Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday in Chicago

I've been through Anderson in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and other war torn areas, but tonight was different. I actually felt Anderson broadcasting from Chicago was even more dangerous then the other venues, is that nuts or what? I mean he's in the United States on a street in a major city, not some God forsaken 3rd world country. I literally held my breath every time the camera was on, the street setting just looked so threatening. But that said, the coverage of the student deaths was compelling television and hopefully will lead a charge of change. As Sheryn pointed out to me this afternoon, this may have happened over a longer period of time than the Virgina Tech murders but the lives lost are no less significant.

What a beautiful family Blair Holt had. His father spoke so eloquently with Anderson showing such strength even though his heart had to be broken into a million pieces. I thought Rollin Martin's comments on the cause of the violence against the students was so much more spot on that that of Arne Duncan, the Superintendent of Public Schools. Duncan went on and on and on about gun control when to me the path to less violence has to start with the parents. To paraphrase Martin, donating sperm does not make a father. Children need to feel safe, protected and valued, if they don't have that they are more likely to lash out.
Thursday's AC360 did have a few lighter moments. For one, we got 2 doses of Tom Foreman. My question? How does he know who Paulie Shore is? And the C list comment, too funny. I love that Ms. Sheryn has been doing screencaps for me but what does she have against Tom Foreman? He's a good looking man, but she seems to only capture the clown in him.

I'm sure Anderson's lighter moment wasn't planned. But for a one day trip AC really broke out some major wardrobe. We had the field shirt, the black vintage polo, the pinstripe shirt with sport coat and the very spiffy black collared sport shirt.

And for the treat of the day? An ATA reader in Virginia sent us the following picture from a Hudson's Bookstore in the DC area. It's the full size cardboard cut-out Andy. Anyone interested in purchasing one? I could always contact Hudson's and see if they'd give us a bulk buying price! Have a great Friday everyone.


aries moon said...

I too was apprehensive watching AC on that Chicago street corner and had the same thought about him being more at risk there than in Iraq! It looked like there was some sort of security guys out there to control the passers-by, but I was kind of worried about Anderson and his 360 team and hope they made it out ok. It sounds bad to say all of this, there are people in the inner city who have to deal with danger 24/7, but I was relieved that AC was able to get through the broadcast without trouble (at least on air, who knows what was going on during the commercials. The show was great and moving and it is a subject that needs to be covered and I'm glad that AC360 did it. I especially enjoyed Anderson's interview with the young kids and Blair Holt's dad. Such sadness.

Unknown said...

What a good show tonight. I love that 360 covers stories that no one else does. Sometimes the show isn't always good but I think they make up for it with stories like these.

It's such a hard issue to deal with... I don't think there is one easy answer but unless people demand that it stops it will probably continue and get worse.

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

I was actually scared for Anderson tonight as well. Call me crazy, but I was worried that he was going to get shot by a passing car or person. It just doesn't look safe there at all. I feel for the people who live there and have to live with the fear everyday. I just can't even imagine how they must feel.

ACAnderFan said...

360 was interesting to say the least last nite.

That is ridiculous what is going on in Chicago. 28 kids. There is no reason, no reason at all that they should be dead. It's just sad.

Raw Politics was good last nite. I loved the comment about Pauley Shore.

I'll take one of those full size cardboard cut out of Andy. I'll stand it up next to my bed...LOL!!!

FanGirl moment: Andy looked so handsome last nite, and I had four outfits to chose from as to which was my fave. I think I liked the black button shirt. It made him look so handsome. I must also admit that he was looing pretty fine in the field shirt too.

Kind of random, but when they kept showing the side of Andy (when he was talking to people) you could see his little bald spot on the left side of his head. Now personally I find it to be cute.

imagine said...

I am from Chicago, and the neighborhood Anders was broadcasting from is the edge of one of the worst areas on the southside called Englewood. Anders and the CNN crew were on 55th Street just right next to the Green Line "L" train. I went to grade school about a mile from where he was. I remember when I was in 3rd grade and my brother was in 8th grade, a lot of his classmates were in gangs and carrying guns. But I digress...

Anywho, I sent a spy with a video camera to where they were broadcasting from.

My friend told me that during the commercial breaks, there was a crowd of people gathered watching the telecast, and that a lot of them were angry, shouting things to the CNN producers and Anderson about what was really happening in the neighborhood, and that they should let them tell their stories on the air. But when CNN got back from the commercial breaks, they went ahead with the scheduled interviews instead of allowing the residents of the neighborhood to speak.

At one point, my spy told me there was an irate man who wanted to be able to video the show as it aired. The guy asked Anderson, and Anderson said, "sure, why not?" Then the producer stepped in sternly and told the guy no.

Apparently, Anderson was talking to the crowd, answering their questions with grace and ease, and was just as cool and relaxed as if they were in his living room. My spy told me that seeing how down to earth Anderson was and how willing he was to talk with the residents gave him new respect for the Coop.

Anyway, my spy is editing the footage of Anders talking to the crowd, and he assures me he will mail me a dvd of the footage. :)

Anonymous said...

WHAT ABOUT THE BIG 40??!! I hope we get a cute/funny/adorable video from Erica tomorrow!!!

copperfish said...

Those are senseless killings and a lot of factors were attributed for these juvenile crimes. I think strict implementation of laws is the most important in any community.

I liked the segment about the kids on the spelling contest. Looking at them spell their assigned words, one can imagine the pressure these kids have to overcome.

Anonymous said...

I too noticed the change of clothes and found it rather funny Anderson could have so many changes in less than 24 hours and yet not change clothes for five days in Greenland. Talking about the danger, did you notice he did not have on his watch?

ACAnderFan said...

I just thought of this. Perhaps Andy had four changes of clothes because he's making up for the fact that he wore the same clothes for five days last week. Maybe becuase of that he feels the need to change his clothes more ofthen...LOL!!! Or maybe it's just an Anderson thing to birng four changes of clothes for such a short trip.

swmpratt said...

Well, Anderson wasn't the only one on this story. NBC news, Brian Williams, did cover the Chicago youth murders also but not in as much detail. He also covered the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the global warming plans and actions of Mayor Daley of Chicago and President Bush's about face on global warming. I was impressed with what they did in 30 minutes even though its not as in-depth as Anderson's coverage. To me, Anderson's coverage sounded a lot like the Stop Snitching coverage and perhaps it is a continuation - to show a pattern; I noted he mentioned the rap music again.

I agree that there needs to be more parenting being done but I don't think that is the only basic answer. Did you hear what one kid said - if you have the money you can get a gun. Someone will sell it to you. When are we going to start valuing life more than money? When that happens maybe a lot will change including this.

I liked Anderson trying to spell the winning word of the spelling bee. As usual he couldn't - he honestly spells worse than I do - I was the main one cheering when they came out with spell checker years ago!

Phebe - I agree with you. I felt more threatened for AC with him in the Chicago streets than him in Iraq, etc. I mean what gang wouldn't want the coverage they would get for offing a prominent news anchor on the air. I think though that Chicago probably beefed up the police patrols around where they were and I know that CNN is very careful with their crew most of the time when they send them into dangerous places.

And yes for one day he did have a lot of wardrobe changes - was almost like a fashion parade and just as enjoyable!!

I did miss Erica tonight - Joe Johns was good but Erica is the best.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phebe,

Count me in on that lifesize pic of Anderson from Hudson Books. Wouldn't it be great if we could actually buy that. If we could actually do that, consider me in.

Thanks for the great post.


Cindy said...

I think last night's show was great! It shined the light on a really serious issue there in Chicago. But it is also going on all over the United States! It is becoming somewhat of an epidemic! I hope that something is done to stop it soon.

I feel so bad for Blair Holt and his family! He seemed to be a very good kid looking to do great things in life and he was taken away for nothing! Because of a stupid gang. But I do agree with Martin Rollins 100%. It has to start at home with the parents of these kids keeping up with and making sure that these kids are alright and getting enough attention and love and all or this problem will never stop.

Tom Foreman was great as always...looking forward to his Q&A with us!!

Can you believe Anderson changed clothes 4 times!? What is up with that!! I noticed that last night and I was like "What the....!" Why would he do so many clothes changes in one show? That is so funny....hate to say it but that's just like something a woman would do...but not a man!!

I'll take a cardboard cut out of the Coop!! LOL Who wouldn't want one!! LOL

Oh I must add....I LOVED, LOVED,LOVED that black shirt he wore last night! Now why in the world didn't he do the whole show in that one! He looked SO HOT in it!!! EXTREMELY HOT!!

@ PT...I LOVE your avatar!! So cute and sweet!

Phebe said...

@imagine, That explains a lot. In the first few live shots I could hear the crowd noise in the background. It did dissipate as the show went on but I think it added to the general feeling of danger. If your friend whats to share the video let us know, we'd be interested.
@daisy, My thought too. Though there was security all around what was to stop a drive by?
@anniekate, Did you notice a difference in Mayor Daley's attitude toward Brian Williams as opposed to AC? He seemed so much more approachable when talking to Williams, at least to me.

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed lastnights 360 and like many of you i was a bit concerned for AC's safety too. i'm glad that he took the time to answer questions from the people watching the show live!

a friend of mine saw that cutout in an airport in NH also and she's going to try to go back and find out if its for sale lol

sydney said...

Oh Lord, why do I love that field shirt so much? Can't wait to see the show, sounds troubling but interesting.

I saw the cutout at the Hudson's in JFK (made me stop short in my tracks! And yes, I was tempted to go in and ask if it was for sale.) but I wouldn't call it full size. It's barely as big as me, as I'm 5'6".

swmpratt said...

@phebe - yes the Mayor seemed very relaxed with Brian. I thought perhaps they knew each other previously before the interview - maybe from other interviews. And Brian was asking "friendly" questions about Chicago - questions that put Chicago in a good light and asking the mayor about his friends, the Clintons, and Chicago's favorite son Obama. All positive stuff.

I don't know how approachable the mayor was to AC off camera during introductions etc. but on camera
Anderson really wasn't asking questions that were favorable to Chicago; true perhaps but not favorable.

If I were mayor I would be somewhat sensitive about the subject matter Anderson was reporting on. The gang killings put Chicago in a bad light and draw attention to problems that I'm sure the mayor and the rest of the power structure would not care to advertise. (While Brian reported on the killings he didn't do it with the mayor in tow).

So perhaps that and perhaps also it was the first time the mayor had met Anderson....who knows.

I was just amazed at how much Brian crammed into 22 minutes or so. I know that AC wants to do a complete 360 degree all sides of the story on his subjects but in going through and getting clips from last night I noticed that the second hour had a lot of repeats in it. Some other items could be covered instead of repeating. Oh, well.....

I just looked on CNN site and tonight we are going in depth with just what you girls are dying to hear about - more on the TB scare. What ever happened to Greenland??

Anonymous said...


I would LOVE to have a cardboard AC. Please keep me posted on how to get one.

swmpratt said...

@imagine - did your spy indicate what the crowd thought was "Really" going on in the neighborhood - did the crowd feel that CNN was misrepresenting the situation somehow? IT would be interesting to know what they wanted to say.

Anonymous said...

I found last night's show so depressing. The "experts" were all pretty short on real solutions. I took personal offense at Roland's suggestion that single moms do not provide discipline to their children and are a cause of the murders being reported. I am a single mom and Anderson himself was raised by a single mom for most of his childhood.

Murders committed by gang members in the major city where I live have declined in the last six months. Among the reasons given in the report I read were improved policing, improved trauma care in hospitals, and video cameras installed in housing projects.

I personally am quite interested in the TB story as it has many tangential issues including our country's obvious lack of preparedness in dealing with bioterrorism.

Anderson's wardrobe change was kind of fun, but his makeup was terrible. His lips looked blue again.

Anonymous said...

We can all speculate about what is causing the problems in Chicago, but a lot of it has to do with the lack of parental guidance. I wonder how many of the juvenile perpetrators has a father living at home?

Between the two girls in the group of "kids" Anderson was inteviewing 1 had a child and the other was pregnant. He didn't bother to ask if they were married or if the fathers were around. These girls talked about making life better for their children, but how can they hope to change things when they have not made an effort to end this destructive cycle? Yes, the government has to bear some responsibility, but I have no respect for people who do not try to help themselves.

I know you don't like to print negative things about Anderson and you can delete this part if you like, but I can't believe he wore that ratty old shirt to interview these kids, that showed a lack of respect.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 9:06, You and I are both a bit old school about the polo, but I thought you might find this interesting. If you go on the Ralph Lauren site the ratty polo, as you referred to it, is really called 'vintage'. It's described as'Breathable cotton mesh, nicked for a timeworn, vintage look.Two-button placket, ribbed polo collar and armbands.
Uneven vented hem'. I guess it's the shabby chic of the clothing world. Oh yea, and it's now reduced from $75 to a cool $45
@m.minkoff, Levels of parenting widely vary and I think that was what Mr. Martin was referring to. Strong parental role models, be it male or female, are a true advantage to a child.
@syndey, 5'6" is even better than full size. It would be easier to hide from friends and family. LOL

Anonymous said...

Phebe: There is a difference between "vintage" and "ratty." I was a fashion student and I am well aquainted with the vintage and worn look, I have a few pair of jeans that fit that description, but this shirt even had threads hanging.

Do you really think those kids or everyone watching the show knows about Ralph Lauren's vintage look? Why didn't he wear it when he was talking to Mayor Daley? I'm sorry, but it looked disrespectful in that setting.

Unknown said...

I think what Roland was getting at about the lack of parental supervision wasn't that a single mom can't be okay but a lot of single moms have to work all day or even two jobs, so they can't always be around.

And I don't really think that most 15 year old girls are going to make great parents, at least to begin with. So, I do think part of the issue is the lack of a family unit... I see it all the time where I live. Having two parents doesn't guarantee a better upbringing at all but a strong family unit no matter the make up is essential.

imagine said...

@Annie Kate
My friend said that people wanted the opportunity to speak because people who only travel to the neighborhood don't really know what it's like. He didn't go into specifics of what they said though.

I spent part of my childhood only 5 blocks from where Anderson was broadcasting last night. It is like a self-contained society. It's so isolated from the city, that it has it's own rules and own way of being. We all felt like our whole world was only an 8 block radius.

At the grade school I went to, the hallways often smelled like urine because old men would often wander into the building to watch children. Teachers used to tell us to never walk anywhere alone at school or otherwise. There wasn't a block you couldn't walk down that didn't have broken liquor bottles and liquor/cigarette billboards, and gang signs on the walls. We knew which streets to avoid, and what colors not to wear. Usually after 8 o'clock in the evening (while we'd do our homework) is when we'd hear gunshots. This happened every night, especially in the warmer months.

My brother started carrying a knife to school because the other boys his age had guns. He was only 12.

Most of the girls we knew were sexually active and/or pregnant by the time they were 12 or 13. I remember girls coming to school and lying that they'd been raped so people would think they weren't virgins.

Mind you, this is what I saw as a child. I can only imagine what I would have seen had I more mature eyes.

My brothers and I got out. But a lot of people we know did not.

It's not just that people in the neighborhood don't want better or don't have parents, or aren't doing for themselves or are uneducated, though that is part of it. The 8 block radius makes you feel like there is no other world outside of the gang boundaries. And it can crush your spirit. When you have kids and are making $7 dollars an hour you don't have idle time to create that sort of change. You're too busy trying to survive. And unfortunately, that only makes the problem worse.

Anywho, it's just MHO. Obviously I could go on and on. Sorry I've blabbed so much.

Anonymous said...

@m.minkoff: I don't know about your situation, but it is ridiculous to compare single mothers living in poverty with Gloria Vanderbilt! How many of those South Chicago single mothers have nannies like Gloria did to help raise their children?

Roland Martin was taking their economic and environmental conditions into consideration. There are too many bad influences in those types of neighborhoods to leave your child unattended.

The saddest thing about it is that sometimes decent parents like Anette and Ronald Holt end up paying the price.

Anonymous said...

Please don't paint Chicago with a wide brush. Like any urban setting over five million, you have really rough areas. Just like NY, LA, et. al. you have this area Anderson visited and on the other side of Washington Park is Hyde Park, where Victorians sell for $600,000-800,000. There's borders that you don't cross. Not that it's all about money, but Chicago is second in the country in number of millionaires, next to LA county. This prob. doesn't link it directly, but has the facts on Chicago's economics.

Anonymous said...

I live with my parents on LSDrive in Chicago and in a surburb Arne Duncan mentions as residents being outraged if a similar occurrence happened there. Very true. What I find interesting is the flipside of this coin. I'm graduating from high school tonight. For the 15th year, 100% of us will be entering college. What this glowing stat omits are the 52 kids who are not graduating. See, affluence in the suburbs and the tony Gold Coast has its share of imperfections. Not to downplay the problems on the Southside where AC reported, but educated, white, rich folks from where I live have huge issues too. Not many parents put their kids welfare first as mine do. In my short life thus far, I've seen lifestyles in 28 countries and on 4 continents. I've never seen so much conspicuous consumption as I see in this country. Americans put money and personal pleasures b4 their kids. They do it on the southside and the northside. Chicago sytle parenting is USA all the way. It's the same in NYC, LA, DC, Boston.
My parents are friends with Arne Duncan and Mayor Daley. My mom worked on a task force with the Mayor last year. They are both admirable men who do their jobs to the best of their ability. From what I can see, they often loose sleep to promote their causes. Chicago is an awesome city, as are many of its suburban areas. It's not the mayors fault, or the Chgo Board of Ed, if parents put their selfish motives before their kids. As for the girl/mother, there are charities, counselors, pro bono attorneys, DCFS. All are willing to help the child find a suitable family to adopt her child. It's not rocket science that a kid is incapable of raising a child. We are taught the consequences of unprotected, premarital sex. A special ed kid is smart enough to grasp the picture that they can't parent a child. Americans are warped, it's not all about money, either. I'm just as incapable of raising a kid as these poor black kids are. Until ADULTS become the loving, nurturing people they have potential to be, there is going to be a contingent of people who will kill for money. No one is actually murdered in my neighborhood. But I could show you a massive amount of teen depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction (weed, cocaine and prescription meds). The absurdety performs daily at my fabulous high school where kids matriculate to the nations finest colleges and universities. That's maybe why we're seeing too many problems in the ranks of US higher ed.
My mom says Mayor Daley is annoyed with Anderson for not asking about what it is that makes Chicago great. Yes, Anderson was in the worst part of town. However, there's so much more to Chicago than that area. There are so many successful black leaders, black professionals, brilliant black students. Not all black people grew up in affluent homes or had the luxury of two parents. There's a who just graduated from Amherst College. He's poor, black, from an awful hood in Miami, and raised by a single mom. Miami is not being honored for this boys successes and shouldn't be. I usually love 360. I thought it was terribly onesided last night. Anderson's coverage missed a major point and it's not about Chicago. Our city, like yours, hasn't been offered a career in parenting the kids of the city.

Anonymous said...

What do you folks think of the new CNN website?

Anonymous said...

I think some single mothers do a good job of parenting and some do not. I objected to Roland's remarks because I thought he was generalizing. It would have been better if he would have said that kids need structure and rules and high expectations. I think a male or a female alone or in partnership can provide that. Or not.

ACAnderFan said...

@ Annie Kate, I saw that too, that tonight we'll be hearing more about TB dude. Seriously though, whatever 360 shows cannot be as bad as the local Atlanta news. Last nite the talked to TB dude's wedding planner, I kid you not. It was ridiculous. My dad kept saying, what's next the family vet??? Are they going to talk to the family vet about TB??? Personally I think this whole TB thing has gotten way out of hand. It is something we probably should care about, but becuase the news beats it into the ground no one really cares anymore.

ACAnderFan said...

@m.minkoff, I kind of like the new CNN site. I noticed that one of the hot tpics is Lindsay Lohan. That's kind of funny.

sydney said...

I watched the podcast - no wardrabe changes there, just the field shirt. I know you're all sick of it, but I still find the TB stuff interesting, as long as they share new information each time. And it seems Tom Foreman's map fetish has returned, YAY!

"...the southside of Chicago..." Now I can't get Jim Croce out of my head. Seriously, this is a very troubling situation. And I'm glad to hear that Anderson didn't tiptoe around the mayor.

@phebe ha ha, you're right. I could just tuck him into my walkin closet. He can help me pick out my clothes in the morning LOL!

Uh oh, the naughty chair beckons as I think about Anderson helping me dress... Darn it, and I've been so good lately. :-P

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11:42

I love your post. You are a very insightful young lady. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I am a huge fan of Anderson Cooper, but I agree that last night's show was not one of his best. It was a very superficial treatment of a very complex and serious problem.

Unknown said...
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ACAnderFan said...

I understand that everyone says Andy's coverage of Chicago seemed one sided, and it kind of was. However, he was in what I guess people would call the "rough side" of town, so to me it only makes snese that he would report on the negative. I hope that I didn't offend anyone with that, it's just my opinion.

Unknown said...

I don't think Anderson was there to make Chicago look bad. He was there to promote a story that no one (except NBC did last night) had talked about. Giving something attention usually helps because then we all know what's happening. I don't believe everyone thinks Chicago isn't a great city. I 've been there and I love it. But to me, he was there to help Chicago not hurt it. :)

I think they did well to bring it to people's attention and not let those children die in vain. Anderson has always tried to cover those kinds of stories and as he says in his book he doesn't want people to die and not be remembered. What other news orgainization has spent the amount of time that AC360 has on it? Who else has told the amazing story of Blair Holt?

Anonymous said...

i too am interested in the TB story so it doesn't bother me that it'll be covered some more on 360 tonight.....the fact that one man could infect hundreds of people is a bit scary and i'm glad they're covering it.

the polo shirt....i've seen it up close and personal and its not as "ratty" looking as you might think. i guess i just don't understand why that showed a lack of respect to the kids.

beachlzrd said...

Phebe - you are a HOOT! I want a full size Anderson too (living and breathing ; )b

Regarding the show last night, I was able to catch the Chicago story - how very very sad! I love seeing Anderson's heart go into the story, because it shows just how caring he is (VERY!)

Thanks for all you do ......... have a great weekend!


ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 9:06AM, I don't think the shirt was disrespectful at all. It was like it was completely torn up. I didn't really look bad at all. Besides he was talking to a bunch of kids, I highly doubt they were expecting him to be all dressed up. I think it was appropriate for the type of interview he conducted.

Anonymous said...

Last night's 360 was amazing. It is so unfortunate that these stories even have to be told. The lost of these 28 children is so sad.

I really enjoyed the piece with Blair Holt's family. They seem so so brave in this situation. It must be so raw and fresh to them. Blair certainly did died a hero.

I have to agree....watching Anderson on the streets of Chicago was kind of unnerving. Glad to see the big CNN security team watching his back.

@ Imagine - good idea sending a spy. Thanks for sharing with us what we did not get to see on the show.

I have to agree more with what Rolland said more so then what the school board guy and mayor said, this generation is lacking discipline and respect and that is very sad.

Raw Politics was really good and the Pauly Shore comment was really funny....."C List". Anderson trying to spell sarrefine was too cute to because you could see his competitive nature about wanting to spell the word right. Still he is so cute.

Where was Erica Hill last night? She was on her own show so I was really surprised to see Joe Johns doing the bulletin.

oh man even cardboard Andy is hot....I am off to the naughty chair. Enjoy the show tonight all

Anonymous said...

Lots of great, insightful commenting going on here, and that's wonderful to see. Regarding Mayor Daley and his reaction to Anderson's questions, I feel that it was incredibly cold of him to basically take this "communities have to patch themselves up" stance when Anderson asked him about solutions. And I agreed with Anderson when he asked with some disbelief whether or not that was truly the answer the mayor wanted to give to those children. Offering first some kind of sympathy or showing some genuine concern for the problem would have been a LOT more appropriate, and then going on to outline not only the dilemma but stating solutions that HE himself is trying to undertake would've come off a lot better. For Mayor Daley to be so concerned about Anderson painting Chicago in a negative light, he sure didn't do it any favors, either. He could've pointed out the good on his own, with or without a posed question. The fact that he chose not to do so is not Anderson's fault at all, and shouldn't be unfairly viewed as such. No disrespect to those who know Mayor Daley personally, but his appearance on this show left a very bad impression.

And what, exactly, is wrong with Anderson dressing down a bit when interviewing high school students? I could see if they were formally dressed, but it would seem a little pretentious for him to be in a three-piece suit while interviewing them; sort of boasting his own position of power or status in relation to theirs. With the serious topic being discussed, Anderson's choice of attire really should be the last thing anyone should care about, in all honesty. I'm just proud of him for being there, and also proud to hear imagine sharing how congenial and respectful he was to the off-camera crowd. Thanks for sharing that with us!

Anonymous said...

oh I forgot to mention how extremely hot Anderson looked in all 4 yummy but I loved the black buttoned down dress shirt best.

I know he totally raised the temperature in my room last night, the heat was coming straight through the tv :P

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11:12

It was exactly my point that all single mothers should not be lumped together and blamed for the problems of their offspring. Single mothers come in all varieties, rich and poor, effective as parents and lacking.The issue should be parenting skills, not marital status.Or wealth, for that matter.

aries moon said...

Imagine's comments about Anderson and his interaction with the crowd in Chicago has only reinforced what I've felt for a long time. He is one classy man.

Quitty said...

@phebe...@anonymous 9:06, You and I are both a bit old school about the polo, but I thought you might find this interesting. If you go on the Ralph Lauren site the ratty polo, as you referred to it, is really called 'vintage'. It's described as'Breathable cotton mesh, nicked for a timeworn, vintage look.Two-button placket, ribbed polo collar and armbands.
Uneven vented hem'. I guess it's the shabby chic of the clothing world. Oh yea, and it's now reduced from $75 to a cool $45

I guess I'm old school too. I was going to pick on you for calling it vintage but you mean to tell me he bought the shirt looking like that?

Anonymous said...

@ Quitty...I agree I can't believe he bought that shirt looking like that either! It looks horrific. And if he spent $75.00 on it he got royally scr@#ed!!

I think he could have worn something a little better to interview the kids. He looked like he just walked off the street and jumped in the chair to do the interview! It was like he didn't care at all! He could have atleast had on a nice looking shirt like the other Polo that he wore in Atlanta for the book signing, if he felt he needed to dress down. Or why not dress in a button down...that's what he wears all the time. So it would have been what they expected to see!

Anonymous said...

As you know, I think Anderson prefers to wear his field shirt for his personal reason. It would be less attentive for anyone to know who he is. There is nothing to complain for his beloved field shirt. My father had kept his several shirts over twenty years and refused to give his shirts away for Salvation Army. Does anyone of you have a husband or boyfriend keeps the favorite shirt? And yes, I agree with all of you that he should have worn a better outfit interviewing the kids.

copperfish said...

Great comments on this post...
@Annie Kate, I've seen the interiew of BW with the mayor of Chicago and you're right he's rather nice with BW compared to that with AC.

Sometimes I don't understand how indepth is the "indepth coverage" of CNN to a story. Are they so much careful that they would touch sensitive nerves in digging a certain issue? When I read "imagine's" comment about the people wanting to tell their stories, then why would the producers of CNN won't allow that. Well they don't have to cramp the stories in 2 hours, we all knew it's hard to do. Maybe in those untold stories they can uncover truths why these problems occur.

Anonymous said...


Who cares what he wears?

I love his "dress down" look more than his model look. He is an "all boy" type of guy and that is what I like most about him.

swmpratt said...
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Unknown said...

I have to agree... does it matter what he wore or where he stood or that he didn't ask "good" questions about Chicago to the mayor. I think the point is sort of getting lost. The fact that 360 went there to begin with to cover this and that they didn't want this story to die is what matters. Those 28 kids deserve the attention... the story of Blair Holt deserves to be known.
I'll shut up now. LOL


Anonymous said...

Sorry I went tangential, but I get nervous when people form an opinion about Chicago based on one thing. There's many gorgeous parts to the city. Englewood where Anderson stood is a fraction of the South Side, and Jennifer Hudson grew up in Englewood, so you can be a great success despite the odds. Anyway, when AC did Hollenbeck, people didn't go "Oh, Los Angeles is DANGEROUS !"

As far as the "shabby polo", it was 83 and humid in Chicago Thurs. so he prob. grabbed the coolest shirt. I would have preferred a white "tank" t-shirt! hmm picture that

Sheryn said...

@PT, HERE HERE! Thank you!

What has seemed to have gotten lost was WHY Anderson was in Chicago in the first place. 28 kids were killed in ONE school year. That deserves attention.

All big cities have their different parts, good and bad. Anderson was there to focus on the violence. Asking Mayor Daley sweet questions about the whole city was not the purpose of the interview.

Like I said to Phebe, so much media focus was placed on 32 people who were brutally murdered on one college campus in one day. Why not put the same focus on 28 children who were killed over a 9 month period of time in the same public school system?

Different type of murders but loss of a precious lives with potential just the same. Grieving parents just the same.

Sorry, just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Richard Daley could spout off a list of accomplishments for four hours straight and he'd still have more to contribute. If you look at his career and countless years of hard work, his partiality towards his beloved Chicago is so evident. His convo with AC prior to aitime might have sealed the tone for his onair interview. Daley is human. The fact that he didn't appreciate Anderson doesn't say much for or against either man. I can say this about Mayor Daley, he's paid his dues and consistently delivers. What you see with the Mayor is what you get. When a son partook in an underage boozefest, daddy Daley approached his frustration and anger on the local news. When Maggie was diagnosed with cancer, he expressed his fears openly to Chicago. He visits the families of murder victims. He often responds personally to letters he receives. From what I've seen, Mayor Daley is also a gentleman. With the City of Chicago and its associated problems on his shoulders, he's doing the best he can. I think we should give him a pass this time in regards to his coldness towards Anderson. Although Daley didn't challenge Anderson's concern that these kids are forgotten, each victim was acknowledged on the 10 pm local news. While a mention on tv doesn't rationalize a death, it's a failacy to say these kids were never mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Amen to Sheryn, Amen to PT, and a special "wow" and extreme thanks to Annie Kate for sharing your profound experience with all of us. What you were able to do with your circumstances deserves serious praise, and it just goes to illustrate one of life's best truths: "you may not have had a good start, but you can certainly have a good finish." It really is all up to us, our efforts, and our attitudes in the long run. Thanks again for sharing such a poignant, inspiring story, Annie Kate. Very much appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL - I think Mayor Daley is frustrated that Chicago got singled out when the population of smaller cities might have proportionate gang violence. If you have eight million people, 28 shootings is the same as 8 shootings in a less populous city. Well, any teenager dying is unacceptable and sad. As for Mayor Daley, he doesn't have drawing room manners and it sometimes comes off as being "cold" or dismissive. He wouldn't be a good diplomat and he hates cocktail party talk. You should here him with reporters in his briefings on the local news. He'll say "what kind of question is that?"; he'll challenge inane questions,too, and ask a reporter what he meant, or say "that's ridiculous". I don't think he disrespects Anderson, but proportionately Chicago doesn't have more gang violence than less populous cities. Gang violence is in small towns and big cities alike. xtina

Anonymous said...

I like the new beta site. It seems to take less time to load and is less cluttered, but it should be shorter. ANDY rules!

swmpratt said...

The new beta site does seem faster but I don't understand where the links to the different shows pages are - those are the ones I used the most. I also didn't see a science section but I've got a bug this weekend (courtesy of my DH) and feeling really yuck so perhaps I just missed it.

Is anyone having trouble with the podcasts on itunes? I got the one for Wednesday and Thrusday 5 times. Now I like looking at AC but that was a little ridiculous. I felt like I was in a version of Groundhog's Day and kept looking around for Bill Murray to appear. Fortunately he didn't. That would have really been freaky. LOL

swmpratt said...

@Candy - thank you and you are welcome. I showed it to my DH and he reminded me that some of my in-laws troll the net and they might see it and report back to mother so I deleted it rather than get a family hoo-haa going. Not that I mind sharing with you all but I just didn't want to chance them seeing it. I appreciate your kind words though - thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the new CNN beta site. I appreciate that it is faster to load. However, it's very hard to find information on AC 360. There is a big ad that flashes for different shows, but it rotates among all the shows, not just AC 360. If that bothers you too, there is a feedback form on the site that you can use to tell them so. I did!

swmpratt said...

@m.minkoff - I clicked on feedback because I had the same reaction you did and got this very restricted form that you picked choices and didn't have a place for saying what you wanted to - did I just click on the wrong feedback - did you get something different? Using their form would not have communicated my concern at all.

Anonymous said...

@Annie Kate, The feedback form I used on the CNN Beta site was in the lower right corner, if my memory serves me correctly. There was space for me to type my comment, but maybe they've changed the form? I sent my feedback several days ago.

Anonymous said...

@Annie Kate, I just checked the feedback form on the CNN beta site. It is indeed on the lower right. Click the link and a popup form will open. The place where you can type your comments is then on the upper left of this popup form.

Rita said...

Haven't stopped by in a while, great job as always, funny i was just talking about a cardboard cut out of Anderson with a friend of mine while i was showing off my David Boreanaz one and the Johnny Depp one I will be buying...he (my friend) is always upset that there isn't one for Anderson....haha