Sunday, April 22, 2007

Every Day Is Earth Day

Both Caps by Sheryn

Ruby Slippers was listening to Mark Simone on WABC Radio Saturday morning and Anderson was on talking about his upcoming 60 Minutes interview with Cam'ron. During the interview, Anderson said he was on his way to the airport. Where could he be going? Could he be on his way back to Afghanistan? Headed to LA? Back to NOLA? being Earth Day, could he be headed to the next pit stop for the Planet in Peril series?

Well, back in February, David Doss blogged about the series and said "Anderson may well turn up in Madagasgar(sp), China, the Arctic, Cambodia, the Florida Everglades, and perhaps some other locations as well." Also, when Anderson mentioned to Jeff that he didn't like frogs, Jeff's response was "This is going to be the longest six months of your life."

If the series is 6 months long and Doss mentions 5 other places besides Brazil, then it would makes sense for Anderson to do 1 locale a month. February was Brazil. March was Cambodia. May could be the Everglades since he has a planned book signing in Coral Gables, FL on May 20th. So, that leaves April, June, and July. The Artic could be in the summer since the days are longer. Since he originally was scheduled to be in Afghanistan, it would make sense for him to leave from there to go to either China or Madagasgar but when it comes to Anderson and flying you never know where he'll turn up. I guess we'll have to tune in this week and see ;)

Whenever Anderson and Jeff do turn up again for the Planet in Peril series I hope it will be as educational and entertaining as it was in Brazil. One of my favorite clips is where Jeff pricks Anderson's finger with a palm tree spine. Here is the clip for your enjoyment.

I thought on this Earth Day I'd give you some "Raw Data" regarding our Planet in Peril courtesy of

177 billion - Number of dollars U.S. consumers saved in 2005 because of improvements in automobile efficiency since 1973
13.1 billion - Number of gallons of gasoline saved if every American converted to one of the four most efficient cars in each class
8 billion - Number of dollars U.S. consumers lose daily because of idle electronic functions such as lit display clocks, memory chips, and remote control functions
495 million - Number of dollars U.S. consumers spend on gasoline every day
75 million - Number of dollars saved in electricity costs if all U.S. companies switched to Energy Star “exit” signs
550,000 - Number of trees saved if you recycled all the newspaper in the U.S. on one average Sunday
22,000 - Number of pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) released by the average household each year
4281 - Number of acres of rainforest lost every hour worldwide
2020 - Year that Mt. Kilimanjaro’s glaciers will be completely gone
70 - Percentage of the world’s population that lives in the tropics and will therefore be dramatically affected
by climate change effects, such as rising sea levels and warmer temperatures
50 - Number of years it will take for the Greenland ice sheet to be completely eliminated at the current rate of emissions
30 - Number of dollars saved in energy costs for every light bulb replaced with an Energy Star bulb
20 - Percentage of total heat lost in a typical home because of poor sealing
9 - Percentage of species facing extinction because of global climate change
3 - Percentage saved on the average heating bill for every degree a household lowers its thermostat in the
1 - Number of people it takes to start change

I know the MS Gulf Coast has many challenges ahead and it will take years to fully recover. This week, I received an e-mail from a friend that proved to me that everyone is determined to make the best of the situation. Back in January, A.J. Holloway, the mayor of Biloxi, commissioned chainsaw artist Dayton Scoggins of Mississippi to sculpt a variety of marine-related objects. Scoggins has already sculpted some beautiful pieces. Below is a before pic and a couple of the sculptures he has created. You can see more sculptures HERE and additional information about the recovery in Biloxi HERE.

Have a good Earth Day!!!


ACAnderFan said...

Quitty, thnaks for posting that. I've could watch that clip of Jeff pricking Andy over and over again. It's funny. I love the look on Andy's face after Jeff mentions the bacteria...hilarious.

I have no idea where Andy is going, but my guess would be back to Afganistan. I don't know why, but Ijust feel like he's going back there.

The Artic would be nice too. He could talk about polar bears, and it would be nice to see him all bundled up in winter clothes.

Or he could go to Madagascar...not that I know what's there or anything or why he would be there, but then I could learn what's on Madagascar.

ACAnderFan said...

OK this is off topic, but yesterday I went to the CNN Center in Atlanta. Lots of Anderstuff there. When you walk into the building on a side wall in the hallway, there is a huge Anderposter and inside the Turner Store, there is yet another huge Anderposter. And then when you take the CNN tour, you walk down stairs to get to different levels of the studio, well when you're walking down the stairs they have all kinds of pictures on the wall, and alot of them are of Andy. They're som really nice pics too.

For all you Sanjay fans, across the street from Centenial Park, they have a huge billboard with Sanjay on it. It was really cool.

And of course in the Turner Store they have all kinds of Anderstuff. I ended up getting an AC 360 Keychain, an AC 360 pin, the AC 360 hat and the AC 360 mug. I bought the mug, and my parents bought me the other stuff because I just graduated from college. Oh and of course I had to wear my light blue AC 360 shirt that I orderd off of the AC 360 website.

Anyhow I just thought I'd let eveyone know that if you go to the CNN Center in Atlanta you'll see all kinds of Anderstuff.

Anonymous said...

I was watching CNN last night, and there was a commercial that said Anderson is doing the next SIU. It's going to be about what would happen if we had another Katrina.
So, my guess is back to New Orleans, at least that's what I'm hoping.

Anonymous said...

Great post! On Friday, Phebe said on the blog that "We didn't get our usual 'see you next week' from Mr. Cooper, at the end of Friday's show, so I have no idea what to expect."

My guess is that for sure he is traveling somewhere but will not be on air until Tuesday. At the AC360 page on, it says for Mondays Show: "An American accused of killing a local woman in Nicaragua. He gets 30 years despite a solid alibi and very little evidence. Why such a harsh sentence? Anderson Cooper is keeping them honest. Tune in Monday at 10 p.m. ET"

My guess is that this segment was pre-recorded and that someone is filling in for him. I think for sure Anderson will be somewhere on Tuesday, or who knows? He may even surprise us on Monday just like what he did when he went to Southeast Asia.

Roonie said...

Oh, I've loved that clip ever since I first saw it. Hahaha, so funny!

I'm really glad this is a 6-month excursion for "Planet in Peril" b/c some shows are only doing it for one episode or a week max. Mainstream, big corporation news groups should push this a bit more. Those statistics are STAGGERING!!

I think a trip to India would be good b/c of the backlash the environment has suffered due to countries who were not as developed now becoming developed extremely quickly. Just a thought.

Thanks for the great post! Happy Earth Day!

Unknown said...

Thanks for uploading that clip, it's one of my favorites.

Also, good info on Earth Day. If only everyone took it more seriously... I have a feeling one day we all will be forced to.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you long-time watchers of AC 360. Although I've been a news junkie since birth, I had been keeping informed by reading my local big city paper and internet news sites. I've never been a big fan of tv. I began watching AC 360 regularly a couple of months ago for reasons I'm sure I share with all of you. During these few months it seems to me that the man himself has been absent as often as he himself has broadcast. So I am wondering, have the last couple of months been typical regarding an on-air presence for Anderson?

Anonymous said...

(In Anderfan mood)I think it's kinda cool the way Anderson leave us puzzled and then he turns out to be in one of the many places of the planet earth, doin' his job, give us the real news.What the coolest reporter! I wont be surprised if he turns out to be in mars one day.(will b shock of the millenium, way to go ac360)

Pixiedust said...

I sent an IM to AC360 yesterday asking why the serious bee situation hasn't been mentioned since it is Earth Day and the Planet in Peril thing. If we don't figure out how to stop the desecration of our bee population we may starve to death before we drown!

Quitty, I was shocked when I thought they cut down beautiful trees that looked like they survived the storm, then I read the article and saw that the trees were dead. What a talent to do that kind of work at all, let alone with a CHAIN SAW. I envy people with that kind of talent. Great forethought by the mayor. Too bad all of our elected officials don't think outside the box...or at least surround themselves with people who do--then listen to them.

You know, I wish they made all companies put the number of days it takes for packaging to deteriorate and what percentage of the packaging can be recycled. I wonder how many people would change their purchasing habits...I know I would. My daughter, who works in the glass industry, was contacted by producers at Oprah to set up a tour of one of their facilities. Glass has been recycled for decades, like 40 years.

Another issue that never seems to get There is a company that recycles tires. There are several uses for recycled tires, playground surface, indoor/outdoor flooring AND ROADS. The roads have been tested in the desert heat at its worse and in high altitudes where the temps were below freezing and the snow and ice were factors too. The roads have been tested for more than 10 years and have been wonderful. Repairs practically non-existent. Why wouldn't we use the tires for this purpose. Yes, we would have to initially invest money in building more of the trucks who convert tire pieces into a molten liquid, but think of the time, money, car damage and orange zones this would eliminate. And there, my friends, lies the political problem with this solution. All of those road crews who wouldn't get the government contracts to repair every freakin' interstate and freeway every freakin' year!

Sorry, off my soapbox now.

I hope wherever Anderson is going doesn't require him to fly and hit the ground reporting. I can't imagine what that does to your internal clock.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Phebe said...

@pixiedust, I love that you took AnnieKate's suggestion for the new screen name. Very cute.
As to the roads made of tires, most everything here in Phoenix has been converted to rubberized asphalt. It's not only environmentally friendly but it is a much quieter ride.
@acanderfan, I hope you're not planning on wearing/carrying all that gear to the book signing? You'll scare him to death! LOL! You are the poster child for a true Anderfan.
@Quitty, I loved the tree sculptures. What a genius idea for turning nothing into something.

Anonymous said...

Happy Earth Day to all! Great post,Quitty! Wow, those figures are staggering! Our planet is in peril! Those sculptures by Dayton Scoggins are pretty amazing and,also, on his site. Loved the indians, eagles, and bears. On the CNN website there are some fantastic pictures that astronauts took from space of our great planet Earth. Check it out.

Pixiedust said...

Last week he flew to Afghanistan ready to begin a broadcast I was really looking forward to, when the VT tragedy struck. Due to time differences and flight connections, his return to the US and Virginia took more time than his fans wished.

He's also been more involved in the 60 Minutes spots than he probably anticipated with the sudden death of Ed Bradley.

I think when travel plans or slow news days are an issue; they have a tendency to throw in some prerecorded (and usually already aired) 'special'. I used to be disappointed when they would throw in a rerun, but now I look at it as an opportunity to go to bed at a decent hour (AC360 airs from 10-midnight where I live ;-)

His travel and extra projects means he isn't like most chair-sitting anchors who reads the teleprompter, but the when he is reporting he brings such a wealth of knowledge and inside information from places where he has been, with a unique understanding of a situation that most of us (including other reporters) couldn't begin to grasp. He is so well traveled and well read that his knowledge base is extraordinary. And you can truly appreciate it when he is reporting on a breaking story, when he is thinking on his feet, and we are awestruck by his brilliance.

Welcome to Anderson appreciation and the best darn blog in the business!

Anonymous said...

@acanderfan: Sounds like you had a great time at the Cnn Center! Sure won't be too hard to pick you out at the Atlanta booksigning! LOL!!! It is interesting to go there. I toured it in the 90's. You never know who you might see there. I saw "The Hulk" Hulk Hogan walking thru the lobby.

sydney said...

That clip makes me giggle everytime I see it! That look he gives the camera is priceless. I can't wait to see these 2 teamed up again (I'm assuming Jeff is all healed up, has anyone heard?)

ACAnderFan said...

@Phebe, no I don't plan on wearing all that too the book signing. I don't want to scare him off...LOL!!! Poster child for a ture Andefan...I like that title.

@cactuskid, The book signing is going to be fun. Don't worry I'm not going to wear any of that stuff there. I want to look nice for Andy...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the "Raw Data". Those facts are astounding. I would encourage everyone to watch "An Inconvient Truth" if you can. (it is the Al Gore movie). It is very interesting and a really well done film

I love that clip of Anderson and Jeff. Makes me laugh everytime. It is so funny how Anderson won't even put his finger anywhere near his mouth again after Jeff said that each prickling thing had a bacteria on it. Anderson is so funny. Note to self, if I ever meet Jeff Corwin, don't give him my finger :P

Anonymous said...

No they didn't????
The was no Anderson saying "I'm Anderson Cooper" what was up with that????????

Anonymous said...

I am watching CNN Newsroom and Rick Sanchez was just talking about the story in Nicoroca(sp?) so Anderson didn't even do that story Rick did.

So do we all think John King will be on tomorrow or maybe Rick Sanchez or maybe just maybe Anderson.......I hate the uncertainy of it all :(

Anonymous said...

@ pixiedust: Very, very well said. :)

swmpratt said...

Giggle...we just can't stand not knowing where he is, can we? Afghanistan, the Arctic, Madagascar, China, New Orleans (although if the special is the one I'm thinking of - Edge of Disaster; that was done months ago and shown as a special in the 2nd hour - I tivo'ed it and have it on dvd). Who knows he could be just taking a few days off again; he mentioned once that he gets a lot of vacation but hadn't been able to take a lot of it yet. Maybe he went to see his Father's family in Mississippi. (I think I read that they have a reunion in June so he will probably disappear for a few days at least in June!)

Anderson's style is different - he likes to get the on hands feel of the stories they report on, so he travels a lot. He may in the end do fewer stories but the ones he does are pretty in-depth.

For Earth day the Discovery station, the History international station, and Discovery times, and the Science station had a BUNCH of programs on about global warming, etc. One was done by Tom Brokaw. Another called "Green, the New Red White and Blue" was done by Thommsa Friedman who wrote "The World is Flat" - he had the California governor in several spots on it talking about what is being done in California to reduce carbon emmissions. Several on what they are calling "Cool Fuel", including one they call "cow power" (I will leave that one to your imagination).

I loved the clip - Anderson sucking on his stuck thumb is just too funny.

copperfish said...

@Pixiedust, I liked your new nickname. Very cute and girlish.

@Acanderfan, I laughed at your experience in the Turner store. You should have bought every Anderstuff that is available. :-)

@Quitty, those were marvelous pics. I never thought that those can be made out of dead trees.

swmpratt said...

@pixiedust - like the name! Good for you! I have this lovely image of fairies and fairy/pixie lovely.

BTW, on the 60 minute thing - doesn't Anderson's contract with CNN limit his number of shows with 60 minutes to 4 or 5 per year and he can only do them on his own time?? I thought I read that when he signed his new contract in January. What do you all remember?

Taffiny said...

Madagascar , the issues I know of off hand, would concern, types of animals that exist only there, and are being encroached on by deforestation.
The conflicting needs, of animal life to be preserved, and for local people to be able to make a living (feed their kids).
Madagascar has a lot of lemurs ( ringtailed lemurs are really cute).