Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hi, I'm Anderson Cooper and I'm a TVaholic

Addiction is an uncontrollable compulsion to repeat a behavior regardless of its consequences. (Source:Wikipedia)

Everybody has at least one addiction. It may not be the kind of addiction that lands you in rehab like drugs, alcohol & sex. It may be something like smoking, internet, food, work, Blackberries, TV, sugar, coffee, shopping, college football, Altoids Smalls, and of course Anderson Cooper. I bet if you thought for a minute you'd think of something you were addicted to. Me? You'll have to guess which ones of the above I'm addicted to...LOL

When Anderson said a week or so ago that his TIVO wasn't working I thought uh-oh I bet he is going through TV withdrawals. The poor boy works all the time so TV watching is his way to unwind. Since he works in prime time he can't watch shows at their regularly scheduled time and only a few are available online. He said recently that his Mom got a TIVO. Since his TIVO is broken, it wouldn't surprise me if he calls her up saying he wants to "visit her" but instead programs her TIVO with his favorite shows.

He has admitted being a TV junkie before. One time was in this cute Nth Degree from January 2004. It is full of a lot of puns and Anderson really had fun acting it out. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

That was cute! Thanks for posting it, Quitty :)

Anonymous said...

He is sexy as hell w/his "bad boy" persona!

Delie said...

Wow! Very sexy! Thanks for the vid! I have never seen it. He always amazes me.

And a huge Thank you to all the "contributors" of this blog. I daily read it but I seldom post a comment! Shame, shame...

copperfish said...

This question has been running in my mind for a long time now and I guess this is the right time for it to ask. The first time I encountered the word TIVO was reading an old write-up of AC. The more I encountered the word when I went into the Anderworld. I knew and we all do that every word has its etymology. I also knew that TIVO is short and slang for television. But how did TIVO came to be while TV is shorter to write and to speak. In one of his previous telecast he said that his TIVO is broken. Did he coined the word or it came from somewhere else. I know it may be dumb to most of you if not all but what the heck, I want to be enlightened. Any answers would be very much appreciated.

ACAnderFan said...

Quitty, thanks for sharing that. I think that's one of the best Nth Degrees ever. He looked so cute saying all that stuff and trying to be a 'bad' boy.

Unknown said...


A Tivo is actually a recording device, sort of like a vcr used to be. It records programs digitally and it also allows you to rewind and pause live television. You can set it to record programs everytime they are on or just once. Tivo is a brand name but most cable companies offer DVR's which is short for digital video recorder. It's the same thing as Tivo.

Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

"Before you know it, you're popping NBCs and ABCs all night, until you pass out in your scivvies in a pile of Cheeto crumbs"

I can't tell you how much that made me giggle...

I'd like to thank you for posting this and other old-school clips. Its from well before my time, so thanks for sharing :)

I made a trip to New York last week and was lucky enought to meet Anderson. He was so nice and friendly, and seemed interested in what this wet-from-the-rain English girl had to say... :)

Anonymous said...

Another great clip, not to mention how great he looks in his form fitting trousers!!!

Happy & Safe Memorial Day To All!!!


ac said...

Oh,I looove those nth degree clips!
He is so sexy and cute in this one-tie loosened,top buddon undone.The mention of 'passing out in your skivvies'-now there would be a nice sight to see!Oh,Anderson,you ol' cutie you!

Anonymous said...

omg... sitting on the desk, no jacket, tie a little loose, looking straight me(i mean the camera)love it!!! That could be one of the sexiest videos I have ever seen of him.

Araceli Elle said...

ah hahaha! that was a super cute clip! thanks so much for posting it!

i think i am addicted to tv. not all tv, just certain shows. i'm taking the canceling of gilmore girls pretty hard. but i think my newest addiction is facebook. who's with me?

sydney said...

"I'm Sydney, and I'm an Anderholic"

That was so funny. And seeing a guy w/ the suit jacket off, loosened tie and rolled up sleeves always "gets" me.... mmmmm.

My DVR broke one day a couple of weeks ago - PANIC!! Fortunately, I called up the cable co. and they were able to reset it. My weekend was saved.

I made it back to NYC this week, but as usual it was when Anderson was leaving town. I guess if you guys ever want him to go out in the field, just let me know, I'll go to NYC and that'll drive him right out LOL!

ACAnderFan said...

Aww...the mention of TiVo is bring back memories of the Atlanta book signing last week. As he was signing my book I said to him, 'My condolences on your broken TiVo' It was a nice little conversation we had...LOL!!!

Sheryn said...

@Copperfish, Yay! We both learned new words this weekend!

@QAgirl, *WAVES FURIOUSLY* OMG, where have you been! How are you doing girlfriend!

@ACAnderfan, I knew someone talked to him about his TiVo. I thought that was a very clever comment from you to Anderson!

Thanks for the great clip Quitty. He is so funny sometimes. It's odd to see him in the studio after we got Artic Anderson this week.

Quitty said...

@ACAnderfan...I remembered somebody talking about their conversation with him about the TIVO but couldn't remember where I read it. Thanks.

I thought about one more addiction to add to the list. Is anyone addicted to ATA?

Anonymous said...

absoltuely fantastic Nth Degree.....I think this might take the prize as my favourite.

Anderson looks so good with no jacket loosen tie and rolled up!!!!

Hopped up on sweet lady T - OMG so funny.

Paying for it through the nose.....god he is funny. I wonder if Anderson wrote this one himself because it is so funny and his delivery of it is so good.

You nbcs and funny and the little CNN icons all over him like bugs ~ classic.

Not only a cable news pusher but a televisionaholic.......first step is admitting you have a problem......but I don't think this is that big of a problem.

Anderson is the man and that why I can say......My name is Megan and I am an Anderholic :)

Anonymous said...

OMG ATA is the first site I go to every day.......After my Anderaddiction, ATA is next.....then CNN.....then other tv.

I think I have a problem :P My brother said after he found out i went to Atlanta to see Anderson....I need an Anderson Intervention....Do you think A&E would do that LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow...That was a great clip...Anderson looks to relaxed sitting in th desk and his tie all loose...I wish he still did the Nth degree...Oh well, at least I have all of you wonderful ladies her at ATA posting these clips for all of us to see...

Thanks for the hard work ladies!! :o)

ACAnderFan said...

@Quitty and Sheryn, I'm gald you liked that I talked to him about the broken TiVo.

For those of you who don't remember this is what I said to him:

My condolences on your broken TiVo.' He laughed and said, 'Oh you saw that?' I said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'Well I don't really know what's wrong with it' I said, 'Ah might as well get a new one.' He kind of laughed and said, 'I don't know if I could hook it up again.

It was such a great feeling being able to make him laugh. I'm a funny perosn and I love making people laugh, and to be able to make him laugh made me feel really special.

ACAnderFan said...

Let me just say I had some naughty chair worthy thoughts when he mentioned passing out in your skivvies. Anderson is hysterically funny. I'm being serious when I say this. The man needs to hots SNL.

*goes to the naughty chair due to highly inappropriate thoughts*

lori said...

Thanks, Quitty! That is one of the funniest -- and sexiest -- Nth Degrees. I watched it 3x ... well, actually only once, because I had to leave the room twice to break up a fist fight between the kids (I'm giving them away on Craig's List).

@sydney and megan: looks like there are enough of us to start the ATA chapter of Anderholics Anonymous! ;) I'm still cracking up over megan's needing an "Anderson Intervention!"

@traceyuk: Sounds like a trip you'll never forget. How wonderful for you!

Well it's 2 p.m. -- time to shoot tranquilizer darts into my unruly children, then break open a fifth of bourbon. what? me, addicted? nah.

Anonymous said...

Other than AC 360, I haven't watched tv for years, so I don't really understand Anderson's addiction. But this clip is so funny! Yep, you can count me in as another poor soul grappling with AA - Anderson Addiction!

Anonymous said...

that was great! - another one I have never seen.

isn't he such a natural actor?

thanks for that,


ps: megan - andervention?

Anonymous said...

@ Lori - my family was over today and they were having fun at my expence with this whole Andervention thing but actually they are all really happy I got to meet him......they all think he is so cool. My dad asked my if I kept him honest and if I asked hime to marry me, and if I told him I loved him LOL (Dad's is always teasing me about a good way though :P)
I would only go on A&E if Anderson was somehow involved which would kinda defeat the purpose of an intervetion so no A&E for me!

We totally could start and an ATA chapter of Anderholics Anonymous We practically do everyday anyway.

I have watch the Nth Degree at least 10 is so funny and Anderson looks so HOT!!!!

Just so people don't think I am only about Anderson - JK will be doing and SIU soon about the start of the weapons in war......looks very intriging.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't he look a tad younger in the video? Not as weathered or something, more boyish. or something

copperfish said...

@PT, thank you very much for the very much needed information. :-)

Unknown said...

Wow... I think we need to turn the hose on everyone today. LOL You all are cracking me up.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Thanks for posting the video. That is his best acting job ever!! :)


swmpratt said... intervention only works if you want to be cured right? Do we WANT seriously to be cured of Anderson - I don't!!

I'm Annie Kate and I'm an ATA and Anderholic and I want to stay that way!! Unless of course Anderson is doing the interventions today......

Quitty - if you can find the Nth degree where Anderson does the cold jokes I'll be your slave forever. The only place i could find it is a fuzzy copy on youtube that has the buzz before it and various news after it. I can clip it but what I wouldn't give for a nice sharp quality copy to view. Sigh...that one is funny too - it was done around Michael Jackson's arraignment (that was the buzz question) and during a cold snap in NY. Him being in Greenland reminded me of it.

This is one hot video you posted today - I have watched it about 6 times now.

@acanderfan - the tivo remarks to him were great. I can't understand why he would think he couldn't hook it up - it comes with a diagram. My 13 year old hooked mine up.

Quitty said...

@annie kate...You've stumped me. I'll keep looking for a better copy but so far no luck. The thing is, I really need a slave to clean my messy house so I'll be looking hard for you :)

Anonymous said...

I was doing a little reasearch and while I didn't find the Cold Nth Degree I saw a transcript of one from Jan 22, 2004 talking about the Ben Affleck/ Jennifer Lopez break-up. Any chance that one is hiding in the vault?


swmpratt said...

@Cassie - that one was called Bennifer and I found it somewhere so it must be in the vault - the date was about Jan. 22 2004 or so.

I was thinking the one I wanted on the cold jokes (called Chill) should be about Jan. 16th but I can't find it in pipeline. Rats! That's why I asked Quitty - Quitty can find ANYTHING!! (smile)