL...

Taffiny said...

I don't read the newspaper, sorry to say never graduated from the comics and the reading Parade Magazine days. We don't get the paper because of recycling.
But on a related subject. I never understand why people worry about books (that people will stop buying them). I love books. I go on book buying binges. I don't want to read a book online, I might look them up, look into them, but really I want to hold it, to own it (mine), to underline lines in it if I want to, to drag it everywhere I go (to drop it, like I did Emma, in the water feature at the minature golf course, and freak out till we rescued it, and now cherish it all the more for its wrinkled pages, and memories evoked). So, I don't see why people would ever no longer have the desire to hold paper in their hands, newspaper, or book. It is an experience, that involves the smell of it, the weight of it, the sound of turning pages. There is an intimacy in it.

I went to art school, I am pro artist. But there is a huge difference between being thought provoking, and just doing something to be controversial. "Art" and shock value, are not synonyms. I think if an artist really has something to say, something to express then they don't stoop to such tactics. And it isn't just because it depicts Christ, depicting anyone being tortured or starving, like say Ethiopian children, in luxurious edibles, is in extremely bad taste. (no pun intended). (huh..surprised to find myself sound so angry)

(Is that right, then (not than)? I looked it up, but still unsure.)

I would volunteer to have Anderson's child, (Anderbaby, is that our group's official term?)
but my DH wouldn't let me. And I am known for being over-protective, so it would be hard, if not impossible to separate me from the child, or from the one I already have, which would mean, he would have to endure seeing me and my other child, and the DH wouldn't like us going off with Anderson without him, so he would insist on coming along too...(more havoc then If You Give A Mouse A Cookie). But anyway, I have a long torso and short legs, he might as well choose better stock. If gossip is right, and he prefers a latin look, maybe a nice latino woman.