Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Back....

Hey everybody, I can't believe how quickly my two week vacation flew by. I've missed you all very much, but I've got a question. What did you do with Anderson? He must not have gotten the memo about my return because he was MIA on Monday's AC360. Is there any truth to the rumor that he's still thawing out from his trip to Greenland? I mean the poor man has zero body fat, I wonder how many layers he had to wear to keep his teeth from chattering when he was reporting? Yea I know a few of you are thinking here's where you volunteer to count. I think I'd better change the topic before we all end up in the naughty chair.

I wanted to share a few images from ABC News with you. I hope you're Memorial Day was filled with family, fun and relaxation. But I also hope you took a few minutes to reflect on the true purpose of the day.

A man mourns the loss of his brother.

An 18 month old at the monument that bears her father's name.

A wife mourns the loss of her husband.

I do have some exciting news for all of you. Another AC360 regular (no, it's not AC) has agreed to do a question and answer with ATA's readers. I still have to get approval from CNN's PR department, but once everything is worked out I'll share the details. Just trust me, this is going to be another exciting conversation with someone we all admire and enjoy.

Sometimes we get a little full of ourselves and begin to think we're all that. When I was communicating with our next q & a subject I was told they enjoyed our blog. That's the kind of thing that can really go to a girl's head, but no worries I was soon brought firmly down to Earth with a new piece of software that tabulates the value of blogs. Our little ATA is worth a cool $11 thousand, unfortunately not quite enough for the ladies and I to sell and retire in comfort. Of course we can't measure ATA's worth in dollars. The friends we've made are worth so much more. I say that now but if you want to try and buy us we're open to all offers. LOL!

My blog is worth $11,290.80.
How much is your blog worth?

And I'll leave you with another of Quitty's Nth Degrees. Not exactly the one I'd planned on posting, Blogger ate it, but a goodie none the less. Enjoy!

March 22, 2004

Tonight, taking specialized employment to the "Nth Degree." We don't generally circulate help wanted notices. But this is an unusual case and perhaps our patriotic duty. The Homeland Security Department is looking for someone to serve as its Hollywood liaison, the job which might pay as much as $136,000 a year plus benefits involves providing strategic counsel to entertainment industry figures. Basicly making sure they get all the details right if they portray the Homeland Security Department in Mission Impossible 10 or the OC. Applicants, need to be U.S. Citizens with security clearances and a minimum of one year of specialized experience.

Specialized experience in what?

Are there other jobs? Does the CIA have a PR rep on Broadway?

Is there a Food and Drug Administration guy in the recording industry seeing to it that lyrics nutritionally copacetic?

Secretary Ridge, we'll help you fill the position. But you've got to tell us what the speciality really is.


ACAnderFan said...

Phebe welcome back!!! I too woder how many layers Andy had to wear to keep warm. I can think of some ways to help him thaw out, but as you said it's best to change the topic...LOL!!!

I was a bad bad bad Anderfan last nite. Instead of watching 360 I kept fliping between it and The Simple Life. Yes I know, the horror of someone watching Paris Hilton instead of Andy. Bad Me!!!

I can't wait to see who the new Q&A subject will be!!!

Cingratulations on ATA being worth $11 thousand. My livejournal is only worth $564.54. Oh well they can't like all Andersites, besides mine's so goofy I'm surprised it was worth that much...LOL!!!

Unknown said...

Welcome back Phebe. Anderson is probably home catching up on sleep, resetting his internal clock and thawing out with the aid of a few down comforters and an electric blanket. Although last night's 360 was a repeat or repeats I felt it was a great tribute to our service personnel both past and present.

ac said...

Welcome back Phebe!
Good morning all!
I wonder if our dear Mr.Cooper is still in Greenland,and will be on tonight.Oh,by the way-I'll gladly volunteer to count the layers of clothing(oh,a naughty chair moment).
Phebe,those pictures you posted really bring out the true meaning
of what Memorial Day is all about-truly moving.
Oh,I hope your next Q@A is with Erica Hill,but I'd also like to see Gary Tuchman,either-or did you
score an interview with our fave substitute,John King?Can't wait to see who it is!
Oh Phebe,you're worth much more than 11 thousand-don't you know that all you ladies at ATA are priceless to us?
Oh,I'm a little behind on this topic from Sunday's post but-I'm
an Andyholic,and proud of it-but I don't think there's a cure for it either(not that I want to be cured).
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back,Phebe!!!!! Missed you and hope your vacation went well!!!

Those images are so moving especially the lady laying down on her husband's grave! So sad! What sacrifices these families have made and my heart goes out to them!!!

Now my curiosity is killing me about the next Q and A! Is it John King?! And the fact you said they like this blog! Wow, they do read our comments!!! LOL!!!! Bet they think we're very smart ladies and also, a HOOT!!!!! LOL!!!! Think this blog is worth more than $11,000 in the friends I've made and don't think there can be a price put on it!

Cindy said...

Welcome back Phebes...hope all went well!!

Last night's show was a great tribute to our men and women fighting for all the things we take for granted.

I hope that eventually Anderson and 360 will do a piece on Joe again to show us if he got out of that car and into a place to live. I really hope he did!

I suspect the Coop is lounging at home trying to decide what show to watch on his BIG screen tv! LOL And hoping to have a little me time before he gets threw back into his job!

I hope he is on tonight but I bet he will have the whole week off! To thaw out and get his bearings back! LOL

ACAnderFan said...

@cactuskid, I was thinking it might be John King too. I have some questions I'd like to ask him. My second thought on who might be the next Q&A subject is Erica Hill.

Anonymous said...

I would think Anderson is home by now, perhaps on tonight or even on a vacation!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Anderson couldn't have been around to interview Nancy Pelosi; that would have been interesting to watch!

I emailed the show back in February and told them that they should interview Al Gore, not only because he was nominated (this was before the awards) for two Oscars, but because I thought he might consider entering the presidential race.

They didn't take my advice and now everyone, even the Daily Show, has had him on with great success. "360" is probably the only show he hasn't been on!

Quitty said...

Welcome back Phebs. You were missed.

$11,000? Hmmm. Divided 4 ways we can take us a nice little trip.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird to think that Anderson's 40th birthday is just a few days away? I wonder if the folks at 360 have something up their sleeves? (Although hopefully without clowns this time.) Maybe he'll get out of it because it falls on a Sunday?


ACAnderFan said...

My guess is that Andy will be on tonite. I don't think he'll take the week off. I wonder if he's thawed out yet. I'm going to guess that he didn't like being and Andersicle.

Sheryn said...

Oh Ms. Quitty, I smell a suite at the St. Regis in the Fall for someone's 40th Birthday, no? And I ain't talking about The Coop's bday! LOL!

Unknown said...

So happy to have you back, Phebe. We missed you around these parts!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Phebe!!!!!!! We missed you :)

Oh I can't wait to find out who the mystery q&a victim....oops I mean guest will be. Whomever it is I am glad they have read the blog and it's a good thing I only speak highly of everyone at CNN :P

I had 360 on last night but I caught up on sleep....just keeping it honest

So ATA is a little money maker huh.....that is pretty good. $11,000 plus is not to shabby.

@ Sheryn - is this an open invitation to someone b~day party because I would be so up for that :)

Anonymous said...

@acanderfan: I'm guessing John King or Erica Hill, too. Andersicle! VERY CUTE! LOL!! I hope he's thawed out tonight and in living color on TV!

copperfish said...

@Phebe, WELCOME BACK!!!!!C'mon, what do you think we did to Anderson?....

Those images are captivating. I think you're right, Memorial Day isn't just fun and barbecues but the essence of what the men and women in service in laying down their lives.

Who's going to be our subject this time in the Q&A. I am kinda excited. The JR subject was a very good one. I hope the subject is as very accomodating as the last one.

ATA is cool for having more than 11 grand worth. I never thought that there's something like that can tabulate values of blog. But I think for ATA community it's more than money's worth.

swmpratt said...

Hey Phebe - welcome back. We all missed you!

Hope AC is on tonight but if he met with Pelosi that would be a quick trip home.

11,000 huh? Somethings wrong with that calculator. This blog is worth far more than that.