Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thank You Anderson Cooper

I really needed a snarky AC360 on Wednesday night and that's exactly what I got. Thank you Anderson Cooper.

The show started out with a very interesting interview with a safely-back-on-US-soil Michael Ware. He said, when talking to AC, that he had just gotten back to the States on Wednesday. Michael looked relaxed and was, as always, very informative.

Besides revisiting the Snitchin' story and lots of coverage of the capture of the world's worst Dad we also had a major part of the second hour devoted to stalking, both on campus and off.
This was the graphic that AC used to describe the attributes of a stalker. I actually was going to make light of the subject and say that I've done all of the above, but decided against it. It's easy to joke, but it's really not a laughing matter. Anderson talked about his stalker on tonight's show. He said "Anyone who's been on TV has people who stalk them at one time or another. I've got a woman who believes she has a relationship with me. And there's really nothing you can do to convince them otherwise. You know, you can try to ignore them all you want but if you send them one email to say 'Look please stop this' that just sparks it up again."
I'm sure AC has more than one stalker. He must. We hear from several of them, regularly, telling us to back off of Anderson, he's taken. Now you know why we moderate comments at ATA.

Do you remember the other night when I posted that watching the phone in segment made me so uncomfortable that, at one point, I actually watched with my hand over my eyes, peeking through my fingers. Coincidence? I think not! Well actually it is a coincidence but just play along, it makes me happy.
And good Lord, is it hot in here or what? Sorry, fangurl moment. Thanks to Ms. AnnieKate for some great captures of the lighter moments of Wednesday's AC360.

That's it for today, enjoy your Thursday. I'll leave you with a little beauty. Enjoy the view!


Unknown said...

It was great to see some of the lighter moments tonight! I won't go all fangurl but I enjoyed the show.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed tonight's show as well. And it was nice to see Michael Ware on safe ground for a change. I've enjoyed hearing his insight into the Iraq situation. I'm a relatively new Anderfan and I've got what's probably a dumb question but I'm curious. How long has he had that little scar under his left eye?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the show, it was great to see Anderson having fun again at the expense of Bush and Rove. With the Donald Trump and Rosie feud, it's never-ending but Anderson has a reaction to it (the whistle). Well, there really is nothing to say about it anymore. He seems to be very happy today.


copperfish said...

I thought it was just a mismanaged audio but when the camera got on him doing the whistling, it gave me a hearty laugh. Well done!!

I would agree with you Phebe that MW looked well done his last broadcast. I wonder if he had started writing his book.

I don't get to watch the second hour so it's interesting that he really did talked about it in his show. I mean he only mentioned about it in the other night's telecast but to really dwell on it was something. I've read postings in the internet of a woman who allegedly says there were 4 of them who have had relationship with him in the past. How did these people had known his e-mail address? I'm sure the stalkings had gone too far up to the point that it really pissed him off. Sometimes I wonder if the stalkings make him slightly paranoid of the people that he meet. That once he steps out of his loft he had to be always aware of the people around him. That he should have bodyguards around once he left his office, should be picked up and dropped off by a CNN car. My! what a price to pay for being born with good looks, fame and money and being single. He can't seem to have a normal life. I wonder how he deals with all of these plus the never ending gossip about him. I wonder if he really can say he's happy with his life.

@Phebe, really this blog receives threats from his delusional fans. That was funny but pissing. We are just beautiful, harmless people who loves to voice out opinions on different matters. Our only common denominator is AC. If we have our fangurl moments we just refer to our precious and almighty "naughty chair". And that's it.

Ok, Phebe to make you happier, I think he did it for you. LOL!

ACAnderFan said...

I liked 360 last nite it was really good.

Nice to see Michael Ware back in the US. It was a good interview and was infromative.

I didn't get to see much of the stalking story. I haven't been feeling well this well so I kpet dozing off. I wanted to see it though becuase I knew Andy would mention his and I wanted to hear what he had to say.

FanGirl moment: I LOVED the way he looked last nite. That shirt was so pretty and I liked the balck tie with it. His hair looked really silvery. He just looked really nice.

Pati Mc said...

Oh yes Phebe, it IS definately HOT in here.

Loved the show as well. Snarky Anderson is just the best thing to destress with after a long day. *sigh* (And I will not even mention the pretty).

Thanks for the beautiful clips and great commentary. Michael Ware is just the best. Glad to see him in the studio, safe, relaxed and all cleaned up.

Anderson whistling was awesome. He is so cute!

Cindy said...

I enjoyed the show last night. It was very informative on every subject he covered.

I loved seeing Michael Ware in the studio with Anderson. I'm glad he is actually taking some time off from Iraq. And he did look very good and rested. I hope he stays over here a while and has some fun with his time off.

I too was suprised with Anderson telling about his stalker. It was good because it will dispell some things that this woman has been putting all over the net here recently. But on the other hand this may push her over the edge. So I hope Anderson becomes way more cautious! I know he wants a "normal" life but I do believe he needs to be more careful when he is walking around NYC. He may even need to take a bodygaurd along for awhile until this blows over.

I know he may be trying to be nice to this woman but I think he needs to press never know what she may try next. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

Very nice screenshots! Thanks Phebe, you just made Wed. morning a bit less dreary :-)

sydney said...

I was actually going a little fangurl on Michael last night :-) Sorry, I never promised Anderson I'd be exclusive LOL!

Way back in the day, I had a stalker, only we didn't call them that back then (they were "admirers"). Fortunately, he was harmless, but it's scary to look back and wonder what could've happened if he had been truly unbalanced.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo glad to see my 2 favorites on last night, AC and Michael!!! Its good to see Michael is home safely!!!

Just wondering if anyone has seen People Magazine yet??? Its the most beautiful edition and i wanted to know if AC was listed again this year? Couldn't find him on their online site.

Sheryn said...

Cooperfish, in the past year, everyone who writes for this blog has been bothered by one of Anderson's delusional fans. As someone whom has experienced their wrath, it isn't fun.

In fact, it's actually rather frightening and upsetting. And if this is what this kind of 'fan' does to just another fan, what does a person like this do to Anderson? I simply cannot imagine.

I must admit that this stalker segment upset me greatly. I truly feel sorry for Anderson and anyone who has had to go thru this situation.

swmpratt said...

Well I was a bad girl last night. I didn't watch (although I did tivo it and watched it on tivo as I clipped for Phebe). (Sorry for the off topic but some of you may be interested in this) I watched the first show of Bill Moyer's Journal on PBS. It was called "Buying the War" and was about how the press just went along with Bush when he initially got us into the war with Iraq and did not ask questions. He had Dan Rather on as guest as well as several others. Bill will be having a regular journal show on PBS each Friday. This Friday he will be joined by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show to talk about how "faking" the news can sometimes reveal more than all the newspapers, talk shows, and newscasts put together. Ought to be interesting.

Bill Moyers for those who don't remember or are too young to remember worked for the Kennedy and LBJ administrations and has been described as one of the chief inheritors of the Edward R. Murrow tradition of "deep-think" journalism. He has gained public and private foundation support for producing some of television's most incisive investigative documentaries. Last night was no different. It was a very thought provoking documentary and one that I'm glad I watched even if it meant watching a rerun of AC!

Back on topic - the piece on Rosie and Donald showed both of them at their worst, didn't it? What bad behavior from two people who should know better. Anderson's reaction was perfect though. Yawning would have been a good reaction too - it was mine.

I enjoyed Michael Ware most. While Tom Foreman was his usual energetic self (where does he get all that energy), Michael was studied and informative and very much on top of his subject (I guess after being over there for years he would be!). They could have let him talk for an hour and I wouldn't have tired of it. And didn't he look good with a shave and non-rumpled clothes. Man, he could give Anderson a run for his money easily. What about an All Things Michael blog???

One of the comments said something about a book - who is writing a book - Micheal or Anderson? If Michael is there an announced date for it to be out. That is one book that would definitely be a good read.

Everyone have a good day and in case you didn't know it was on this day in 1607 that the first permanent English settlers in North America landed at Cape Henry, Chesapeake Bay, and they later formed Jamestown.

Phebe - great write-up as usual.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson had a good time with Tom Foreman last night, I think he and Tom were both very natural at having fun. He and Erica are good, but sometimes I think Anderson lays the cuteness on a little thick, where Tom and Anderson seemed two guys just acting totally relaxed and normal.

I wonder if Anderson has tried to press charges or do anything about this stalker he talked about. Not sure how serious it is, but the way he was going on about the two girls at Virginia Tech that didn't press charges he may not do the same for himself. (he was suggesting if they pressed charges this may not have happened)

Anonymous said...

Love the screen cap of is one of the best pictures I've seen of him. In fact, I was scrolling down the blog and all the pictures this week were stellar. So much pretty..loved the one with Larry, Anderson, and Ryan as well!

I am not the kind of person you would look at and think someone would stalk her but I had a terrible experience my first year in college. The guest was right, you spend most of your time looking over your shoulder. It really got me thinking about public figures and celebrities. They make a choice to be public and I guess this is part of it but after what happened to people like John Lennon and Jody Foster(and many more we probably don't know about) it really is frightening . You just don't know when someone with go off the deep end. It was even more scary to hear they usually stalk for 1 -2 years and often come back after being incarcerated..just terrible. As a wife and mother, I started thinking about these celebrities partners and children. If you had a stalker who was out of touch with reality, thinking they have a relationship with you as Anderson mentioned, would that put your partner or child at risk. The thought of that would probably bother me the most. With stalking and the ever present paparazzi, it's a wonder anyone wants to be in the public eye. Gawker really went after Jimmy Kimmel for his interview on LKL but after watching last nights show, I think he is spot on. There are extremely disturbed people out there stalking these celebrities and Gawker is telling them where to find them. It seems even more irresponsible given the events of the last couple weeks.

Sorry for the rant. I just couldn't quit thinking about this last night. Thank heavens for the snarky Anderson it added a light note I really needed yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed last night's show. I especially loved that Michael Ware was on and back safe from Iraq. I am always interested to hear his perspective on how things are on the ground over there.

Loved the little snarky moments we got from Anderson last night a la the Rosie/Trump piece. Pretty funny stuff. Those two really are ridiculous people though. Hollywood is so much like junior high!

Thanks for the screencaps and clips from the show. It was fun to watch those again =]


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the show last night too. After all the sorrow we experienced last week, it was nice to see a snarky Anderson and let's not forget Tom Foreman! I loved when they showed the scoring paddles as though they were judges on Dancing with the Stars. Bush dancing was just way too funny.

Wouldn't you just love to see AC dancing? I'm sure that will never happen.

As far as the stalking segment, I believe it is just a mild form of mental illness when one takes their attraction for someone to the extreme. It's hard for me to believe that there really isn't anything that can be done except to ignore them.

I experienced a stalker situation when I was in college. It has since made me more aware of my surroundings and not be so predictable because I didn't know this guy at all but he apparently knew me and everything I did and where I went each day. I eventually called the cops on him after realizing that he was following me around campus and even though the cops thought I was "provoking" him in some way, they did speak to him and he stopped...thank goodness.

My heart goes out to Anderson and you ladies here at ATA that have to put up with the crazy ones!

ACAnderFan said...

I feel bad for Andy. It's got to be very stressful to know that you have a stalker. I mean at any given time they could be there. I'd be terrified if I had a stalker. I really feel for Andy. If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that CNN has a car for Andy that takes him home after the show. That's sad. he cant' even just go home. He has to have a CNN car take him home. The poor man.

I never did celebrity understand stalkers. They claim to be fans of the famous person, yet then make that persons life a living nightmare.

Fame has a very high price and I really admire those who are willing to pay that high price. I don't think that is a price I'd want to pay.

Anonymous said...

To Sheryn, Phebe, and the other bloggers:

I'm wondering if the stalker Anderson was talking about is the same woman that's been sending you e-mail.

It's frightening to think how delusional someone like that is. You never know what they are capable of doing including acts of violence and apparently not much can be done to stop them.

The Original Miranda Lane said...

I loved the toss with Tom (though I miss Erica) and thought Anderson's coverage of the whole Rosie thing was classic AnderSnark! Yeah, I needed that last night, too, Phebe. Bummer I missed the part about stalkers, though. I've had my share of over-zealous admirers in the past and the more famous I become the more I'm sure that it's likely to happen again. Maybe I could have picked up some tips on how to handle it. But wow... yeah, no wonder you moderate comments if AC's got people around claiming he's their boyfriend!

Unknown said...

The truth of the matter is that there is more than one "highly motivated" fan (as Anderson puts it). The sad thing is I doubt it's just one person. A lot of us that have been around awhile know there are several people that are stalkers or stalkerish.

Any kind of mental illness is hard to deal with and I believe that stalking is a form of mental illness. The sad thing is that these people don't have someone close to them that can see they need help and get them the help they need.

Even though I'm sure it scares the crap out of him in some ways I'm sure he understands they are mentally ill and he seems to focus on that on his show a lot. I think the subject hits close to home for him.

To me, I think it's sad that these people can't get help and have a life that is more fufilling than where they are currently at.

Anonymous said...

Dear ATA,

More pictures of Michael Ware please! He is a doll! Does anyone know how old he is? I can't tell. It's always great to hear his point of view and get the real scoop on what's happening over in Iraq. Thanks!

Pixiedust said...

This has been one of the best weeks in a long time...and we still have Thursday and Friday to go!

Not all stories were 'hot issues' on all the networks, these are stories that Anderson has done a lot of behind-the-sceens research and seems passionate about. And since he has brought them to our attention, many of us are more aware of the issues.

I think during the weeks when we complain that Anderson is only on one hour and the following hour is a 'special', I think he must be working on these types of things. If so, I'm not going to complain about them again. There is no way he could do all of this research while he is covering all the stories for a 2-hour program five days a week.

Once again proving he is far suprior to other reporters.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, Sheryn, Pt, and Quitty, I am so sorry to hear the time and effort you spend trying to bring news of Anderson to us has also resulted in you being exposed to some of his more irrational fans. What a shame! I am also sorry that, just by being himself, Anderson has attracted these type of individuals. I hope he is aware that for every deluded fan, there are 100's of us who are living sane stable lives and who just appreciate getting our daily dose of news and politics from a person who is engaging, humorous, and down to earth. By all accounts, Anderson is a kind and open person. I hope these experiences don't change Anderson or the ladies of ATA!

CLH said...

I really needed last night's AC360.It even made me happy today.

Sheryn said...

Em, not to worry, we've all be around the for a while like PT said. For us it's an occassional annoyance. We aren't going anywhere!

I think the internet is wonderful for meeting new people around the world like we've all met and enjoyed each other's company. But I guess there are always a couple of people who try to ruin the fun.

And i agree, Anderson does attract his fair share of the more interesting fans.

Anonymous said...

What a great show last night! the one you don't want to even skip a word. I felt so bad for rhimes 's late bodygurd's former girlfriend. How can someone get a goodnight sleep while they know that some people out there don't have a father, a son, a brother or a boyfriend because of them? and they still shy away from justice?
Michael ware's always the best.
This stalking thing is scary! really, for someone to get to the point of attacking fans? That's not only chemical inbalance but, I think it's physical too!

Anonymous said...

It is always so nice to see Michael Ware but especially when he is back on safe ground in the US. He looked very nice last night and it was great to see the 2 McCuties together.

Anderson whistling is classic. I love when he is so easy going it is great. And with such a heavy topic such as his stalkers I am glad we got to have so fun Andy.

Speaking of fun Andy, I loved him and Tom Foreman last night. They were so funny when they were doing the shot last night. When they were using the paddles that was so funny. Anderson with paddles somehow landed me in the naughty chair and that is where I am going to leave it tonight :P