Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yea! Good John!

Since I didn't watch Thursday's show I didn't see the Anderabsence coming on Friday. But I must say I do enjoy John King, so all is good. Friday's 1st hour was packed with interesting reports. Did you catch the Scientologists recruiting on Virginia Tech's campus? How sick is that?
I've been reading lots of blog posts lately about AC360's expert forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz. Anderson had him on the show last week to discuss the psychological makeup of the VT mass murderer. The blogs I came across all questioned the creditability of Dr. Dietz, but I really never put any credence in what I was reading. I thought if he was good enough for AC360 then he must have been checked out and creditable. When I read that 360 reported on Thursday's show that Dietz 'lied' on the stand during the Yates trial I was a bit surprised. Why would AC360 use Dietz as a panelist and then a few nights later discredit him? And then today we have Dave Doss blogging an apology and JK reading one on air too. It's all very interesting.
Friday's AC360 also included a little JK Erica banter and a few cute cat 'shots of the day'. I really want to come back in my next life as Erica Hill. Anderson loves her, John King loves her, she's got to be the luckiest woman on the planet.

Book Asylum sent me a link to an interview with John King that was posted at TV's Insider column. Enjoy!

On Air Forsh-Sh-Sh One by Michele Greppi
So what's it like to be a reporter going off the grid with President Bush, who caught nearly everyone by surprise by heading for Baghdad Monday when everyone was expecting him to be preparing for a press conference in the White House Rose Garden?

The Insider put that question to CNN chief national correspondent John King. He was asked to be TV pool correspondent on the trip because his sudden absence would not be noticed by the White House press corps.
The Insider will skip the meaty, newsy part of the trip-that was well-covered-and get right to the behind-the-scenes details for which she lives.
Mr. King's involvement started with a Sunday afternoon e-mail from Dan Bartlett, the presidential counselor who oversees communications, and a subsequent low-key meeting at a moderately priced chain restaurant on Washington's Wisonsin Avenue with Mr. Bartlett and White House Communications Director Nicolle Wallace. Mr. King had covered the White House for more than eight years and "knew the drill," they explained.
After Mr. King cleared the trip in utter secrecy with CNN Washington bureau chief David Bohrman, he was declared "unavailable" to work Monday. He would take CNN photojournalists Tim Garraty and Phil Littleton with him on Air Force One, which also carried a standard travel pool consisting of four print correspondents and four still photographers.
Mr. King told his ex-wife and two children he was going on "a short but sensitive trip that I wasn't supposed to talk about."
His daughter, 9, said, "'Daddy, you're going to Iraq.' It came out just like that. She actually got a little emotional and said she would prefer that I not go. I was taken aback by that and we had to talk for a little while. In the end, she was fine," Mr. King said.
The flight plan was was to go directly to Baghdad and land during daylight," Mr. King said. "The number of agents on Air Force One was higher than normal. The plane landed in a way you're not supposed to land a 747. It banks in until you get close to the airport and then it just drops. They handed out flak jackets when we landed. They said, 'Run to the helicopters.'
"The ride to the relatively safe Green Zone in Baghdad in U.S. military transport helicopters, which carried about 25 flak-jacketed and helmeted people each, was "intense. You're flying very low," Mr. King said. One soldier in back and two at the front of each helicopter were "hanging out, manning machine guns."
Air Force One stewards (whom King praises as underappreciated) served an unremarkable frozen ravioli dinner and a breakfast on the 11-hour trip over. Food was made available at the U.S. Embassy, which also served "this gawdawful coffee but it was strong, which was all we needed."
Because by then the world knew the President was in Baghdad, takeoff was to be after dark and as rocket-like as possible. So Air Force One did not leave Iraq with enough fuel for a direct trip back to Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington.
Everyone was told not to turn on their cellphones, BlackBerrys, computers or anything else that might give off a glow or a signal that might be tracked. Window shades were down and were to stay down. "Takeoff was just strange," Mr. King said. "You hear the engines gun and then, in a pitch-black environment, this giant 747 starts lurching forward and then just takes off. It goes as straight up as it can."
The plane refueled in England, where Mr. King called his children and saw an e-mail reporting that ABC newsman Bob Woodruff, who was nearly killed outside Baghdad on Jan. 29, had made an emotional visit to ABC News. "It made me smile," he said.
The trip was "tense and cool. The 'gee whiz' of it was cool. It was nice to have an eye on that moment." His 36 hours of it were over, but he could not not mention the troops, journalists and others "still there in a lousy situation."

I'll leave you with the much requested khaki pictures courtesy of Xtina and Ms. Sheryn. If I'm not mistaken they were taken at the Cindy Sheenan protest site called Camp Casey in Texas.

And this shot was sent to us by a reader. It was taken of Anderson during his live coverage from Virginia Tech.

That's it for me tonight. Quitty has Saturday night off this week. Ms. Sheryn will be posting something very special from the vault. Stay tuned and have a great weekend.


ACAnderFan said...

I liked 360 last nite. I figured Andy wouldn't be on. When I saw John King I was like, 'Yes!!! This hsould be good.' And it was. I'd like to see John King fill in more for Andy.

Those Scientolgists...that is ridiculous, recruting after a tragedy. They don't even have basic common sense let alone common curtsey. That's just wrong.

I didn't even watch hour two. I was however watching Showbiz Tonight on CNN Headline News Channel. They were talking about Hollywood's obsession with being thin. This is something I'd like to see on 360. But insead of Hollywood's obsession with being thin, 360 could look at society's obsession with beinh thin, and why people will do anything to be thin. I think it's an important issuse that needs to be put out there, and I think Andy and 360 would do a great job putting it out there.

FanGirl moment: That first pic of Andy in the khaki's...NICE!!! That is by far one of the best pics of him I have ever seen.

copperfish said...

The never seen videos of the rescue of Jessica Lynch were revealing. She seems to be in state of shock coz she wails when she heard the artillery shots. It makes me think if wounded soldiers in the battlefield like Ms. Lynch underwent debriefing.

I don't understand these scientologists. If they want new members, they should not take advantage of the grief of the families of the VT tragedy. Surely, there are some other ways.

We don't know who's had the last say to ok a certain reference person in whatever their topic is. It may be Anderson, David Doss, the segment producer or the team of researchers. They may have forgotten to check the credibility of that person due to time constraints. But for whatever its worth, it was courageous of them to still acknowledge their mistake.

Based on the interview, I was surprised to know that John King had an ex-wife. He did a good job in this friday's show.

My goodness! I loved the first photo of AC. Great backdrop, the clear blue skies with stratus clouds matched his eyes, his skin color and his deep blue shirt. The color of the earth matches well with his khaki pants. What else can I say but...Purrrfect !!!!
@Xtina and Sheryn, Mwah!!:-)

Anonymous said...

John King sounds like such a great dad and a really nice man. I find he has a very calming, soothing presence on screen.

Cindy said...

I must say I didn't watch 360 last night...took the night off like Anderson did. So I can't say anything about the show.

But I did enjoy the article you posted of the interview with John King. He seems to be a great down to earth person. And I did notice during that time that he wasn't on CNN. Guess they didn't count on the fans realizing that he was missing.

Thanks for the pics of Andy! I LOVE the kahki ones! Since we hardly ever get to see him dressed in those. The most we get is jeans or suits.

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. It's in the 80's all weekend here so I'm going to be outside. Have a good one!!

BookAsylum said...

AC360 is on Saturday night @ 9pm (ET)? I swear that's what I they just mentioned on newsroom.

Pixiedust said...

This is OT, but wasn't Anderson supposed to be on Live w/R&K next week? I can't seem to find it listed.

Also, I don't want to be mean, but I've noticed that Anderson often wears pants that bunch up at the shoe, I may be out of touch (pretty likely actually) but I thought men were supposed to wear pants that hit the top of their shoes? Maybe it's stylish for pants to bunch at the ankles, if so I would really want to know! Because at 4'11", ALL my pants bunch at the ankle (if they don't extend a foot on the floor) and I have to spend a fortune to get them hemmed.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:16 AM maybe that is the look Anderson likes. Also, with him not being exceptionally tall at 5'10", perhaps he has trouble finding pants that are short enough and doesn't want to be bothered with having them hemmed. I like the way the look on him, young and hip.

Anonymous said...

Anybody get the feeling Anderson will be on Monday, from NY or some other locale? or just time off.

Roonie said...

I wait in anticipation for the Andervault!!!

JK pretty much rocks. He's by far my favorite Anderson-subsitute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the JK interview! I really enjoyed it.He was really good yesterday filling in for Anderson.He seems to be such a fatherly figure.I wish I was his daughter!
As for Anderson...I wonder where he'll surface next.He better not have just taken Friday off! If I could take off Fridays at work as much as that man does, I'd have a long weekend 80% of the year Haha just kidding
The first Khaki picture of Anderson: complu-etely yummy!

ACAnderFan said...

@BookAsylum , I went to TV and it does say AC 360 is on sunday nite.Don't get too excited though, it's that 'Killers in our Midst' spical that was on thursday nite or whenever it was on. I was hoping it'd be something new, but I guess not. Oh well, at least we'll still get to see Andy!!!

sydney said...

@ba you are not imagining things. On the schedule on the CNN website 9:00 shows "AC 360: Killers among Us". I'm actually glad they're showing this, because when they did it on Thurs., my DVR had some sort of fit and didn't record all of 360, so I missed it.

Something about that first khaki pic Almost like it's photoshopped onto the background. Maybe it's just my screen.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see Park Dietz being interviewed as an expert on CNN, since I knew what happened to cause the new trial in the Andrea Yates case. Perhaps saying he lied on the witness stand is too strong a term, but his "misstatements" on the stand were the cause for a new trial being granted her. Dr. Dietz may be a knowledgable person, but I wouldn't trust him in a court of law.

swmpratt said...

On the pants I asked my DH and he said either way was an acceptable man's fashion. He suggested that perhaps AC wears them long so it hides his socks, especially when they are white! But he did note it was just a matter of taste/preference.

On AC being on Saturday night - he has a Special Investigations piece this Saturday about that time - could it have been that they were referring to?

swmpratt said...

Looked at schedule posted at CNN - tonight at 8pm Eastern is Special Investigations with AC's Edge of Disaster repeat. Then at 9pm Eastern is his "Killers Among Us" that he did this week - perhaps this one will be longer? It did not seem like it was a full hour during the week. Then at 10 is CNN Newsroom and then the Edge of Disaster again at 11. Same for tomorrow night.

BookAsylum said...

I didn't get to see Thursday's show- so tonight's repeat will be new to me. I enjoyed Friday's show. John King's description of Tom Foreman running around the office with the politician chew toys still has me giggling.

Are those the khaki pants with the hole in them?

Anonymous said...

@Pixiedust, your thumbnail photo is cute. Is that you when you're still in diapers?

Anonymous said...

Annie Kate: pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean by DH?

Phebe said...

@dannie, I agree totally. He could tell me the world was coming to an end and I don't think I'd panic.
@syndey, I thought the same thing when I looked at it in the larger version.
@BA, yes those are the ones. I really didn't want to embarrass the dear boy by posting that picture.
@anonymous 5:45, DH = dear husband unless it's a bad day then it's damn husband LOL

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the pics of Anderson in khakais Phebe. They are great. The first picture is great but the more I look at it the more it seems like Anderson is just standing in front of a pretty background. I think it is just me.

The best part of the show for me was Raw Politics and Bulletin/Shot. I love Erica Hill. I don't know if I want to come back as her but I think she would be a cool person to have as a friend.

I know my vote was for JK to replace JR in subbing for Anderson but I miss Anderson is not on.

But then tonight made up for not having Anderson last night for me in spades because I missed Edge of Disaster when it aired in February on 360 because I was in Tulsa and I missed the special about killers earlier this week so this was all new Anderson to me :P

Was the SIU new from what aired in February or was it the same cause I thought there was also a senario about people at a baseball game but maybe I am imagining things.

Can't wait until the Andervault is opened up again tomorrow :)

Unknown said...

@phebe oh embarrass him. He didn't show up Friday night for your date.

Pixiedust said...

@anon 5:17PM, yes that's me when I was a baby. I was given the nickname when I was born, 6lbs, 18". I thought of finding clipart, but the point of adding the pic was to distinguish my comments from someone else using the same name.

@phebe...I so concur about DH!!!

Thanks for the heads-up for the pants question. Even when I buy petite pants they are still 4-5" too long, but the bunching at the bottom makes ME look shorter. I don't think 5'10" is short. MY DH is 5'8" and we buy all his pants in the inseam length so they hit the top of his shoes, but he is much older than Anderson (and 8 years older than me), so looking young is no longer an option LOL!

beaslma said...

Friday's show was suppose to be reruns, the first hour the stop snitching thing and the second hours the repeat of killers in our midst. Sunday they are showing his SIU thing and they had an hour to fill so they are throwing Killers in our midst back in there to fill the time.

As for the apology regarding Park Dietz I was a little disappointed. Ok to say he "lied" might have sounded harsh but he said she got the idea to do what she did from an episode of Law and Order or some show like that, which never existed, you can say he was mistaken you can say he made it up, either way saying he lied is pretty accurate as well.

If i'm wrong on Dietz someone let me know because that's how I understand the case.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying what a DH is. I don't have one!

Anonymous said...

I'm always happy when you guys add John King stuff, so thanks for the interview. I've always said that John could say that a nuclear bomb was heading towards my city, but he'd say it in such a calming manner that I'd be like "Oh darn" and not even panic. So @phebe - your comment made me laugh b/c obviously I feel the same way.

Can we get a Q&A session with JK like you guys did with JR? (Which was awesome, by the way!)