Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Anderson Cooper I Know...Sorta...Kinda...Maybe...

Well, you pretty much knew I wasn't going to leave the topic of Paris Hilton alone, didn't you? I've been reading comments for two days on this site and many more and I've gotta tell you, although I do not know Anderson Cooper personally, I get why he does some things. ('Some' is italicized because sometimes he completely perplexes me too!) You can't possibly blog about someone and their show for a year and a half without picking up some clues to a person's way of thinking, even the very private Mr. Cooper.

(credit: Phebe)

Like many of you, I saw last night coming a mile away. Anderson Cooper has a strong code by which he lives. He has stuck by this code throughout his career. We hear it all the time, "I don't wear my opinion on my sleeve." You remember that one right? Some of you have used that line arguing that Anderson should not have shown his bias as much as he did last night. Um, what you aren't getting is that Anderson Cooper has to feel VERY strongly about something or someone for him to abandon his personal rule, don't you think? I mean if you know anything about Anderson, you must know that, right? He must have been really, really ticked off about having to dedicate the first hour of his show to this waste of space, correct? Come on, I can count on one hand the amount of times Anderson Cooper has clearly shown his bias about a story. That should tell you something about how much he just doesn't understand her way of living.

Please! Just the fact that Anderson started out his program last night obviously on his computer as if he hadn't been paying any attention to the LKL/PH interview, set the tone for the first hour. Frankly, I stood up and applauded him. If you don't get the fact that Anderson is just a tad miffed that CNN made him dissect this airhead (with feelings, boo hoo...) who has not provided anything to this society but a way for my daughter and countless other little girls to learn that all you need to do to get rich is pose for the pretty pictures and make a sex tape, well then you don't get the Anderson Cooper that I know!

If some people are wondering why he reacted to Paris Hilton so vehemently, please take the time to read this excerpt from a blog post that a dear friend sent to me this morning.

It would be very, very easy for Cooper to have used his status as a genuine Vanderbilt to have spent his life in NYC, attending social events and feeling like he’s doing oh-so-much for the “other people” by attending charity polo matches. Instead, he went out and started from the ground up and, in a sense, became the “other people.” Sure, he’s still wearing Armani suits and doing photo spreads in “Vanity Fair” and has a penthouse in Soho that I couldn't afford to breathe in. But who else in his position in the media is still making regular trips to Nola to show the after-effects of Katrina? Or traveling to the Arctic Circle to actually show viewers what global warming is actually doing?

The point is, Anderson Cooper has earned every second of publicity he’s gotten, just because he’s trying to do something more with it than get into swag suites and score free iPhones. If Paris Hilton were half as sincere as she claims about changing her life, she shouldn’t be talking to Larry King. She should be calling Cooper for tips.

Well, I just couldn't have said it better myself! Kudos to blogger, Dana Franks!

A New Day!
Well, I'm officially leaving the subject of Ms. Hilton! Thank goodness! And because I know some of you will be a tad mad at me today, I offer you these adorable pictures of Anderson holding his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt's hand as they wait in the wings at the Gordon Parks Foundation Awards dinner on June 18th. The photos are a bit blurry but I just thought you would love them! And I don't want you to be mad at me, either! (images from

Take a good look at Anderson tonight...
because you wont be seeing his gorgeous face until he shows up on the Texas border Monday evening. Now, I say this with the disclaimer that I AM ALWAYS WRONG! But, a bit of speculation, a tip from Ms. Megan and a note on Anderson's website has lead us to believe that you will be seeing not one, not two but FIVE hours of Larry King tomorrow night! Yupper, Larry King Live is scheduled to air from 7pm to 10pm ET and AC360 picks up the Larry theme by replaying the 2-hour 50th Anniversary special from 10pm to midnight ET. So, if you do see Anderson Cooper live on your TV set tomorrow, either I was wrong or the world exploded. And to tell you the truth, my personal life is in too much turmoil for the world to explode right now! LOL! Have a great weekend all! ~Sheryn


Anonymous said...

@ Sheryn: AMEN to everything in that post. Can I say it again? Okay. Amen, Amen, AMEN.

And my goodness, those pictures are too cute for words. Beautiful. Thank you very much!

Pati Mc said...

Bwah ha ha ha! Sheryn! "Waste of space"! No way!!!!! LOVE IT!

Allow me elaborate... I just finished emailing a dear Anderpal in Japan and I wrote those exact words to her about SWSNBN. Then I came here and read your post. ROFLOL! Wow we must really think alike.

In saying that I agree totally with what you wrote - so no fruit shall be lobbed by me. I got from the very begining why Anderson looked at her with such disdain and last night we heard it from his own mouth. He has to seethe inside to see someone waste a blessing like that. Makes me sick too and I do not have the advantages that they did - but I can still appreciate what Anderson has done with his life (even moreso after seeing a waste like Hilton).

His expressions and some of the things he said were a bit over the top for him, but as you stated, it just made me realize how upset he was. When he said "because I have got to tell you...." I saw flashbacks of Sen. Landreu and I knew he was gonna lose it a little. Who can blame him? All I could hear was Anderson in my head saying..."and I went to wars and risked getting my head blown off to sit here and talk about this dreck when all of the other important things going on are ignored.....slams fist to forehead....arrgghhh!"

Poor Anderson. I know he is above all a professional, but you gotta feel for the sweet man with all of this, after all he is human.

Last thought:


Etoile Bebe said...

Sheryn: That was a beautiful post!! I totally agree with you!! After reading the comments about Anderson's coverage of "the heiress" I felt compelled to send him a feedback on the subject. Some of what I told him I'll repeat here.

Let me start off by saying that I think Anderson was pressured to cover this subject against his will so he decided to cover it "his way." I didn't hear anyone complain that LK was too lenient on her, which he obviously was. I can only imagine what ended up on the cutting room floor!

I think some people have forgotten that as a child of privilege, Anderson has a unique point of view that should be heard and respected. Besides suffering great losses in his life, he has traveled to places like Somalia at the age of twenty-five and Rwanda at twenty-seven, as I am sure most of you know. In comparison, this woman was lucky enough to grow up with both parents yet chose to do nothing with her life. Like it or not, what this woman does with her life reflects on other children of privilege.

I was a bit disappointed with some people on Anderson's panel last night. Jess Cagle called her "sweet and polite," what is sweet and polite about making a sex tape and saying the "N" word? Marc Lamont Hill wants us to believe that after doing nothing with her life, this woman discovered religion, poetry, and the arts, in just twenty-three days! That's no conversion that's miraculous!

When I saw her "strut" out of the Big House the words to "I'm Too Sexy" popped into my head!!

I think Anderson's producers missed a great opportunity to capitalize on LK's insult to bump Michael Moore to interview this woman. They should have jumped at the chance and offered Moore the time instead of rehashing this worthless interview. Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking!!

Thanks for letting me vent!

Megs said...

I said in Phebe's last post that I was done talking about Paris and I am so all I am going to say on that is......great post Sheryn, I love your title :)

OMG the photos of Anderson and Gloria holding hands are so amazing.......I love it. They are just beautiful.....I am almost teary eyed. I think I am having one of those days

Oh my god and I knew this but until I actually read it it dawned on me.........5 HOURS OF LARRY KING TOMORROW.......what the heck is up with that. Are the trying to trying to put us in a LK coma, like a sugar coma? I don't get why 360 has had such a crummy week......probably on like 20 minutes worth of good stories.

ACAnderFan said...

Aww...those picture of Anderson and Gloria are so cute!!! I love seeing Anderosn with his mommy.

I am glad that Anderson showed his dislike for having to cover a story about former inmate number 9818783. And I think it was cute and funny that he kept trying to come up with various things to call her other than her name.

I hope 360 won't be a repeat of the Paris thing. I mean I know that's what the 360 page says, but I saw a commerical for 360 and it was something about keeping congress honest or something like that. And on the 360 page where it says it will be about Pars, why is there a little pic of the Captiol building??? Seems odd to me.

Great no 360 on firday (this should be read in a scarcastic tone). No one needs five hours of Larry King. That is just ridiculous.I guess I won't be watching CNN after 7:00pm tonmorrow. Why do they think anyone needs five hours of Larry King??? I really wish I knew what was going on at CNN and 360 for that matter. I think they're a little confused...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

My final words on SWMNBN I agree with you Sheryn. And thank you for the lovely pictures of AC & GV if only other people had the support he had from Gloria and time he had with, though litle, with their fatheras he had with Wyatt maybe their world wouldn't be so messed up.

Well, that's it for me I have to finish cataloging my AC360 DVDs - don't laugh I've had requests for the Michael Ware session with AC from people who haven't seen it. And my cousin just requested the wrestler segment Anderson did with Brian Christopher the other night. So it pays to tape 360.

Megs said...

Anderson blogged about picking more songs for 360......and he mentioned the Spice Girls

ACAnderFan said...

This is totally and random and off topic, but the Spice Girls are getting back together!!! YAY!!! I wonder if Anderson will have anything to say about this...LOL!!!
I wonder what he thinks of the Spice Girls.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think the 360 page is wrong because next to the same description from last night is a picture of Capitol Hill. If you go to the schedule page it says this:

Anderson Cooper 360°: It was a simple experiment: call every House member and ask how they're spending your money. You won't believe just how many of them answered our question. Now "AC 360°" is putting Senators in the hot seat.

ALso, Anderson blogged about the songs AND the Spice Girls, Acanderfan:)

sydney said...

Yeah, I'm over this, too. I can't add anything to what everyone else has already said. You all have covered how I feel pretty darn well. (hee hee, I've been using "waste of space" a lot lately, too)

OMG, I'm watching the rest of the show and just saw where Anderson was going to commercial and said "we'll be back with more" (big sigh) "of THIS story." BWAAAHAAHAA Yeah, I think his mantra of not wearing his opinion on his sleeve applies to politics and actual news, not pop culture. Since this isn't real news, he doesn't have to act like a real journalist while he's reporting it. JMHO

Wow, coming up to the second hour he perks right up and looks normal, doesn't he? Haa haaa "other stories that actually change lives" Sorry, I'm just really enjoying this!

Jennifer said...

When Anderson's mother was young something she said makes a lot of sense she was famous but famous for what at the time nothing, nothing of merit.

The only fame that matters is for what you achieve by your talents not for whom you was born as but as Anderson's mother got older she did become famous in her own right. I'm not a forture teller but I don't see that happening in Paris Hilton future, She doesn't have any talent at all that I can see. Anderson Cooper work hard to become whom he is not just another Vanderbilt.

Thanks Sheryn for the blog and the pictures.

BookAsylum said...

@Sheryn- mad at you? never hun!

Great pictures! They really are sweet.

ACAnderFan said...

@Purple Tie as soon as I posted my comment I saw that Anderson had blogged. Clealry I am very slow. Oh well I guess he likes them.

ACAnderFan said...

I just told my friend that Anderson likes the Spice Girls and she thinks it's creepy. This is what she said to me, "At least you were like 11 or 12 when they came out. He was in his 30's when they came out. That's just not normal." I laughed when she said this. She's crazy. Sometimes, like this, I just have to ingore her...LOL!!!

Etoile Bebe said...

@Anderson: Please tell me you are kidding about the "Spice Girls!!!" No, I refuse to include their songs in any of my future videos!! So there!!

Sorry guys I had to say that!!!

Megs said...

sorry all but I loved the Spice Girls and still can you not be happy when the music comes on and makes you want to dance :)

ACAnderFan said...

@Etoile Bebe, you don't like the Spice Girls??? I LOVE their music. I hope Andy plays one of thier songs on 360 tonight. He needs to play Spice Up Your Life. That's a good catchy song. Or as Megan just told me he should play Stop so that he can do the dance to it...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

After listening to the exercpts of the LKL interview, I have come to the conclusion that Anderson has at least a 50 point IQ advantage over PH. Maybe she's doing the best she can! The way she lives her life does not really upset me; what concerns me more is the publicity she gets for doing nothing. What is going on with the American public? Just why *was* AC forced to report on this?

sydney said...

@etoile don't worry, I'll stand up for your stance on The Spice Girls. And I think it's pretty evident that Anderson was being sarcastic about them - and Air Supply, neither of which, I'm proud to say, appears on my iPod.

I'm so annoyed right now, I spent about 1/2 an hour composing a new list of songs to submit to the 360 blog, and it freaked out on me when I hit send. LOST! I'm not about to go and try to recreate that.

ACAnderFan said...

Look what I found. I guess this confirms what we all feared. 360 will be live for one hour and hour two will be a repeat of the first hour, and this will go on through out the summer. Why??? That's what I want to know.

Etoile Bebe said...

@Acanderfan: The Spice Girls is the type of group no one wants to admit they like, but if Coop promises to dance to it, I'll like it!!LOL

He asked "Where's the Air Supply?" My response, "In the trash where they belong!!" Ha!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm trying to wrap my mind around the cutback of 360 to one hour. Perhaps it's just too complicated to put together a two hour show while producers and reporters and all the other personnel involved are taking vacations. It's hard to believe that Jon Klein has all of a sudden lost faith in Anderson's program, especially considering that rumors are that AC was just given a huge raise. Considering the timing of the cutback and that it is said to only be for the summer, I don't know what else to think. But who knows? The summer could end and the one hour show could continue. Well, at least I'll be able to watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report now.

I hope Anderson isn't too upset. He certainly hasn't had a good week, poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Sheryn: I am writing this without reading any of the other comments, so if I am repeating others, I apologize. I think (as you do) that Anderson has always held such high standards for himself, realizing early on that his “privileged” birth & lifestyle should be a commitment on his part to give back. He has done that ongoing since his earliest adult years and has never, ever deviated from that path. Anderson was fortunate enough to have one parent (his father) who came from the humblest of roots and instilled those values in him. How can there be any question as to his distain for another person in basically his same circumstances who has basically contributed nothing worthwhile, and, in fact, given our young women adults the worst possible role model. Anderson so rarely wears his emotions on his sleeve, and he gets upset when he does it. Well, I applaud him when he lets the “emo-anchor” out ever so rarely.

Thank you, thank you for the (what else can one say) precious pictures of Anderson and his mom holding hands. From what we all know about Gloria’s life from earliest childhood, it was painful and filled with insecurity. I feel that she was totally unprepared for the nurturing role needed to be a mother & probably failed in many ways. But, it is so clear how much Anderson loves & cares for his mother. Carter is gone, Chris is gone for her; Anderson takes loving care of her (I hope that Stan is a part of their small family circle too). Again, thank you for the sweet pictures.

Megs said...

@ Etoile Bebe - I watched Erica Hill tonight and she was really excited about the Spice Girl reunion so I wouldn't be surprised if Anderca banter tonight was about love for Spice Girls :)

ACAnderFan said...

@m.minkoff, I too hope Andy isn't taking this too hard. He has had a bad week. I just want to hug him and tell him everything will be OK.

I still wonder why 306 is being cut back to an hour for the summer.
Poor poor Andy.

Unknown said...

I think this one hour repeat is crap. I'll just lay it out there... honestly speaking I think it's really crap. Why would Anderson still be there for an hour and not do it live? Think about it... CNN will now play the SAME EXACT hour on TV from 10pm to 5am.... FIVE times. Why not just pretape everything thing and replay it all day? If this is the new CNN then good luck, they're gonna need it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheryn..I don't think anyone who has followed Anderson for long or read his book are at all surprised that he would find Paris' activities to be such a waste of time and resoursces. That being said, I stand by my original post...this "woman" seems to have serious psychological limitiations! That's it! I am now on a strict heiress free diet!!

Love the pictures and Anderson holding his moms hand in the first two. Proof once again that he is one of the top 5 celebrity sons!!

I'm currently watching Colin Powell. Now THAT is good use of one hour of air time - whether you agree with his positions or not!

Jennifer said...

I agree with you Purple Tie, They need some luck and prayers they sure need it. Who know's whats going to happen next. I still don't understand why they doing all of this, I agree is just crap but whenever Anderson is on a hour I still be glued to the TV

After that I most likely be watching a movie or something :)

Anonymous said...

kudos to Anderson, he did last night's show, HIS WAY!
I couldn't stop laughing to every kind of name he was making up for her.
Great post Sheryn, and that excerpt!..beautiful!
This is where you see the BEAUTY of Anderson, with all the extra ordinary wealth of his family, he's became very ordinary. He is so special!
Though he wasn't very impressed with covering the "she" story, on the other hand I think he did it in a way that, wanted to show people what kind of a person "she" really is, and why people are so fascinated with someone who's doin' nothing except for trying to draw all attention to her, making sex tapes and using the 'n' word and just behaving strange.
I bet Anderson made his point out there.
It was so funny how he was against everybody in the panel, who felt sorry for "she"
Wow! A man is STRICT, no joke.

Aww! what some beautiful pics of Anderson holding his mother's hand!.. sooo sweat!

ariedana said...

Thank you so much for your comments and kind words. I've been a fan of AC's since WNN, and nights like last night keep confirming why I think he's such a great journalist and human being.

copperfish said...

@Sheryn, those were nice pics though blurred, I find that sweet holding his mom's hands. thanks!

In reference to Ms. Franks blog, it was actually the very reason why I liked this man, his talent and good looks came in second and third respectively. If that will be the case for tomorrow's show, I don't have to take a good look at his face because that picture perfect Adonis face of his is clearly printed in my mind.LOL!

Anonymous said...

It is 10:06pm Anderson is in New York tonight!!! are any of you seeing him just now?....I am wondering what's going on and thought he is in Texas.

Megs said...

Anderson's Texas trip has been monved to Monday and seriously it better be 2 hours

Anonymous said...

My utter joy from seeing Anderson's face live tonight was turned a bit to disappointment when at 10pm(central time) I saw his face again, exactly as it was an hour earlier :( I'm really disliking this repeat business

aries moon said...

Anderson rarely gives out an opinion, but if you've watched him over the years, you can tell exactly how he feels about something. His reaction can be very subtle, but it's still unmistakable. His feelings about Paris were crystal clear.

I'm not going to panic about the schedule change, I don't like it and I'm already feeling a little antsy because I'm so used to watching 360 for two hours, but hopefully it is truly temporary and not some "test" to see how the show does. If ultimately he goes back to an hour permanently, I'll be a little upset, but I can deal with it. Some of the best moments of the show were on the "old" one hour version of 360.

aries moon said...

Oh and the photo of AC holding his mom's hand is incredibly sweet, they are so close.

Jennifer said...

I don't like the hour show either they give us repeats for 5 hours so after while is like you getting brain tired, so I think I may start watching 11'0 clock another educational program Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert LOL

A hour 360 is just like a marathon same thing over and over is just like that movie Groundhog's Day

Anonymous said...

I can't look at the pictures of Anderson holding his mother's hand. It is far too painful for me, it brings back all of the mental abuse my mother has thrown at me my entire life.

I wonder how if Anderson realizes how fortunate he is that he seems to be close to her.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Anderson holding his mothers' hand warmed my heart. I saw a sweet little boy taking care of his mother. It would make a beautiful Vanderbilt painting.

Anonymous said...

I gasped a little when the topic of "this little rich girl from a very successful family, blah blah blah" inevitably came up and the Court TV harridan slipped in there, "Like you, Anderson..."

He, uh, didn't elaborate.