Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I think I'm lacking street cred!

Last night, in a ceremony held in Los Angeles, AC360 won a Prism Award for their report entitled, "Anderson Cooper 360: Hiding in Plain Sight-Alcoholism." For a complete list of winners, click here. Congratulations AC360!

These beautiful screencaps are from 60 Minutes courtesy of the lovely Ms. Stillife

Hi everyone! I was really impressed with last night's AC360, weren't you? I'm glad that Anderson chose to cover the Tillman/Lynch story in depth. Jamie McIntyre's report showing the computer-simulated friendly fire scenario where Pat Tillman and an Afghan soldier were gunned down was excellent. It was also nice to hear Ret. General David Grainge's commentary on the issue.

And can I tell you how impressed I am with Anderson's coverage of this 'No Snitching' policy? From his 60 Minutes piece to the in-depth coverage last night, the reports and interviews have been truly eye-opening. This issue is not one that I had been aware of until Sunday night. I have really come to admire Geoffrey Canada's candid opinions about how the music industry must try to move rap music into a more positive direction.

I was less impressed with Russell Simmons, however. I am not a stupid woman. I realize that it is Simmon's job to defend his artists. And to his credit he has tried to lead the rap movement in a more positive direction. Simmon's even held a summit on April 16th to discuss just this matter. But as far as interviewees go, he just didn't impress me at all. And I'm not just talking about last night. Russell Simmons also appeared on The Colbert Report Monday evening where I was even less impressed with him. Yeah, last night Simmons informed the viewing audience that rappers are almost never racist. But on Monday, he told Colbert apparently we white people just don't know how to read the title to his book. I guess we don't have enough street cred to do that! (My thanks to Andrew Sullivan for pointing me in the direction of this interview!) If you missed Simmons on the Colbert Report, you can click here to view the segment.

One more note about Anderson's interivew with Russell Simmons. I'm so glad that Anderson pushed back in this interview. Good for him. I know that Anderson Cooper doesn't like to "wear his opinions on his sleeve" but it was so nice to see Anderson get his ire up! It is easy to see that this subject really interests Anderson. Yesterday he was on both CNN's Newsroom and Glenn Beck's shows promoting his cause. I don't normally like Glenn Beck or his opinions but this interview was really good!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful evening! ~Sheryn


Unknown said...

Sheryn I am so glad Anderson didn't let R Simmons get the upper hand in the interview. You could see how important this topic is to him. I was also impressed by the last post he read from the blog last night - there are some people black and white who don't buy into the whole hate the police and don't tell issue that the rappers seem to be pushing.

snooks said...

Maybe its me but I think this entire debate is so hypocritical on the part of Russell Simmons and the other rap moguls - they repeatedly call what these so called rappers spew art and expressions of their own experience -

Yet as soon as these "artists" get rich they move far away from their communities and any socially responsible behavior leaving their "music" in the inner cities and not giving a damn about the circumstances of those left behind

This entire situation will not change unless and until the buying public tell these "artists" to take a hike and stop buying this garbage - Until it hits the corporate coffers and rappers pocketbooks nothing will change!

It is sad state of affairs that no one is standing up and backing the efforts of Geoffrey Canada

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% with you, I loved yesterday's ac360. The stop snitching topic was very interested. I loved when Anderson pinned Russell Simons, what was wrong with Russell, was he panicking, I think he wasn't even listening what Anderson had to ask or say, he didn't let him talk! and his arguments were just so weak. How do rappers feel with all their money, mansions, diamonds(rolling eyes), expensive cars, when they know that, they got all that for other people's expense or how do they feel when they know that someone lost their lives or commit a crime during the process of accumulating their wealth. Why don't they rap about third world countries,diseases or poverty to raise awareness?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Sheryn.I was disgusted about Simmons last night.He kept on saying how rappers talk about what is happening to them and what they see in their neighbourhoods.But that's not what "no snitchin" is about! These guys preach "no snitchin",their ghetto gets worse with crime and then they rap (and in my eyes,cry) about it.Its what we call "the devils circle" in german.They rap,crime gets worse,they rap (and cry) even more.

I'm also gald that Anderson stood up to Simmons last night.Somebody has to and he did.And the more Anderson brings contraversial stories like these and the more he dares to bring in "difficult" interviewiis,the more I admire and respect him.
Kudos to Anderson.Last night showed why he is such a good anchor/reporter.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Anderson and AC 360 on the PRISM award.
WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love "fired up Andy".......he is super sexy :)

Unknown said...

Another award for 360!

The thing about the whole rap thing is that it's not just about is said in lyrics but the whole culture of rap. It's negative against woman and violent in general. To glorify that is so harmful to their community. I feel bad for the children that grow up in that and don't have strong role models to guide them and when they don't they turn to sports figures and musicians.

Freedom of speech is a great thing and I truly believe that we are al entitled to it but there is a responsiblity that comes with it and I don't believe a lot of the rappers or hip hop stars even care about that part. Just give them the money... it seems, for some, that is all they care about.

Anonymous said...

The more Anderson let Russell Simmons ramble on and spew his garbage the more ridiculous he sounded.

copperfish said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to AC360 for that report. Since it won an award, is there a chance that they would replay it for the benefit of those who haven't seen it yet, like me? :-)

I liked how AC handled his interview with Russell Simons. The man is still cool inspite of the fact his interviewee gets his ire. Not unlike the one I've seen with Gerardo Riviera and Bill O' Riley regarding the immigration issue. That was really a mess.

Here I am again but Mr. Geoffrey Canada earned my respect. He's also cool. I would like to believe that he is not alone in his advocacies. If there are people like RS who goes for these kind of rap music there are also the likes of GC who have the same beliefs and do what they think is right but are not just as vocal. They should be united in this cause.

@Sheryn, as always I loved the caps. They're beautiful. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cam ron's album titled Killa Season is on Asylum record label which is owned by Warner Music, a spinoff from Time-Warner Inc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clip of the interview. I hadn't seen it and it was great!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog everyday faithfully, a few times a day to check for updates but now I would like to thank you so much for the great job you do and taking the time to actually do it. I imagine it is time consuming but since it is your passion well then, it must be so pleasant. The screen caps are phenomenal. By the way, since I'm a grad student, I kind of fell asleep towards the end of last night's show and was wondering if you could please post the video with the part when Anderson said he had a woman stalker. And why did he cover his face? Missed that too. Usually he can keep me up at night (HA!) but I was unusually tired. Sorry. If you or someone can accommodate my small request, I'd be forever grateful. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

360 was great last night! My favorite part was when the camera caught him off guard (highly unusual) scratching his face. He looked suprised and then said "Sorry, I had an itch." LOL!!! That was too much for me, it's hard not to laugh with dorky Anderson!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many women worried that Anderson was talking about them in the stalking segment. Can you imagine? Probably the VT massacre has made him rethink the stalking issue and he is trying to make sense of it- from a different angle?

Sheryn said...

@Anon 7:39, I'm not sure that posting that portion of the program is appropriate but I can surely clip it for you and send it your way. If you are interested, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to oblige.

swmpratt said...

@anon at 7:39 - AC was covering his face at Karl Rove's dancing at the correspondents dinner. As Tom Foreman said Rove danced like a broken lawn chair.