Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Déjà Vu?

Well, we got a little more live 360 on Tuesday then we did on Monday, but it still wasn't a full, live 2 hours. I'm not alone in wondering how AC360 went from bragging that they were the only live cable news show at 11PM to being all repeats all the time? And one more thing, while I'm complaining, how can an anchor (I'm protecting someone here) say stay tuned for 'live, breaking news' when the 'live breaking news' isn't live?
Funny thing happened to me, around 15 minutes into the second hour my cable went out. When it came back on, I really was confused. Then I realized we were reliving Groundhog Day, yet again. It sort of bothers me that they seem to be trying to sneak the repeated 45 minutes in, like we wouldn't notice. So here are a few notes on my abbreviated viewing. Let me know what I missed.
-There was good, new information on the border issue. The government can't do it all with surveillance cameras, an incomplete fence and a small Border Patrol. I hate to sound like a broken record but we need our military back before we can secure our borders.
-El Cenizo, Texas has declared Spanish their official language. Sort of like if you can't beat them, join them? Am I alone here in my opinion that this is the United States...and our language is English? If you want to speak Spanish go live in a Spanish speaking country, not here. When I lived overseas I never expected the locals to speak English. When they did it was a pleasant surprise, but I was always prepared to communicate in their language. I expect those living in my country to give us the same consideration.
-Anderson talking about pro wrestling? That was different. I really wasn't paying attention. All I could think when Brian Christopher was on the split screen with AC was Beauty and the Beast.

-I love hearing 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' by Tears for Fears. It's not a bad choice for the election theme song, but seems a little old school for AC.

-Don't throw rotten fruit, but Planet in Peril without Anderson just doesn't hold my attention. I'm sure Jeff is a great guy but he needs his skittish sidekick to keep me tuned in.

-Was it Erica or AC that said SWMNBN looked like she was walking the red carpet? That's exactly what I thought when I saw the footage on American Morning.

-So that's as much as I got before my cable went down. Did I miss anything good before the repeat started? And speaking of the repeated 45 minutes or so, do you know how many of you emailed me bitching like it was my fault? Honestly, I have nothing to do with the production of AC36o! But if I did I promise you I'd send an edict out that every night would be a full two hours of new news.......and the anchor would have to report shirtless! Anyone want to vote for Phebe to be the new executive producer?


Unknown said...

It's kind of a let down if this is a new thing that CNN is doing. If they keep this up with 360 the same hour of news will be on for 5 hours each night.

Prime News with Erica Hill is doing the same thing after getting everyone all excited about expanding to two hours. What a let down.

If this is the new trend with CNN they will loose viewers. It's really sad because CNN is really top quality with News and this just lowers it, in my opinion.

It's not like it's the end of the world or anything it's just dissappointing, really.

snooks said...

This 2nd hour repeat is getting old and its only been 2 days - notice Anderson did not say see you tomorrow at the end of the 2nd hour maybe that is in protest to you know whose interview on LK

Also, I found the Spanish speaking town amusing - I live in Miami where Spanish is spoken everywhere and english is considered the 2nd language

Sheryn said...

Basically as I said to you, the use of the phrase Breaking News when it isn't even LIVE is just not factual. I recognize that most viewers do not tune into watch both hours of his show but some do and it is just not cool to throw that term around.

I will not continue to watch 360 if it continues to be produced like this. I question CNN's view of what a news program should be. As I said in my feedback, I could find 2 hours of fresh news to report on.

Afghanistan anyone? There's a war on, remember?

I do hope that things improve because a 2 hour news show that is a complete repeat in the second hour is just second rate.

Anonymous said...

Phebe you've got my vote...I would attribute my support to your first rate operation of this blog but honestly it was the "shirtless anchor" that really won me over ;)

All I could think tonite is WTF...I don't mind if they can't really only fill an hour (although I can think of hundreds of issues to talk about!) but I would like to know beforehand so I could decide which hour to watch! And now, of course, I am feeling guilty for thinking that. Maybe Anderson finally went out and got a personal life and is busy enjoying his evenings...who knows?

On the English speaking issue. I haven't traveled much but my husband and son have traveled and lived all over the world. My son was in France for one afternoon and was sternly admonished by a policeman for not speaking the language (he was meerly asking for directions). The policeman told him it didn't matter if he was only there for a day, if he had any respect he would have learned the language before he entered the country. It always amazes me that children in other countries are expected to be fluent in their native language and learn other languages as well. As part of my son's relocation package to Amsterdam, his company are providing him and his wife with one year of intensive study in Dutch. He also told me children often speak Dutch, German, and French and are required to take 3 years of Greek or Latin in what would be highschool. And we have a problem asking children and adults is this country to learn our native language. I don't just don't understand it!

I thought the report on the head of the Smithsonian was another good example of government at it's worst. I am just wondering why, as a public employee, I have never been able to fall into one of these sweet deals. Heck last week I was reprimanded because I worked too many hours and it violated Federal laws cause they don't have a budget to pay me. Can you believe that taxpayers? I put in personal time to make sure a project was completed correctly and met a deadline for a federal grant and was told I could be fired if I did it again. I also want you to know "I" met every deadline on the project and was forced to work extra hours when others did not meet their deadlines. I know people who play solitaire on the computers all day who have never been reprimanded. Don't know why any of this came as a surprise to me after working for the govt for 23 years. Bureaucracy..what B.S.

aries moon said...

Another disappointing second hour. For a minute I thought he was going to stay live, but it was not to be. Could it be that a lot of the 360 staff are on vacation and they don't have enough personnel on hand to do the full two hour show? The second hour did used to feature some new stories among the repeated ones. I really hope they aren't going to continue this, because if they are trying to cut the show to an hour, they should just do it instead of jerking those of us who like to stay for the whole show around.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit this is really surprising for a "major" news organization to pull this when it doesn't time shift and this is shown at 7PM as the leading news broadcast at that hour. I am sure the "Instant Feedback"on the CNN 360 page has to be taking a "thumpin'" about this. Not enough news or budget cuts???
And if I hear or see one more time a news broadcast refered to as a "show" I'm going to lose it...

BookAsylum said...

I couldn't believe it when it happened again tonight! Maybe 360 should be tomorrow night's What were they thinking segment?

I want my great two hour live AC360 shows with a variety of news stories & great panel discussions. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Japanese and live in Japan. Of course I'm a big fan of Anderson Cooper and All Things Anderson.
I got an information from my Japanese friend, who asked CNNj(CNN Japan)and got an unbelievable answer.
They(CNNj) said, "CNN said this (second hour repeat) will continue until the end of August"!!
We can't do anyithing because we, international viewers, are always passive. Could you, the residents of the US, please ask CNN to reconsider it?
I hope this information from CNNj is wrong...!

Rita said...

I really wanted to catch the coverage of the Beniot situation, just to see how everyone was covering it..but yeah..missed it.

This is going to sound VERY weird but when a crime occurs I'm always interested, and sadly my career will depend on people still killing other people, but what can I say, I've found my bliss...to give those that can't speak a voice...but anywho that's my sidenote.

But yes, I'm not very impressed with CNN, nor 360 for that matter...guess that's why I'm so out of the loop

Sheryn said...

And Phebs, the only reason I chose to email instead of call you is that I thought your loving DH would strangle me! LOL! ;)

Unknown said...

Gray- I agree, but the thing is that other shows, like Prime News with Erica hill is now doing the same thing. I think this is a higher up decision beyond 360. It really stinks.

I sent a feedback to 360 and CNN about it. It probably won't change a darn thing if they are set to do it this way. It's kinda sad.

Sheryn said...

Anon, you said

And if I hear or see one more time a news broadcast refered to as a "show" I'm going to lose it...

You might want to hold onto "it" because even Anderson calls 360 a "show."

aries moon said...

Maybe Anderson finally went out and got a personal life and is busy enjoying his evenings...who knows?

If THIS is the reason for the second hour being a complete repeat, we'll have to just have grin and bear it, because we certainly won't be getting any explanation from AC about it!

aries moon said...

that other shows, like Prime News with Erica hill is now doing the same thing.

Purple Tie, thanks for the info, I didn't realize that the same thing was happening on Erica's show, that makes things a little less murky.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info, hiroko. Did she say why they were doing this and why until the end of August?

Jennifer said...

Hi Phebe, You got my vote being executive producer


Is scary how Chris Benoit is scary what he did to his wife and kids, seems like all the wrestlers are on the dark side, (evil) I have been walk into a room it would happen to be on tv and I had to turn because the music in the background was even evil, We been knowing this for a long time glad is finally coming to other people's attention we shouldn't even call it a sport.


Should be called poker politicians just like poker keep shuffle the cards playing the game and see who ends up with a full house.


The fire at Lake Tahoe is really bad, I feel bad for the people that's in that disaster hope and pray that it will end soon.


Is something has to be done soon for our troops to come home safely is just like Vietnam can't get our troops home, Is just like Vietnam all over again.


The President brought Tony Blair right down with him if you get what I mean.

Cyn said...

I was all prepped for a full repeat of the second hour, wandered off to do laundry, and then there was a new piece from Christiane Amanpour on Tony Blair's last day, and Michael Ware live from Baghdad.

Okay, so it's not the same as a full second hour. But it IS summer, and even their staff deserves some downtime. Even the Transcript page took a week off!

Hey, GLENN BECK is subbing for Paula Zahn all next week! Now THAT is horrifying!

ACAnderFan said...

I was once again dissapointed in 360. I mean if they only want to do an hour, fine. But don't repeat the whole first hour during hour two. Ireally hope this repeat thing dosen't go on too much longer. AndI would hope that there is a valid explination for it as well.

*waves hand back and forth.* I vote for Phebe for producer. Especially if she's going to make the anchor report shirtless every nite.

ACAnderFan said...

Look what I found. Arianna Huffington was supposed to be on 360 monday nite??? Where was she, bcause I didn't see her. Here it is on her website saying that she was supposed to be on 360.


Anonymous said...

Hi purple tie, I read all of the answer from CNNj to my friend, but they didn't go into details at all. I'm afraid even CNNj hasn't known anything yet. Whenever those kinds of things happen, we have to just accept what they do or what they tell.
(I hope you'll understand my poor English...!)

copperfish said...

I missed Tuesday's show and found out upon opening this site to see a post about the "classic" repeat programming. I think the network has some serious problems if the same thing happens in their other programs and if it will continue for quite some time.

On the English language topic, if I may share my view. English is considered the universal language. Actually English is the most spoken language in the world, followed by French and third is Spanish. I think immigrants where they chose to live should learn how to speak the native tongue of that country. I think it's just logical that the people of the host country shouldn't be the one who's going to adapt to the tongue used by the immigrants. It should be the other way around.

@Snooks, if I may share my knowledge why Miami speaks predominantly spanish. Because of Miami's proximity from Havanna, Cuba many of the people fled to Miami during the revolution/uprising from Fidel Castro's government. Most of these people were well educated who can't take Castro's dictatorship. Due to the influx of spanish speaking people on the area, one can just think of the effects, cuban food, culture and of course the language.

Etoile Bebe said...

Phebe: I couldn’t have said it better! First we get the “old man tie” and then Coop disappears! Wolf does a lot of repetitious reporting during his shows, but he is always “live.” Are they trying to test their audience’s level of tolerance? I think they are in danger of losing the respect of even their most dedicated viewers. Coop better hope people noticed he disappeared, because if they didn't he's in big trouble! If the audience doesn’t care if he is there or not, then sadly, he is losing his appeal.

Sorry to say that at this point even anchoring shirtless may not be enough to bring back 360's disgusted viewers!

I agree with you about PIP as well! As much as I like Jeff, the interaction between them added much to the segments. It almost feels like Anderson has lost interest in the series.

I agree, people who want to become U.S. citizens must learn how to speak English and not the other way around. Am I the only one who becomes perturbed when I have to “press 1 for English?”

Were you being sarcastic with the
"Déjà Vu" post title!?! lol

Maybe it was just my impression, but did Brian Christopher's neck look almost as big as Coop's waist!?! Ha

lovepizzicato said...

I sent a e-mail to CNNj yesterday and asked why 360 aired the repeat during the second hour. I've got an answer and it is just said "CNN decided it hurriedly from this Monday through the end of August."
But I could not find the reason at all. I'm shocked to read that. I love to see live shows and to hear Anderson says "I'll see you tomorrow night."
It is very disappointing. I want to know the reason from CNN.
I don't think Anderson is satisfied about this. He didn't seem to be in a good mood these two days.

cactuskid said...

Phebe, your cable went out about the time the repeat started. Maybe, that was your TV set trying to tell you something? Hopefully this won't go on thru the end of August as horoko commented. Maybe their staff is down due to people taking summer vacations. But then again, who knows.

If you are going to live in or visit a country you should try to learn and speak the language. It's just common courtesy. Even if you have to tote around a language dictionary. I don't mean to be rude, but personally I am tired of trying to read labels in the stores and trying to find English on it so I can get info. While I think it's useful to me and to all to learn a second language or more and would benefit us I think the Hispanic population should be learning English and if they know it speak it since some do and just won't and you have to have interpreters to communicate. I do respect their culture and traditions as in others from countries who live here, but I think when in a country you need to speak the traditional language. And that's my 2 cents.

Phebe, it would be nice to have you as a producer so we could have the anchor give us the news shirtless! LOL!

@ Etoile Bebe: Finally remembered the name of the singer who I mixed up with the Donna Summer song on your video. Think the reason I got it mixed up is the tempo of the song is alot like the one of the Donna Summer song. I think it would be a good song to play with one of your videos if you like it. The guy had several big hits in the 80's. His name is Rick Astley and the song is "Together Forever".

ac said...

Phebe,I will definitely vote for you as producer,'cause 360 needs some serious help!What's up with them and CNN lately-are they trying to lose what viewers they have left?I just don't get it,but as much as I love our Andy,if this trend continues,I'm gone!
*unless you get that shirtless anchor thing to work*LOL
I agree that PIP just doesn't work as well without Anderson.
I really don't understand what's going on at CNN lately,but it certainly isn't the quality news
channel we've come to expect.

Cindy said...

I'm pretty PO'd about the repeats and I am trying to give Coop the benefit of doubt to prove us wrong! I hope he is at least working on a special or something that will floor us and make us regret being mad! And if he is doing this for a personal relationship....he needs to take it to his own time!! Not ours!! I tune in to get live news not the same story repeated in the second hour!

The only thing I cared for was the PIP segments with Jeff. He has been turning in some really good ones here lately. He is doing them like he does his show and they are great! I LOVED those little geckos! And the new species that they found was exciting.

Did you see they moved Coop's live from the border from Thursday to Monday! I wonder what is up with that?

I wonder if Coop will be on tonight? He didn't say see you tomorrow! And he did seem pretty mad...maybe that's his way of getting back at us...by not being on!

Anonymous said...

Guys, it's summer, May be that's what ac360 do, give staff time off to enjoy it. I'm stickin' with my opinion, better one hour of live AC360 than no AC360 at all or repeat of the repeat special.

To even make it worse, you guys ready for this...Anderson is not going to be in Texas on thursday, they said monday on commercials.
So NO MUSCLE ARMS and jeans on thursday! I repeat, NO MUSCLE ARMS and jeans on thursday. : (

Don't get me wrong, I listen to the news too but, MUSCLE ARMS very distracting when he is on location.

The split screen, beauty and the beast?? LOL! LOL! LOL!
I 'll run with my feet reaching the back of my head if Brian C. comes after ATA!
Trust me, his neck is the size of my body.

Psss! Anderson looks handsom-er every single day.

snooks said...

In response to Cooperfish - the original immigrant population who arrived in Miami during the Bay of Pigs in the 1960's was educated and arrived in Miami to better their lives and those of their children.

They did whatever they had to do to learn the language and adapt to their new country - people who had been doctors, lawyers, scientists and other professionals took menial jobs until they were able to speak and read English and then took the necessary steps to regain their previous professions.

It is that group of people who made Miami a city rich in culture however when in public it is also that group that speaks English.

However, those that have immigrated within the last 15 years are a different story - sadly they were not as educated as their predecessors in the immigrant community and while some have sought educational opportunities many have not.

The biggest conflict here in Miami is between those 2 groups and not with the American community - It is the 2nd wave of immigration that speaks Spanish and makes little to no effort to learn English.

Sheryn said...

@Kui, I've been watching AC360 for close to two years now and it has never been consistent. In all honesty, it is a producer's job to put together a consistent and fresh show. Anderson's producers are just not getting it done.

There have been ups and downs with the programming quite frequently. The news doesn't take a summer hiatus like your favorite TV show does.

And to add to that point, I just noticed the commercial for the Texas programming this morning. Yet another inconsistency in my opinion. They pimp stories that will be shown that night on the blog and website and then don't show them until two or three nights later.

It is truly frustrating as a regular viewer.

ACAnderFan said...

I'd like to know the reasoning behond moving the 24 hours on the border special was moved to monday. Actually I'd like to know the reasoning behind most things they do on 360. I mean this showing the first hour during hour two is just ridiculous. And I'd like to know what idiot came up with it.

Anonymous said...

After reviewing the comment I posted earlier, I pretty much knew someone would respond to my comment about Anderson having a personal life with "he should do it on his own time". I'm really okay with him taking time off, having subs, etc. He is so private we would probably never know if he had a legitimate reason for needing to leave the "broadcast" early. That being said, I did write 360 and let them know I would appreciate a heads up at the beginning of the program so I could decide which hour I choose to watch. If the show is only an hour long, I would probably move it back in my evening to allow for more time for MY life. I also told them that, although Anderson has some very loyal viewers, we are not pathetic individuals with no lives and our time is valuable too! If the decision has been made to air a repeat of the first hour for the remainder of the summer, then CNN needs to be upfront about it. Seems to me continuing in the current fashion would be a major marketing/ratings blunder by "whoever" is in charge over there!!

Anonymous said...

Sheryn - Agreed that A. Cooper even calls his program a "show." Most news organizations have a style guide that sets policy as to how their programs will be refered to on and off air. I did send in a pretty strongly worded note to the Exec Producers at CNN about this as just about every other news org calls their on-air work a program or broadcast. It isn't a term that is taken lightly in the industry, and would get another news journalist's attention really fast if anyone called any other news broadcast a "show." It may seem trivial, but inside the profession, it isn't. It is considered the way of respecting the work and distinguishing it from a regular program on television that can be called a "show," and I directly reminded CNN of that.
This business of repeats - other news organizations repurpose programs/segments the same day, but usually not within the same broadcast. This is highly unusual. Most broadcasters do give a lot of time off during the summer, but they have other anchors, correspondents and reporters fill in - they just don't rebroadcast full segments inside of a current airing program. This is highly unusual. Liken it the other majors. Even MSNBC doesn't rebroadcast segments within Olbermann's program - they have a full substitute when he is off. His program is repurposed later in the evening for the West Coast. This is an Executive Producer's decision and a $$ decision if I am guessing correctly. Again, I have asked them about this as I am at such a loss having never seen this before.
Go to Europe and you will be repeated to DEATH by CNN International, but not in the same broadcast, just playing the same news hour over and over again - but that is very different than what is happening here.
Oh well enough. It isn't A. Cooper's decision - he may have some input, but at the end of the day it is the Exec Producer's call. I have questioned CNN on this directly as I think they need to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that since CNN's new, revamped website goes up on 7/1/07 we are in store for more changes with the new month.

Anonymous said...

First of all I agree with you and this spanish language thing. I came to America and learned to speak english like every other indian person. Why can't the rest do the same???? You don't see indian people asking for hindi to be the official language here!!! Am I missing something here??? Please fill me in.....
And secondly, I absolutely adore ac. That man has class and I'm in love with his brains. He is sooo effen intellectual. ;0) {Sorry that was my fangurl moment.}


Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm a first time poster, long time reader, and enjoyer of the photos, videos and other treats on this website. Did anyone else notice that Larry King and Anderson were namechecked on this week's episode of Big Love? If you missed it, it will be rerun several times on the various HBO channels this week. The scene where it happened was during a discussion between some of the wives of Bill's business partner and Barbara, Bill's wife. The ladies were complaining about the perception many people have of polygamists living a bizarre and crazy lifestyle, and how this perception doesn't represent them. One of the wives attributed the fault of this to Larry King and Anderson Cooper for "spending all that time covering those crazy cults". I thought that this was a hoot, because we all know that Anderson has had almost an obsessive amount of coverage of that story. Funny how the lines cross between reality and fiction. :)

~Eleanor, from NY

sydney said...

I've only seen part of the show so far, but the one thing that jumped out at me is that Anderson seemed really annoyed about something. Perhaps he's not too crazy about this new format either.

I guess I'm in the minority that isn't too upset about it. I'm not going to pretend to know what is going on in the minds of TPTB, but it seems to me that if you're just going to repeat segments in the second hour anyway, it's kind of foolish to make someone hang around just to intro the segments live. He's probably using the time to work on other stories. What DOES bother me about it is it seems to be a last minute, haphazard effort with no reason being given and without any acknowledgement that that is what they're doing.

That being said, I would ABSOLUTELY prefer 2 full hours of original material. But we all know that rarely happens.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe Anderson finally went out and got a personal life and is busy enjoying his evenings...who knows?

If THIS is the reason for the second hour being a complete repeat, we'll have to just have grin and bear it, because we certainly won't be getting any explanation from AC about it!

6/26/07 10:41 PM"

If that is true, great for Anderson. However, I do believe he is getting paid to be on the air for two hours each night or provide a proper backup, not what they have been doing. He needs to get a life outside of his work schedule or get a new job if he has no time with her current one.

If I did that at my job, I would have been fired by now.

Anonymous said...

Someone here mentioned Anderson isn't going to Texas Thursday? The trip got cancelled? Maybe that is why he is mad. Of course I have no clue.

Would that mean he will be in NY for the remainder of the week.

There have been rumors about schedule changes at CNN, with Paula Zahn's show and that Brown woman, can't remember her name, so perhaps there will be a change in time in 360 or perhaps it will go back to 1 hour. Who knows and maybe Anderson is anxious or mad. I would assume he knows more than we do!

Anonymous said...

I got home late last night, so the second hour was not a repeat for me. But I can fully understand everyone's frustration. I personally would feel a lot better about it if CNN would do a news release explaining their decision, or at least leak the info to a blog like TVNewser.

On a lighter note, I was reading this morning about a recent men'clothing fashion show in Milan. It seems that shorter length pants are now in style, even with suits and are to be worn with no socks! Do you think Anderson will bare his ankles for us? I know he thinks he has chicken legs, but maybe he has bulked them up along with his upper arms. Just a thought.

Etoile Bebe said...

This may or may not be off topic, but I got so fed up with the PH coverage on CNN yesterday afternoon that I sent a feedback telling them much what I said yesterday in ATA's blog, that the ad nauseum coverage of PH was a slap in the face to their viewers and courageous war reporters like Michael Ware and I got a "failure to deliver notice!!" Has anyone ever experienced that?

@Sheryn, I think you are right in the sense that "360" has always had a somewhat relaxed programming style, but this time it seems more like incompetence. There are far too many producers and not enough idea people.

I think they will find they are sorely mistaken if they think that we do not have the presence of mind to change the channel.

It is one thing to allow for breaking news, but it is another to be consistently misleading. If that is their new "strategy" they should put a disclaimer at the bottom of each ad.

However, I do want to thank whoever is responsible for this "change," because now I have 11PM free to watch "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" live!

@Cactuskid: Thanks for the suggestion, but based on what Coop and co. are doing to "360," I was thinking more along the lines of "Better Be Good To Me" by Tina Turner!! Ha!!

Anonymous said...

The news doesn't take a summer hiatus like your favorite TV show does.

This is what doesn't make any sense, they didn't do anything like this last summer; the shows were live throughout the season and Anderson or a sub was there to anchor the whole show, or they'd show a "special", but they certainly weren't repeating the ENTIRE FIRST HOUR with no live anchor. So this is pretty perplexing and frustrating for a long time viewer like me. It sounds silly, but I don't want to watch the second hour if he's not actually live, it's not the same. I like hearing his comments on a particular story after it ends, he may not always do it, but I enjoy it when he does. Maybe he or someone thinks it's pointless to re-intro a repeated segment or something, so they've just given up on it. I also like hearing him say "see you tomorrow night", these are little things, but it's part of what makes the show enjoyable for me. I don't know the reasoning behind this change but they should really reconsider the whole thing after August or whenever it's supposed to (hopefully) end.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you can post references from another Anderson site, but someone mentioned that she heard this "format" of 360 from the past two nights of repeating the second hour will continue through August if I understood her post correctly.

Taffiny said...

"..how many of you emailed me bitching like it was my fault.." that was great, first laugh I had all day.

Yes, I feel english is and should be our official language. I think it holds others back in this country if they can't speak english. I do think it would be a very good idea however, in areas with lots of international business, and/or in predominately spanish areas, to have several languages on street signs (you know like especially for traffic signs "stop" "one way")

The repeats- mabye it is just a summer thing, you know more people on vacation, out and about, out in their yards, out on the town, a.k.a less viewership; so why not scale back new programming till the fall?
Oh, I just read Hiroko's post, so now, I think I could be right.

Anonymous said...

One "media site" thinks ac360 is going to one hour. Does anyone think so?
LOL at readers thinking PHEBE works in production @ ac360/is "reponsible" for tech. glitches/programming changes! Phebe WISHES she were in production @ ac360; then again, maybe not... ;)

Megs said...

oh there was so much potential last night we went to 11:20 with live Anderson and then he just all of a sudden disappeared......so sad :{

I am glad I got my blue lagoon in last night because I figured if Anderson wasn't going to be live for 2 hours I would need something to get me through :P

Texas has been moved to Monday WTF, what is up with that?!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

where exactly in Tx was he going? maybe the flooding in Tx has something to do with them postponing it until after the weekend; too hard to get through certain areas at the moment!

cactuskid said...

@ Etoile Bebe: On second thought,I like that title better for a video "Better Be Good To Me"! So funny. Or how about "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles. Or "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones. I could go on with titles. LOL!

Sheryn said...


Thank you for your insightful comment. I truly appreciate it! I had no idea about the "show" thing. Enlightening for sure!

And THANK YOU for reiterating that these decisions are that of the Exec Producer of any show. That is something we've been saying on this blog for a long time.

Thanks again for your comment!