Saturday, June 30, 2007

Opening the Vault

I've had a very busy day and missed all of AC360 on Friday night. I'll get around to watching my TIVO over the weekend, but that's not going to help with this post. I thought I'd open my vault of goodies, so you all will forgive me for missing the program. The first video is from June 26, 2002 when Anderson was subbing for Aaron Brown on Newsnight. If you've followed the news this week you know that Ann Coulter and Elizabeth Edwards got into a bit of a cat fight. Ann is no stranger to cat fights, nor is Anderson adverse to covering them. Here's a Segment 7 that AC did with Ann and Katie Couric. Enjoy!

As I was going through some of my video files I came across my favorite Anderson music video of all time. It was created by Gennia and first shared with ATA in February 2006. I guess the reason why I'm posting it again is because this is to me the essence of Anderson Cooper's reporting. After a tumultuous week of 'discussing' the merits of Paris Hilton and the ensuing coverage I think some of us need to be reminded what is really important to Anderson and hopefully to his fans. Have a good weekend everyone and don't forget to check out this week's mystery journalist at All Things CNN.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I Guess You Have To Take The Bad With The Good

Update: The AC360 website says tonight's topic will be Michael Moore's film 'Sicko'. Ads on CNN are saying AC360 will be covering the attempted car bombing in London. Looks like we'll get at least one live hour of AC360 on Friday night.
•Is it terrible of me to be happy that George W is unhappy about his immigration bill failing? Then I'm a terrible person , because I couldn't be happier to see W get a Congressional smack down. We have to fix our immigration issues, but this wasn't the way. At least Congress worked together to defeat this measure. Now if they could only work together to find the right solution.•As happy as I am that W was defeated in the Congress, I'm miserable about Thursday's Supreme Court affirmative action ruling . I don't think I'll ever forgive Sandra Day O'Connor for retiring early and giving Bush the opportunity to skew the balance of the court in favor of the Conservative Right.•The famous CNN interns tackled our Senator's pork spending this week. Wahoo, one of my state Senators disclosed his earmarks, the other had none. We fared much better in Arizona, with Senators than with our Representatives. Did I tell you that I emailed my new Congressman who I campaigned for last November and asked him to please cooperate. When he didn't release his earmarks or answer my email I wrote to Mike Watkiss and suggested he do an investigative piece on our uncooperative Congressmen. I have high hopes, based on what Mike told me, that he'll be following through.

screencap courtesy of stillifescreencap courtesy of bcfraggle
•When AC led Thursday's AC360 with news of a tunnel being found in Nogales I actually let out a yell. Anderson never met a tunnel he didn't love and I had visions of him scrapping the 'On the Border' coverage scheduled for Monday and heading to Arizona. My hopes were dashed when he said, later in the show, that the tunnel wasn't as large as originally reported. Come on AC you're a very lean man you can squeeze into that tunnel.
•I've been hearing rumblings that Friday's AC360 is going to be a repeat of the 2 hour Larry King retrospective. That's just a shame, if it's true. Michael Moore is the live guest on LKL and that would be a follow up show that I would have enjoyed watching. CNN must think we're all airhead idiots who want to watch a post mortem on PH but not on Michael Moore? I sure hope the rumors are wrong and we get at least one live hour on Friday, but I'm not holding my breath.
•Thanks to Sheryn for uploading tonight's banter with Erica. It's just so cute how excited men get about their new toys and AC is no exception.

•I'm going to end with my reflections on CNN and AC360 and specifically this week. We've been told that our readers appreciate what we do in finding and sharing the latest news on AC360, Anderson's personal appearances and even the occasional sighting when AC is on vacation. We have always tried to present this information in a factual manner and you have no idea how hard that is. CNN is seldom cooperative with fan blogs, even though fans are the foundation for a program's ratings. I have never understood why CNN will leak information to a news site, read largely by industry insiders, but not reach out to the fans through fan sites. Please trust me when I say it's like pulling teeth to get an answer from CNN 'on the record'. This week is a prime example. We first heard from readers in Japan, yes JAPAN, on Tuesday that AC360 was going to one hour for the summer. It took Inside Cable News, using their connections, to get the confirmation that AC360 was indeed scaling back for the summer. And Inside Cable News was kind enough to acknowledge that it was a fan who alerted them to ask the question. It is no wonder that ratings for most of CNN's lineup are in the toilet. If you want to build viewership I would think you would want to reach out to viewers. Did they think that we, the fans, wouldn't notice that our favorite news show had been scaled back? Well, if that is the case, they were wrong. It makes me wonder if they are so focused on the forest they fail to see the trees?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Anderson Cooper I Know...Sorta...Kinda...Maybe...

Well, you pretty much knew I wasn't going to leave the topic of Paris Hilton alone, didn't you? I've been reading comments for two days on this site and many more and I've gotta tell you, although I do not know Anderson Cooper personally, I get why he does some things. ('Some' is italicized because sometimes he completely perplexes me too!) You can't possibly blog about someone and their show for a year and a half without picking up some clues to a person's way of thinking, even the very private Mr. Cooper.

(credit: Phebe)

Like many of you, I saw last night coming a mile away. Anderson Cooper has a strong code by which he lives. He has stuck by this code throughout his career. We hear it all the time, "I don't wear my opinion on my sleeve." You remember that one right? Some of you have used that line arguing that Anderson should not have shown his bias as much as he did last night. Um, what you aren't getting is that Anderson Cooper has to feel VERY strongly about something or someone for him to abandon his personal rule, don't you think? I mean if you know anything about Anderson, you must know that, right? He must have been really, really ticked off about having to dedicate the first hour of his show to this waste of space, correct? Come on, I can count on one hand the amount of times Anderson Cooper has clearly shown his bias about a story. That should tell you something about how much he just doesn't understand her way of living.

Please! Just the fact that Anderson started out his program last night obviously on his computer as if he hadn't been paying any attention to the LKL/PH interview, set the tone for the first hour. Frankly, I stood up and applauded him. If you don't get the fact that Anderson is just a tad miffed that CNN made him dissect this airhead (with feelings, boo hoo...) who has not provided anything to this society but a way for my daughter and countless other little girls to learn that all you need to do to get rich is pose for the pretty pictures and make a sex tape, well then you don't get the Anderson Cooper that I know!

If some people are wondering why he reacted to Paris Hilton so vehemently, please take the time to read this excerpt from a blog post that a dear friend sent to me this morning.

It would be very, very easy for Cooper to have used his status as a genuine Vanderbilt to have spent his life in NYC, attending social events and feeling like he’s doing oh-so-much for the “other people” by attending charity polo matches. Instead, he went out and started from the ground up and, in a sense, became the “other people.” Sure, he’s still wearing Armani suits and doing photo spreads in “Vanity Fair” and has a penthouse in Soho that I couldn't afford to breathe in. But who else in his position in the media is still making regular trips to Nola to show the after-effects of Katrina? Or traveling to the Arctic Circle to actually show viewers what global warming is actually doing?

The point is, Anderson Cooper has earned every second of publicity he’s gotten, just because he’s trying to do something more with it than get into swag suites and score free iPhones. If Paris Hilton were half as sincere as she claims about changing her life, she shouldn’t be talking to Larry King. She should be calling Cooper for tips.

Well, I just couldn't have said it better myself! Kudos to blogger, Dana Franks!

A New Day!
Well, I'm officially leaving the subject of Ms. Hilton! Thank goodness! And because I know some of you will be a tad mad at me today, I offer you these adorable pictures of Anderson holding his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt's hand as they wait in the wings at the Gordon Parks Foundation Awards dinner on June 18th. The photos are a bit blurry but I just thought you would love them! And I don't want you to be mad at me, either! (images from

Take a good look at Anderson tonight...
because you wont be seeing his gorgeous face until he shows up on the Texas border Monday evening. Now, I say this with the disclaimer that I AM ALWAYS WRONG! But, a bit of speculation, a tip from Ms. Megan and a note on Anderson's website has lead us to believe that you will be seeing not one, not two but FIVE hours of Larry King tomorrow night! Yupper, Larry King Live is scheduled to air from 7pm to 10pm ET and AC360 picks up the Larry theme by replaying the 2-hour 50th Anniversary special from 10pm to midnight ET. So, if you do see Anderson Cooper live on your TV set tomorrow, either I was wrong or the world exploded. And to tell you the truth, my personal life is in too much turmoil for the world to explode right now! LOL! Have a great weekend all! ~Sheryn

Let's Lighten Things Up

I think, after reading comments on the From Paris to Chicago post, that we'll just have to agree to disagree when it comes to Anderson Cooper's coverage of Paris Hilton. So let's lighten things up a bit with this video that I just found on Huffington Post. I must say I enjoyed it more than watching the Larry King Live interview. World News on ABC, ran a re-enactment of the first segment of Hilton's interview with Larry King in lieu of running an actual video clip, restricted by CNN. ABC asked desk assistants Jack and Bradley to re-enact the moment. Jack and Bradley handled their moment in the sun with aplomb, with just the right balance of sincerity and mockery.

And for those of you who think Anderson is alone in his disdain for the SWMNBN story watch this. It's MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist with Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe.

From Paris to Chicago

Did you catch the unspoken commentary on LKL's interview with SWMNBN? It couldn't have been any clearer if Anderson Cooper had screamed it into the camera.

If you were playing a Paris Hilton drinking game during Wednesday's AC360 I can guarantee that you didn't get drunk. I really don't think I heard Anderson say Paris Hilton's name more than one time. It actually got so silly and creative at times that I found myself laughing out loud at the euphemisms. The best one of the night? Inmate 98197843!

So no one got drunk, but we did get some insight into AC's lack of tolerance for SWMNBN. I think it can best be summed up by JFK's 'Of those to whom much is given, much is required'. Yea, I know you all probably figured it out ages ago, but I'm a little slow. Anderson said "Someone who has the privilege of being born into a wealthy family with opportunities of great schooling and world knowledge and traveling around the world and seeing the plight of people around the world for her to then to spend a good part of her life going to parties and promoting herself....." and he finished with a shrug. So can we surmise that AC feels that weight of privilege? I believe so and since his heritage isn't that dissimilar to Ms. Hiltons maybe he thinks she should feel that weight too? Sure explains a lot to me.

As for the rest of Wednesday's AC360:
• We had a reports of the devastating floods in Texas. It was suggested in yesterday's comments that 360 rescheduled their report from the Texas border because of the weather. I'm not sure if that's true but I do know that this storm has caused terrible flight delays into most airports in Texas.
•Gary Tuckman's segments from What is a Christian were repeated to coincide with CNN's focus on GLBT issues this week.
•It was great to see Miles O'Brien filing a report on bald eagles. I found the report very interesting and encouraging for our environment.
•Anderson talked with Jeff Corwin from Madagascar for the Planet in Peril series. I really wish Anderson had been able to accompany Corwin on this trip. It looks like the most interesting stop so far.
Anyone remember back to May 31st when Anderson visited Chicago to cover the 29 public school students who had been killed during the school year? I wrote in my post "I've been through Anderson in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and other war torn areas, but tonight was different. I actually felt Anderson broadcasting from Chicago was even more dangerous then the other venues, is that nuts or what? I mean he's in the United States on a street in a major city, not some God forsaken 3rd world country. I literally held my breath every time the camera was on, the street setting just looked so threatening. "
I upset some of our wonderful Chicago readers and I really regret that. I was not intentionally slamming Chicago, just expressing what I felt as I watched that night. A few days later I heard from commenter Imagine that she had asked one of her friends to visit AC's location that night and shoot some video. It's taken a while to figure out how to upload, etc but it was worth the wait. I've viewed the following three videos several times and I see something new each time. My impression of tension that night seems spot on after watching the videos and listening to what some of the people on the street were saying to Anderson and to CNN security. As you'll see when you watch the videos Anderson talks with the people in a respectful and sincere manner. He appears genuinely interested in their viewpoints and at one point says something like maybe we need to address that in another show. Much thanks to Imagine for uploading and to ShankMaster for filming.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Little News and a Little Fun

Hey everybody, I'm subbing for Ms. Sheryn this afternoon, while she tends to her mommy duties.
There is one bit of news I want to get to before we have a little fun. CNN has been running commercials, since early Wednesday morning, saying AC won't be doing 'On the Border' from Texas until Monday night. If you remember it was supposed to be Thursday of this week. I've been around the Anderworld for quite some time and I don't think I've ever seen a week so filled with upheaval. Fans are writing us left and right expressing their displeasure with the program this week. From what I've gathered AC360 feedback has been getting an earful too. I have no inside knowledge, but if I had to guess I'd say the abbreviated shows this week are a decision from Atlanta, not NYC. Irregardless of that, I'm still watching and enjoying the new content and as Aaron Brown said I'm voting with my remote when the repeats come on. Numbers are what drive television and we are the numbers. Keep that in mind, especially if tonight's AC360 is all Paris and only Paris. I'd bet my last dollar, if it is, it wasn't Anderson Cooper's decision.
Now on to a little lighthearted fun. Etoile BeBe has been busy creating a another video for our enjoyment. She's taken KO and DA to task for their trash talking of Anderson. After a frustrating few days it's just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Déjà Vu?

Well, we got a little more live 360 on Tuesday then we did on Monday, but it still wasn't a full, live 2 hours. I'm not alone in wondering how AC360 went from bragging that they were the only live cable news show at 11PM to being all repeats all the time? And one more thing, while I'm complaining, how can an anchor (I'm protecting someone here) say stay tuned for 'live, breaking news' when the 'live breaking news' isn't live?
Funny thing happened to me, around 15 minutes into the second hour my cable went out. When it came back on, I really was confused. Then I realized we were reliving Groundhog Day, yet again. It sort of bothers me that they seem to be trying to sneak the repeated 45 minutes in, like we wouldn't notice. So here are a few notes on my abbreviated viewing. Let me know what I missed.
-There was good, new information on the border issue. The government can't do it all with surveillance cameras, an incomplete fence and a small Border Patrol. I hate to sound like a broken record but we need our military back before we can secure our borders.
-El Cenizo, Texas has declared Spanish their official language. Sort of like if you can't beat them, join them? Am I alone here in my opinion that this is the United States...and our language is English? If you want to speak Spanish go live in a Spanish speaking country, not here. When I lived overseas I never expected the locals to speak English. When they did it was a pleasant surprise, but I was always prepared to communicate in their language. I expect those living in my country to give us the same consideration.
-Anderson talking about pro wrestling? That was different. I really wasn't paying attention. All I could think when Brian Christopher was on the split screen with AC was Beauty and the Beast.

-I love hearing 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' by Tears for Fears. It's not a bad choice for the election theme song, but seems a little old school for AC.

-Don't throw rotten fruit, but Planet in Peril without Anderson just doesn't hold my attention. I'm sure Jeff is a great guy but he needs his skittish sidekick to keep me tuned in.

-Was it Erica or AC that said SWMNBN looked like she was walking the red carpet? That's exactly what I thought when I saw the footage on American Morning.

-So that's as much as I got before my cable went down. Did I miss anything good before the repeat started? And speaking of the repeated 45 minutes or so, do you know how many of you emailed me bitching like it was my fault? Honestly, I have nothing to do with the production of AC36o! But if I did I promise you I'd send an edict out that every night would be a full two hours of new news.......and the anchor would have to report shirtless! Anyone want to vote for Phebe to be the new executive producer?

May I have a moment of your time today?

As you know, CNN and AC360 will be focusing on gay life in America this week but that is not why I am writing this post today. One of my very close friends asked me to bring this issue to you today and ask for your help. I do hope you will read this post, watch this video and take action!

"Not only is homosexuality a sin, but anyone who supports [gays] is just as guilty as they are. You are both worthy of death (Romans 1:32)," Phelps quoted by State Press (Arizona State University), March 11, 1998.

Fred Phelps , quoted above, is an American and that sickens me. In America, we have the right to freedom of speech and I am thankful for that right. But, when does freedom of speech cross the line to inciting hatred and violence against our fellow man? You tell me?

Jerry Falwell preached to millions of his Christian followers about how being gay is a sin and how God hates sinners. So young impressionable people took that to mean God must hate gays, right? Those young impressionable people, spurred on by the preachings of Falwell and Phelps took action. They beat Matthew Shepard to within inches of his life. They pistol whipped him. Then they tied him to a fence and left that poor soul there to die. Why? Because Matthew Shepard was gay. These two monsters beat another human being to death because he was gay.

Can your mind digest that? Does that disgust you? It should. Here's a couple more facts for you. The Matthew Shepard Act was introduced into Congress in March of this year. It was passed in the House on May 3rd and is now in Senate awaiting approval. Did you know that President Bush has threatened to veto this bill? Why? Because the Christian right is lobbying against the bill full-force. They argue that this bill will make it illegal to preach against homosexuality. One reverend even took out a full-page ad against this legislation.

It is intolerable that the President of the United States of America would even consider vetoing such an important bill protecting the rights and lives of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. We need to act now to tell our legislators that we as a society will not stand for any kind of hate crime! Here are important links to the Erase Hate Petition and the Take Action page on the HRC website. Please stand up and be counted!

I hope this post has moved you to action. But just in case it hasn't, I wanted you to view this very important video about Hate Crimes. Please watch, you will not regret it though you might need a tissue or two.

All Through The Night

I will leave you tonight with a quick word from my friend who so passionately supports this issue. And I'd like to thank you on her behalf for your time this afternoon. ~Sheryn

As you know, I'm the very proud mother of a gay son and as such, this issue is very close to my heart. I think of what happened to Matthew Shepard often and it literally sickens me. What if that had been my son? I can't imagine how his mother has endured. To hate someone for who they are, what they look like or how they live their life is beyond comprehension. Though this legislation will not end the hate, it's a step in the right direction and unfortunately, the opposition is very active & well organized.

It's so important that people who support this bill know that the vote is coming and that they need to make the effort to contact their senators urging them to vote for it. Every voice counts and makes a difference.

Thanks Sheryn, for your help in spreading the word. ~Carrie

It's Groundhog Day...It's Groundhog Day

If you didn't watch Monday's AC360 you are probably scratching your head over the title of this post. Yes, I know Groundhog Day is in February and this is June but think Groundhog Day...the movie. This is the first AC360 that I can ever remember where the second hour was an exact replay of the first. I rewound and rechecked my TIVO several times because I thought it was playing tricks on me. Nope, it was definitely a repeat. With all the rumors floating around about a shake up in CNN's programing it makes me wonder what's on the horizon. Enough speculation, let's get onto the show.

-God Bless Richard Lugar....maybe, oh please...could this be the beginning of the end of our occupation of Iraq? Let's hope Lugar leads the charge for other Republican to break away from the White House.-Oh no....Michael Ware is back in Iraq. As Jack Cafferity said today 'CNN is lucky to have him on the ground in Iraq, but it's hard to understand why he keeps going back'. I'm glad he's reporting from Iraq, no one knows the country and the war better, but I do worry for his safety. On a personal note I could listen to him talk all night long. That accent is luscious.

-Anderson asked David Gergan 'Is the administration trying to backpedal on this (Iraq surge)' Of course the administration is backpedaling. When they aren't backpedaling about Iraq they are lying about Iraq. Many months ago I heard a retired general say the US won't cut and run but the best we can hope for is to trim and tiptoe. I've still got my fingers crossed.

-Nice to see that the press isn't going to let the Cheney story go. AC first reported it on Thursday night's show and the issue hasn't cooled down over the weekend. Cheney is a bully and when I heard that Rice and Powell were, at times, afraid to approach him I wasn't surprised.
-I think most of us expected the Jesse Davis case to end the way it did, but it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking. All we can do is pray for her family and her son.

-Great to see Tom Foreman back from his vacation. Let's hope he finds a few minutes to answer our questions in the next week or two. Lots of laughs in Monday's Raw Politics, but some good information about the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance.

-A Ron Burgundy quote when AC bantered with Erica? I swear, as I think Annie Kate said previously, Anderson would be brutal to play Trivial Pursuit against.

-The Brian Bowlsey /Tammy Duckworth interview done by Sanjay was one of those stories that fuel my hatred for this war and our president even more. When will it end?

Did anyone catch Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo Monday night? James Lipton did an amazing job, as he always does, interviewing Angelina Jolie. It was quite the contrast from Anderson's interview, not better... not worse, just different.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A CNN Update

We received additional information from CNN on this week's special sexual diversity programing.

"The latest installment of CNN’s “Uncovering America” coverage coincides with plans for several large events and parades across the nation as part of “GLBT Pride Month.” Online, has requested “Coming Out” stories from users and users’ reflections on gays in their communities. Through I-Reports, users can submit videos, still photos and text of their stories, experiences and reactions." To see these viewers stories follow the link.
Here's a preview of stories CNN will be featuring on Wednesday, June 27th:

-Alina Cho, on American Morning, will examine the case of Janet Jenkins and Lisa Miller, who were united in a civil union in Vermont and later conceived a child via in vitro fertilization. Miller, the biological mother later returned home to Virginia, joined a conservative church and decided she was no longer a lesbian. A family court in Vermont recently ruled in favor of visitation rights for Jenkins.
-The Situation Room, in its 7 p.m. hour, examining how constitutional amendments against same sex marriage have been used to get conservatives to vote during elections and explores efforts to politically manipulate the gay community to win elections.
-Special correspondent Thelma Guitierrez’s report from Trinidad, Colo. – the “Sex-Change Capital of the World” – for Paula Zahn Now. Guitierrez interviews Dr. Marci Bowers, who every week performs about five vaginoplasties, an operation to transform men into women. Nine years ago, Bowers was a man herself, and she provides first-person insights into the physical and emotional journey that her patients experience. Also as part of her nightly feature segment “Out in the Open,” anchor Paula Zahn speaks with several members of the “ex-gay movement,” which consists of gay individuals who became straight.
-CNN Newsroom profiles gay neighbors, bosses and pastors to offer perspectives on being gay in America. In reports airing throughout the week and weekend, CNN Newsroom will also spotlight the “Coming Out” I-Reports submitted online by users.
-Correspondent Gary Tuchman’s reports on the “ex-gay movement” for Anderson Cooper 360°. Thousands of Christian conservatives are convinced that homosexuality is a developed pathology that can be cured. “Ex-gay ministries” have developed therapy programs that claim to “turn” gays straight. Tuchman attends Focus on the Family's “Love Won Out” conference to hear first-hand from “ex-gays,” speaks to a former “ex-gay” participant who does not believe these programs work, and profiles a family with a gay teen who is reluctantly participating in an ex-gay program.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ms. Griffin and more

I got a couple of things for you guys tonight/today...

-Here's a great video from the vault! Thanks to Sheryn for uploading it so you guys can see Kathy Griffin with Anderson a few years ago. I love Erica Hill doing the Newsbreaks but how funny would it be if Kathy did them? Since we're great fans of Kathy we'd thought you guys would like this.

-With Paris Hilton getting out of jail and going onto Larry King Live on Wednesday night I got to thinking about something I asked John Roberts a few months back during our Q & A with him. I'm curious about every one's opinion on this. With stories about Paris Hilton and missing mom's and abducted teens, are CNN and other news networks covering this too much?

Here's my question and his answer:

Q. How do you feel about CNN and other network news shows covering more tabloid news such as Anna Nicole Smith and Brittany Spears? Do you think they put these stories on because people really want to see them or do people really want to see it because it's on so much?

A. The ratings prove that people want to see those kinds of stories. And I don’t think we should be “above the news”. Everything in balance though.To be honest, I am concerned that many people shun substance. They want to know more about Britney’s breakdown than they do the education bill. And it takes a scandal to get interested in Washington.As a nation, we seem to care less and less about important things – while our global competitors become more serious.Historian Will Durant’s wife Ariel issued a cautionary note – writing: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

Great answer from John but I wonder what everyone thinks? It's kinda of one of those, "Which came first" questions.

I admit to watching some of the Paris Hilton stuff and also being interested in the Anna Nicole story when it was out, but at some point I think there is too much. Where the line is, I can't say. I guess producers and anchors might say that they stop covering when the ratings wain. So, in the meantime, I think we either watch it or switch the channel.

-Next Sunday I'll be posting another Anderson music video but I'm looking for some help with the song choice. I'd love to hear your suggestions and I'll probably pick one. So, let me know in comments what you think.

-Also, I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge our great new team over at All Things CNN. They have given us some great posts this week and I hope you all will stop over and read them. A lot of time and effort went into them and they are worth the read. Unfortunately, Annie Kate, who was helping us out one day a week, had some medical issues that made it difficult for her to type so Sapphire will now write for us two days over there. We wish Annie Kate a speedy recovery!

Thanks and have a great week!

A Little More Serious Nth Degree

I was digging around for a light, funny clip to post tonight but I was stopped in my tracks when I came across an Nth Degree titled "Taking a Grand Wish to the Nth Degree". It is from June 25, 2004 - 3 years ago. Anderson is dressed in a bullet proof vest hosting the show from Baghdad. In the clip, he seems so optimistic about the upcoming handover of power to the new Iraqi government. Unfortunately, since the handover on June 30, 2004 there have been 2687 American troops that have died in Iraq (3546 in Iraq since the war has started and 406 in Afghanistan). Stats from

Speaking of our troops, if you missed Anderson's interview with Joe Darby who was the one that turned in his fellow soldiers for abusing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, you can the repeat tonight on 60 Minutes.

CNN has been running ads wanting nominees for their CNN Hero Awards. I noticed during Friday night's AC360 the ticker was saying Anderson would be the hosting the award show in December. Here is a link to the CNN Heros page:

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some New Pictures

No one likes a know-it-all, but when I heard Anderson say, on Thursday night "I'll see you tomorrow night" I said "Liar". I didn't really have inside information, it's was just one of those hunches women get that drive men crazy. Luckily our ATA readers have been forwarding us new Anderson pictures all week long and Anderson's absence gives us the opportunity to enjoy.

First up are these lovely shots of the promotional materials from Hudson's Bookstores. There are book bags, posters and bookmarks.

One of ATA's regular readers, Jennifer, emailed her pictures from the Atlanta book signing. It sounds like she had a wonderful experience and I know you'll all enjoy sharing her up close and personal encounter with Anderson Cooper.

Another of our readers sent me this picture on Friday. She scored a cardboard Andy from a Hudson's bookstore this week. Their promotion of the paperback 'Dispatches From The Edge' ended on Wednesday so the displays will be coming down and given away to some lucky Anderfans. BTW cardboard Andy is really plexiglass Andy and he's heavy as hell.

From Xtina and Book Asylum one more shot of AC from the St. Anselm debates.
And where will Anderson Cooper be next week? We do have a few clues. CNN has devoted the upcoming week (actually Saturday through Wednesday) to Uncovering America: Fighting for Acceptance, a focus on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. CNN is asking for viewers stories, so if you've got one follow the link. AC360 will examine the experiences of straight parents raising gay kids and vice versa.
On Thursday AC360 will be live on the Texas border doing another episode in the 24 Hours on the Border series. This is not a repeat, he will be live.
That's it for me, I'm off to start my weekend. Have a happy!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Serious with a side of Fun!

We have so much Anderson Cooper news today, outside of AC360, but we need to get down to business before pleasure.Thursday's AC360 revisited the Congressional earmark issue at the beginning of the show. If you haven't checked your Representative's record or written to 'keep them honest' check the links in Tuesday's ATA post. This story has legs and I'm sure we haven't heard the last of it.

Next up was discussion of SWMNBN (she who must not be named) million dollar interview. Anderson seem truly shocked and amazed that NBC was willing to pay and that Meredeth Viera, the newest addition to NBC News, was willing to do the interview. His point was that SWMNBN is getting paid basically for drunk driving. I for one will not be watching and I hope someone with a little influence organizes a boycott of the interview.

God bless Henry Waxman for taking on Vice President Cheney. Instead of Cheney revealing his records to the National Archives and Records Administration the Vice President wants to abolish the office asking for the records. Cheney says his office isn't part of the Executive Branch of the government. Maybe he's so old that the Constitution (specifically Article II Section I)wasn't finished when he was taking social studies? And didn't The Gerg hit the nail on the head when he said all Cheney needs to do is drag this out and soon his term as vice president will expire and it will be a moot point?

I haven't had a rant in ages so if you're not interested in what has me pissed off today just skip this next part.
On Tuesday, in Phoenix, there was outrage over a vehicular homicide committed by an illegal alien. The illegal was driving erratically on one of Phoenix’s major city streets throwing beer bottles out the window (in broad daylight). An undercover narcotics officer spotted the driver and decided to follow, no siren, no hot pursuit, just observe. The illegal spotted the officer, put his car in reverse and rammed the undercover officer’s unmarked SUV numerous times. The officer pulled off the road and let the illegal move on (I’m assuming as the officer called for backup). After a few minutes he pulled back onto the street and was again spotted by the illegal who turned his car around and again rammed the undercover vehicle, this time forcing it into oncoming traffic where it collided head on with a sedan killing the 46 year old woman driver. The story is outrageous enough, but the topper is the illegal had previously been deported back to Mexico FOUR TIMES, at taxpayer expense. And now he’s back for a 5th illegal visit. This time taking the life of someone who legally deserves to be in this country, traumatizing a police officer and outraging a community. This cannot continue, we must secure our borders. And that can only happen, in my opinion, when we have our military right back here at home, where they are needed to protect our borders from those who have no regard for our laws and our lives.

Now on to the fun stuff.

Did you know.... Jeff Corwin would be so enthusiastic about the indri lemur in Madagascar? Was it the spiders and creepy crawlies that kept AC from joining in the fun? If you were as excited about the call of the indri lemur as Jeff was here's a link to hear more.

Did you know.... All Things Anderson was linked today by the New York Post's blog? They said about us "At least there are some females out there who are willing to admit they have crushes on the gunmetal-grey-haired reporter." Some females?.... I'd say that's a bit of an understatement if our readership is any indicator.

Did you know...Anderson Cooper has a very sadistic sense of humor? How did AC introduce David Mattingly being smacked by the carp video for the umpteenth time? He used poor Rick Sanchez getting tasered. OMG it was just freak'in hysterical.

Did you know...that 60 Minutes will be repeating Anderson's report on the Abu Ghraib whistle blower, Sunday night? It was AC's first piece for 60 Minutes and right up there with the Jackson Pollock piece as my two favorites.

And I'll finish tonight by professing my love for Kathy Griffin. Did you see her on LKL on Thursday night? She's one of us, she too loves Anderson Cooper and she told him so, live on national television. Kathy you are my hero! Thanks to Ms. Sheryn here's the clip.