Saturday, June 30, 2007

Opening the Vault

I've had a very busy day and missed all of AC360 on Friday night. I'll get around to watching my TIVO over the weekend, but that's not going to help with this post. I thought I'd open my vault of goodies, so you all will forgive me for missing the program. The first video is from June 26, 2002 when Anderson was subbing for Aaron Brown on Newsnight. If you've followed the news this week you know that Ann Coulter and Elizabeth Edwards got into a bit of a cat fight. Ann is no stranger to cat fights, nor is Anderson adverse to covering them. Here's a Segment 7 that AC did with Ann and Katie Couric. Enjoy!

As I was going through some of my video files I came across my favorite Anderson music video of all time. It was created by Gennia and first shared with ATA in February 2006. I guess the reason why I'm posting it again is because this is to me the essence of Anderson Cooper's reporting. After a tumultuous week of 'discussing' the merits of Paris Hilton and the ensuing coverage I think some of us need to be reminded what is really important to Anderson and hopefully to his fans. Have a good weekend everyone and don't forget to check out this week's mystery journalist at All Things CNN.


Sheryn said...

This post epitomizes the two things I admire most about Anderson Cooper. One his sharp wit and two his compassionate reporting.

Thanks for the videos. Gennia is the queen of Andervids. She started the trend with that beautiful piece of work.

Jennifer said...

Anyone gets a chance they should watch Larry King, And Micheal Moore film is very educational is right on.


Micheal Moore, Was right on the money on this one, I would like to see his film. I have been knowing for a long time how insurance companies are doing, I been waiting and wondering when it would be brought to every ones attention. It has even affected my family my dad lived and work here in the US all his life and he retired this past year and had to go back to work just to pay for his and my moms insurance we live in the US it shouldn't be this way! as I said I have been knowing the insurance companies have been crooked for a long time before this, I am glad it is been brought out in the open. What we need to do is as Micheal Moore said on Larry King "We have to hold their feet to the fire on this one they want do it on their own"

I agree with him our politician's will start talking a good ball game as for as this goes, but it is going to be left up to us to make them make that touchdown!


Now They are targeting London, I am so glad no one got hurt. What scares me is when will we be targets again. From what I am under standing is the ones that is suppose to be making US safer are falling on their jobs and there is a lot more that could be done but hasn't been. The way that thing's are going on in the US with all illegal immigrants and all it's going to get harder to keep up with any thing going on in the US is going to get even worse as for as safety goes and trying to keep america safe.

That is just my opinion.


WOW Anderson did look good, Is it just me are is he getting even better looking since he turned 40! Like fine wine it's gets better as it ages HOT!!!!! who's up for a glass of fine wine :)

BookAsylum said...

Thanks for posting the vids!

I don't remember ever seeing that Segment 7- AC making cat fighting noises (LOL).

That video by Gennia is incredible. It would make the perfect commercial for Dispatches. Everytime I watch it, AC's words "Aminu's dead" comes to mind.

Unknown said...

The Gennia video is amazing and is probably the best one ever. I'm not sure it can be topped. Thanks for reposting it. I'm sure some of hte newbies will enjoy seeing it for the first time.

I thought the show was pretty good tonight (the one hour of it). I enjoyed the 'real' news and the Anderica banter :)

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm a new blogger, I hope that I will be welcome on this page.

The slide show I enjoy it, I'm a Anderson Cooper fan.

Hi Jennifer, I agree with what you had to say, and I will take a bottle of that fine wine :)

ACAnderFan said...

interesting videos.

Well Andy wasn't on during hour two of 360. Guess that means he was out stealing an iPhone. I hope he dosen't go to jail (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, the other nite I had a dream that Andy stole an iPhone and went to jail)...LOL!!!

I actually liked 360 last nite, even though I still can't get used to this one hour format. And my guess is that Andy is srill in the studio during hour two. So why can't they just have him on air??? I get the feeling Andy may not be too happy about this change either. I mean I don't know but he seems like he's been in a bad mood lately.

FanGirl momment: Andy looked so handsome last nite, almost pretty. He almost looked pretty.I could go on and on about how good he looked, but I won't...LOL!!!

MeshugahMazal said...

Hi, I'm a new blogger to this AC site (came across it by accident recently). Many thanks for all the blog entries from sheryn & company for I sometimes have to miss an episode of AC 360.

I don't know if anyone brought this up yet in commentary, but did anyone see Dr. Phil on Leno Thursday night criticize Anderson for dedicating an hour to the Hilton mania? I actually found myself a bit irritated since I'm pretty sure if it was up to Anderson, he wouldn't spend an hour on the Hilton media express (*I think someone made the observation the decision musta come from Atlanta to devote so much time on Hilton here).

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for both videos; I recall first seeing Gennia's stunning video a few months back, and love how profound it is. Captures Anderson perfectly.

And I normally get all preachy and serious about my Anderson love (we know, shaddup Candy *lol*), but I can sum it up in a couple words tonight: Damn, he's funny.
He really is hilarious. That fake smile is to die for!

Thanks so much, I think we all needed that after a looooong week. :)

And welcome, red high heels!

copperfish said...

The second clip was one of the most beautifully, deeply moving video I've seen in the Anderworld. Gennia had created a gem together with her choice of the song. Come to think of it James Blunt is one singer who writes his songs with passion.

cactuskid said...

I remember when I first saw this video by Gennia I sent it to everyone that's close to me because I thought it summed up what is really important in the world and,also,because it is so moving. The statue of Christ at the end with what looks like a tear going across the picture is the final conclusion to all the destruction. Thanks, Gennia, for making such a powerful video!

I want to see Michael Moore's movie "Sicko", but, unfortunately alot of controversial movies never play where I live. The area is so conservative. Health care in our country needs to change so badly. Everyone should be entitled to have insurance. I dare say alot of people stay in a job just so they will be covered by a good health insurance plan if they have happened up on one. I have seen alot of people who have insurance for themselves, but still can't afford to pay the money to cover their children and they will be on Medicaid. It's all messed up. What I really hate to see is older people who've worked all their lives and can't afford insurance and can't pay for their medicines. Is such a disgrace in this country! Some won't even eat so they can afford medicines! Insurance and pharmaceutical cos. be ashamed of yourselves! We live in a prosperous and reknown country yet our life longevity is lower than some other countries because of our healthcare system. That is a very telling sign.

cactuskid said...

And I forgot, sorry! Where are my manners?! Welcome, red high heels to All Things Anderson! Hope you enjoy the blog as we all have. I love your name by the way.

ac said...

Thanks for posting both of those videos,Phebe.The second one is 'the
real story'to Anderson,I'm sure-not the useless heiress.
As for the first one-meow!That was so cute!
I agree,our Andy just seems to be getting better looking each day-let's drink to that!LOL
You know,this immediate 360 rerun in hour 2 is getting to be stupid
and ridiculous.I wonder if this scenario was in Anderson's contract?I'd say no.
Happy Saturday,all.

sydney said...

I remember seeing that video the first time you posted it and immediately going to download the song! So moving. It was weird when I saw James Blunt on some show several months later where he was talking about his military service (it was during this time he wrote this song); he usually had his camcorder on him shooting war torn countries - it so reminded me of *someone* ;-)

Now that cat fight video - too funny! I love when he still gives us those little glimpses of his snark.

OT - "The Mole" (on Fox Reality Channel) has finally appeared on my cable listing so I could set the DVR to record it all - I've been keeping an eye out so I wouldn't forget!

Quitty said...

Welcome Red High Heels & MeshugahMazal. We love new commentators.

Thanks for the videos. I hadn't seen the Ann Coulter/Katie Couric one in awhile. Those cat noises are hilarious. Gennia, I agree with Sheryn that you are the queen of Andervideos.

Megs said...

I'm on my laptop now so I will go and watch the videos on my PC in a bit but for now I am going to comment on the show.

Welcome Red High Heels!!!!!!!!

Great show.........Did anyone else catch right at the biginning when Anderson said "not getting Larry" without moving his lips, the boy has skills. I wanted to tape it on a different video at 1AM but they didn't have it on there but I am not crazy he did say it :P I hate when things from the first airing are not on in the later airings throughout the night

The foiled London terror plot is a very scary thing but thankfully there were people who did the right thing when they noticed something strange about both those cars....they saved alot of peoples lives yesterday. This certainly is a crazy world. I always enjoy seeing Nic Robertson and Peter Bergen but part me dislikes it so much because sometimes not all the time but most times, they are talking about very grim news.

iPhonedamonium....LOL, LOVED IT. Erica is cute when she said she is cheap but Anderson is so right it is multi media device. Between my ipod and cell phone I already have paid $600 dollars, so why not get everything all wrapped up into one :P Erica is so 2.0 LOL but she has no problem with that. I wish Anderson would send a photo to ATA from his sweet new blackberry!!!!!

I remember the interview with Abu Abdullah when it aired originally but I had forgotten had truly hate filled this man is and that is truly scary.

I really enjoyed hearing what Michael Moore had to say on LK and the follow up on 360. All I have to say is he right about one thing most Canadians are very happy with their health care. Depending on how much you make you have to pay a health tax.....I pay 30 dollars a year and I am practually cover for most things. I have always said if I could become an Amercian and keep my Canadian health card, I would do it in a heartbeat. I do like it that Anderson had the woman on from the insurance company to try and get both sides of the story. I also liked that TF did a story about Michael Moore, I didn't really know much about him and wasn't really a hugh fan of his.

oh Beastie Boys on 360 - kicking it old school with the 360 funny were the guys last night. In such a serious business, you need to be around fun, lively people and it looks like Anderson is.

Very sad news about Joel Seigle....I am sure Anderson truly enjoyed working with him over at ABC, you could hear it in his voice.

oh the Anderemails must have burning up with the map snafu. I actually didn't even notice the Syria/Afghanistan mistake until Anderson mentioned it. Graffic guy, you're fired!!!!!

Oh a liger.....I had no idea what Anderson was talking about during the LK lead in, I had to watch it a couple of times to even get what his said but wow that is a cool lion/tiger and also a very cool zebra/horse. I half-assed watched Nepoleon Dynamite so I did't get it at first. I will have to watch it again.

OK so I know most of you stop watching when the second "repeat" hour starts but did anyone else catch the craziness during the second hour????The show came back from commercial with the map of Iraq/Syria and such up again. Different map from the first hour but labeled all correctly. It was showing just the map, no Anderson, no audio for at least 3 minutes and then it went to commercial was the stangest thing and then after that the order of the stories was all mixed up. Same stories just in differnt was so strange. So something live DID happen in the second hour :P

ACAnderFan said...

@ red high heels, sorry I didn't welcome you sooner. Anyway I hope you like it here. Everyone is really nice.

Megs said...

I just watched the videos.....

The first one was quiet funny. I really can't stand Ann Coulter. Igot a laugh out of Anderson's Manolo Blahnik/Nine West comment and I loved the cat meows.......god when Anderson is snarky it is so great.

I had not seen the second video but it was absolutely the best Andervideo I have ever seen. Gennia did such a fantastic job capturing what Anderson does best. I am seriously sitting in front of my computer with tears running down my face, almost like the last pic with the raindrop falling down the screen.

Phebe thank you for putting both videos up

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos-- Gennia's is a classic now!

Health care costs ARE ridiculous, but I just wish the tax money we'll pony up for universal didn't have to filter thru Congress first. Surely they'll make a red-tape mess of it just like Veterans' Hospital funding ...

sydney said...

@megan I noticed Anderson sitting there at the beginning acting like there was something up with the audio or something, but I didn't actually hear him say anything. I'm sure you're right, though.

I saw the map thing during the second hour, too. That was funny - I figured they were just showing off that they finally got it right LOL!

What can I say, Anderica are the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Good show last night. With so many heated issues in the news and all the Paris stuff this week it was nice just to get back to the news with a little snark thrown in Friday. You all know I love Anderson w/Erica. I honestly think they would be a smash as co-anchors of a morning show but then where would I go for my news!!

I had not seen the "meow" video..great fun! I have loved the video set to James Blunt since it first came out on YouTube. I agree the last shot with the statue in the rain is just amazing. I saved the video on my laptop and still tear up every time I watch it.

I sure hope everything works out with Anderson on the border..I love it when he's in the field.

Hope you don't mind if I take a minute to say how much I appreciate the honest and polite way people choose to agree to disagree on this blog. Thanks for being patient with my comments. Sometimes I can be a real bleeding heart liberal. My personal story combined with 23 years working on the front lines with the "have nots" in our communities has had a tremendous impact me. I realize I can get a bit myopic. It is nice to have a safe place to air those views and the comments of others really helps me gain a perspective beyond myself. You folks are so informed and intelligent. I love that!

Have a great weekend!

BookAsylum said...

@ red high heels & meshugahMazal- welcome!

@megan- I noticed at the beginning of AC360 last night they were having some audio problems, but didn't catch that AC had said anything. Just went back to check my recording & it didn't start taping that early *darn*. Never realized that our AC was also a ventriloquist.

Unknown said...

Hi and welcome to our two new commenters, Red High Heels and MeshugahMazal! Hope you continue to comments. :)

m.minkoff said...

Thanks for the two videos. They really show off two starkly different sides of Anderson that are so appealing - the passion and the humor. That moment in Waveland when he is overcome with emotion and waves off the camera has the same effect on me each time I see it, as if I can feel exactly what he is feeling. That's what makes him such an outstanding reporter. Although there are many excellent correspondents on the air today, I can't think of anyone whose reports move me the way Anderson's do.

I also agree that Anderson has seemed in a bad mood lately, joking with Erica aside. I think it's time for him to get away from anchoring and out into the world. I'm looking forward to his report from Texas.

I have to say the second hour repeat has gotten old really fast. Dedicated fan that I am, I did attempt to watch the second hour a couple of nights. Last night I just turned it off and watched the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I am waiting for September with baited breath. I am sure it costs a lot of money to put on a two hour show with new coverage in the 2nd hour. As a profitmaking corporation, the question is whether that expense will make money for Time Warner.

A good weekend wish to all on this blog. What a caring group of people you are!

Jennifer said...

@ Hi Phebe, Thanks for posting the videos they are really good, I enjoy them.

I want to welcome, Red High Heels!!!

Hope everyone has a good day

swmpratt said...

Info posted on the Planet in Peril series AC360 has been working on via turnerinfo. Xtina posted about it on another group so thank her for the info:

Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S., will present the CNN documentary Planet in Peril. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta and Discovery Channel host and wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin take viewers around the globe for a groundbreaking four-hour documentary of first-hand reporting on threats to the world’s environment. Planet in Peril was filmed across four continents and 13 countries, uncovering places where environmental change is not a theory or a future forecast, but a crisis happening in real time. Bringing viewers the stories behind the statistics, Cooper, Gupta and Corwin illustrate the interconnectivity between today’s environmental threats and tomorrow’s impact on the planet and its inhabitants. In two parts: Tuesday, October 23, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) and Wednesday, October 24, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).


* Anderson Cooper, anchor of Anderson Cooper 360
* Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent, CNN
* David Doss, senior executive producer of Anderson Cooper 360 and Planet in Peril

Sounds like a wonderful show to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gennia for the nice videos. The song was picture perfect with the videos, great job.

I can't stop watching, Anderson's coverage in disaster areas, aaaalways make me teary.(and still can't stop watching it) The Aminu video, and other kids's just unbelivable. The look in Anderson's face shows how hurt he was inside. He's such a passionate reporter. And If I remember well, he shortened his vacation to go cover the Aminu story(I'm not even sure if its okay to call it a story)Even after Aminu died, he didn't stop there, he went and look for the parents, so he could share their grief. With events such as these happening in our world today, and when you see reporters like Anderson who goes out of his way to want to cover them, compassionately, who won't agree that the man is special!

Can't stop to watch that Niger video...too close to home.

Anonymous said...

He is still the same little boy he was in "Families" i.e. doing voices and imitations, rather like the saying 'show me the boy at seven and I'll show you the man'.

aries moon said...

It was funny when Anderson and Erica said "hmmm" at the exact same moment when they were trying to figure out where they'd seen another weird animal like the "zorse" or "hebra". I did hear AC saying that he couldn't hear Larry at the beginning of the show and near the end of the show when they came back from a commercial he was looking off distractedly or something before he realized the camera was on him. I thought his apology for the map mistake was kind of funny, there was a lot of talk on the net about how they got that wrong. I thought I heard AC say last night that the song contest would be going on for a couple more weeks, but I thought it would be ending July 4, oh well.

Jennifer said...

Car bombing in London, London airport shut down they have everything on a hightest alert, their was one person killed one injured, Is mighty odd things start happening as Tony Blair step down as Prime minister. They believe this to be a terrorist attack

From what I'm understanding that George Bush going on vacation as usual as planned

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jennifer for your welcome also everyone else's is nice to know that everyone is so nice on this page. And by the way if anyone wondering, I am a big Anderson Cooper fan for 2 years :)

I was wondering when did the president ever come off his vacation being on one for almost 4 years LOL

aries moon said...

That's a great video, thanks for posting it.

Phebe said...

@anniekate, This tip you posted had me confused, so Sheryn and I did a little research. Jon Klein is presenting several shows (Planet in Peril and God's Warriors are confirmed at this point) to the Television Critics Association convention on July 15th in LA. He is not presenting PIP to the television viewers. The panel you mentioned is for the convention, not the actual series. If you want to read more here's the link

Sheryn said...

Hi all and welcome new members! Glad to see you!

Just want to do a correction:

Today's bombing was in Glasgow, Scotland in one of their busiest airports.

The United Kingdom has raised their terror level to the highest level.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Jennifer said...

For my correction it was at the airport in the UK Glasgow, sorry about that my mistake, I was doing 3 things at one time LOL

swmpratt said...

Just posted the text of the announcement and said it was from turnerinfo - I realized it was an industry thing but did not think to mention that in my post. Its good of you to clear that up for everyone else. I realized that we had to wait until October to see it ourselves. Christiane's 6 hour special ought to be good also even if a little scary.

Sheryn said...

@Jennifer, No need to apologize hon! Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Glasgow's busiest airport isn't saying much in comparison to much busier airports in the UK/Europe. This incident should tell us that nowhere is terrorist exempt. JFK is just as much a target as MIA as is ORD as is a county airstrip. Until today, Scotland, Ireland & Wales seemed the safest countries for travel. I guessed wrong!

Anderson is getting awful bashing for his Paris coverage. I thought his AJ interview was equivalent in celeb power quotient to his Paris commentary. Both are uneducated. Both did nothing remarkable at 26. Both are self promoters. Both were anything but discreet in boasting about their sexual exploits. Both are/were extremely overpaid for their assumed talent. Surprised Anderson isn't put off by both of these girls.

sydney said...

@anon 10:34 I'm perplexed by the flak Anderson is getting for being so "hard" on Paris. After seeing clips this weekend from FOX and MSNBC, Anderson was downright polite in comparison to some of the stuff they were saying.

Anonymous said...

@ Sydney, I think part of the flak Anderson is receiving from his 1 hr take on Paris, is his opposite portrayal of Angelina. While I don't agree with the extent of the takedown, I do agree that Angelina and Paris have more in common than not when they were both 26. Unlike Anderson, a lot of people remain quite unimpressed with Angelina and think the wonderfulness she adorns all over herself is phony and falsified. Anderson paints a beautiful picture of perfection that is Angelina while slamming Paris for not stepping up to the plate and grasping opportunities handed to her on a silver platter. While I think Anderson is entitled to his opinion and I enjoy seeing him go against the grain of which he claims is the premise of his existence as a journalist, he's going to have his evil critics. I think he knew he was creating a monster for himself, but I'm glad HE held to his opinions, instead of handing the public a lie for the sake of his reputation.

Anonymous said...

i'm one of those newbies who have never seen that video and i gotta say it was amazing. It really reminds us of the Anderson that we have grown to love. Great song as well, can't go wrong with James Blunt :) Thanks for the vid

MeshugahMazal said...

Hey thanks for welcoming me to this community blog! I enjoy watching AC:360 and it's great to see a blog where people write really nice comments about the show and the journalists instead of the negative name-bashing I see on quite a few websites these days....