Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An Off Night For Me

thanks to Sheryn for the screencaps Wednesday night was just one of those nights for me. I realize that AC360 was probably good, but I just couldn't get into it. I've been a bit under the weather the last few days, and maybe that explains my lackadaisical attitude. Anyway I'll do a few bullet points and please feel free to tell me what you enjoyed about the show. Please!

- The 'earmark' stuff is never going to go away. It's been that way in Washington forever and I don't see any hope for ridding our government of it. For every Republican who's guilty there are an equal number of Democrats. I guarantee it.

- Am I just being grumpy or is everyone as bored as I am with the TB story?

- I did think the story on the young lady who was traveling abroad with her classmates to Africa was stunning. How could the chaperones be so irresponsible? And then to continue the trip was just unconscionable.

- Nice to see a story of Nagin and NOLA. I think CNN has dropped the ball when compared to NBC's NOLA coverage.

- Julia Reed is a hoot! Anderson seems to really appreciate her honesty and fearlessness in calling out elected officials. Did you catch AC's 'We'll see you in New Orleans soon'?

- Tom Foreman's spelling bee coverage was entertaining. I've got a theory on people's spelling abilities. I truly believe it's genetic. My DH is a great speller and I'm just abysmal. He says stuff like 'look it up' when I ask for help. I think he thinks someday I'll acquire the spelling gene, but don't hold your breath. I've always been puzzled by how you look something up if you can't spell the word, it's a near impossible task. Anyway the genetic part in all this? My daughter got her father's spelling gene, unfortunately my son inherited my lack of ability. They are perfect clones of their parents when it comes to how they approach spelling.

- Looks like Anderson will be live in Chicago tomorrow night. Anyone going to try and find where he's broadcasting from? We'd love some pictures.

I received word late Wednesday night that Anderson will be appearing sometime this week at BookExpo America, the publishing industry’s largest annual gathering. It got underway Wednesday and continues through Sunday at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. If you're planning on going let us know if you run into Mr. Cooper.

Thanks to Xtina for the link to some fresh AC pictures. Mr. Cooper attended the opening of Diane VonFurstenberg's new store in NYC Wednesday. Please excuse the watermarks and enjoy!

We've had a great response to our announcement that Tom Foreman will be answering our questions. I would like to clarify a few things. Tom did not put any restrictions on the questions but CNN's PR representative did. They will not allow Tom to answer any questions about his political views or opinions. I'm sure most of you would expect this to be the case but I thought it still needed said. Remember your question is due by midnight Sunday night and we would appreciate if you would limit yourself to one question. I have no problem with a compound question or a two part question, just use your good judgement. Email your question to us at or put it in comments (it won't be published) if you want to use a screen name and remain anonymous.

And on a personal note I loved Anderson's Wednesday blog post and Ms. Sheryn's recap. Every Fall my DH and the boys make their annual pilgrimage into the wilds of northern Arizona. They are usually gone for about a week. I don't ask too many questions about showering or hygiene, I just place a large laundry basket in the garage with the understanding that DH is to strip to his skives before entering the house. The last few years DH has been getting a little feisty and upon his return he comes into the house in his smelly clothes and chases me around telling me that he missed me so much he just needs a big hug and kiss. I run around the house like a possessed woman screaming at the top of my lungs for him to get back out into the garage. The boys all think this is hysterical which just eggs DH on. When I told DH about Anderson's post he said he'd bet I wouldn't run away from AC if he tried to give me a hug after 5 days in the wild. Hmmm, I'll have to think about that one.


ACAnderFan said...

I liked 360 last nite. I mean it wasn't the greatest, but it was still good.

No Phebe, you're not being grumpy. I'm bored with the TB story as well. Be gald you don't live here in's all over the local news.

That story about the girl going to Africa was interesting. It dosen't surprise me that the chaperones ddin't to their job. And to me that's just sick to conrinue on with the trip when one of their classmates was found dead in a pool, days earler.

I'm looking forwrd to Andy being in Chicago tonite. I think it's going to be an interesting special.

@Xtina, thnaks for sharing those pics with us. He looks very handsome there.

FanGirl moment: Andy looked amazing last nite. Love love love the tie. It looks really nice on him and when he wears ties with little stripes I think it makes him look very distinguished.

Oh and one more thing. If Andy wants to give me a hug after being in Greenlad for five days and not changing his clothes or showing he is more than welcome to. In fact I'd probably run towards him...LOL!!! I don't like getting dirty or being around dirty things, but for Anderson I can make an exception.

copperfish said...

Wednesday's show was just mediocre with two repeated segments.

@Phebe, regarding the "earmarks"...Amen, to that and it's not only in Washington but in other nations as well only they have different names for it.

Because of too much media attention, I think it was blown up to high proportion which are driving the public crazy. Not that it shouldn't be a worry but the medical authorities were locating the people who were near the man during his flights but what about his fiance or should I say his wife. If there's someone that has the high probability of contracting the microbes, it's her because of the duration she has been with him. The media didn't report about her condition, IMHO.

P.Moore's death is a great irresponsibility on the part of the chaperone much of the school. Those kids are still minors and it was their primary duty to look over them even if they are having fun. If there would be even a case, I think it'll be a tough one because it happened in another country, second no witnesses, third all probable evidences might have been lost or destroyed. I think I would also blamed the roomate who didn't bother to report at once the disappearance. My heart goes out to the parents Phylicia.

Having a mayor like Nagin, it will be a "long road home" for the residents, I think.

About the boy in the spelling bee contest trying to win, that's what I call PERSEVERANCE and DETERMINATION. Not bad traits at all for a small lad.

I was amused by his remarks about the towels and robes in the hotels. What was he thinking then?

@Phebe, the last portion of your post is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

The story on the girl who went to Africa was unbelievable! You'd think having chaperones would make it a safe trip, but just isn't the case anymore. For them to continue on the trip was disrespectful of her death to me.

I am interested in the TB story, but then I like to hear medical mystery stories. Just as long as it isn't played to death. The man shouldn't have traveled as he was told not to. I thought it interesting how he traveled back as Mr. Toobin explained and wasn't breaking any laws, therefore, no lawsuits possibly, but may incur some civil suits if someone gets sick from him. I thought interesting this TB guy is a lawyer.

Don't know what the deal is with Mayor Nagin and Amtrak, but hope they can strike a deal because hurricane season is upon us. The Gulf Coast route for Amtrak doesn't look functional right now looking at their site traveling from east-west and vice versa.

swmpratt said...

Well AC is in Chicago tomorrow and is he in the coverage of those primaries over the weekend and first of next week in NH, etc? And then he said that about NOLA and his father's family reunion should be soon - I remember reading they had it in the summer and that he likes going. He may be gone a lot for a while but perhaps we'll see him on most of it except for the reunion and I hope he takes vacation for that.

I'm not bored with the TB but not super excited about it - I guess we would all feel different if it were Ebola fever or something....there honesty needs to be some medical protocols on some of these diseases or we will start seeing epidemics again.

My oldest daughter won the TN spelling bee for our district 2 years in a row - I can still remember helping her study. And I can still remember the hollow feeling of shock and awe in my stomach when she won. I hope the boy wins - its a great thing and to go 5 times and not win would be a shame.

I really liked the part about the golden bathtub (okay I'm strange) and the banter afterwards - and yes, they DO wash the bathrobes - right along with the towels that don't get stolen! I asked my DH who works at a hotel and he said so!! LOL....

They just can't get over that pig can they? Anderson is still saying Ummmmmm.....good eating. What a riot!

As for hugging Anderson all dirty and smelly from the trip to Greenland - I'm not adverse to that one at all!!

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I honestly think a person's spelling skills are greatly influenced by being exposed to literature from an early age. Reading well-written books allows children to memorize the way words are spelled, not just the way they sound (as they do when they learn words from TV, for example).

Cindy said...

The show was OK last night. Not as good as it has been but at least it wasn't really bad like it has been in the past.

The Dem.'s saying they are getting rid of earmarks is a joke! They are just as bad as the Rep.'s if you ask me!

I think the TB thing has been blown way out of proportion. The man isn't even showing symptoms. And his wife doesn't even have how would anyone else. I can't believe AC let that take up alot of the show. It even knocked off the Greenland stuff! What's up with that!! I would have much rather seen the Greenland reports!

I feel so bad for the parents of the young girl who went to Ghana to help others and ended up dead. They are deffinately getting the run around! I hope that someone steps up and helps solve this case!

I loved Julia's remarks on NOLA...she tells it like it is and doesn't care what anyone says!! And Ray Nagin is a joke!! Every thing he says is a's about time that the people there realize it! Hopefully they kick his butt to the curb in the next election and get someone in that will do the job!

Thanks Xtina for the beautiful pics of AC at the DVF store opening. He looks SO good! But man does he ever stop!? That man needs to go home and relax....before he burns out!! He is always doing something! Maybe because he is lonely and doesn't want to be home alone...OH yeah and his TIVO is broken! LOL

Has anyone else noticed that the AC360blog hasn't been being kept up? All week they have added stories but didn't add comments. And even yesterday when Anderson blogged they only put up 4 comments and never added any more. I wonder what's going on there? I did a feedback and asked them! I hope whatever it is that they fix it soon. It is crazy to leave comments and they don't post's a waste of our time. I hope they realize that!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the show last night. I can't believe Mayor Nagin blamed everyone else but himself on all the bad decision he had made during Katrina, and his fellow politicians who did not kept their eye on the levee. They need to get rid of them. I loved the lady AC interview last night, she said she wished Nagin had announced he is resign as a mayor, they can put a money in his job and probably do a better job. The man is a disgrace.

I had a good laugh when the new bulliten did not come up the second hour. Anderson did another plug for the podcast while waiting the footage to run. He sure think quick on his feet. Love the stolen gold bathtub. The banter between Erica and Anderson are classic. These two sure enjoy making fun on all kind the story. I hope they don't have anymore technical problem while they are in Chicago.

ACAnderFan said...

Perhaps when Andy is in Chicago he will take the towels and robe from his hotel room...LOL!!! I'm sure that if you looked in his apartment you'd find some towel from some hotel...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I couldn't get into last night's show either. I thought maybe it was just me. I actually turned it off when they showed a repeat of the previous night's story on the cold case and the priest who may have been the murderer. I usually like cold case stories, but a repeat of the same segment from the night before was just boring. If there isn't new information, they should find something else to report. I can't believe there is nothing else happening in the world. What happened to Anderson's Greenland footage? I thought he said on his blog that it would be on, and I didn't see it. Or was it aired after I turned off the tv?
I liked Julia's report from New Orleans. I used to live there, so I am very interested in my old hometown. Can't they recall Mayor Nagin? He is utterly incompetent.
As for spelling, well, I'm a teacher, and I believe that it is a largely visual skill. As another blogger wrote, you have to read a lot to know how words are supposed to look. But it also involves knowing the rules to transfer the sounds of letters to their written form.
Sorry for the long post on a show that I didn't even watch!

Anonymous said...

ok am I the only one who loved last night's show. I thought it was so great. I didn't mind the beauty queen story being covered me a good show is one that keeps me awake for the full 2 hours and Tuesday and Wednesday shows have done that for me :)

ACAnderFan said...

So is Andy going to be in New Hampshire or where ever CNN is having the debates from??? If he is then he is a busy busy busy man.

@m.minkoff, I didn't watch the repeat of the murder cold case either. I flipped it over to Showbiz Tonight on CNN headline news channel instead. Andy's Greenland footage never aird last nite. My guess is we won't see it until that PIP special in october.

lori said...

Heya, Phebe! Thanks for the rundown! I didn't watch last night as intently as I normally do (busy assembling props for the local elementary school kids' opera, and dropping f-bombs as I burned my fingers on the glue gun).

I love your story about the boys "roughing" it! Would never happen here as DH is totally OCD about cleanliness. Going potty in the shigloo would send him over the edge as there's likely not a single roll of Charmin in sight!

@xtina: more cool photos! thanks for finding them and sharing

@cindy: I did notice that the 360 blog has been neglected for the past couple of days. Making me crazy since I can't live a day without my Betty Ann fix.

Quitty said...

If you like Julia Reed you should check out her book called "Queen of the Turtle Derby"

Anonymous said...

I thought he was going to be at the Book Expo in August.

Cindy said...

@ Acanderfan...I think Anderson will be at the debates in New Hampshire. On the comercials for it on CNN they show pictures of all of the moderators and his is on my bet is he will be there!

And YES..he is a very busy, busy man!! But he needs to cool down IMO!

ACAnderFan said...

@lori, LOL at there not being a roll of Charmin in sight at the shigloo!!! I don't tihnk I could survive even an hour in Greenland. I don't know how Anderson did it. Wait. Nevermind, he's a man. Men like things like that. And for some reason I bet he found the shigloo to be absolutely hilarious. I can just picute him laighing hysterically when he found out what it was called.

Anonymous said...

Isn't DVF a friend of Anderson's mother? If they are such good friends I wonder why she's not at the show?

Phebe said...

@m.minkoff, I hate to blow your theory out of the water about spelling but both my kids are voracious readers and have been from a very early age. They both have multiple degrees and are professionals yet one can spell and one can't. I still swear it's in the genes.
@anonymous 10:33, here's my source on the Book Expo
@everyone, Here's an update on the TB case I mentioned happening in Phoenix. Today the ACLU filed charges against the county for holding the infected man against his will. Also it is costing our county $50,000 a month to house this Russian citizen. Stay tuned, it's getting interesting.

Sheryn said...

@dannie and m.minkoff, I have to agree with Phebe. I currently hold a 4.0 at my college and have a photographic memory and I am a terrible speller. And I am also just a few credits shy of my teaching degree.

In fact, I spell better when I write in Spanish and French than I do when I write English (my native tongue).

I just think some people are just not inherently good spellers.

Anonymous said...

I agree that just reading a lot is not enough to make a person a good speller. You also have to hear the individual sounds in words (not everyone does) and know what letters represent those sounds. English, as we all know, is a rough language to read and write since our vocabulary has come from so many other languages, all with different spelling rules. As a teacher, I'd like to think that everyone could learn to spell if properly taught, but I'm not going to deny the genetic aspect. I can spell pretty well, but I totally suck at math!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for recommending the Julia Reed book. I just ordered it from Amazon.

Anonymous said...

I am an excellent speller and read voraciously. I am the only person in my family who can spell. My mother swears it is because I took some strange course in first grade that taught phonics and spelling using a little turtle. They discontinued the program the second year so there is no way of knowing if the younger brothers would have benefited. My son, on the other hand, was a gifted 4.0 student who scored perfect scores in math and science on the ACT and who can't spell his way out of a paper bag. I gave up trying to get him to memorize words by fourth grade. It was shear torture for him. I do believe that reading voraciously and reading quality material will help you communicate more effectively both in writing and verbally.

By the way, did I tell you guys how much I missed you on my camping adventure? I will be gone in August without access to a computer for about 12 days and am wondering how I will survive without my daily doses of ATA wisdom and humor!

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe - your story about your DH and kids made me laugh so hard. That was pretty funny. I guess all that time out in the wild can make a guy frisky....interesting :P

@ Sheryn - I am very impressed.....tri-lingual! Impressive!

sydney said...

Well, my perspective on the spelling thing - both of my parents were incredibly well-read, but my father's spelling is not good, while my mother's was excellent. I inherited my dad's horrible penmanship, but my mother's spelling ability (for some reason everyone always uses me as a spellcheck...). And if I discover a typo after the fact, it bugs me to no end.

"Whoa, where did Erica Hill go?" LOL, I loved that! Always quick on his feet, that Anderson, fitting in the plug for the podcast. Unfortunately, their little late night technical snafu caused them to go over enough so that my DVR cut out prior to the end of the Anderica banter - ARGH!

swmpratt said...

I've noticed the AC360 blog too - really gone downhill lately. And when there is a post what sort of comments do they want? I commented on the subject he wrote about - Greenland - and it didn't get posted. BUT the majority of the comments that did get posted were fawning comments and silly comments - what is with that? Do they want a meaningful conversation with their viewers or just fawning and goofiness? Irritating because we all like to see our comments posted even though we know its probably not going to happen much and irritating that they didn't show the Greenland stuff that AC said they would instead of some of the repeats.

Well off to Chicago - what's with that anyway ? I know why AC is going but Brent Williams of NBC news is going to be in Chicago too? Wonder why?