Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some new competition for AC360?

Good afternoon all! It’s a beautiful day here in the northeast. My daughter and I had a wonderful time enjoying the awesome weather this afternoon. I hope wherever you are reading this, you too are experiencing a terrific spring day!

Today is a somber day in the news, however. For those who have not heard, news outlets have been reporting today that Tony Snow’s cancer has returned. The 51 year old White House Press Secretary had battled colon cancer two years ago and was undergoing a procedure to check a new suspicious site. During the operation doctors found that Snow’s cancer has metastasized in his liver. Of course, this news comes within one week of Elizabeth Edwards’ announcement regarding her health.

Ironically enough, last week during a White House press briefing, Tony Snow commended Elizabeth Edwards for being “a positive example” for those battling cancer. In a statement made by President Bush this morning, he asked the nation to pray for Tony Snow. It goes without saying that my thoughts and prayers go out to Tony Snow and his family. Good luck and God speed.

Someone moving in at the 10pm hour?
Inside Cable News is reporting that the repeat of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown may be airing weeknights on MSNBC at 10pm against AC360 and Greta. IF that’s true, AC360 is going to have to work harder for demo ratings. Now, I know that Keith wouldn’t recognize an actual news story if it was a hanging curve ball asking to be knocked out of the park but he has one hell of a writer. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the “old” 360 but from what I’ve heard it had the same tone as Countdown. And what I do know is that our demographic likes their news served with a hefty side of snark. So, if I were the 360 writing team, I suggest they sharpen their pencils, some new competition’s moving into the cul-de-sac.

On a lighter note
Wow, wasn’t it nice to see Anderson back in his studio looking mighty handsome last night? Goodness, I agree with everyone who said that red background really does compliment his features. I really like it!

Okay, so let’s address this tie thing. Yes its true, I did call Ms. Phebe last night squeeing about the tie. I feverishly deny that I used that pitch though! LOL! But, I do have to concede that the tie seen here in the screencap on the right is not the Young Republican tie. Oh no it is not! Compare it to the cap on the left. Notice anything strange? The stripes are going the wrong way! You can’t turn a tie around and wear it backwards! This tie is a companion tie to the Blue and Green tie. Yup, it’s a fake! LOL!

Now before you laugh at me and tell me what a geek I am, I’ll tell you a little known fact about myself: I have a photographic memory. So when I see a familiar image I can tell immediately when something is out of the ordinary. I actually spotted it a couple of weeks ago when Anderson started wearing the tie but never got a chance to blog about it. And so there you go. On the left YRT – old and on the right YRT – new! Truth be told, I like the new one better!

So one more squee and I’ll be done with it. Anyone notice that Anderson said, “Send us your ideas for ‘The Shot’” instead of “Give the Shot a shot?” I did! Okay, I must admit, when I heard that, THEN I used a pitch only dogs could hear! LOL! Goodness, that made me wonder what the heck else I could ask for? Yeah, well Ms. Phebe was one ahead of me. Last night, she sent me this screencap and pleaded with me to ask Anderson if he’d consider wearing her favorite tie once in awhile.

So how about it Anderson, can you please wear Phebe’s tie sometime in the next millennium? It would make her be nicer to you! LOL!

OOOH! I'm just going to give you a heads up, I just saw Michael Ware on TSR and he is fired up about John McCain's inane comments regarding the state of Baghdad. And rightly so! I can't wait to hear Mic's perspective tonight. And on an unrelated note, if there is such thing as a CNN god, I'm praying that it spares us from having to see the Lou Dobbs special in the 11pm hour. OH Please CNN god, Spare us! Thank you.

Alright people, I’m going to go strike up the grill! It’s far too hot in here to turn the stove on. Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

Great post Sheryn! I have to admit I like new YRT to old YRT.....but that is just me. I love the blue with white dot tie....but he may reserve that tie for special occasions in Washington as the last time he wore it was the night of the SOTU

The weather in Toronto is AMAZING.....it went up to 18 celcius today (we do celcius in Canada)......finally warm weather is here.

I do not watch ANYTHING else between 10-12 during the week. I do not like Greata and I do not like Keith so AC 360 will definately have 1 person in his ratings (lol)

Unknown said...

The weather is beautiful here in MI. I have both front and back doors open to let some fresh air in. I saw the tie last night Sheryn and immediately thought of you. I also noticed the difference between the old and new ties. And like Phebe's tie he hasn't worn my favorite in awhile the black w/silver stripe.

Anyone up for some new Warren Jeffs info? I just sent 360 a link to something interesting about our favorite polygamist - let's see if they take the hint. We haven't heard anything about On the Border or Polygamy lately, so we're due.

PS Anyone received an auto response to their 360 feedback? Haven't gotten any with my last three 360 FB notes.

Anonymous said...

Hello to all..just like Sheryn I too have had beautiful weather. Here in Ga.-mid to high 80's.I've enjoyed it so much! Hope you have had great weather also.

So sad to here about Tony Snow. I've always liked him. My prayers go out to him and his family.

I was on media bistro today and they said some pretty bad things about Anderson. The tv ratings were also on there and AC360's is way low. He is far below ,should I even say her name.(hiding) Greta. He deffinately has to work alot harder if they are going to put Olbermann's show at 10:00. I feel so bad for him! He works his butt off now! God, I can't imagine him working any harder! He won't have any time for himself!

I love the first pic and the pic with the red background. They make him look so sexy!

As far as the YR knockoff tie goes it's ok as long as he wears it with a plain suit. I hate when he wears stripes on stripes. The polka dot tie is ok also but only wih a plain suit! NO stripes and polka dots,PLEASE! I love the silver tie and the maroon colored one! Those are my favorites. Wish he'd buy a solid green one!

Maybe he'll wear the polka dot tie tonight...positive thinking everyone!! ASK BELIEVE RECIEVE


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry people but I have to go with the purple tie or the black and white tie..would love to see a black tie with a silver stripe!

Hope all of you back east really enjoy your pretty weather. I hate to tell this but we have had summer like weather for a week and the cold set in this morning..rain, sleet, and the furnace keeps kicking on.

As for Warren Jeffs, I have to restrain myself from writing in to CNN on a weekly basis. I live in Utah and the story is always big here. I did write in once a few months ago and someone from AC360 actually called me about the story..the thrill of my year! They DO read those emails. The trial has been put off and they are asking for a change of venue. I was expecting alot of coverage when the trial began later this month but don't know what will happen now. I apologize ahead of time to those of you not interested in the story but I think it is important. Our own form of slavery right here in the good old USA. Girls bartered in marraige and families torn apart at Warren's whim - a way of life that needs to come to an end. If you aren't really interested, read Under the Banner of Heaven..it is very compelling. I also have to point out that what began as a small clan in SLC has spread to most of the West and South- West..from Canada to Mexico and now in the Texas and the mid-West. The focus given by national media has had an impact on the situation here and people can no longer turn a blind eye. I am Gary Tuchmans biggest fan! The man in unflappable!

Anonymous said...

Grace..I haven't recieved any feedback auto responses either. I've done the feedback numerous times with no response. Wonder if they aren't doing it anymore? Or if they decided not to send out the auto response anymore.


Sheryn said...

Cindy, actually Anderson's numbers were pretty good last night. He always has a drop off in the 11pm hours.

And Brian is actually reporting incorrect info in that post you are referring to. He has no clue that the HBO special was filmed LAST YEAR.

Sheryn said...

Ooh I just looked at the numbers from last night more closely. Countdown failed miserably at 10pm.

Greta: 463

AC360: 319

Countdown: 88

Grace: 217

Anonymous said...

Sheryn: My question is where is "your" Young Republican Tie?

sydney said...

Beautiful weather in the Northeast? Not from where I'm sitting. It's cloudy and 40's all week. Granted, milder than it had been, but still... Nice enough for the deer, though. There are 3 in the front yard right now waiting to cross the road.

Boy, Anderson couldn't keep his hands off that laptop, could he? And (fangurl moment) he was looking mighty fine!

The more I hear about ANS, the more I feel sorry for her. Why in the world would someone need multiple medications that all do the same thing? Someone is seriously negligent, her doctors, nurse, or somebody. I know people who take multiple medications and I always worry about them.

Just finished watching Sunday night's Planet Earth episodes. For anyone that hasn't seen them, I highly recommmend it. Great footage of stuff you never get to see. I'm sure Discover will be repeating it several times.

Anonymous said...

does mediabistro totally dislike anderson?? Because almost everytime i see something about anderson there, it's negative.

Anonymous said...

I really love AC360 but I wish they would shorten the show back to 1 hour instead of 2. They basically repeat everything from the first hour into the second, or they repeat a special. Maybe for the second hour, they should play CNN International or just bring back NewsNight lol. ANDERSON ROCKS but I personally think the show would be a more fast-paced organized show if it was one hour long only. I can understand if they would need to extend it to 2 hours for certain occasions for Breaking News, but anyway, just thought I should post a comment regarding how I feel!

Anonymous said...

I haven't recieved the auto reply either so I sent something twice.....I thought I was the only one not getting the auto reply
.....now I feel kinda like a dork :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, boo on Keith possibly getting a time slot the same as Andersn :-(

It would be a nice day here too, if we didn't have 50 mph winds, it needs to stop!

Unknown said...

Anderson's ratings are consistant. I hope they aren't overly worried about them seeing as their big competition (Greta) spends most of her time on tabloid trash. I'd rather have substance and some "real" news over her crap any day. Sometimes having ratings isn't everything... yes you need to have pretty good numbers but if he beat Greta everynight he'd probably have to turn tabloid and that would be horrible.

CNN made a higher profit than any other news network so I don't think they are really sweatin it too much.

Anonymous said...

I think I am about the only person that thinks that 360 wasn't that great last night and IMHO he seemed in a rush, liked he wanted to get it over with...

Din't care for the ANS either, I'm ashamed to admit that I fell asleep a couple of times during the show.

@ Phebe, that is also my favorite tie!

Anonymous said...

Love the post Sheryn.Really sad news about Tony Snow, my prayers goes to him and all who are suffering.
On a lighter note:BTW, thumbs up for the photographic memory, My favorite Anchor looked sugary handsome! last night.
I agree with purple tie, ratings isn't really everything sometimes. Anderson's real news should stay the same. If his ratings are consistant and sometimes he mix real news and tabloid, get me right here, only, if tabloid is big news of the day. And he doesn't pull and drag the news for centuries, for ratings. Even if he is a little below, what about the one who is above, have they tried and report real news, tabloid-none, and keep up with the ratings? don't know much about them and I'm not even interested anyways!
Okay,back to my fav real news network. CNN-god, wherever you are! please spare us with that special! at the 11hr (I'm with you at this Sheryn)

Quitty said...

I wonder if MSNBC is in as many markets as CNN and Faux. I ask because I don't get MSNBC on my cable. In any case, I'm glad Anderson beat Keith last night.

copperfish said...

Cometition is healthy, it's the one thing that drives the brains of these programs "nuts" to keep up with the ratings. The more shows to choose from the better. I just hope AC360 won't be far behind.

For me, whatever tie he's wearing, with or without, shirt or tees he still damn looking good!

swmpratt said...

re Megan: I'll be watching AC360 so they will have at least 2 people in his ratings.

I think a lot of people watch Greta because she does do tabloid trash - I'm always amazed at how much more interested a lot of people are in that trash than news that matters. Most only get interested in the news if their taxes are going up or something like 9/11.

I think CNN ought to let Anders write more of his own copy. Have you noticed the difference between how he reports when he is on the road and its just him and his own producer writing his reports and when he is in the studio? His writing is much more gripping than what comes out of the studio.

Stupid question: what is this about feedback - how do you do it? There are times I would have loved to give feedback on something on the show (or something that wasn't on the show that I thought should have been).

On ties - wonder just how many ties Anders has? Any guesses anyone?

Anonymous said...


(head down, whispering) SORRY PHEBES


Anonymous said...

Poor Andy..he sounds horrible! I think he needs to go home and be tucked in bed. I'm on my way Andy!!


Anonymous said...

OMG this breaking news from the Philippines is crazy....those poor children and their teachers.....I pray the police are able to handle this situation without any of the hostages being hurt.......you can hear such concern in Anderson voice for these poor children

Anonymous said...

Sheryn: Sorry. I wasn't clear. I figured you might know what happen to the original young republican tie! lol

Araceli Elle said...

lol! sheryn i can't believe you picked up on the tie! that's awesome. but i will say that i noticed the tie last night, thought of you and thought it looked great. but...i don't like the YRT. so why did i like it last night? lol! because it was a different tie!! ahh i love it. thanks for clearing that up!

also, i'm watching 360 right now and anderson sounds so stuffy! his nose is plugged! i read the comments from earlier talking about him being sick but i hadn't noticed. but i definitely do now! it's kinda cute....

aries moon said...

Keith Olbermann has been getting a lot of attention in recent months and he does have a substantial following. When people figure out that he's on at 10, it might eat into AC360's ratings. I agree that 360 needs to sharpen up and improve in content, I don't want to see BrianTVNewser gloating over Keith beating AC, something he'd LOVE to do.

Phebe said...

From your lips to God's ear Ms. Sheryn. After the day I've had the only thing that would brighten my spirits is The Tie!

Anonymous said...

Anderson is in the kitchen. He better be able to take the heat.

Anonymous said...

you girls and your ties.

y'all crack me up!!

Taffiny said...

Hmm..why would he buy another YRT?

Could it be that he left it somewhere and had to buy another one?

Or could it be that some crazed fan stole his YRT as a keepsake?

Maybe all this "where is the tie, where is the tie?", has just been a cover, and the real YRT is safely tucked in one of Sheryn's dresser drawers?

(what was the name of that person who got fired from 360? The one who suspiciously had the same name as someone here? Maybe it was all over a missing tie).

Well Sheryn which one is it (left at "someone's" home, or stolen)? Libbey and I want to know.

I think a photographic memory would come in handy, I have whatever would be the opposite of that. (perhaps-a pastels without fixative memory, real smeary, and blurry, unclear, no distinct edges. It doens't really come in handy that much)

The CNN gods, Lou Doubs thing, I laughed out loud.

I hope that the ANS story, and her son's (both tragic) will make people more aware of the importance of knowing how medications interact with each other.

Oh yeah, and the weather was gorgeous here too! Hit 81

Annie Kate- at CNN.com, there is a link to Anderson Cooper 360, once there you can click a link to give instant feedback. (I bookmark AC 360 page, so I can get there quicker)

Anonymous said...

I watch KO every night. Here's the thing,if I watch news every night, then Anderson can cover polygamy or ANS or any tabloidy thing and I will watch him. I also watch Glenn Beck. I'm so not a republican, but a little conservative info makes me a more informed liberal.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm a n00b, please don't yell at me...

But what is the 'young republican tie'? *hides*