Thursday, June 28, 2007

From Paris to Chicago

Did you catch the unspoken commentary on LKL's interview with SWMNBN? It couldn't have been any clearer if Anderson Cooper had screamed it into the camera.

If you were playing a Paris Hilton drinking game during Wednesday's AC360 I can guarantee that you didn't get drunk. I really don't think I heard Anderson say Paris Hilton's name more than one time. It actually got so silly and creative at times that I found myself laughing out loud at the euphemisms. The best one of the night? Inmate 98197843!

So no one got drunk, but we did get some insight into AC's lack of tolerance for SWMNBN. I think it can best be summed up by JFK's 'Of those to whom much is given, much is required'. Yea, I know you all probably figured it out ages ago, but I'm a little slow. Anderson said "Someone who has the privilege of being born into a wealthy family with opportunities of great schooling and world knowledge and traveling around the world and seeing the plight of people around the world for her to then to spend a good part of her life going to parties and promoting herself....." and he finished with a shrug. So can we surmise that AC feels that weight of privilege? I believe so and since his heritage isn't that dissimilar to Ms. Hiltons maybe he thinks she should feel that weight too? Sure explains a lot to me.

As for the rest of Wednesday's AC360:
• We had a reports of the devastating floods in Texas. It was suggested in yesterday's comments that 360 rescheduled their report from the Texas border because of the weather. I'm not sure if that's true but I do know that this storm has caused terrible flight delays into most airports in Texas.
•Gary Tuckman's segments from What is a Christian were repeated to coincide with CNN's focus on GLBT issues this week.
•It was great to see Miles O'Brien filing a report on bald eagles. I found the report very interesting and encouraging for our environment.
•Anderson talked with Jeff Corwin from Madagascar for the Planet in Peril series. I really wish Anderson had been able to accompany Corwin on this trip. It looks like the most interesting stop so far.
Anyone remember back to May 31st when Anderson visited Chicago to cover the 29 public school students who had been killed during the school year? I wrote in my post "I've been through Anderson in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and other war torn areas, but tonight was different. I actually felt Anderson broadcasting from Chicago was even more dangerous then the other venues, is that nuts or what? I mean he's in the United States on a street in a major city, not some God forsaken 3rd world country. I literally held my breath every time the camera was on, the street setting just looked so threatening. "
I upset some of our wonderful Chicago readers and I really regret that. I was not intentionally slamming Chicago, just expressing what I felt as I watched that night. A few days later I heard from commenter Imagine that she had asked one of her friends to visit AC's location that night and shoot some video. It's taken a while to figure out how to upload, etc but it was worth the wait. I've viewed the following three videos several times and I see something new each time. My impression of tension that night seems spot on after watching the videos and listening to what some of the people on the street were saying to Anderson and to CNN security. As you'll see when you watch the videos Anderson talks with the people in a respectful and sincere manner. He appears genuinely interested in their viewpoints and at one point says something like maybe we need to address that in another show. Much thanks to Imagine for uploading and to ShankMaster for filming.


Unknown said...

Thanks to Imagine and Shank for bringing us the video. It's always nice to get a behind the scenes view.

I am officially OVER Paris Hilton now. I watched the interview and Anderson's stuff and I think I'm done. lol Anderson's stuff was at least funny because he was finding it hard to hide his true feelings, which is unusal for him.

Anonymous said...

LKL and the following HOUR of the dissection of HER - the most boring version of TRIVIAL PURSUIT ever played...and we'll never be done with HER out here in LA...
And like I said for the video below - kudos - but tell me what is it about Men in shirts with sleeves rolled up - just slays me...I know most of you will go in for the T's - but I'll take a guy in a shirt with rolled up sleeves any day - I'm there!

Megs said...

To whom much is given, much is required.....that should have been Paris' favourite bible verse

Ok no one hate me but I sent a feedbact to Anderson tonight....a negative feedback and I never have negative feedback for Anderson....hear me out. I like everyone else thought it was cute when Anderson started the whole SWMNBN thing but I am really kind of annoyed by it now. I am in no way defending ANYTHING Paris says or does but she is still a person with a name and honestly it is just common curtosey to refer to someone by their name. If nothing else Anderson could call her Ms. Hilton. I mean really tonight he refered to her as "Nicky Hilton's big sister" I don't think that refering to her by her name is going to make her a bigger star. It seems like everyone but Anderson changed there opinion some what after the interview although I must say that it was nice of Anderson to apoligize for letting his opinion on this story hang out on his sleeve. Will I stop watching Anderson because of this.....heck no, but I just wanted to let him know what I was thinking. Does everyone hate me?!?!?!

It's funny we finally get Anderson for 2 hours and most of it was about Paris......the drought is hopefully over :)

Phebe I can't see the videos.....maybe it is just my computer.....I will check it out tomorrow

Unknown said...

Oops, forgot to mention that I was so happy to see 2 live hours and not the back to back repeat. Wonder if that was a fluke or a if they listened to us?

Megs said...

I saw the videos and they are really good, thanks for sharing Imagine and ShankMaster

Anderson truly is a gentleman and would talk to people if they came to see him.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have anything to worry
about when it comes to AC 360 for 2
hours.There is a big debae commg up
on July 23rd and the 60 minutes season
premiere in September and I don't even
want to think about his summer vacation.
I think he is also heading to Africa and
Asia at some point this year. Also, some
planet in peril trips.Also, 2008 is a presidential
election year.I just CNN is trying to give AC
some down time. Come September and well into
2008 Anderson is not likely to have any time off.

Anonymous said...

I was kinda offended by your comments about Chicago, Chicago is not a bad city, but the part he was at was. I don't live in the city, i live in the burbs. I have been too that part of the city before, and whites aren't really welcomed around those parts. I was going too ride out there and maybe try too meet him, but the last time i was out there i really wasn't welcomed. I don't think you were trying too trash Chicago, but it kinda came across that way. Thanks for putting up those clips though, pretty interesting.

ACAnderFan said...

360 was so good last nite. It was even better than LKL.

Now clearly Paris is still just as dumb as ever and has not changed her ways, however I LOVED seeing Andy have to talk about her for a whole hour. And what was really great was watching him come up with ways to refer to her without using her name. Very interesitng and hilarious. Andy's feelings for her are so clear and obvious. He dosen't like her...LOL!!!

Imagine and your friend ShankMaster, thnak you for shairng those three videos with us. It's interesting to here what the residents of that neighborhood had to say. I think Andy handled himself very well. You can tell he was genuinely interested in what those people were saying to him.

FanGirl moment: How cute did Andy look last nite??? He was completely adorable. I loved his tie, very very very pretty. He looked like he need a hug too. I think it was all the talk about Paris that made him look that way. I just wanted to reach through my TV and give him a big hug, he looked like he could have really used one.

Anonymous said...

Gah...I didn't watch the interview, and could barely stomach the portion of 360 devoted to the interview. I did, however, e-mail Anderson and pretty much beg him to grab the nearest living entity and fly to the most remote, perilous, endangered place on earth the next time a celebrity saga comes around. I even went so far as to suggest a return to the 'shigloo', toothbrush optional. It pains me to see such a talented journalist (or any true reporter, for that matter) reporting on this in such apocalyptic fashion, and I swear I could see the pain and strain on Anderson's face, having to do this and probably yearning to be ANYWHERE ELSE in the world. Poor thing, he didn't even have the luxury of turning the channel like we did.

And you know what sucks? This will probably pull in more ratings than the fantastic 'Africa: The Killing Fields' series or any other great specials they've aired in the past. Where are the priorities of the world? Yes, some trivial stuff is good once in awhile, but the obsession with said stuff has gotten out of control.


Not to mention how difficult it is to believe that Lisa Bloom's opinion has changed so quickly, just after witnessing a 60-minute interview. I normally like her, but I felt like she was totally off-base tonight. Give Ms. Hilton a chance to *prove* herself worthy of more respect, and THEN have a change of opinion. Jail time didn't just automatically turn her into Mother Theresa, for chrissakes. Shutting up now...

Thanks for the video, Imagine and Shank--I'll make a special trip to the library (and their fast internet hook-up) to watch it tomorrow. :)

Jennifer said...

I don't dislike anybody but everyone is untitle to their opinion


I think Paris Hilton is just a wannabe! Who knows all of this may have been a way to get a lot more attention! What did she ever do to make herself such a big star to start of with. Expect to have the Hilton name and act Dumb, I agree with what I think Anderson is feeling what is there to like. Also can you even believe a word that comes out of her mouth? first (famous for being famous) we are all just making her more famous by giving her so much time on TV. Me saying she is dumb may wrong after all, She has gotten a lot of attetion when it comes down to it that's is what is all about to Paris Hilton getting attention and it doesn't just stop with cnn every news channels and magazines will be covering it for days, Then what will she do next.

I can tell that Anderson Cooper didn't like doing the Paris Hilton story. I also can tell Larry King didn't like interviewing Paris Hilton.

Jennifer said...

Hi Megan, I want to let you know whatever I blog tonight, I'm not trying to say anything against your blog, I didn't want you to think that.

Hope you have a goodnight!

copperfish said...

I really don't know what's really wrong with Mr. Cooper for disliking to mention Paris' name. He already told that he just can't understand the lifestyle of the lady but that just can't be all. Being in the news and has credibility, I think it's immature (oh no, pls don't throw big rocks on me) for him to do that, no matter how he disliked the person. I don't think he can sustain not saying her name. There will always be a time for him to say it the way it should be simply because he has to. He had already have slips of the tongue and for me he'd made a laughing stock out of himself. He can't always expect people like Paris to think the way he does. I'm not defending PH here, actually I find her to be hollow but it's her life and she chose to live that way. On the lighter side, I kinda liked that somehow in Anderson's personality there's some flaws. I don't know who he really is in private but I see him sort of a person that is too good to be true and discovering this side of him made me realized that he's still a "real" person afterall.

Maybe that's the foremost reason why they had rescheduled their report on the Texas border.

@Imagine and ShankMaster, thanks for the video.
The second one was kind of disturbing. The man holding a handycam threatening someone in the crew? I'm having a hard time understanding the audio.

Anonymous said...

Megan, I totally agree with your post and I am a regular viewer of AC 360 as well. AC is very good at distancing himself from childish references to CNN guests, but he really is going too far on this silly SWWNBN'd routine. It kind of gives off a "The gentleman does protest too much" attitude. No one hates you, Megan, appreciate your mature posting. Still like AC! but glad this Ms. Hilton thing is over. (It IS over, isn't it?) Excellent video from Chicago. From a regular reader of ATA but never posts, thanks.

cactuskid said...

I am so OVER everyone talking about her on TV. It's time to move on now! I did laugh out loud a couple of times at Anderson's comments about her. He wasn't hiding his feelings at all.

Thanks Imagine and Shankmaster for the videos. I found them interesting and unsettling at the same time. I'm glad Anderson has security. One of those ladies in the video with the green shirt carrying a shoulder bag looks like the lady who was with him by the table at the booksigning I went to. I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he devoted the majority of his show to Paris. There is so much more going on in the world right now. Does he have any control over his show?

And I agree with Megan, this thing about not saying her name was cute the first day or two, but now it's like he's in Jr. High. A Jr. High girl. And I agree she SHOULD help others with all she has been blessed with. However, this is a free country. We are free to make our own decisions, whether good or bad. No one has to live their life according to what Anderson thinks. And when people make decisions that we don't agree with, we have to live and let live. Don't get me wrong, I do believe she should use her fame and money for good. But if she decides not to, that's her business. Knowing we live in a free society, is it fair for AC to bash her for living her life the way she chooses?

Unknown said...

I switched back and forth between LKL and Ghost Hunters on SciFi. The only thing I have to say about the interview is that I was not impressed.

I did enjoy the AC360 after show however. I felt Anderson handled it very well and I really think deep down he feels sorry for Paris - now hear me out.

True both Anderson and Paris were raised in families with money, but Anderson had a father whose roots were in the "normal" world and he instilled that in his sons. And I think that this influenced Anderson more in his life than anything else. It seems that Paris' parents "pushed" her into the celebrity world without giving her an alternative, which Anderson had. Gloria told Anderson to "follow his bliss" but what did Paris' parents tell her?

Am I trying to defend Paris? No, but like Anderson I'm trying to understand why someone who has the means and opportunity to help people or do something with their lives waste it. I guess if you don't have the family support to be your own person then you can't see any world but what other people create for you.

I still have to watch the Chicago videos so will try to comment later on them.

Sorry this is so long.

ac said...

HI all,
Wow snarky Andy at his best last night-I loved it,and laughed most of the night!
His dislike of "her" is so obvious,I even heard the word Moron
once,too-gosh,tell us how you really feel,Anderson!LOL
We finally get him back for a full show,and get mostly coverage of 'you-know-who'.Why doesn't "she" just disappear somewhere forever(like that will happen).
One comment I did hear was the phrase "poor little rich girl".
This was a name they used for Gloria many years ago during her custody trial,I believe.
Both Anderson and "her" were born into wealthy,priviledged lives,yet Anderson chose to do something meaningful and good with his life,and for that we are proud of him."She",on the other hand,is just
plain useless.
The bald eagle story,I enjoyed very much-yay,it's Miles o'Brien-really miss him and Soledad(but that's another story).Hey,if Anderson isn't doing any more PIP's,why not send Miles?
I wonder if this 2 hour thing is going to last(probably not).

Anonymous said...

Last night was the first, and probably the last, time we'll ever hear Anderson use the phrase, "I'm showing my bias here." Two comments about that.

First, the contempt he feels for her & her wasted life is obvious. Tho they both came from priviledged backgrounds, their upbringings must have been quite different. It seems to truly puzzle him that she does not feel any obligation to use her wealth in a positive way.

Second, because this is SWMNBN, he doesn't care about showing his bias because he doesn't consider her to be newsworthy. We all know last night's coverage was not his choice.


aries moon said...

I also loved the opening shot of 360 with Anderson on his laptop ignoring LKL's interview. I didn't watch the interview on LKL, nor did I listen to the LKL excerpts on 360. I just watched with amusement as Anderson tried without success to figure out why that woman is famous. I used to see Paris in Vanity Fair magazine years ago before she got as big as she is today and I couldn't for the life of me understand why they were featuring her. She's young and rich, so what? That was no justification for us ever knowing her name. I still feel the same. Anderson was the least sympathetic towards her "plight" than any of his panel guests, which only makes me admire him more. AC is the perfect example of what someone of privilege should try to do with their life.

We got the full two hours live! With the exception of the PIP intro, there wasn't any of that weird taped first hour stuff they were trying to pull for the last few days. I don't know if the negative comments on the 360 blog about the change had any influence on their decision, or perhaps even the comments here, but someone must've seen the light. I hope they will stay live for the entire show tonight. We even got a "see you tomorrow night" from AC - this is critical stuff people!

Cindy said...

I didn't care at all for the first hour. And I wasn't pleased with Anderson's obvious disdain for Paris! He is supposed to be impartial right!? Atleast that is what he always says!! I didn't find it cute or funny! And the fact that even his guests called him out on his dislike for her didn't bode well for Anderson! And I wrote him and let him know how I felt! If he dislikes her so much then he should not report on is that simple! She is a person with feelings! The fact that she isn't doing anything productive....well look at how she was raised! She has no sense of what the real world is because everything has always been handed to her. To think she will do anything that matters is absurd! Plus she is very immature more like a teenager than a 26 year old! Give her time to mature...maybe she will! If not then just ignore her like I do!

The second hour was much better! I liked Gary Tuchmans pieces even though we have seen them before.

I liked Miles' report on the bald eagles. I am glad that they are doing so well that they are being taken off of the endangered species list!

I'm saddened by the Texas floods. I hope these people get better and faster help than the Katrina victims did!

I LOVED the Madagascar PIP! It has been very informative. I loved seeing all the different animals and species of animals! And I am glad that we got to witness the new species! Something that you rarely if ever get to see! I know alot of people didn't like it because Anderson wasn't there....but these shows are about the places they go and the animals and people who live there. Not Anderson and how he looks or what he is or isn't afraid of! Give these PIP's a chance and you may get something out of it besides the squee factor.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon 11:33pm! As a proud born & bred Chicago and NorthShore resident, I'd challenge anyone to show me a more well-rounded metro area. Having opportunities to see 6 continents, 50+ countries, and all 50 States, I've yet to visit another city where the blending of prosperity, privilege, opportunity and oldfashioned hard work, exists cohesively. Yes, massive Chicago has a few dangerous neighborhoods. Yes, a white person is unwelcome in Englewood, yet a black person is welcome to visit and live on the tony NorthShore, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, all over. Abide by laws and common courtesy and everyone is welcome in most neighborhoods.
Not saying Paris' name has become a childish endeavor for Anderson. While I commend him for expressing his view that she threw away every opportuity handed to her, refusing to address her properly has placed him on a similar obnoxious level that is typically Paris Hilton. I think he can successfully cover her "story" for an increase in his show ratings without bowing to her ignorance.

Sheryn said...

Thank you to ShankMaster and Imagine for these videos. These videos were very telling of the tension on the street while Anderson and his crew were filming.

Someone mentioned Anderson would take time to talk to everyone and it certainly seems as tough he wanted to hear their side of things. It must have been frustrating to him if he didn't have enough time to do so.

As for the other stuff, my view as always is that CNN (and clearly NOT Anderson) has their priorities screwed up. To spend an hour of a show on that waste of human space is appauling.

Kudos to Anderson for wearing his opinion on his sleeve last night, so to speak. It made me feel much better that he wasn't thrilled to do the coverage as much as we weren't thrilled to watch it. (or some of us that is. I don't want to speak for everyone! LOL!)

Sheryn said...

@Megan, I AGREE TOTALLY about the bible passage you picked. PERFECT!

Megs said...

@ Sheryn - that personally is one of my favourite bible passages and when Phebe brought it up last night, I thought it was perfect. Maybe I will go write it on her myspace page incase the question comes up again :P

Goodness she couldn't even come up with a story from the bible. Not everyone knows chapter and verse but most people know at least some stories from the bible.

Anonymous said...

COOPER: I mean, I would argue that for someone -- I think people get upset because someone who has the privilege of being born into a wealthy family and opportunities of great schooling...

BLOOM: Right.

COOPER: ... and world knowledge and traveling around the world and seeing the plight of people around the world, for her then to spend, you know, a good bulk of her life going to parties and promoting herself.

BLOOM: But she's promoting herself as a model. Yes, I agree with her, it would have been nice if she had done that. And she's only 26, and maybe she still will. She could have examples, like you, Anderson.

COOPER: But at 26, I've got to tell you, you know, there's a lot -- those soldiers in Iraq are 18 years old.


COOPER: And taking on more responsibility.


Way to go Anderson

ACAnderFan said...

Am I the only one who sees nothing worng with Andy trying as hard as he can not to mention "her" name. I think it's hilarious and cute. He does not like, does not undersatnd why she is famous and clearly did not want to talk about her on his show. I know people will disagree with me but that's OK. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

beachlzrd said...

Good morning Phebe,

My husband and Anderson were BOTH VERY INTOLIRENT last night. My husband felt compelled to point out several revealing sites that show Ms. Hilton doing very bad things – drugs etc. I see the world through “Rose Colored Glasses”, and am one to give people the benefit of the doubt. Either way, I think we can all agree, she needs to GROW UP and realize what LIFE is about!

Anderson has an awesome outlook on life, and I am very proud of how he has brought HONOR to his family! He has covered so many important stories throughout the world that have REALLY NEEDED SOMEONE TO COVER THEM! I believe Anderson’s parents probably had a lot to do with his insight, and of course Anderson is the person HE IS, nobody can take that away!

On the other hand, I think that Ms. Hilton’s parents have A LOT to do with the sad child they have brought up. I don’t know that they have a clue, so there too is a vicious cycle!

Thank goodness that Life allows room to grow-up (sometimes), I hope that the reality pill that Ms. Hilton has been forced to take, actually makes a difference in her life!

Thanks for the “SOAP-BOX”.

Have a great day,

Megs said...

so appearently I am not the only one over this who SWNMBN nonsense. Thanks for not throwing things at me :)

I just wanted to share with Anderson how I felt about I said this will not cause me to stop watching the show, it's just Anderson is geneuinely respectful to every person he covers and meets. I have personally seen it so it just throws me for a loop that he would do that for as long as he has. I mean come on, refering to Paris as "Nicky Hilton's big sister" was really he is beginning to pull at straws or something. If you want to call her all the nastiest things in the world in private....go ahead but as a news anchor speaking to millions and millions of people I think he should really consider dropping the whole not refering to her by her name.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Anderson's refusal to say Paris' name should be as big an issue as it appears to have become. Everybody *else* is saying it, on every channel, in every forum, in practically every magazine at this point. I'm frankly sick of hearing it, so it's been a bit of a reprieve to watch the show and not have to hear the name a billion more times. Besides, I think all of us that have followed 360 regularly knew pretty much what to expect last night--he's made his feelings quite clear in the past. I agree that it was clearly against his non-biased journalistic stance to inject his point of view so clearly into the show, but it doesn't make sense to rail on him for treating the topic *exactly the same* as he had in the past.

I'd be angry too, if I were him. You've been all around the world for 15 years, reporting on misery and suffering of the worst kind to share with the television audience, and the only time people TRULY perk up and tune in to watch is when a socialite drinks and drives with a suspended license, and pays the time for her crime. That's a sad state of affairs right there, and I don't blame him in the least for having some disdain towards this story.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am going to warn you upfront that this is a “Paris” rant –feel free to skip my comments but I need to get it off my chest. This whole thing bothers me on so many levels I found myself writing a novel rather than a commen.

I guess my opinion on Anderson not using Paris' name is a little different...she is famous because of her name. I think initially he was not using her name to stress that point. Now he should just let it go. After all, CNN gave her more free publicity last night than any nightclub ever could.

I also have no patience for Paris and agreed totally with Anderson's comments about her age, privilege and lack of responsibility. She is 26. I had an extremely difficult childhood with none of Paris' resources and had managed to complete a Masters Degree while caring for a husband and two children by that point in my life. I know I should not be judgmental but she just seems unnaturally immature. During LKL I actually found myself wondering if she has a diagnosable emotional problem. When a person is given a psychological examination, they assess for both cognitive and emotional functioning. It isn’t uncommon for a person to be assessed as age appropriate cognitively and not age appropriate emotionally or vice versa. That would explain the panels comments on her ability to market, run a business etc as opposed to the poor choices she makes on an emotional level (drunk driving, sex tapes, inappropriate behavior.) Paris may be ok intellectually but she is definitely not functioning emotionally as a 26-year-old woman. If I hear her or some commentator refer to her as a "girl” again I may actually scream so loud Sheryn can hear me.

Anderson said she had traveled all over the world and seen people’s troubles - maybe not. Could be she has spent all her time at private clubs, mansions, and in the Greek Isles and is clueless to the suffering of others; self-absorbed but possible. I had a close friend in college whose father was a diplomat. He once told me that growing up; he never realized that not everyone had numerous shirts with alligators on them. Between living in sheltered compounds and attending private schools, he had been unaware that life was far different for most people in the “real” world. Amazingly, he grew up to be one of the most dedicated Social Worker's I know and has spent the past 30 years focusing on the plight of families in the Appalachia’s. Maybe someone should send Paris with Angelina to visit those refugee camps! I really do wish her luck and hope for her sake, someone will find a way help her become productive and find some peace.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for sharing these videos! that's all I can say it's really cool to see these kinds of video clips behind the seen. thank for those persons who's involve for doing these video clips.


imagine said...

I'm glad you guys appreciate the Chicago video footage. Thanks :) I only wish it were clearer, but next time.

As for Ander Coop and his clear bias against PH, I totally agree that it is childish and unprofessional. In fact, I wrote CNN an email last week about how he is a journalist and that the way he publicly bashes PH diminishes him and his credibility. Who said Anderson was the Paris Hilton of news? No wonder he hates her so!

Anonymous said...

Can we not give Paris the benefit of the doubt right now? I mean sheesh, one interview and everyone just assumes that it's just a bluff. I mean at least let her prove everyone wrong if it is a bluff.

I myself enjoyed the interview, and I'm actually rooting for her to do some good in the world.

Hopefully she'll look into legit organizations, and not just those that will fork out anything to have her endorsement.

Phebe said...

@copperfish, Megan and others, ever think that AC's refusal to call the heiress by name might be his way to protest being forced to report on a story that bores him to death? It's just a little mind game that makes the coverage more tolerable, imo.
@cactuskid, you're right about the lady in the video. It's his PR person that was at the book signing.
@cindy, do you not get that he doesn't make those decisions? CNN Atlanta was very excited about getting the Paris exclusive and they are forcing every show to pimp it.
@acanderfan, you are not alone. It was one of the few bright points in AC's SWMNBN coverage for me. Guess some just don't get snark?
@candy, Amen!
@em, rant away anytime, we love that at ATA!
@everyone, I think a few have mistaken my John F. Kennedy quote "of those to who much is given, much is expected" as a bible quote. I guess I wasn't clear. I will say, imo, I feel criticizing PH for not being able to quote from the Bible wasn't justified. As most of you regulars know I'm a church attending Christian and I don't think I could quote a favorite Bible verse off the top of my head either.

Megs said...

@ Phebe - good point about Anderson protesting in his own way against CNN.

When I read your quote by JFK it made me think of that bible verse. I attended a bible college and was working towards my B.A in theology.....that's why I knew the verse. You may not be able to quote chapter and verse but I am sure you know general biblical stories Phebe

Cindy said...

@ Phebes...OH...I get that he doesn't have the final say on who he interviews or what he reports on but he does have a say on how he acts and portrays someone. And he does have a say on letting his emotions out in a negative way! He is a journalist and he says time and time again that he is impartial and fair to everyone...but where was that last night? He downed Paris as much as he could! Is that journalism? Was that fair? Did she get to respond to his criticism? If he does do the 360 like he says then he should have her own and confront her and let her defend herself instead of what he did last night! I like Coop....but enough is enough! Where does it end!? And where does his journalistic credibility begin?

sydney said...

First of all, I want to make clear that I'm not a "Paris-hater" - I don't care enough about her either way. To hate her would require time and energy that I can put to better use.

I made a point of avoiding LKL, only to see most of it replayed during 360. After 1/2 an hour I just went to bed - if I wanted to watch the LK interview, I would have tuned in at 9. I'd rather watch an hour of repeats than waste it on her.

But now that I hear they covered actual news in the second hour, at least I know I'll have something to watch on the DVR when I get home. I did send 360 some positive feedback on the PIP, along with a respectful request to tone down the Paris coverage. We'll see - hopefully this is over.

aries moon said...

I got so caught up in the Paris Hilton stuff that I forgot to mention the Chicago video which was very interesting to watch. I remember being nervous about that night, but the video gives a good picture of what happened. Thanks to Imagine for bringing it to us all.

sydney said...

oh, I meant to tell anon 10:00, I'm the same way, something about the rolled up sleeves on a's always done something for me. I don't know why either!

Taffiny said...

I was tricked, I felt secure in the knowledge that AC would only be live for an hour, so I sat down to watch, by 11:05, I was like "you are still here?", well maybe he is just going to introduce the next segment, by 11:38 I realized he wasn't going anywhere, but that I had to, so I set my VCR and went to bed.

candy- yeah, I thought Lisa Bloom was hard on Paris before, but now she is soft as butta. (middle ground makes more sense to me).

copperfish- big rocks are heavy, how do you think we could manage to throw any? Most likely if I tried, I would just drop it on my own foot.

anon 1:59am, I was thinking about that, protest too much, as well. I find it interesting how she seems to get under his skin. I assume it has something to do with the fact that some have made comparisons between him and Paris, and that really didn't sit well with him. (understandably so)

I do not understand Paris's choices either, but I don't think it is fair for Anderson to compare her to himself, and get angry that she hasn't decided to make similiar choices, he obviously has different sets/types, of raw material to work with than she does. I think of his job as his calling, hopefully Paris will find hers as well, but hers will be hers (based on her abilities, life experiences, interests, etc), probably something to do with modeling, and fashion, hopefully she will also find meaningful ways to contribute. I am not defending her choices (not any of them), mind you, just saying his choices at 26 shouldn't be the gold standard. I just feel, we all have to find our own way, on our own timetable, and hopefully she will find hers. (and stop doing really stupid things) (my bad, I just couldn't help it)

The Chicago video- Seeing Anderson looking around and talking, not at moment 360 is filming, there is something about him. What is it? In his eyes, it just pulls you. Something in them, strikes me as sad and haunting, and beautiful, and I want to be able to change the whole world for him, to whatever dream he needs it to be, so those beautiful eyes would look happy. It feels weird, feeling that way, about someone I don't know, wanting to protect him, the way I would want to protect my son. I think it must be something in those eyes. I don't feel it all the time, just sometimes I am struck so (for a minute or two, then I try to shake it off). Anyone else care to admit to crazy?

Anonymous said...

@Phebe In his inaugural address JFK was quoting the Bible. Specifically, he paraphrased part of Luke 12:48 which reads "For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required" (NKJV)


Phebe said...

@cassie, thank you for clearing up my confusion. Even when I quote the Bible I don't realize it! LOL

Anonymous said...

So is tonight a rerun of last night's show and Friday night a rerun of LKL's 50th anniversary show?

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe,

I wasn't 100% sure myself until I looked it up. I was sitting here thinking "I'm *pretty* sure but I'll just check...." What did we do before the 'internets' :) ?


Anonymous said...

Looks like 360 repeats for the remainder of the week, tonight is the Paris rerun and tomorrow the LKL 50th anniversary rerun.

I am surprised they are not even have a sub for 1 hour tonight and show the Paris at 11, but perhaps Anderson will be around from 10 - 11 and then Paris at 11

Anonymous said...

Thanks imagine for bringing us your friend's video; it's interesting to see behind-the-scenes Anderson. But I'm missing something here. What are the "hangers-on" trying to get across to Anderson. What is going on that he's not reporting? Are they saying he's making the neighborhood out to be worse than it is? Or are they saying it's worse than he's reporting?

Anonymous said...

I don't see much difference in Paris Hilton and the young Gloria Vanderbilt who modelled and "acted" and partied. Isn't it judgmental of Anderson to say what others should be doing with their lives and their wealth? Yes, she is uneducated, selfish, shallow and we think "if I had her money, I'd be helping people and building schools." I can't believe part of his brain even dwells on her.

On the other hand, it's unfair that he was called "the Paris Hilton of news."

Anonymous said...

anderson blogged thursday 5:40

sydney said...

@taffiny I don't think Anderson was trying to say that Paris should've made the same choices he did, just that she probably should've chosen to do something - anything-with her life other than just partying and getting attention for herself. I'm sure Anderson realizes his vocation isn't for everyone. For example, he doesn't seem to have anything against Nicki Hilton - she works with her own fashion line and hotels. Maybe she's not exactly setting the world on fire, but at least it is something constructive. I think that may be what he means.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe, I was going to say exactly what you did here regarding Anderson's avoidance of saying PH's name. I do agree it is a subtle protest against CNN for making him do this "story" and all the euphemisms for her name must indeed be a fun mind game for him.

As for the heiress, well, I have to admire her success. We are all writing about her on this blog, aren't we? I've devoted my life to public service, but no one is writing about me! LOL

Anonymous said...

From InsideCableNews

"ICN received email from alert Anderson Cooper 360 viewers inquiring about AC 360 cutting back on its live coverage to just the first hour. I looked into it and here’s the story:

AC 360 will be live from 10 pm ET to the top of the 11 pm hour. The rest of the 11 pm hour will be tape. However, if there’s a breaking news occurring the program will continue live as warranted. This format will remain in place for the rest of the summer."

Anonymous said...

I have mozilla firefox and internet explorer to get on to the internet. When I sign on via mozilla, the blog with the pictures of Anderson holding his mother's hand doesn't appear, but when I sign on using internet explorer, it does. I wonder why.

Taffiny said...

I am sure you are right.
He doesn't talk so about Niki,
I guess it is just the amount of coverage (in media) she gets, and the sort of stuff she is contributing , offering up, that annoys and confuses the heck out of him.