Friday, March 30, 2007


Thursday's AC360 was the best of the week. Lots of news, plenty of experts, no repeats and so much packed into 2 hours that the time just flew by. It was good to see and hear Madeleine Albright again. We had company during the first hour of the show and when she came on everyone stopped and listened. She just commands that kind of respect. Her suggestion that Russia mediate the hostage crisis in Iran seems like a sound idea to me. It's interesting that Great Britian doesn't want the US to get involved. Could it be because our current administration doesn't understand the meaning of diplomacy? I cannot rave enough about the Michael Ware piece 'Insurgents to Allies'. I just don't think we can ever make progress in Iraq or against Al Qaeda without a grass roots effort. It was very encouraging to hear that the United States military is supplying weapons and ammunition to the Salvation Council even if it is off the record. Michael Ware said 'This is how America is going to get its troops out of this country. American can not win.' Amen.

I don't think I've ever seen Karen Hanretty on AC 360 before Thursday night. From what I read online she's a regular on Fox News. I thought she did a good job and was less stuffy than some of the other Republican pundits, and she's easier to take than Bay Buchanan! One of my favorite Republican commenters, Andrew Sullivan, was on Countdown Thursday night. He spoke at length about the Robert Novak article that Sheryn blogged about the other day. Interesting stuff. BTW, while we're on the topic of Keith Olberman, I read a quote attributed to him the other day that I just love. "It's also useful to remember that bandwagons leave every quarter hour in politics." Good to remember with the elections approaching.

Speaking of Karen Hanretty do you think she and the other ladies of Thursday's AC360 forgot to share the 'wear beads' memo with poor Lisa Bloom?

I was wondering if anyone was yelling at the television when Anderson did the tease for the last 360 Bulletin? When I saw the picture of the tunnel all I could say was 'don't even think about it Mr. Cooper'. We all know Anderson's proclivity for crawling through tunnels and holes in the ground. Just say no AC, just say no!

And speaking of the 360 Bulletin we had another Hall of Famer on Thursday. Loved AC trying to speed things along with the tapping on his wrist. How many of us have seen that same move from our DH or SO? If you missed it Annie Kate was kind enough to upload it, just follow the link and enjoy!

I thought I'd leave you with something to enjoy but really this video is just too disturbing to enjoy. Here is the full length version of Thursday's The Shot. Please forgive me for promoting anything Karl Rove does, unless or course he's making an ass out of himself.


swmpratt said...

Well, you have to admit he was a great sport about it and he really did get into it. I laughed so hard I hurt. No fool like an old fool I guess.

I wonder if Anderson would have done as well? As self-conscious as he seems sometimes I wonder if Karl might have put in a better performance than Andy would. Of course (oh god, fan gurl moment coming on me) Andy would be cuter.

I loved the tapping on the watch - how many times have I endured that same gesture!! Too many to count.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Did you notice he said "turnado" instead of tornado? lol

I was talking to my mom about all this stuff happening in the Middle East the other day and I told her I felt like this stuff in Iraq may well turn out to be the beginning of World War 3. I hope I'm wrong but I just feel like the tension between us and Iran and other countries is getting to be so high that one little thing could spark a huge war.

The scariest thing about all that is that we are slowly loosing all of our allies. Who will be with us if a war does start? Then you have to think about the fact that we don't have enough people in the military so does that mean we'd have to have a draft? It's too scary!

On a good note, I enjoyed the shot very much. I hope they continue with the banter. It's always a light note on the show.

ACAnderFan said...

I loved 360 last nite. You're right Phebe, time just flew by. When I first looked at the clock it was 10:37PM, then when I looked again it was 11:20PM. I was like wow, must be a good show if it's that time already.

When I saw the 360 bulletin I thought 'oh no here we go again. How long until Andy is climbing through that tunnel. I'm sure that probably sometime this summer we'll see him climibg through some tunnel/hole...LOL!!!

FanGirl moment: He looked so handsome last nite. I really like that tie. The light blue looks so pretty with his skin and silver hair.

He needs to do something about his cold. He sounds so stuffed up. I hope he gets plenty of rest this weekend.

copperfish said...

MA's suggestion that Russia mediate sounds good but I think since Putin is under fire, will it make any credibility? Russia being an ally of Iran dipping in will just add to the complexity of the situation. Well, just my humble opinion. And UK is right US should stay out of this.

Anonymous said...

It didn't look like Anderson was wearing his watch during the first Erica segment!

Anonymous said...

i'm running out so 3 quick thoughts

The beads too funny......oh my gosh, no one sent the memo.....made me laugh.

2 amazing Anderca banters in a row.
I am loving Erica Hill....she is so funny. I loved how she said Karl Rove was stealing moves from K-Fed.....and Anderson laughed then he gave her the time signal.....then of couse said buh-bye!!!!!!!!!I loved it

The binder was right in front of Anderson kills me because he never looks in it, it is just there.......unsolved mysteries.

Gotta run off to work now. Have a great day ladies (and gents if we have some) Sorry if there are mistakes but I am typing fast

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone spiked the punch at that Correspondents' Dinner...

Anonymous said...

Anderson looked MIGHTY FINE last night!! He seemed to feel better also. And we got some Andersmiles!! I loved his tie...all this week he has worn the ties that I like.

The show was just fantastic. It was so great time just flew by! I was like NO it can't be over!! Sadly it was!

MA hit the nail right on the head!! We need someone other than the US or Britain to come in and talk to Iran.

I loved Michael's piece. He is such a great reporter! He really gets right into the story and leaves nothing out! And he looked SO GOOD...SORRY ANDY!!

The 360 Bulletin was great. I love when they joke around! They are great together. No one will ever come close to Erica on 360. Because she gets the Andergiggles and snarkiness to come out!And I love that!

MC Rove made a complete fool of himself!!OMG I can't even say anything else!!I laugh my a$$ off every time I see it!

When they showed the tunnel I thought the exact same thing!! I was like "Oh, no, Andy will be down in that tunnel soon! STAY OUT OF THAT TUNNEL ANDY...DON"T MAKE ME HAVE TO COME UP THERE!!

BTW I loved Lisa'a necklace. Glad she didn't wear made her stand out!It's good to be different.

@Annie Kate....I agree...Anderson would have probably just stood there if they picked him to do the MCing! It would have been worse than KR dancing. YES...Andy is 10000% cuter!!


Anonymous said...

Did any of you catch that they are rerunning the What is a Christian pieces next Wed. and Thurs. at 10:00? Wonder if Andy is finally taking that long needed vacation? Or if they are trying to sneak the old schedule back in on us. The one with 1 hour live Andy and 1 hour rerun.And putting live Andy at the 2nd hour so we will have to watch the 1st hour.HHMMM


sydney said...

The shot was the only thing I caught so far of the show last night. There are no words, except how cute is Anderica? :-)

Did you catch David Gregory "dancing" in the background? I don't EVER want to see anyone in the media picking on ANYTHING Anderson does EVER again!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Phebe...just couldn't do it..couldn't watch Karl again. In fact, I'm taking my temperature as I type cause I find myself agreeing with Arianna. He's just plain "creepy."

Anonymous said...

I just love Michael Ware report. He really get into the nuts & bolt of the issue. I saw Wolf in TSR grilling Sen. Lieberman on MW assessment on Iraq, to bad MW can not debate with the senator, that would be a hoot.

Love Erica and Andy banter last night. They really make each other laugh.

When I saw the tunnel piece, all I can think is is poor Gary Tuchman is he going to crawl around under there again! He and Rich Sanchez seem to get all the yucky assignment. At least AC is in the studio for a change. That man need to get some rest and some OJ to get over his cold.

Anonymous said...

he can't *make* an ass out of himself. he already IS an ass. can't STAND that man!!

loved anderca!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched my tape of last night's show yet, so if this is covered in the Anderson/ Erica moment forgive me. But looking at the 'tapping his wrist' cap WHERE THE HECK IS HIS WATCH?? Don't say he's lost it before we've had a chance to identify it.


beachlzrd said...

Hey Phebe - Happy Friday! I just wanted to let you know I loved the show last night - I actually even stayed up for most of it :) I also LOVED ANDERSON's Tie, how cute was the light blue "thing goin'........."

Thanks for all you do!


beachlzrd said...

Hey Phebe, happy FRIDAY!!!

I was actually able to watch the show last night - VERY GOOD STUFF! I have to also mention that I LOVED ANDERSON's Light Blue Tie - TOO CUTE!

Thanks for all you do and have a great weekend!


Quitty said...

Are you trying to decide on some new jewelry Phebe? I'm guessing yes if your analyzing their necklaces.

I noticed the no watch thing too. I wonder when he started tapping his wrist he said to himself "oops, I doing this silly gesture and I don't have my watch on".

Anonymous said...

@ purple tie...I notice all the time how he says certain tornado, Britain,and others. I think it is way too cute!!

And they say the southerners have an accent!


Taffiny said...

I still haven't had a chance to watch my tape of last night's show, but the "turnado" comment (made by purple tie) reminded me-
I swear when talking about African Elephants the other week, he said African elements.

The Original Miranda Lane said...

I do improv and I do team-building events, and I agree with annie kate - Rove did get into it and had some fun. It always goes great when they do; it's the ones who are worried about looking silly who really come off looking so much worse. Usually, I like Erica and Anderson's commentary on "The Shot", but I thought maybe they were a little too snarky on this one.

Anonymous said...

@ purple tie

I think he watches way too much Univision, I have caught him pronouncing words in Spanish, which is weird for somebody who does not speak the language.

Remember last year's R&K, when he said leehposuction instead of liposuction? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Kinda OT, but Anderson's booksigning schedule has started going up at the Harper Collins website. I'm going to try to make the one in Atlanta May15th. It's on a Saturday. Hope I can swing it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Correction to previous post! Anderson in Atlanta May 19th.

Anonymous said...

New YRT tonight SQUEE for Sheryn!!!!

swmpratt said...

Tonight he is so sweet - they showed a little boy greeting his father just back from Iraq and Anderson went on and on about how sweet and cute he was. Anderson was sweet and cute just talking about it with Erica. You could tell that he is really nuts about children. Sweet, sweet , sweet....My night is made....(ok so now I'll watch the serious stuff - that just came really soon into the program and sent me over the moon - bad fangurl mood tonight!!)

Anonymous said...

Although I enjoy the Anderson and Erica banter, I think they, perhaps moreso Anderson, are overdoing the mushiness a little, perhaps in response to the complaints about Erica not being there.

Too many oohs and aahhs from Anderson.

Codeh said...

kid seeing his father clip is JUST too sweet, and to see Andersons facial expression during it is a beautiful thing.

and what is YRT?

Codeh said...

Sweeet. Anderson's going to be ATL on the 19th. I'm SO GOING. I might get to see and meet Anderson

(I might need to bring the naughty chair with me) LOL.

Okay *deep breaths*

I need air*opens window*

Anonymous said...

@ Annie Kate...I agree...the way Anderson went on and on about that little boy was so SWEET. You can deffinately tell he LOVES kids. The look on his face during that segment just made me think that he really, really wants could just see it!! I bet he was thinking about his dad and him and also about him and his future kids.


Phebe said...

@codeh, YRT is our nickname for the red and navy striped tie. We've named it the young republican tie.
And concerning your other post could you email me and we'll go over some things before I give you the go ahead? My email address is

Anonymous said...

@ codeh...Do you live in ATL...I live about 20 minutes outside of ATL. and am planning on going to the signing too. Hopefully we will get to meet and talk to Anderson!!