Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ms. Griffin and more

I got a couple of things for you guys tonight/today...

-Here's a great video from the vault! Thanks to Sheryn for uploading it so you guys can see Kathy Griffin with Anderson a few years ago. I love Erica Hill doing the Newsbreaks but how funny would it be if Kathy did them? Since we're great fans of Kathy we'd thought you guys would like this.

-With Paris Hilton getting out of jail and going onto Larry King Live on Wednesday night I got to thinking about something I asked John Roberts a few months back during our Q & A with him. I'm curious about every one's opinion on this. With stories about Paris Hilton and missing mom's and abducted teens, are CNN and other news networks covering this too much?

Here's my question and his answer:

Q. How do you feel about CNN and other network news shows covering more tabloid news such as Anna Nicole Smith and Brittany Spears? Do you think they put these stories on because people really want to see them or do people really want to see it because it's on so much?

A. The ratings prove that people want to see those kinds of stories. And I don’t think we should be “above the news”. Everything in balance though.To be honest, I am concerned that many people shun substance. They want to know more about Britney’s breakdown than they do the education bill. And it takes a scandal to get interested in Washington.As a nation, we seem to care less and less about important things – while our global competitors become more serious.Historian Will Durant’s wife Ariel issued a cautionary note – writing: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

Great answer from John but I wonder what everyone thinks? It's kinda of one of those, "Which came first" questions.

I admit to watching some of the Paris Hilton stuff and also being interested in the Anna Nicole story when it was out, but at some point I think there is too much. Where the line is, I can't say. I guess producers and anchors might say that they stop covering when the ratings wain. So, in the meantime, I think we either watch it or switch the channel.

-Next Sunday I'll be posting another Anderson music video but I'm looking for some help with the song choice. I'd love to hear your suggestions and I'll probably pick one. So, let me know in comments what you think.

-Also, I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge our great new team over at All Things CNN. They have given us some great posts this week and I hope you all will stop over and read them. A lot of time and effort went into them and they are worth the read. Unfortunately, Annie Kate, who was helping us out one day a week, had some medical issues that made it difficult for her to type so Sapphire will now write for us two days over there. We wish Annie Kate a speedy recovery!

Thanks and have a great week!


Jennifer said...

It be funny to see Paris Hilton on Larry King Live this Wednesday night.

Congratulations Sapphire on your fill in for Annie Kate at All Things CNN. I wish Annie Kate the best on a speedy recovery, Hope she gets better soon.

m.minkoff said...

Thanks for the Kathy Griffin video. I didn't realize she had been on 360. So she has seen her "dreamboat" up close. I can't agree with what she said about all that plastic surgery, but to each her own.

I have a theory about all the lightweight tabloid stuff that is on the news these days. I think when the real news is so incredibly depressing as most of it seems to be these days, many of us, myself included, use the tabloid junk as a form of escape. It reminds me of that old theory about the rise or fall of the stock market being linked to the length of women's skirts. But yeah, it's a two-way street. The celebrity/crime stuff wouldn't be broadcast if no one watched it, but we couldn't watch it if they didn't show it.

Megs said...

@ Sheryn - I am in total awe at the videos you have in your vault

Thank you for putting up the Kathy /Anderson video PT. Kathy Griffin is so funny it is too much for words. Anyone who brings the Andergiggles out like that is tops in my book.

As to the SWMNBN debate......keeping it honest I will be watching Larry King on Wednesday because I would like to hear what she has to say. Hopefully for her sake, this whole thing has changed something in her for the better. I use to buy those magazines but I don't is amazing how much I have saved in just cutting that habit alone and I sometimes watch the entertainment shows and yet I still know what is going on in pop culture to a tee. No matter how hard you try it still somehow makes it into our lives

@ PT - Before I can give suggestions for the video....I need a little details. Are we hoping to see dressed up Andy, Casual Andy, Wet Andy......a mixture of everything Andy. Things we need to consider in helping you choose a song.

Great posts over at ATC......keep up the great work!!!

Phebe said...

You ladies found something in the vault that I hadn't seen before. Thank you.

I love the lyrics to Elton John's 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me' but I'm not sure it's a fast enough tempo for a video.

I can't light no more of your darkness
All my pictures seem to fade to black and white
I'm growing tired and time stands still before me
Frozen here on the ladder of my life

Too late to save myself from falling
I took a chance and changed your way of life
But you misread my meaning when I met you
Closed the door and left me blinded by the light

Don't let the sun go down on me
Although I search myself, it's always someone else I see
I'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free
But losing everything is like the sun going down on me

I can't find, oh the right romantic line
But see me once and see the way I feel
Don't discard me just because you think I mean you harm
But these cuts I have they need love to help them heal

Anonymous said...

Great video. I love Kathy Griffin! A few years ago at the height of the reality TV explosion she had a show on MTV called "Kathy's So-Called Reality" where she showed clips of a bunch of shows and basically made fun of them. She had guest stars on too. I only watched an ep or two but I remember reading somewhere that Anderson was one of the guests on that show (since he was hosting The Mole) and that it was a good segment. I don't suppose anyone has ever seen that?

Unknown said...

I don't really have any ideas right now, so I'm just looking for songs and then whatever song I like I'll find a theme. :)

Thanks for the suggestion,Phebe!

Unknown said...

Oops hit publish before I finished. I love Elton John and there's another song of his I'm considering now too. Keep the suggestions coming!

Sheryn said...

To be honest, I don't remember celebrities making the headlines as they do now before 24 hour cable news. I might be incorrect but I watched WNBC news growing up and it never had this much celeb scandal coverage in it. Why? Back then news shows were only 1 hour at most.

Now cable news has to fill a day with news. This is partly why a plane landing with one part of it's landing gear broken is 3 hours of breaking coverage on CNN. And why you see hours and hours of OJ Simpson coverage and so on and so on.

Cable news lives and dies by its ratings. The more we tune into this crap, the more they show it as real news and you get 9 soldiers dying in Iraq as a 360 bulletin, much like John Roberts commented.

You see it all the time, Greta goes to Canton OH and gets ratings in the 400's in demo. Anderson goes to the Congo and barely pulls in the 200's.

The only way we as an audience can make these networks see that celeb news should either be left to E!, Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight is to turn off the program when celeb news comsumes any broadcast. That is the only power we as viewers have.

Okay, I've drone on long enough! Nice post, PT!

Anonymous said...

Everytime the Paris Hilton or Anna Nicole Smith stories came on, I would turn off the news and most of the time wouldn't turn it back. I get tired of watching it honestly. Just because they are celebs doesn't mean there isn't much more important issues going on, the same things happen to average people, but they never get to their voices heard....

copperfish said...

@PT, thanks for posting the video. I have to say that I applaud Ms. Griffin for not being ashamed of her nip tuck procedures. Why be in the first place, it's their investment in the celebrity world.

Regarding tabloid news being covered by network news, moderation is the key. Major news networks can't help but to pick up some of the most publisized news because whether they liked it or not people have certain appetite for it. But if some people are only living for that kind of news, I think they knew where to switch their channels.

One of my favorites is the song "Beautiful in your Eyes" by Joshua Kadison. As the title suggest, the lyrics are beautiful, if doesn't have that fast tempo though. But still maybe it can be added to your rosters of selections. :-) Looking forward to your Andervideo.

ACAnderFan said...

That Kathy Griffin video was hilarious. Thanks for sharing it Purple Tie.

I love tabloid news. If it's about a celeb, I've probably read, seen it or heard it. I watch E! News every day. My friends tease me that I probably know more about celebrities lives than they do. I take pride in the fact that at any given time I can tell someone what's goin on with a celeb. I cannot wait for this Paris interview. And I'll just keep it honest and say it'll be far more interesting than anything that will be on 360.

Of course people like me are probably what's wrong with this country. Because I probably won't be paying much attention to the real news that Anderson will be trying to tell me...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I love kathy griffin. too funny "what the hell are we in baghdad? why are we on the roof?" He really seemed to enjoy her also. Not quite as funny as george stephanapolis(spelling?) wife. That clip is still my favorite!

Megs said...

PT - what about "What A Man" by Salt n Pepa.......I found myself humming it last night as I was falling asleep thinking about your video :P

BookAsylum said...

I fall into the everything in moderation camp. I don't mind the celebrity news being covered as long as it isn't the only story being covered that day.

Before cable news? tabloids like National Enquirer and Star had it all. The internet has also played a part in making tabloid news more mainstream. When that's what is creating the buzz- its harder now for news organizations to ignore it.

cactuskid said...

I totally agree with you, Sheryn. I think the celeb. news should be left on the entertainment channels.
I can see a small amt. being put on cable, but not to the extent they do it. It's way overdone and then every program mentions it.

Thanks for the video, Sheryn. Wow, Kathy's had alot of procedures done! But, she looks great. To each his own about plastic surgery. If it makes you feel and look better, why not?

@ Annie Kate: Sorry you broke your arm! I've been out-of-town over the weekend and reading the past posts. Hope you are doing o.k. and rejoin us soon!

Anonymous said...

Im guilty of knowing celeb news; it's a hard habit to break when so many tabloids get left behind on the plane. If Im bored, I'll pick it up just to look at the clothes. THat's my excuse. ;) THen before ya know it, I'm actually reading about Paris' dog or Nicole's latest drama... xtina

sydney said...

I don't mind celebrity coverage if the person is actually a celebrity for a legitimate reason; you know, actually works or tries to do things to benefit others. I did watch some of the ANS coverage because I found aspects of the situation interesting from a legal and forensic standpoint. But I have ZERO interest in SWMNBN or anything she has to say, and I have no intention of watching LKL that night.

My song suggestion: "If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback. Since the first time I heard it, I envisioned it as an Andervideo, but I have neither the creativity nor the technology to pull it off myself.

Anonymous said...

Syd: I used the song in a vid (which I can't find at the moment and it's very frustrating) with Anderson's coverage in Africa. If I can sort through all my disc's and find it I will send it this way :)

sydney said...

@anon 10:27 Cool! Thank you for looking! :-)

Anonymous said...

Purple tie, I totally agree with Sheryn, it's all bout ratings. The sad part is that, you realize how people pay less attention to most important events, happening in this world today. Thats why I really like to watch cnn international, but too bad that they have it only one hour during the day. I like their style, they do tabloid news, but in moderation. Someone can argue that well, this is states, but just because it is, doesn't mean it should be ignorant with what's happening to the rest of the world.

And, what a great answer from John Roberts!, This is really sad, if people can be more interested in "Britney's breakdown" or what Paris Hilton's chiwawa wore at the grammys, instead of the Education Bill!?? UNBELIVABLE!

Okay, now to Ms. Griffin, Y'all, I'm really jelous of her, If you can crack Anderson up like the way she does? you must be one lucky chick..

sydney said...

Finally got to watch the video. Oh that Kathy, trying to look at Anderson's butt LOL! She was on Oprah, probably around this same time, talking about all her procedures. She went more into some of the complications she had. Evidently she nearly went blind from the LASIK, and had some bad lipo that had to be corrected.

I had LASIK several years ago. It was the best thing I ever did. To be able to get up and see what I'm doing, going swimming, etc. is priceless.

aries moon said...

Paris Hilton is a big NOTHING. It's incredibly sad how the news channels bow down to someone who should be relegated to ET, now respected news programs are forced to talk about her. It's so pathetic, but this is the way things are going to be, the news has changed to the point where we're forced to hear about celebrity crap.