Friday, June 29, 2007

I Guess You Have To Take The Bad With The Good

Update: The AC360 website says tonight's topic will be Michael Moore's film 'Sicko'. Ads on CNN are saying AC360 will be covering the attempted car bombing in London. Looks like we'll get at least one live hour of AC360 on Friday night.
•Is it terrible of me to be happy that George W is unhappy about his immigration bill failing? Then I'm a terrible person , because I couldn't be happier to see W get a Congressional smack down. We have to fix our immigration issues, but this wasn't the way. At least Congress worked together to defeat this measure. Now if they could only work together to find the right solution.•As happy as I am that W was defeated in the Congress, I'm miserable about Thursday's Supreme Court affirmative action ruling . I don't think I'll ever forgive Sandra Day O'Connor for retiring early and giving Bush the opportunity to skew the balance of the court in favor of the Conservative Right.•The famous CNN interns tackled our Senator's pork spending this week. Wahoo, one of my state Senators disclosed his earmarks, the other had none. We fared much better in Arizona, with Senators than with our Representatives. Did I tell you that I emailed my new Congressman who I campaigned for last November and asked him to please cooperate. When he didn't release his earmarks or answer my email I wrote to Mike Watkiss and suggested he do an investigative piece on our uncooperative Congressmen. I have high hopes, based on what Mike told me, that he'll be following through.

screencap courtesy of stillifescreencap courtesy of bcfraggle
•When AC led Thursday's AC360 with news of a tunnel being found in Nogales I actually let out a yell. Anderson never met a tunnel he didn't love and I had visions of him scrapping the 'On the Border' coverage scheduled for Monday and heading to Arizona. My hopes were dashed when he said, later in the show, that the tunnel wasn't as large as originally reported. Come on AC you're a very lean man you can squeeze into that tunnel.
•I've been hearing rumblings that Friday's AC360 is going to be a repeat of the 2 hour Larry King retrospective. That's just a shame, if it's true. Michael Moore is the live guest on LKL and that would be a follow up show that I would have enjoyed watching. CNN must think we're all airhead idiots who want to watch a post mortem on PH but not on Michael Moore? I sure hope the rumors are wrong and we get at least one live hour on Friday, but I'm not holding my breath.
•Thanks to Sheryn for uploading tonight's banter with Erica. It's just so cute how excited men get about their new toys and AC is no exception.

•I'm going to end with my reflections on CNN and AC360 and specifically this week. We've been told that our readers appreciate what we do in finding and sharing the latest news on AC360, Anderson's personal appearances and even the occasional sighting when AC is on vacation. We have always tried to present this information in a factual manner and you have no idea how hard that is. CNN is seldom cooperative with fan blogs, even though fans are the foundation for a program's ratings. I have never understood why CNN will leak information to a news site, read largely by industry insiders, but not reach out to the fans through fan sites. Please trust me when I say it's like pulling teeth to get an answer from CNN 'on the record'. This week is a prime example. We first heard from readers in Japan, yes JAPAN, on Tuesday that AC360 was going to one hour for the summer. It took Inside Cable News, using their connections, to get the confirmation that AC360 was indeed scaling back for the summer. And Inside Cable News was kind enough to acknowledge that it was a fan who alerted them to ask the question. It is no wonder that ratings for most of CNN's lineup are in the toilet. If you want to build viewership I would think you would want to reach out to viewers. Did they think that we, the fans, wouldn't notice that our favorite news show had been scaled back? Well, if that is the case, they were wrong. It makes me wonder if they are so focused on the forest they fail to see the trees?


Anonymous said...

the issue with a president skewing anything has happened throughout our nation's history, so it doesn't shock me when any president does it no matter which party it is.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed tonight when it became crystal clear CNN would be moving to a one hour format for 360 (unless they have a crucial issue to cover like you know who getting out of jail!) But enough of that! The broadcast may have only been an hour but it was packed with the kind of information and issues which made me a regular viewer in the first place.

It amazes me Pres. Bush doesn't realize he spent all that political capitol he was bragging about a few years ago on "staying the course" in Iraq. I am not surprised the immigration bill failed. From what I heard, it had been decimated anyway and may have had some serious unintended consequences.

I don't even know what to say about the Supreme Court decision. My worst fears are coming true. It would be a different story if everyone in the country actually had equal access to education but anyone who believes inner city urban schools receive the same funding and resources as wealthy suburban schools is living with their head firmly planted in the sand. Although the ultimate goal of most civil rights leaders was for all people to be treated equally, I think they would agree it is pretty hard to get to equal without a level playing field to begin with. What’s next on the agenda? R v. Wade….just what I want, a bunch of pompous old men deciding what women should do with their bodies. Sorry, unlike Anderson, I have no problem wearing my politics on my sleeve.

As far as pork barrel politics goes, none of my senators or congressman released the information. Why am I not surprised?

Anderson and Erica were great as usual. What is more exciting is that the “crack”berry Mr. Em just bought me is the exact same model as Andersons…a Blackberry 8300..the curve..with camera. Oh boy I’m movin on up!! Ha’s not only boys that love their little toys!!

Jennifer said...

I dislike how they doing Anderson Cooper 360 is not right, I wonder how Anderson feels about it, I guess we will never know, I wonder if they going to put something on for the 2nd hour. I wonder if Anderson got over worked (burn out) I will always be a anderson fan their's going to be alot of people not liking this show lineup.

Anderson look good tonight as usually I'm affaid he may loss alot of his fans but I'm a AC fan forever :)

@ Hi Phebe, I just want to let you know still haven't come up with anything about the Presidential debate, I talk with my rep and emailed some people and made some phone calls still haven't got anywhere's, I would like to been able to get some great pictures. They said that the tickets are limited maybe their is still someone out their that may be able to help not going to give up yet :)

Your Friend, Jennifer, goodnight!

ACAnderFan said...

360 was pretty good last nite. When Andy mentioned that tunnel I started laughing. I've never seen anyone who likes tunnels like Andy does. I swear they have to be his favorite thing.

I really hope that we get atleast one hour of live Andy tomorrow nite. If we don't and they show that LKL special that will be five hours ok LKL. Who the hell wants to watch five hours of that??? I guess I won't be watching CNN after 7:00pm tomorrow.

OK about 360 only being one hour live and the first hour repeated durning hour two...what the hell is going on at CNN??? OK yes I know I've said that a million times lately but I really would like to know. I am being serious here when I say this: can someone please expain to me threasoning behind cutting 360 back to and hour for the summer. Apparently I fail to see the reason why. So if anyone has any insight please share it with me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Oh and another thing, if hour two is a repeat, is does that mean that Andy gets to go home early???

FanGirl moment: How handsome and adorable did Andy look last nite??? OK so I didn't like his tie and under no circumstanes should the man ever wear yelllow no matter how small of an amout. It just dosen't look good with his pale skin, silver hair and beautiful blue eyes...LOL!!! It dosen't matter though because he was still so adorable looking.

Anonymous said...

From TVNewser:

Larry/Paris: Watching Cooper "Sneer" At Hilton, "Then Devote An Entire Hour" To Her
The NYT's Alessandra Stanley writes:

"There is a bizarre counter-effect to the Paris Hilton phenomenon: a little like the children's taunt, 'I'm rubber, you're glue,' the sheer absurdity of her fame ensures that anyone who denigrates it looks even more foolish. It was laughable when Barbara Walters of ABC told the New York Post columnist Cindy Adams that she didn't regret not doing the Paris Hilton interview because, as she put it, 'The whole thing somehow was beneath me.'

It was delicious to watch Anderson Cooper sneer at the young celebutante's frivolity, then piggyback his show to Mr. King’s and devote an entire hour to Ms. Hilton's jailhouse conversion. And all week, media analysts, law professors and image consultants scuffled like paparazzi for the chance to go on television and deconstruct Ms. Hilton's latest escapade.

> Related: "In truth, the highlight-reel-and-discussion-by-smarter-people-than-Paris was actually much more interesting than the interview itself, though they were careful not to criticize Larry for not asking harder-hitting questions and teasing out something meatier from her," Rachel Sklar writes...

Anonymous said...

I think this summer stuff is a ruse, and what they're actually doing is buying themselves some transition time before another schedule shuffle in the fall. Maybe 360 won't go back to two hours, or maybe it will change time slots.

Anonymous said...

I think dicrimination of any kind is bad. The Supreme Court made the right choice(in my opinion)today. I am not a right wing nut job or even conservative. I am a mother who has two sons going to public school in the south. I know I should save up and pay for private school but it is just too expensive. I made a point to buy a house in the best school district I could afford. My house may not be as nice, or close to work as it would be if the school district was not an issue but that is a sacrifice I have made for my kids. I was notified at the end of the school year that I was to have my two boys bused to the northside to attend one of the worse schools in the scariest part of town because they are WHITE. I realize the plight of inner city kids is awful and they start their education at a loss. There has to be a better way to fix the problem than by using RACE. I love this website and visit it often and i have never been bothered by any political comments before. I know you guys are all entitled to your opinions but this ruined my morning. This is something that effects me personally and I wonder if any of you have been effected by this ruling. If you were, you might feel differently.

Anonymous said...

I think that CNN could have and should have done a better job of getting it out there the plans for 360 for the summer rather than someone having to hunt and ask about it and find out in TVNewser. Just looked odd.

ACAnderFan said...

OK this is totally off topic and random, but I had the weirdest Anderdream last nite.

I dreamed that he stole an iPhone and went to jail. I was sitting at the table he broadcasts 360 from just waiting for him to get out of jail (he was in jail for a while too) and I could see pictures of him and watch him in jail on the monitors. Then all of a sudden he's sitting next to me at the table and I asked him, "Did you have fun in jail?" And I woke up before he could answer.

It was such a weird dream and when I could see him in jail he had on an orange jumpsuit and his hands were handcuffed in front of him. He looked so sad an pitiful. And he'd jut walk with his head down.

Anonymous said...

@ Dana,

I am with you on your comments. Busing any child of any race across town to be on a bus for 30 minutes to an hour is unacceptable in my world.

Keep all the kids in the neighborhood schools and UPGRADE the school. Make the school SAFE for every child.

Then if the low income schools in unsafe neighborhoods continue to FAIL, give those children VOUCHERS and let them go to any school they want to go to.

Our public school system is FAILING our American kids.


Phebe said...

@dana, I'm so sorry I've ruined your morning, it was not my intent. As parents all we want is to give our children the best start in life possible. There are ways around busing that do work, if school districts and states make the effort to implement them. Where I live we've gone the school voucher route and also created magnet schools in inner city neighborhoods that students actually fight to get into. I know this doesn't help you but it's just an example how the education system can give students a level playing field. I wish every state would take this approach, it really does work. But I know it doesn't solve your problem and if I was in your shoes I would be overjoyed with the Supreme Court ruling, I really would.
As to my dismay at yesterday's Supreme Court ruling I think it was less about affirmative action and more about the message it sends as to the direction the Court will be taking.

Anonymous said...

I loved Anderson & Erica's banter last night. He sure sounds like Ted(from Bill & Ted's excellent adventure) when he was talking about Iphone. What a gaget freak LOL.

I loved JT analysis on the supreme court. I have mixed feeling of the report. When I was in high school in the 70's. My parents had moved us to a great neighborhood living in a small apartment so I can go to a good high school. It was great, there were no fight in school. After I moved on, I heard they start busing kids in, and the school began to have discipline problem and lot of fights between different group. A lot other parents who had to send their kids to private school. They are mad because they paid big property tax and support the PTO, and than their kids can not enjoy the fruit of their labor. I found out over the years, without proper parental supervision, no matter what school you go to, you can not make a kids want to be a good student with correct parents.

We should focus on getting our school system right, not just bus kids around and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch the comments made by Dr. Phil on the Jay Leno show? It amazed me how Dr. Phil was so quick to criticize Anderson for devoting a whole hour to the heiress, yet he spent most of his time on Jay Leno talking about the same issue. I am not a fan of the doctor, but he really showed his obnoxious side last night.

Anonymous said...

Hillary, Obama and Kennedy voted on Pres. Bush's side IN FAVOR of the amnesty bill.

This was a crushing defeat for Hillary, Obama, Kennedy, Reid, et. al. who have the same mentality on this as the Pres.- but for different aims. Bush wants a permanent underclass of low paid, low skilled workers in the U.S. to bolster manufacturing and Hillary, etc. simply want to get more voters on the doles .

Sheryn said...

Hey! I just read 360's website and it's now updated with this:

His movie on healthcare is making people laugh and cry. We'll examine Michael Moore's diagnosis.. and his prescription, in "Sicko." A second opinion you need to get... if you know what's good for you. Watch tonight, 10 ET.

Hmmm, there are sometimes I don't mind being wrong. So you think we'll see Anderson tonight?

ACAnderFan said...

@Sheryn, I hope you were wrong yesterday and that we'll get to see Andy tonight...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I think they are trying to not wear Anderson out.
AC has 2 debates and a busy fall and 2008.
Don't forget there is a pivotal prez electon
coming up, plus specials with Planet in Peril
and Heroes.As a fan I don't like it, but as
a newsie I understand since July and August
are the slowest news months.Just take a look
at your local news, how many top local
anchors are on tv at this time? It beats having
a sub for 2 hours with no AC live at all.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if Anderson would go to the Princess Diana Concert this Sunday, July 1, not necessarily to cover it.

The promos I have seen of him broadcasting from Texas to be aired on Monday appear to be taped with him in his field garb already in Texas.

Anybody has any insight, let us know!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dana, sorry if my views offended. I do understand your position on the Supreme Court ruling. I wouldn't want busing either if it made the situation worse for my child. However, I had the opposite situation. I was not able to afford a home in one of the better areas (at the time, my state was ranked 49th by Forbes magazine for the wages paid to public employees and school teachers.) My child went to a school were the majority of children were minorities. Amazingly in a state as "white" as ours, we lived in the one area that was diverse. I did not have the income for private schooling or the opportunity to choose to have him bused to a different school. Fortunately, he was an excellent athletic which did more for him than the 3.9 GPA he brought with him to high school. My ideal world would be one in which race does not play a part in the education our children receive. My concern about overturning the ruling is that so many areas of the country are doing NOTHING about leveling the playing field and providing for all children. Hope this helps you understand my side of the issue a bit more. I guess I am just disillusioned with the system in general and wishing we could find solutions that didn't disproportionately affect those who have the least resources.

sydney said...

I haven't seen one second of last night's show yet, I just wanted to let you know your update made my day. I'm glad they will be following up on the Michael Moore interview - I would've been very disappointed if they hadn't, since they felt the need to overanalyze PH.

I'll probably watch the repeat of LKL's Beatles show - that was fun.

@acanderfun re: your dream. I think you've been watching too much Paris jail coverage LOL!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the Texas border trip is no longer on the 360 website. Not that that means it is canceled, one never knows, but would there be a chance he would go to London with the bombing?

Perhaps not since it will be a 3 day old story by then and things may have settled down some.

aries moon said...

I guess we can express all kinds of opinions here so I'd like to say that I'm dismayed by the Supreme Court's decision. The playing field is most definitely NOT level and this decision only reinforces it. The court is so conservative now that I think they'd be willing to turn back to clock on every civil rights advance that this country has made. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't try to bring back slavery! The world is NOT color blind as John Roberts would like to believe and it looks like we as a society have a long way to go before anything changes, if ever. I was happy to hear that some of the justices recognized the implications and historical significance of this decision. I thought Jeffrey Toobin did a great job of relaying what took place at the Supreme Court.

As far as 360 goes, I'm trying to prepare myself for the possibility that the show will go back to one hour permanently, they're not going to tell us anything, but something's obviously up.

Aaron Brown's contract with CNN ends in July and I've always wanted to know what he actually thought of how everything went down when he lost his show, I wonder if he'll talk about it.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 9:55, I agree with your opinion whole heartidly but I had to delete your comment for 2 reasons. I'd love it if you would resubmit skipping the name calling of a previous poster and the part about AC's private life.
@anonymous 9:41, The Texas special was advertized as 'live from the border'.
@grey angst, you are so right that something is obviously up. I've been watching for Aaron news for the last week or so. I just pray he doesn't show up on Fox!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I live in the South and our schools here are horrible, for the most part. Years back when my sister was in middle school she was bused a 1 hour bus ride a day to a very bad school. The school was so bad they had metal detectors. I see both sides. I think what Phebe said about the vouchers and the magnet schools is right on. We have them here and it seems to be working out a bit better.

I believe part of the issue is that some schools don't get the same amount of money or help as others. The schools in poorer parts of town need to help to be brought up to the caliber of the other schools in the district.

It's strange because I have really mixed emotions about the ruling being overturned. It bothers me mainly because I feel like...what's next? The conservatives on the bench could potentially overturn some rulings that will effect woman, miniorities, gays etc. Long live the upper middle class, stright white male! In the future your life will get better and the rest of ours will get worse.

ACAnderFan said...

@Sydeny, I think you're right, I have been watching too much Paris jial coverage...LOL!!! And the sad thing is Anderson looked hott in the dream even thoug he was wearing an orange jumpsuit and had his hands handcuffed in front of him...LOL!!!

@Anonymous 9:41AM, I think the promos their showing for the Texas show are from the on the border special last year which I believe was in Arizona last year. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

@gray angst, you're right, something is up at 360. I have no idea what though. Here's what I think. I think CNN wants to cut 360 back to an hour so they're just trying it out for the summer to see how it goes, and if everything is OK then they'll keep it at an hour long. Just my opinion.

Etoile Bebe said...

Hi everyone!

I guess "Ask, Receive, Believe" worked for me yesterday in regards to Michael Moore and "Sicko!!" Of course I have been sending feedback to "360" for a while, including a feedback yesterday, telling them to do an interview with Michael Moore or a piece on "Sicko" and I did mentioned it here on ATA yesterday, so you can imagine my reaction to the "update!!" I know LK has the coveted 9PM hour, but I would have rather seen Anderson interview Michael.

I can't say I have a solution to the immigration issue, but I thought the reason the employers were hiring illegal workers was because they worked for less money and they didn't have to give them benefits. If the illegals become legal what will keep them from unionizing and demanding better pay and benefits? Won't it just put us back where we started from?

I contacted all of my senators and reps, however, all I got was "we'll get back to you." I sent the info complete with the names of the people I spoke to to Drew's post.

Anonymous said...

Well, it should be official about tonight's show. Anderson was at Whole Foods at 10 Columbus Circle, according to a Gawker sighting, which he seems to do almost every day that he anchors.

Megs said...

the first and original hour of 360 was really good last night.

I guess Anderson answered the Trivia Pursuit question last night by opening the show saying he knows practically nothing about sports, too cute Mr. Cooper :P

When Anderson made the announcement about the new tunnel I laughed at first and thought Anderson would be there ASAP to crawl through the tunnel.....even though it is not as big as he first announced, I wouldn't be surprised to see a piece with Anderson doing some tunnel crawling.....and Anderson getting all tongue tied when saying the tunnell was not as big as first thought made me laugh too :P

Yeah Anderson said dissing......he cool yo!!!!!

I am not sure I completely understand what the ruling in the Supreme Court was about yesterday.....maybe someone can explain it to me because I don't live in the States so I don't know how they determine things in regards to who goes to what schools
I did love how Anderson said that no one at 360 was above petty jealousy and envious over JT getting to be at the Supreme Court ruling

I LOVED Anderson saying "same bat channel"......raw politics very funny and I loved all the batman effects....the riddler is right TF, I have no idea what you meant at the end and neither did Anderson

The earmark story just keeps keeping better and better....does senators and congressmen and women not realized people in their districts watch CNN. that one senator who said it would be against the law to show
his earmark request is just a plain idiot........can I be a AC360 intern and call senators and congresspeople :)

I must have been missing something because I did not even realize there was a debate last night until Anderson said it had just ended. Interesting clips of the discussion about HIV and education reforms

The Anderca banter about the iPhone was great.
WHOO iPhone WHOO, ROCK ON iPHONE!!!!!! Was Anderson taking a picture of himself for Erica???? and then she didn't get it because he didn't send it. Anderson creates his own edge cause he's the man

When it is time to get a new phone I am either going blackberry or iPhone....but by then if there is a super small iPhone it should be out by then :P

so it looks like a lot of news to cover tonight so hopefully Anderson is on....a few more hours to see

sydney said...

Oddly enough, although neither of my state's representatives responded to CNN's earmark request, both of our senators did. Kind of a wash, I guess? I hate to be sexist, but both of the reps are men, and the senators are women - hmmm? LOL - JK!

@acanderfan hmmm, Anderson, handcuffs, hot - nope, not touching that!

Anonymous said...

Not to beat the Chicago dead horse again, but Chicago successfully operates a magnet system for hard working city kids regardless of their race. Chicago suburbs must have section 8 housing for burbs to get hefty State assistance. A poor family can live in rich white neighborhoods and they do.
The straight, white, upper class male is not only the contingent that runs our government, but that's also a sizeable portion of many American families. My dad is philanthropic and generous, so is my mom. I don't think they should be ashamed of their success. While some of their peers were partying, hanging out, or watching TV, they were reading, studying, interning and volumteering.
Discrimination goes both ways. As of the class of 2010, every single Ivy League and 1st tier college in the USA accepted around 50% of non-whites and internationals. The other 50% of accepted applicants consists of a mix of poor whites, middle class whites, upper class whites, affluent whites and legacy kids. A 2340 SAT, 34 ACT, 4.56/4.0 GPA, lots of EC's, great teacher recs, community service and a few very unique hooks still doesn't guarantee a coveted spot at an Ivy if you're a white American. Add in mom & dad with substantial income & assets and your chances diminish even more. Yes, if you apply to lots of them, you're going to get in somewhere with those stats, but still. In the collegiate world of admissions, it pays to be poor and it pays even more to be black or minority.

ACAnderFan said...

@Sydney...Anderson and handcuffs...yeah I think I need the naughty chair now...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

With the prez. election debates going on, summertime, planet in peril, and if Anderson will go on with the travelling schedule we "know", I think it's a good idea to give the man and his staff a break to enjoy life. Guys, keep in mind that ac360 is little different from most news programmes out there. Anderson run his show from all parts of the world, I don't think he sits behind the desk for more than three weeks,(correct me if am wrong)That's one, two, he doesn't do the same story or tabloid (which is suppoesed to be news to others) for centuries.
If a repeat, it's special, which can be done over, I agree with that, but to have a one hour live show with REAL NEWS, and have our fav anchor enjoy some time off, guess is not bad. Plus, the way he is a work aholic, who knows, he might be doing some other work on the secong hour.

@acanderfan, thats a weirdest dream.
Well, guess it means the happiest and more prosperous life for anderson, filled with peace.

Anonymous said...

yay anderson is on tonight! and i guess i didn't realize it was an official corporate decision to scale back 360 for the summer :( oh well at least we get anderson for an hour. and i can't wait to see his live coverage on the border on monday.

ACAnderFan said...

@kui, yeah it was a weird dream. It's the weirdest dream I've had yet and I have some pretty weird dreams...LOL!!!

If Andy isn't on during hour two then we all know what he's dong...stealing an iPhone...LOL!!!

ACAnderFan said...

Well it's hour two of 360 and Andy isn't on. Guess he decided to steal that iPhone after all...LOL!!!

Sheryn said...

@Evelyn, can you please email me. You can find my email in my profile on the left-hand side of the blog. Thanks!

Sheryn said...

@kui, we've been blogging about Anderson Cooper 360 for close to two years now. If there's one thing one can ascertain is that Anderson doesn't take breaks and such from working in the summer. He worked for one month solid in the ME last year during the conflict and before that happened, AC360 was planning a 360 Road Trip for the summer where they asked us where we would like to see them go.

And I disagree that 360 doesn't do tabloid stories over and over again. Lord, we were all sick of the WAY TOO MUCH coverage of Anna Nicole Smith and Don Imus. Yeah, he even had to cover those whilst down in NOLA.

Again, this programming change is odd. Please think about what CNN has elected to do. They are now showing the same hour of news 5 times a night. 10pm, 11pm, 1am, 2am and 5am. That isn't good business. It just isn't.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 5:33 - thanks for the Chicago facts! There's also an affluent area in Old Town where the Mayor makes sure people on public aid can live side-by-side by installing Sect. 8 housing. How many other big cities are integrated in that way? Jennifer Hudson lived in Englewood, near Anderson's "report", and her parents live there still. There were alot of facts left out of ac360's report.

Anonymous said...

The start of the taped hour last night just seems so odd. Leaving out the handover from LKL, Anderson just starts up from the beginning.

O.K., so everybody knows by now the second hour is taped and that the end of the second where he reads the blogs postings and does his see you tommorrow night (or not!) is there (taped). It just seems odd and awkward to me. I wonder if he should do his sign off see you tomorrow thing at the end of the first hour and some sort of thing said to take you into a taped repeat. Though last night at the end of the first hour he did promote being live in Texas Monday, so perhaps that kind of thing of what is coming up for the next night is good at the end of the second hour.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone else notices Anderson's new ties this week. I guess he made a trip to Ralph Lauren. Lookin' Good!