Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Vault is Open!

Good Morning Everyone! I know I'm not supposed to be blogging on a Sunday but I'm pinch-hitting for my good friend Ms. Quitty who needed some time off.

I thought I wouldn't bore you with any political analysis or talk of being on the Edge of Disaster because hey, it's Sunday and we all need a day of rest, don't we? So what do you say I treat y'all to another addition of Anderson Cooper's Vault? Okay then, let's enter the secret code and see what we have laying on the shelves, shall we?

Well, first up I have these two pictures that I have not seen previous to this evening. The first picture, courtesy of, is of Anderson on the Red Carpet of the Quill Awards last October. (WARNING: Click to enlarge at your own risk. I advise you be sitting down when you do so!)

This next picture is a different view of a picture we all recognize of Anderson reporting on the streets of NYC (right). Have you ever seen this angle before? I hadn't, so I thought I'd share it with you! (Click to enlarge)

And of course, I have some video clips you may or may not have seen in the past. This first clip is the full-lenght version of Gloria Vanderbilt's appearance on WNN in which she sings to her loving son. If you've never seen this version, I just cannot rave enough about it. It is by far one of my most favorite clips. I re-watch this clip when I'm down because it never fails to make me smile. (This clip was uploaded to by our lovely Ms. Rachel.)

Well Ladies and Gents, that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed our latest visit to the Anderson Cooper Vault. I did receive your requests and post try to post each and every one as soon as they are uploaded!

Have a wonderful Sunday and I'll see you back here on Tuesday afternoon! ~Sheryn


Unknown said...

Ah! Two of my favorites as well.

Nothing like seeing Anderson totally mortified by his mom, like we all can be! He is so embarrassed by the pictures LOL

I also love Memories of Me. Ahhhhh, do I miss SmartAss Anderson!

Unknown said...

Sheryn, I love those clips especially the one of WNN, Gloria is the best. Do you think we could see the Mother's Day one someday - I just love his excuse for forgetting to sign the card and not being with Gloria on MD - the war and all. Then Arthell's comment the next day was priceless. He will never live all this down as long as You Tube and Anderfans exist. But these are why we love him so.

ac said...

hi everyone,i have never wrote to you before but am a big fan of your blog,and of course,MR.COOPER.
i had a request for your ANDERSON COOPER VAULT-if possible,could you find the REGIS &KELLY part of an episode where he and kelly were
playing with the toys?
do any of your moderators know why
no one can access the ANDERCHRONICLES blog any more?
it says you have to be an invited member-i was a regular viewer,do you know if i can join?
thanks for taking my comments.
do any of you know if or when
anderson may show up anywhere in
CANADA? i wonder if he's ever been here?
bye for now. keep up the good work.

sydney said...

I hadn't seen that second clip before - hilarious!. The song was perfect, too. Hmm, someone was a little less gray 5 years ago (weren't we all). I hope *that* Anderson gets reincarnated someday. Until then, we'll have to be on the lookout and settle for those rare little snarklets he throws our way.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but I think those two pictures of Anderson reporting from the streets are from when right before 360 started and they ran those commercials of him talking to people on the street telling them about his new show and asking them to watch. There was even a little kid in a stroller he asked to watch also.

ACAnderFan said...

Sheryn, those are gret vidoes. I love the WNN one. I watch it all the time on youtube. I'd had never seen the Memories of Me one, but now it is my fave Andervideo. I love the part where the woman is combing his hair and he's like, 'Gentle Gentle, Not so rough' I cracked up so hard during that part.

And those pictures...WOW!!! That first one...I think I need the naughty chair after looking at that one...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, thank you for the Memories of Me clip... I got into Anderson very late and all I have seen of this side of him is little clips like this... :)

Love the site, I'll go back for a lurk now...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. I can't say thank you enough. You guys, put a smile on my face and make my day. You were right, I should have sat down before enlarging the Quill awards photo but I didn't listen and I almost fell over, look at those eyes. He is breathtaking indeed. Thanks again and yes, love snarky Anderson. Keep up you great work with this website.

Cindy said...

Thanks for the great pictures of Anderson. Though I had seen them but still love to look at them anyway.

I LOVE the video of Gloria singing to Anderson. I watch it all the time on YouTube. It is so funny. I love that she brought family photos of him to share and he wouldn't let her show all of them! I would love to see the ones he wouldn't show! And I loved how embarrased he got! Moms can always do that to you no matter what age you are!

I love the snarky Anderson in Memories of me! I've watched it on YouTube also! He is such a smart a$$ sometimes...I LOVE it! I wish we got to see more of that side of him! It is quite enjoyable! It's quite SEXY I must say!!!

Anonymous said...

oh what a glorious Sunday morning!!!! Thank you Sheryn for opening the Andervault.

That first picture is so great when you enlarge it. Anderson's deer in the head lights look is great:) How is it possible that this man does not take a bad photo.

Great to see the 360 of Anderson. I love when we get pics of Anderson from different angles.

My absolute favourite Anderson video - I love watching Gloria sing "Always" to Anderson. The first time I saw it, I cried :) Still gets me everytime. It is fantastic and I love how Anderson gets all embarssed when Gloria comes out and then shows the pictures and they start talking about Nancy Reagan. I really, really, REALLY would love to get a "I'm coocoo for Cooper" button :)

The "Memories of Me" video was so funny. Seriously, Anderson has such a great sense of humour and really good comedic timing. If he ever became an actor and got a comedy series, I would totally be watching. I loved it when they were brushing his hair and he was like watch it, like his hair is super sensitive. Did the one guest say thanks Aaron, instead of Anderson. LOL. CarrotTop talking to Anderson seemed out of place, I wonder what they were discussing. And Anderson's meow' cute :) And Anderson sitting at home eating bonbon's and stewing......just can't picture it. I just can't picture Anderson sitting doing nothing for very long, hence why he doesn't do vaca's well.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!

Phebe said...

"Stewing in the juices of my own despair" That's classic Anderson!
Thank you Ms. Sheryn

tinkerbelle said...

Anne Carter: to join/be able to read the Anderchronicles just go back to the site, there are clearer (ok, sorry, no coffee yet) that were put up. Basically you just need to send Ellee an email and she'll take it from there.

(To the mods: hope I'm not stepping on any toes, I didn't see the instructions for that listed here yet.)

Sheryn said...

@PT, these are one of a bunch of my favorite vids I watch when I need a pick-me-up. I do miss that smart ass side of Anderson. He has such a quick wit. I love how he can parody himself.

@Grace, I'll do a special Mother's Day Vault edition. I have both clips!

@Anne, WELCOME! I'll search for you. I love the Oozinator but don't know if I have it. It might be out on YouTube.

@Sydney, I can't even remember what the heck my true hair color is any more!!! I tell everyone I'm a brunette but hee, that's not really true. I'm more silver because it doesn't suit me as well as it does Anderson!

@Anon, I'd never seen that commercial. Thanks for the info!

@ACanderfan, there is another part to that video that I have in my collection. It's hysterical and I'll post it some time. I know you'll love it!

@Tracey, I'm glad you liked it! I have a HUGE video library amassed over the past year. We have to thank people like BleedBlue and Doraemon for gems like these. They have been around this fandom far longer than I!

@Anon, You are very welcome. Please heed my warnings next time. I never joke about such things! ;)

@Cindy, I loved thoses pictures of Anderson that Gloria showed. I'm not sure if it would make him happy that this clip has been forever archived in the Anderfandom! Ah, its adorable though!

@Megan, next vault I'll post the Carrot Top clip I have. It will make more sense. It too is hysterical! I'm glad we made your day!

@Phebe, I swear I was going to title this post that line. I thought better of it! LOL!

@Tinkerbelle, first, love the name! Second, thanks for answering Anne's question for me! You are not stepping on anyone's toes believe me! I hadn't known about what happened to the Chronicles. Thanks for the info!

I'm off to clean bathrooms. WOO HOO! What an exciting Sunday for me!

ACAnderFan said...

In the 'Memories of Me' video...I love when that woman is combing Andy's hair and he keeps saying, 'Gentle Gentle, Not so rough' is priceless.

I must also admit that I'm jealous of that woman who is combing is hair. Wouldn't that be the perfect job...getting paid to comb Andy's beautiful hair??? I'd even comb his hair for free...LOL!!!

I must also say that I like his hair cut very short and close to his head in that video. Which is surprising because I normally like his hair a little longer.

Unknown said...

Sheryn please post the MD clip B4 MD so Anderson can have a little reminde r that it's coming up, lol.

Anonymous said...

Great Clips!! Please keep posting more of them...I really want to see that commercial that Anon 5:00am was talking about...

OT: Does anyone have Eelle's (over at the anderchronciles website) e-mail address?

Anonymous said...

@ Anne Carter - I am hoping and praying that Andrerson will someday come to Canada (more specifically, Toronoto) But more people praying bout it can't hurt. "Ask, Believe, Recieve" LOL

The thing about Snarky Andy is......the world and news is so depressing now a days so I think it is hard for Anderson to get it in there as much. A lot of these snarky vault classics are from before the war. This is why I love the Shot and Anderca banter so much. It is a close to snarky Anderson we get - unless he is bringing it to Russell Simmonds HAHA!!!!

"Eating Bonbon's and stewing in the juices of my own despair" I am totally go to use that line when I am in a depressed mood. Anderson truly is a well of wisdom and the gift the keeps on giving.

Sheryn, I will patiently await the Anderson/CarrotTop clip cause it may be an odd coupling but you know it will totally be funny :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheryn for the pics and clips. The clips are two of my favorites. Today is our first day of yard clean up for the summer. We have a huge yard which Mr Em wanted but unfortunately Mr Em also hates yard work. I used to do a lot of it with my son but now he is grown so I have to try to get Mr Em motivated. He is generally a great guy but we will probably be arguing for the next month until the yard is ready and we only have to maintain. He is definitely DH today and not in a good way! Anyway, we took a little break and I watched the video's so I am plastering a smile on my face and heading back out for round two. Wish me luck...on second thought, maybe you should all say a prayer for Mr Em, there's nothing worse than a P.O.'ed Portuguese Princess!

Hope you all have great's 80 degree's here today woo hoo!!

Taffiny said...

Thanks, those were great. I had never seen them before.

I don't let myself go to YouTube, I might not resurface for days, or weeks, or... (it is just too risky).

?The naughty chair thing, is that from something?

Gloria can sing better than I can. Watching her sing to him, was very sweet.

It seems everyone likes to set this man to music.

(P.S. tweeked the name a bit)

The Original Miranda Lane said...

Thanks, that NewsNight clip was great! I even loved that he used the term "subleberty." The first time I heard him say that was when I caught him on Last Call with Carson Daly in referring to Paris Hilton. I've heard it was in 2003 when he started writing for Details, but I haven't been able to find the clip anywhere. If you've got that one, please share. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sheryn! thank you for the beautiful video! is it gonna get better than this? How sweat when Gloria was singing to him! and she was right,(of course yes, she's his mother) "he is extra ordinary"
person. Aww! he was soo qute as a baby, and the young boy, and his early thirties really hot! and now, ... actually even hotter. mh!hottest! to be honest. The other video just so funny. And the picture in a suit! Oh my! those eyes seems like headlights!
Thanks for the warning, for those who haven't seen it yet,try it at your own risk! or I should warn you too, don't try it at home.. or sorry, sit down first, or wear googles!
Ah! what a weekend!

Anonymous said...

Loved the vids.! I just love how Gloria makes Anderson squirm! They are so cute together. The vids. with Gloria in them are my favorites. Thanks, Sheryn, for posting them.

Anonymous said...

@ tiffany - there is a video n youtube (and your right youtube is addictive). A woman did a report about a new form of discipline where parents put they're children in a "naughty chair" when they are bad. They are put in the chair for a cerain amount of minutes (their age). Right at the end, Anderson says he wants the naughty chair......and that he is not ready for kids. Great video.....quality isn't the best but it is one of my favs. This video is old. I have an "Anderson" playlist on Youtube

Unknown said...

@Cndy if I miss my guess the photos that Anderson wouldn't let them show on the air are the two shown at the end of the vid. Barry says something about a Blues Brothers shot and the one of him in the fedora fits the bill and would Anderson really want all the world to see him dressed as a cowboy complete with lasso, I don't think so.

And Sheryn email me I have the Carson Daly sublebrity clip if you don't.

Anonymous said...

thanks Sheryn for the yummy pictures. That first one is definitely breath taking, those eyes! *thud*

Thanks for brightening a dreary Sunday!

Unknown said...

Megan-that's Heidi Collins. She used to sub for Anderson when he was off. And that is the orgin of the naughty chair :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos. I would like to request that you post the video of Anderson's appearance on Oprah. I've never seen it and can't find it on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

@ PT - Thanks I couldn't think of Heidi's name when I was typing my earlier post. Everyone here has such vast Anderknowledge and knowledge pretaining to other great people.

copperfish said...

You ladies of ATA never cease to amazed me of the contents of you "AC Vault". The first clip was very entertaining. I never heard that song before but the lyrics were meaningful. The second clip shows of the snarkiest Anderson I've ever seen. I just hope it was just for the clip.

Anonymous said...


I will love to see the video of Gloria and 3-4 year old Anderson on a nightime show-can't remember it's name-, but I do know it exist. If anyone can find it, it's you!

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:43 I believe the clip you are referring to is when Anderson was on What's My Line..if I'm not mistaken, that clip was shown on his Lettermen interview and can be seen on that interview on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Sheryn, I believe Anderson was on Johnny Carson when he was two years old.

Taffiny said...

Thanks Megan, and PT.

Rachel said...

hehe 2 of my fav clips...
Yeap I'm alive.......The mother day clip is my ALL TIME FAV!!

Sheryn said...

Claps hands and jumps up and down, Ms. Rachel's back! Yay!!!!

We missed you, girl!