Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday in Chicago

I've been through Anderson in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and other war torn areas, but tonight was different. I actually felt Anderson broadcasting from Chicago was even more dangerous then the other venues, is that nuts or what? I mean he's in the United States on a street in a major city, not some God forsaken 3rd world country. I literally held my breath every time the camera was on, the street setting just looked so threatening. But that said, the coverage of the student deaths was compelling television and hopefully will lead a charge of change. As Sheryn pointed out to me this afternoon, this may have happened over a longer period of time than the Virgina Tech murders but the lives lost are no less significant.

What a beautiful family Blair Holt had. His father spoke so eloquently with Anderson showing such strength even though his heart had to be broken into a million pieces. I thought Rollin Martin's comments on the cause of the violence against the students was so much more spot on that that of Arne Duncan, the Superintendent of Public Schools. Duncan went on and on and on about gun control when to me the path to less violence has to start with the parents. To paraphrase Martin, donating sperm does not make a father. Children need to feel safe, protected and valued, if they don't have that they are more likely to lash out.
Thursday's AC360 did have a few lighter moments. For one, we got 2 doses of Tom Foreman. My question? How does he know who Paulie Shore is? And the C list comment, too funny. I love that Ms. Sheryn has been doing screencaps for me but what does she have against Tom Foreman? He's a good looking man, but she seems to only capture the clown in him.

I'm sure Anderson's lighter moment wasn't planned. But for a one day trip AC really broke out some major wardrobe. We had the field shirt, the black vintage polo, the pinstripe shirt with sport coat and the very spiffy black collared sport shirt.

And for the treat of the day? An ATA reader in Virginia sent us the following picture from a Hudson's Bookstore in the DC area. It's the full size cardboard cut-out Andy. Anyone interested in purchasing one? I could always contact Hudson's and see if they'd give us a bulk buying price! Have a great Friday everyone.

AC360: The Good, The Bad and the Downright Hysterical

Yay! I have a new pic to add to the mix! This one is from Patrick McMullen:

Good afternoon everyone! It's been a crazy day here in the Royce household. My daughter is graduating pre-school on Saturday and I'm running around like a nutjob trying to get things ready for our company after the ceremony. I'm such a goofball, she's only graduating from pre-school and just the thought of it makes me cry. Who am I kidding, I got teary-eyed the first time I heard Anderson say, "This is Anderson Cooper" during the intro for 60 Minutes, OF COURSE I'm going to cry on Saturday!

Anyhoo, let's talk about Anderson Cooper, shall we? No, he wasn't invited to the Mini-Me Royce graduation party but if he wants to attend, he's more than welcome. That is, only if he promises to brush his teeth first! LOL! I'm sorry, I had to do that! I'll be good now!

The New Hampshire Debate Coverage
Everyone has been asking if Anderson will be covering the debates on Sunday and Tuesday. That information was hard gather but I finally uncovered the schedule today. And here's the kicker, after I finally found a morsel of detail on some random New Hampshire blog, CNN issued a press release this morning. I'll just give you the Ander-related details here and you can click on the link for additional information.

CNN’s wall-to-wall Raw Politics coverage surrounding the debates kicks off on Sunday, June 3, at 7 a.m. (ET) and features CNN’s political team anchors including Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Lou Dobbs, Larry King, Soledad O’Brien and John Roberts. Programming highlights include:

Sunday, June 3
9 p.m.-11 p.m. Raw Politics, post-debate program anchored by Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Larry King and John Roberts live on location in New Hampshire

Monday 4 June
No special coverage involving Anderson Cooper

Tuesday 5 June
9 p.m.-11 p.m. Raw Politics,a post-debate program anchored by Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Larry King and John Roberts live on location in NH

11 p.m.-midnight Anderson Cooper 360ยบ with Cooper live on location in New Hampshire

AC360: The Good, The Bad and the Downright Hysterical
Let me first say that I liked a lot of the show last night. The story about Phylicia Moore, the high school student from Teaneck, NJ, was unbelieveable. I don't think I've seen Anderson Cooper that disturbed about a story in a long time. And as Phebe mentioned, Anderson's interview with Julia Reed was awesome. I love when she said, "Well, I ain't so worried about how good the French Quarter smells. It's not supposed to smell good. It doesn't need to smell like a can of Pledge. I would rather like start to talking about, you know, what we can really do to fight crime around here." I love a girl who speaks her mind!

Although to be perfectly honest, something is bugging me about the priority given to some stories as opposed to others. I know that there are a bunch of meetings throughout the day to discuss the stories that will be covered that night. I'm sure that it isn't easy to decide what stories make the cut and if they do, where they'll be placed in that 2 hour time period.

That said, I just cannot phatom why AC360 chose not only to lead with the TB story, they spent a huge chunk of the first hour on Drew Griffin's KTH story as well as repeated Gary Tuchman's Killer Priest segment from the night before. Why does this bother me so much? Well, there were 5 US and 2 British soldiers killed in a Chanook helicopter crash in Afghanistan yesterday. And if you didn't read about this elsewhere, you might have missed the VERY brief coverage it received from AC360.

Not only did the downed helicopter story get a two second mention in a 360 Bulletin but we never saw the Planet In Peril coverage from Greenland either. Normally I wouldn't squawk about the PIP stuff but Anderson did mention the coverage in his post yesterday.

Okay, I'll stop my gentle complaining. I'd much rather talk about how funny last night's technical difficulties were. And after they finally got Erica's tape to work, did you notice how fast he had to talk so he didn't run long? I remember when I was a newbie in this fandom. It would hurt my head how fast he could talk. (And you should hear how fast I talk!)

Well, I'm going to turn off my computer now because there is a big thunderstorm rolling thru. Have a wonderful night tonight. Can't wait to see Anderson's 360 special from Chicago. He blogged again, btw. Although, this one is more conservative. Dang...


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An Off Night For Me

thanks to Sheryn for the screencaps Wednesday night was just one of those nights for me. I realize that AC360 was probably good, but I just couldn't get into it. I've been a bit under the weather the last few days, and maybe that explains my lackadaisical attitude. Anyway I'll do a few bullet points and please feel free to tell me what you enjoyed about the show. Please!

- The 'earmark' stuff is never going to go away. It's been that way in Washington forever and I don't see any hope for ridding our government of it. For every Republican who's guilty there are an equal number of Democrats. I guarantee it.

- Am I just being grumpy or is everyone as bored as I am with the TB story?

- I did think the story on the young lady who was traveling abroad with her classmates to Africa was stunning. How could the chaperones be so irresponsible? And then to continue the trip was just unconscionable.

- Nice to see a story of Nagin and NOLA. I think CNN has dropped the ball when compared to NBC's NOLA coverage.

- Julia Reed is a hoot! Anderson seems to really appreciate her honesty and fearlessness in calling out elected officials. Did you catch AC's 'We'll see you in New Orleans soon'?

- Tom Foreman's spelling bee coverage was entertaining. I've got a theory on people's spelling abilities. I truly believe it's genetic. My DH is a great speller and I'm just abysmal. He says stuff like 'look it up' when I ask for help. I think he thinks someday I'll acquire the spelling gene, but don't hold your breath. I've always been puzzled by how you look something up if you can't spell the word, it's a near impossible task. Anyway the genetic part in all this? My daughter got her father's spelling gene, unfortunately my son inherited my lack of ability. They are perfect clones of their parents when it comes to how they approach spelling.

- Looks like Anderson will be live in Chicago tomorrow night. Anyone going to try and find where he's broadcasting from? We'd love some pictures.

I received word late Wednesday night that Anderson will be appearing sometime this week at BookExpo America, the publishing industry’s largest annual gathering. It got underway Wednesday and continues through Sunday at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. If you're planning on going let us know if you run into Mr. Cooper.

Thanks to Xtina for the link to some fresh AC pictures. Mr. Cooper attended the opening of Diane VonFurstenberg's new store in NYC Wednesday. Please excuse the watermarks and enjoy!

We've had a great response to our announcement that Tom Foreman will be answering our questions. I would like to clarify a few things. Tom did not put any restrictions on the questions but CNN's PR representative did. They will not allow Tom to answer any questions about his political views or opinions. I'm sure most of you would expect this to be the case but I thought it still needed said. Remember your question is due by midnight Sunday night and we would appreciate if you would limit yourself to one question. I have no problem with a compound question or a two part question, just use your good judgement. Email your question to us at or put it in comments (it won't be published) if you want to use a screen name and remain anonymous.

And on a personal note I loved Anderson's Wednesday blog post and Ms. Sheryn's recap. Every Fall my DH and the boys make their annual pilgrimage into the wilds of northern Arizona. They are usually gone for about a week. I don't ask too many questions about showering or hygiene, I just place a large laundry basket in the garage with the understanding that DH is to strip to his skives before entering the house. The last few years DH has been getting a little feisty and upon his return he comes into the house in his smelly clothes and chases me around telling me that he missed me so much he just needs a big hug and kiss. I run around the house like a possessed woman screaming at the top of my lungs for him to get back out into the garage. The boys all think this is hysterical which just eggs DH on. When I told DH about Anderson's post he said he'd bet I wouldn't run away from AC if he tried to give me a hug after 5 days in the wild. Hmmm, I'll have to think about that one.

Anderson Cooper, You Crack Me Up!

Oh my word, Anderson Cooper blogged today and he made my job so easy! Hee! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard and screetched "EWW!" so much while reading one of Anderson's posts! Have you read it? I usually don't paste his entire post into my post but today is too precious to ignore! Well, precious might not be the right word to use. Gross, maybe? Funny as hell? Tell me what you think after you've read it!

Five days, same clothes, no toothbrush

The car alarms. The garbage trucks. The straphangers who crowd the doors on the subway and then lean into you as you try to squeeze past them.

Ah, it's good to be back in New York. At least when it's warm.

I just spent a few days in Greenland for our "Planet in Peril" series. We were at a place called Swiss Camp, it's a research outpost run by a scientist named Konrad Steffen out of the University of Colorado.

A more remote spot I have not been to. Nothing but ice as far as the eye could see. We all slept in tents and the toilet was a hole in the ice in an igloo. They call it the shigloo. You can guess why.

It was stunningly beautiful there, and the researchers were a great bunch - wickedly smart, but also very funny. When it's ten below zero a sense of humor is essential. I have to confess, I'm not a big fan of the cold. How cold was it? It was so cold I didn't bother to change out of my clothes for the entire five day stay. I slept fully dressed in a sleeping bag, and I didn't even bother to brush my teeth the entire time.

The scientists are there for a month. I don't know how they stand it. By the time the helicopter came to pick us up I wanted to run towards it as fast as possible. Complaining aside, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about how the ice is melting in Greenland and how it is going to affect sea levels for generations to come. We're planning to have some of what we shot on the program tonight.

I just noticed that all three New York newspapers have different headlines splashed on the covers. The Daily News has the latest on Lindsay Lohan. The Post is running exclusive photos on a baseball player's visit to a strip club (catchy title: Stray-Rod). And the New York Times is exploring the Supreme Court's ruling that limits the timeline for sexual discrimination lawsuits.

As for us, we're looking at the tuberculosis quarantine story...there now seems to be a dispute over what the TB patient knew, about how contagious he is and really-- what was going on-- if his health posed such a threat why would he not have been quarantined in the first place? Lots of questions.

And as always we're "Keeping Them Honest." Our correspondent Drew Griffin is looking at Congress' seemingly insatiable need to bring home the bacon, (your tax dollars) in the secret process known as earmarking...even when they vow again and again to be transparent about the process. (Hint: Rep John Murtha, who has been in the news for his strong opposition to the White House on Iraq, will be at the center of one of tonight's reports)

There is always something for everyone.

See you tonight.

-- By Anderson Cooper

So, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Oh the tent must have stunk to high heavens with all of those smelly men! Eh gads! And Anderson honey, have you ever heard of the tooth paste on your finger trick? No water or toothbrush needed! Who feels sorry for that poor person who flew them back to civilization! Do they issue nose plugs to those pilots?

And I'm just not addressing the shigloo thing. YUCK! I just can't imagine...nope, I simply cannot imagine living like that for a day let alone a month!

Though, I did wonder how one changes clothing while living in below-zero conditions. But, how come Ms. Nancy Pelosi looked so good in her pictures? Hmm, she must have just gotten there!

Two last notes about the post:
First, I have been on the E-Train at 8am during the summer rush-hour. If Anderson is happy returning to those conditions, believe you me, it must not have been pleasant in Greenland!

Secondly, I don't know about you, but it always gives me the warm and fuzzies when Anderson says, "See you tonight." I don't know, something about that just makes me happy!

Last night's show - The Whoosh Edition
Okay, now that I got that out of my system, can I say how good it was to see Anderson last night? He looked great and he was uber-funny! Oh yeah, the show was kickin' too! Who was surprised that we got a full two-hour show? I certainly was!

But truly, I have to say Anderson's podcast Whoosh sound effects just crack me up! My husband was sufficiently amused as well! He proceeded to imitate what Anderson would look like in his office playing Star Wars with his blackberry and cell phone as if they were the Millenium Falcon and Death Star. My silly DH whipped out his cell phone and said, "This is Anderson, 'Whoosh, Zoom, Whoosh' Luke, I am your father!' Yeah, anyone who can Whoosh on a major news show is not too image conscious!" Oh, my lovely DH is such a card, isn't he? He really gets a kick out of Anderson and is a Star Wars geek himself, so he's just projecting! LOL!

Well, I'm off to play princesses with my daughter. I'm really good at that game! Whooosh...I'll see you tomorrow! ~Sheryn

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Thanks to Sheryn for the screencaps.
Surprise, surprise, surprise. I never expected Anderson to be back on Tuesday night. It was a jam packed 2 hours with lots of new, interesting stories. I did find the TB story exceptionally interesting and was prompted to send a related story idea to 360 Feedback. In Phoenix we've had a man imprisoned at the Maricopa County Medical Center for almost 10 months. His crime? He has the same type of TB and refused to isolate himself from the general population. Our sheriff felt the only way to keep the antibiotic resistant strain of TB from spreading was to imprison the infected man. I think I remember Erika touching on the subject briefly during the 360 News Bulletin a while ago but I do think it would make an interesting feature story.

On the humor side of the news we had The Shot of Ms. Universe USA falling on her keister, prompting the 'hey lady' sound bite from AC. And the dog show pictures were adorable, but my favorite moment of the night was AC's whoosh sound effect for the Podcast. Is he mocking the sound effects that I've been bitching about for months now? I like to think so.There was some news in the Warren Jeffs story today, but not on 360. It seems Warren Jeffs isn't doing well in prison. He sometimes goes for days without eating or drinking anything and has developed ulcers on his knees from spending long periods of time in motionless prayer. The man is just too weird for words, but I think everyone realizes it by now.
And now onto the big news of tonight, at least for ATA readers. We have received the go ahead from the nice folks at CNN public relations for our next q & a. We had some great guesses but no one got it right. So without further ado our next participant is (drum roll please!) Tom Foreman, Mr. Raw Politics. We'll follow the same rules as last time: You can email us at with your questions for Tom or you can also put them in comments, if you want to remain anonymous, but I will not post them, only forward them on. Please include some sort of screen name (it does not have to be your actual name) so I can identify whose questions he's answering (I don't want to be calling you anon 2:34). Also one question per reader and please don't ask personal questions about Anderson, this is an attempt to get to know Tom Foreman, not Anderson Cooper. All questions must be received by midnight on Sunday June 3rd. We're really excited about this and hope many of you will get involved and be supportive. Thank you.

I'll leave you tonight with 3 new pictures sent to us by Xtina. The first is a candid of Anderson interviewing Peter Biro (for 60 Minutes). (credit Laszlo Biro) The other two are outtakes from the O Magazine story shoot in NY Jul .05. The one with his jeans showing was rejected in favor of the same pose with him smiling (credit pro corbis. com).

Anderson Cooper meets Nancy Pelosi at Swiss Camp

Hi everyone! I'd like to say a big "Welcome Back" to our Ms. Phebe. Nice to see you again, lady! I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

Last week I surmised that Anderson Cooper and the 360 Team timed their Planet in Peril visit to Swiss Camp, Greenland to coincide with Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and her delegation's expedition. Well, it seems I was correct in my assumptions! According to the, Ms. Pelosi and the bipartisan delegation met with Dr. Konrad Steffen this weekend. In addition to Greenland, the Pelosi's team will be traveling to Germany, Great Britian and Belgium to meet with leading scientists to discuss the global warming issue as well as possible solutions to the growing problem.

I am so glad that Ms. Pelosi and her team are giving the issue of global warming attention it so desperately deserves! Here is are some pictures from the

Anderson Cooper with Nancy and Paul PelosiDr. Konrad Steffen, Ms. Pelosi and others (see for more details)

Please visit the for more breathtaking photos from Greenland!

In other Andernews, Inside is reporting that Anderson Cooper 360 will be airing a one hour special on the unprecedented violence in the Chicago Public School system. The special, named 24 Hours in Chicago "recreates for its viewers a 24-hour stretch of time before one victim, Blair Holt, lost his life. The program airs during the first hour of Anderson Cooper 360° at 10pm on Thursday, May 31. " Click here for more details!

Also, I wanted to call your attention to the beautiful tribute page has put together called, Coming Home which features articles and videos about Families of War, War Today, Remembering Loved Ones, Welcome Home, The Fisher House heroes, and so much more. Please take some time to visit this very moving special section to discover how our soldiers and their families are coping with the effects of war.

That's it for me today! I hope you have a peaceful evening! ~Sheryn

I'm Back....

Hey everybody, I can't believe how quickly my two week vacation flew by. I've missed you all very much, but I've got a question. What did you do with Anderson? He must not have gotten the memo about my return because he was MIA on Monday's AC360. Is there any truth to the rumor that he's still thawing out from his trip to Greenland? I mean the poor man has zero body fat, I wonder how many layers he had to wear to keep his teeth from chattering when he was reporting? Yea I know a few of you are thinking here's where you volunteer to count. I think I'd better change the topic before we all end up in the naughty chair.

I wanted to share a few images from ABC News with you. I hope you're Memorial Day was filled with family, fun and relaxation. But I also hope you took a few minutes to reflect on the true purpose of the day.

A man mourns the loss of his brother.

An 18 month old at the monument that bears her father's name.

A wife mourns the loss of her husband.

I do have some exciting news for all of you. Another AC360 regular (no, it's not AC) has agreed to do a question and answer with ATA's readers. I still have to get approval from CNN's PR department, but once everything is worked out I'll share the details. Just trust me, this is going to be another exciting conversation with someone we all admire and enjoy.

Sometimes we get a little full of ourselves and begin to think we're all that. When I was communicating with our next q & a subject I was told they enjoyed our blog. That's the kind of thing that can really go to a girl's head, but no worries I was soon brought firmly down to Earth with a new piece of software that tabulates the value of blogs. Our little ATA is worth a cool $11 thousand, unfortunately not quite enough for the ladies and I to sell and retire in comfort. Of course we can't measure ATA's worth in dollars. The friends we've made are worth so much more. I say that now but if you want to try and buy us we're open to all offers. LOL!

My blog is worth $11,290.80.
How much is your blog worth?

And I'll leave you with another of Quitty's Nth Degrees. Not exactly the one I'd planned on posting, Blogger ate it, but a goodie none the less. Enjoy!

March 22, 2004

Tonight, taking specialized employment to the "Nth Degree." We don't generally circulate help wanted notices. But this is an unusual case and perhaps our patriotic duty. The Homeland Security Department is looking for someone to serve as its Hollywood liaison, the job which might pay as much as $136,000 a year plus benefits involves providing strategic counsel to entertainment industry figures. Basicly making sure they get all the details right if they portray the Homeland Security Department in Mission Impossible 10 or the OC. Applicants, need to be U.S. Citizens with security clearances and a minimum of one year of specialized experience.

Specialized experience in what?

Are there other jobs? Does the CIA have a PR rep on Broadway?

Is there a Food and Drug Administration guy in the recording industry seeing to it that lyrics nutritionally copacetic?

Secretary Ridge, we'll help you fill the position. But you've got to tell us what the speciality really is.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Video

I wanted to post a few screencaps that cstkitten took the time to cap from the special DVD in the Hudson paperback version of Dispatches From the Edge. It's a great DVD and these caps came out amazing.

I'm having a lot of fun with my Movie Maker so I decided to make another movie. Last time I made one of casual, field Anderson so this time I did one with sharp dressed Anderson. Hope you like it!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Happy Memorial Day! I'd like to give a big "thank you" to all our service men and woman past and present.

Hi, I'm Anderson Cooper and I'm a TVaholic

Addiction is an uncontrollable compulsion to repeat a behavior regardless of its consequences. (Source:Wikipedia)

Everybody has at least one addiction. It may not be the kind of addiction that lands you in rehab like drugs, alcohol & sex. It may be something like smoking, internet, food, work, Blackberries, TV, sugar, coffee, shopping, college football, Altoids Smalls, and of course Anderson Cooper. I bet if you thought for a minute you'd think of something you were addicted to. Me? You'll have to guess which ones of the above I'm addicted to...LOL

When Anderson said a week or so ago that his TIVO wasn't working I thought uh-oh I bet he is going through TV withdrawals. The poor boy works all the time so TV watching is his way to unwind. Since he works in prime time he can't watch shows at their regularly scheduled time and only a few are available online. He said recently that his Mom got a TIVO. Since his TIVO is broken, it wouldn't surprise me if he calls her up saying he wants to "visit her" but instead programs her TIVO with his favorite shows.

He has admitted being a TV junkie before. One time was in this cute Nth Degree from January 2004. It is full of a lot of puns and Anderson really had fun acting it out. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

AC360: Broadcasting from the Top Of The World!

Hi Everyone! Well, I'm sure everyone was happy to see Anderson broadcasting from Greenland last night for the latest installment of the Planet In Peril series! First, I'm going to give you my immediate and very shallow impressions and then I'll get all respectable on y'all!

1. Dang, it was nice to see Anderson all bundled up in the frigid cold. You could tell he was really excited to be on top of the world!

2. The Canadian ladies taught me a new word this week: Tuque. Apparently in Canada, a toque is something you wear on your head. In Jersey, we call the thing you wear on your head a hat.

3. OMG, was that a mustache I spied on Mr. Cooper? Me likey!

4. It's getting HAWT in here: I'm thinking Mr. Cooper should come home quickly, otherwise he might speed up global warming by YEARS! TeeHee!

Global warming is a problem RIGHT NOW!
Okay, now that I got all of the fangurl stuff out of my system, I'm able to sound more intelligent! Did you hear Jeff Corwin say to Anderson that global warming is not a problem in the future but in the here and now? The numbers that Anderson Cooper threw at us tonight are alarming. In some spots, the ice thickness has melted over 40% in the last 40 years. And "already in the last 30 years, at least 400,000 square miles of sea ice has melted. That's about the size of Texas and California combined." (Anderson Cooper 360 transcripts)

I am glad that global warming will be an major issue in the upcoming presidential election. Like Jeff Corwin said, this is an immediate problem. If we don't take care of our planet, what legacy will our children be inheriting? What will be left for our grandchildren? I don't know about you, but that thought is simply frightening!

On a cooler note, how awesome was it that Anderson was one of the first two people ever to step foot on the ground he was walking during last night's broadcast? Think about that! Think about what it must have felt like for Anderson as have walked were no man has ever walked before. That is simply amazing!

Apparently Greenland and Global Warming is attracting not only CNN but Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and members of the House of Representatives. According to, Ms. Pelosi and her delegation will be in Greenland today for a briefing by Konrad Steffen, a glaciologist from the University of Colorado. I wonder if Anderson and the 360 team timed their visit to coincide?

Remember our heroes...
I just wanted to leave you with a short video that I put together in remembrance of our fallen soliders from all around the world as we observe Memorial Day weekend here in the United States.

Have a peaceful and safe weekend! ~Sheryn