Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Groundhog Day...It's Groundhog Day

If you didn't watch Monday's AC360 you are probably scratching your head over the title of this post. Yes, I know Groundhog Day is in February and this is June but think Groundhog Day...the movie. This is the first AC360 that I can ever remember where the second hour was an exact replay of the first. I rewound and rechecked my TIVO several times because I thought it was playing tricks on me. Nope, it was definitely a repeat. With all the rumors floating around about a shake up in CNN's programing it makes me wonder what's on the horizon. Enough speculation, let's get onto the show.

-God Bless Richard Lugar....maybe, oh please...could this be the beginning of the end of our occupation of Iraq? Let's hope Lugar leads the charge for other Republican to break away from the White House.-Oh no....Michael Ware is back in Iraq. As Jack Cafferity said today 'CNN is lucky to have him on the ground in Iraq, but it's hard to understand why he keeps going back'. I'm glad he's reporting from Iraq, no one knows the country and the war better, but I do worry for his safety. On a personal note I could listen to him talk all night long. That accent is luscious.

-Anderson asked David Gergan 'Is the administration trying to backpedal on this (Iraq surge)' Of course the administration is backpedaling. When they aren't backpedaling about Iraq they are lying about Iraq. Many months ago I heard a retired general say the US won't cut and run but the best we can hope for is to trim and tiptoe. I've still got my fingers crossed.

-Nice to see that the press isn't going to let the Cheney story go. AC first reported it on Thursday night's show and the issue hasn't cooled down over the weekend. Cheney is a bully and when I heard that Rice and Powell were, at times, afraid to approach him I wasn't surprised.
-I think most of us expected the Jesse Davis case to end the way it did, but it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking. All we can do is pray for her family and her son.

-Great to see Tom Foreman back from his vacation. Let's hope he finds a few minutes to answer our questions in the next week or two. Lots of laughs in Monday's Raw Politics, but some good information about the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance.

-A Ron Burgundy quote when AC bantered with Erica? I swear, as I think Annie Kate said previously, Anderson would be brutal to play Trivial Pursuit against.

-The Brian Bowlsey /Tammy Duckworth interview done by Sanjay was one of those stories that fuel my hatred for this war and our president even more. When will it end?

Did anyone catch Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo Monday night? James Lipton did an amazing job, as he always does, interviewing Angelina Jolie. It was quite the contrast from Anderson's interview, not better... not worse, just different.


Anonymous said...

"war...what is it good for..." Well I think our troops sum it up, well the ones that I personally know over there and the family I have over there....so we don't have to fight the battles over here.... "with great power comes great responsibility" ever heard that before? Yes I may not agree with war, but I rather deal with the issues overseas than on our own turf so to speak.

I guess I'm not totally shocked by all of this mainly because our nation has dealt with it before...Carter Doctrine etc etc...but yeah....I feel like I'm not making much sense at the moment...so on to ligter issues.

From what I watched of the show, it was alright...I'm not too impressed with CNN or 360 as of late... but the Jeff Corwin piece pretty interesting...but I still think Steve Irwins (rip mate) piece a few years back was better....

I'm curious to see how the news will cover Chris Benoit's death...lets see if they're fair about it compared to Paris Hilton and all the older celeb news we get...

Well meds are kicking in so I apologize if I didn't make much sense :)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was me - but when I noticed they had removed the "live" bug from the top of the screen, and the stories were repeating - it was only an hour and 8 minutes of first run content. What is this channel's problem?

Jennifer said...


It's just like the Peterson's story is so sad people should remember there are two people dead not just one just like in the Peterson's case that would make four person's KILLED, I think the punishment should fit the crime, That is what the death penality is for case's like these.


It seems like to me there are no straight answers from the ones that suppose be getting us out of the war in Iraq, It's like a duck hunt at the White House LOL everyone seems to be trying to dodge the bullets.


I'm proud of the students that stood up to the president face to face with paper in their hand.


My God bless her she's got a hard time ahead may her husband come home safely.


Only thing, I can say is about the dog is I'm speechless. It's another Anderson Fan LOL

aries moon said...

I can't imagine what on earth possessed them to repeat the first hour! I'm used to them repeating REPORTS from the first hour, but THE ENTIRE SHOW?! Surely they don't think we are stupid enough not to notice. I'm so attuned to that "Live" sign that's on the screen and I know immediately when it's not there. They would've done better to throw on one of their "specials" instead of what they did Monday night and I HATE when they show the "specials" a million times. Maybe Anderson had an emergency or something else planned, I just hope they aren't doing anything weird with the show schedule, but we'll have to wait and see. I really hope we get the full two live hours Tuesday.

Megs said...

appropriate title for the post today.....the only thing that was different about the second hour was the 30 second pre taped segment about the blogs comments on the earmark story right at the end....... where did Mr. Cooper go ?!?!?!?

How great was the Ron Burgundy shout out. I love that movie and Anderson's impression was spot on....."Stay Classy San Diego!!!!" and then he followed it up with a "Erica Hill, come on down"

The rest of the first hour of 360 was good. Glad to have TF back doing Raw Politics and even though he was in Iraq it was very good to see MW.

The piece Jeff did in Madagascar was very interesting. I wish Anderson had gone with him.

Ok what is with them playing the ghetto songs choices for the political theme song.....are they getting the cheesy non choices out of the way first???

I just hope the rest of the week is better and he better be on for 2 hours from Texas on Thursday

Unknown said...

Yeah, I wasn't keen on the repeat either. Who knows why they did it but I'm sure there was a reason and without knowing what it is I'll just reserve judgement...no use in getting upset about something we don't know the answer to.

If it's a new thing, however, I can say I will hate it!

BookAsylum said...

I liked the first hour of the show. I thought they were off to a really great start. Not too thrilled with the sneaky repeat.

It was nice to see Michael Ware back today.

Loved Raw Politics!

So- what category in Trivia Pursuit do you think would be AC's strongest & weakest? (History, A&E, Wild Card, Sports & Leisure, Science & Nature, or People & Places)

ACAnderFan said...

I thought I was going insanse last nite when I realized hour two was a reapeat. I don't even want to know why. It's just too weird to even want to know what possible reason they could have for the repeat.

I was glad to see Michael Ware on. It's just so crazy in Iraq. Something needs to be done. The current plan isn't working, but then again Bush dosen't really have another plan.

I don't even know what to say about the Cheney story. That is just ridiculous beyond belief.

Andy was HILARIOUS with Erica last nite. Actually he seemed a little hyper with her...LOL!!!

I liked Jeff's piece on Madagascar. It's sad that species are losing their homes. Too bad Andy can't join Jeff there.

That story about that woman who last her legs in Iraq...so sad.

FanGril moment: Andy looked amazing last nite. Not a big fan of the tie, but he still looked really nice. His hair was a little too perfect though...LOL!!! Sometimes I just want to mess it up...lol

Anonymous said...

Ok what is with them playing the ghetto songs choices for the political theme song.....are they getting the cheesy non choices out of the way first???

"Ghetto songs"? This sounds like a derogatory statement. I hope 360 considers ALL kinds of music for the theme and not just alternative, rock, punk or whatever. I think his viewers are a diverse group.

ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 11:13PM, I am sure Megan did not mean it in a derogatory way. She is one of the most respecrful people I know.

Jennifer said...

Anonymous, I think the viewers 75% of them are baby bombers

Anonymous said...

I thought the show was good but like the rest of you I was disappointed in the repeat during the second hour. No need to repeat myself about this war and the poor military families that will have to deal with the effects for years. All we can do is pray that someone with common sense and integrity will step forward in Washington. Maybe Richard Luger taking the first step will lead others in the right direction. The story about Tammy Duckworth had the most impact on me. That woman is just amazing. My prayers will be with Tammy and her husband and hope the follow up story will have her smiling as brightly at his safe return. Loved Tom Foreman and Jeff Corwin as usual. Hope we have 2 hours tomorrow and can't wait to see Anderson's reaction when Larry turns to him after the interview with "the heiress."

Unknown said...

BA-I'm beating it would Sports and Leisure and he knows nothing about either. LOL

Jennifer said...

To the answer the Anonymous earier war ( WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING)!!!! from a song lyric

copperfish said...

I can't believe that I'm seeing a complete repeat of the first hour.(Sratching head...) But as they always say, there's reason for everything.

Cheney's statements were really absurd. It seems that it's only the President who likes him.

Anonymous said...

Well I also can't believe he had an exact repeat of the first hour. Why did they not just have a special the second hour. I think Anderson and the 360 staff think that we are all idiots and wouldn't notice the second hour being a repeat and I think that is a slap in the face to all of us. Our time is just as important as his and if he had shown a special, it would have been our choice to watch or not, instead of staying with the second hour thinking we would eventually get some new news.

cactuskid said...

I couldn't believe my eyes that they were repeating the exact first hour last night. So I rolled over and went to sleep! I've never seen them do it before either and hope that some emergency wasn't going on with Anderson.

I praise Sen. Lugar for standing up and saying we need to find another way in Iraq. Enough is enough!! It's time for us to start moving out of there and they should have had a "Plan B" instead of trying to find one after all of these years.

I'm, also, proud of those high school students questions and standing up to him. At their age that's even more commendable that they want to hold him accountable.

Tammy Duckworth and her husband's story got to me. And that her husband still wants to serve his country and that there was no other choice to him but to serve. What really got to me was that they were preparing for him to be killed because he will be doing convoy work. My heart goes out to them. So many sacrifices people have made.

@ Book Asylum: Think Anderson would be best in Trivial Pursuit with history and worst and sports and leisure. Of course, the last one is a no brainer! LOL!

I have to say that was one ugly dog! Bless his heart! And that tongue. I was thinking only a face a Mother could love.

Cindy said...

I must say I really liked the first hour of the show! But when the second hour started I knew right away that it was the exact thing that Coop just taped! I was like What The.....? I was shocked that they would repeat the whole first hour! There has to be a good explaination for that! So I'll with hold my judgement for now!! I hope to God they aren't going to start doing that all the time! If so I can see Coop getting plenty of negative feedbacks!

ac said...

HI everyone,
for a minute during the second hour of 360,I thought,what the heck-this is an exact repeat,and no LIVE up in the corner!I sort of felt a little groundhoggy,too.I turned it off for a 1/2 hour,then turned it on for the last 3 minutes,thinking,well I was just seeing things-but,no Andy in the studio!
CNN,what are you doing-are you all
INSANE?!I hope that all these shakeups over there won't affect 360,but considering what John Klein
considers "talent" these days,you never know what's going to happen.
In recent months,it's been a real
rollercoaster ride there.I still
miss Soeldad and Miles on AM,and Thomas Roberts on HLN.I cannot fathom their decisions,and I won't even get started on my opinion of LK's interview with "Her"!
Sorry to go on and on Phebe,but CNN's really losing their minds,I think,and it scares me to think who may be on their chopping block
One actual good thing they have done is give Erica another hour-yay,Erica!

Megs said...

@ anon 11:13 - I am very sorry if my choice of the word ghetto offened you.....I meant it as in old.....my friends and I just say the word ghetto when refering to something old school. Why I don't know, we just always have

I in no way meant in a bad way and again if it offened anyone I am really sorry. I like all kinds of music.

ACAnderFan said...

Well she who shall not be named has been released form jail. I am curious as to if Andy will mention anything about it and if he does what kind of comment will he make...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are trying to do some special report and the tape did not run. They seem to have a lot of technical problems last several week. Maybe the guest back out at the last minute. Maybe the producer is on vacation, and they can only come up w/ an hour show.

The first hour was great. We have a VP who talked out both side of his mouth. Sounds like someone I used to work with. Cheney is really a scary person. Anderson and Erica was great on the pants story. The second hour, I was flipping channels. But it is still great seeing Anderson LIVE.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't get the "Stay Classy San Diego"! Someone help!

Anonymous said...

@Megan, please don't feel you have to apologize, I misinterpreted your meaning in using that word, so I apologize to you!

Megs said...

"Stay Classy San Diego!" is from the Will Farrell movie
"Anchorman the ledgend of Ron Burgundy"......great movie, my actual favourite movie of Will's.

Since Anderson use to play the flute.....I think he should bust out and play some jazz flute for us tonight to make up for the not so great last two 360's :P

Megs said...

I just wanted to put the sorry out there just incase anyone else might have taken offensive.....no hard feelings whatsoever hun :)

Anonymous said...

ok, no wonder I didn't get the meaning...I never saw that movie, I will have to check it out. Thanks for that!

Does anyone else think that perhaps Anderson does not mention "her" name is because he may have been bothered more than we think by the ad that Faux News had out some time ago that he was the "SWSNBN of cable news"? Either that or he's just growing tired of it like some (myself included).

Anonymous said...


Paris Hilton out of jail!

(Okay guys don't hate me, I thought it was fascinating to be "breaking news")

I don't think we should be complaining about the repeat of the first hour. Wasn't that better than the repeat of the repeat of the repeat of specials we sometimes get? I don't know bout you but, for me, I wouldn't mind the repeat of the same Anderson's show, the same day!
Oh! well, we humans never cease to complain!
Pssss! Oh! by the way, Anderson so handsome last night!

Anonymous said...

It occurred to me this morning that perhaps they intentionally repeated the first hour with the talk of Paris being released and perhaps 360/Anderson didn't want to take the chance that he would be on live when it happened hence the tape.

All guesswork on my part. But how stupid does 360 think we are to not notice?

Etoile Bebe said...

Hi everyone! I think you have said all there is to say about last night's mostly disappointing show. Actually I liked the hour they gave us, especially since we got to see Erica a few times. I really adore her! However, Coop's got some explaining to do!

If you guys think last night was bad, it'll be even worse tonight if CNN forces Anderson to cover SWMNBN ad nauseam!! I am not looking forward to that. Not only because it is boring, but because IMO, covering this worthless "story" is like a slap in the faces of not only our brave men and women in the military, but also the brave and dedicated reporters like Michael Ware who risk their lives everyday to bring us reports from the war zone. I am glad I got that off of my chest. Thanks for letting me vent!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to speculate as to why the 2nd hour last night was a repeat, as I honestly don't know. But like someone else said, it was better than an endless repeat of a special or even a show that was on a couple of nights ago. We should remember that not every viewer is as avid as those of us on this blog and only watches the first or second hour and not both.

I enjoyed seeing Tom Foreman again and also Michael Ware. Let's hope that Senator Lugar's defection will be the beginning of the rats leaving the sinking ship, so to speak.

As for SHSNBN, I won't be able to watch the first hour of AC 360 tonight, so hopefully all the hoopla will be over by then. Poor Anderson, having to deal with this crap must be painful. And yes, I'm sure it does bother him even more as Faux News once compared him to her. But whatever, whether she is on or out of jail is a non-event in my mind and not worthy of prime time. It belongs in the National Enquirer or some other rag at the supermarket checkout stand.

Anonymous said...

Given Anderson's absence last week and last nights shortened show, I truly hope he was out learning first hand about that Leisure category in Trivial Pursuit. IMHO he really needed a break. However, I am generally a pretty poor judge of his behavior. Every time I think he is off getting some much needed R&R I find out he was out working on a new project for AC360 or 60 Minutes.

I agree totally with Etoile Bebe...I hope we are not slapped with two hours of the "heiress" tonight. There are definitely more important stories to cover and more impressive people to talk about. I will console myself knowing that Anderson will be suffering as much as we are if he is forced to give her too much air time!

Taffiny said...

Groundhog day..good title.
I didn't mind, I just didn't watch the second hour. One hour of news is plenty for me, and I appreciated that they didn't interweave new views of pretty to encourage me to shlep through repeated bits and pieces. (I too noticed right away the absence of "live"). (get your black plumcots ready to throw at me. They're brixing at 20) I would prefer the show be one hour live, and then the second verse be the same as the first, (please don't throw tomatoes at me till August) I have trouble fitting the whole two hours in.

Megan thanks for explaining to anon, because I had no clue either.

I have heard mention that Anderson used to be a bit different in tone, on a previous version of the show, I am mentioning it because I was surprised to hear him call the tattoo crook a moron, apt description true, but still the way he said it, and some of his words toward Paris as of late. I am used to mild Anderson, not Anders with tone, edge, bite. So I am curious, is he back in form or is he more annoyed lately?

sydney said...

I actually wasn't upset by the repeated second hour. To me the second hour is usually mostly repeats anyway; the main difference last night is that we didn't have live Anderson introducing previously aired segments. The end result was, IMO, essentially the same.

I was so tickled by seeing Tom Foreman so tickled while doing Raw Politics - I'm glad he's back. And I, too, could listen to Michael Ware all night! Anderica was particularly "on"!

The one thing I didn't like - now I have Leo Sayer in my head. ARGH, MAKE IT STOP!!

Oh, and Cheney's a puke. Just had to get that out.

Anonymous said...

Tiffiny at 2:49 PM: Anderson does seem to be showing more emotion now especially on certain topics, he may not come out and say how he feels but you can see it.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the title of this post - Groundhog Day. I thought the exact same thing and had to rewind the tape to see if I had somehow screwed up the taping (which wouldn't have been out of the question).

You made me laugh!