Thursday, June 21, 2007

A picture's worth a thousand words...

Good evening everyone! I'm not going to say much tonight. I think I'll just let you take in all the images from last night and some additional photos from St. Anselm's College album on I hope you enjoy!

These are the images I captured from last night's show.

Aren't they adorable?

More debate pictures

Here is my fangurl statement of the evening. I will have no regrets about saying this because I did my serious post earlier! And hey, a girl can appreciate the man just as much as she appreciates the reporting! Okay, here goes:

OMG, he is by far the most goregous man on the planet (bedsides my DH that is)! I had to repost this picture because it is now my most favorite picture evah! Wow! Just WOW! THANK YOU St. Anselm's College for sharing the beauty!

Okey dokey! I'm going to ride into the sunset to begin my weekend. I wish you peace and happiness! ~Sheryn


swmpratt said...

the debate pictures are great Sheryn - especially that first one. So crisp and sharp. Wonderful collage of images.

Megs said...

oh my gosh after all the sad news on the refugees the second half of 360 was SO FUNNY!!!!!

When they started playing "You & I" by Celine Dion I was like thank god 360 is not using it as their political theme song......a year and a half of that would drive me insane but I love how Anderson showed off his producer Renee. And the fake french accent when Anderson said Rene's name it was so hot.

Then Anderson was ever so kind enough to show us more behind the scenes stuff when they showed us what we were seeing instead of Jeff in Madacascar. When they finally get that working it should be a good piece. When I was in school I did a French project on Madacascar because that is the main language there.

The best thing I have seen in a while was the David Mattingly piece. I was laughing so hard. I knew if I was laughing this hard, Anderson would have something to say about it and boy did he! I have to agree I could watch that clip of the flying carp hitting David all night. And then the slow motion carp hit and run with sound effect provided by Mr. Cooper was absolutely classic. What a fantastic ending to a great 360. Although I felt bad for David getting the "Ricky Sanchez story of the month" it was a really great story.

Thanks for posting more of the pretty Sheryn......I can never get enough of the most drop dead good looking man I have ever seen :)

Anonymous said...

He could read the phone book, and I'd listen to it... p.s. what's that creature with the beady red eyes? Yikes -- he looks as if he's ready to leap out at you. :o

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vid, Sheryn. HA HA HA!! Anderson gives good sound effect! Yes, he does a Jackie Mason voice there-- "Ouch, dat hurt"

Anonymous said...

Sheryn, Hi the picture of the presidential debate the with the red, white, blue (flag) background, I was wondering where did you get the picture at I really like it or can I borrow it LOL he really looks good in the picture.

Etoile Bebe, I really like the slide show you posted yesterday with Anderson you did a good job on it and I really enjoy it.


BookAsylum said...

@Sheryn- your new favorite picture doesn't have anything to do with the YR tie, now does it? :)

Etoile Bebe said...
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sydney said...

It was nice to have some light moments in the show after all the refugee stuff. The things that AJ described going on in Darfur were just heartbreaking.

The flying carp LOL! Anderson said he could watch it all night, well I could watch him watch it all night :-)

I'm with you on that pic, Sheryn. I kept coming back to it all day and all I could think was, DAMN that's one beautiful man.

The blog's just going crazy now with song suggestions, some of them are pretty funny. Oh, and did I mention that Celine Dion give me abdominal cramps? Seriously...

Megs said...

OMG they just showed a clip of David Mattingly piece on Access Hollywood! This is so funny. Poor David!!!!

Sheryn said...

@AnnieKate, Thanks! It was an easy show to cap.

@Megan, it was a nice change of pace to get all the funny clips. I wonder if he was just bored having waited off-camera for an hour. He was probably getting punchy! LOL!

I'm watching Access Hollywood now. I laughed when I heard them tease the clip! Poor David!

@xtina, my husband says that to me all the time. He always makes fun of me saying, he could read the phone book and you'd think it was amazing! LOL!

YES! Jackie Mason, THAT'S IT! Thank you!

@Jennifer, HI! You most certainly can borrow it for your collection! St. Anselm's College which hosted the debates, posted a bunch of beautiful photos of the even on thier flickr account. I linked it on my morning post. Definitely worth the look!

@B.A., GIRL you know it has SOMETHING to do with it! It just makes him look so dapper! Yummy! LOL! I'm so see-through!

@EtoileB, (I shortened your name!), OH yes please include all the pretty in your next video. I'd like to request a song that I love. Email me and we can talk, k?

And you are sooo right, Anderson holding a lemur, cuteness level off the charts!

@Sydney, you and I are on the same page. I just cannot concentrate on anything today. I've been sending it to all of my friends who are not Anderfans saying, "How can you NOT think this isn't gorgeous?" I think I might be converting some of them! LOL!

Etoile Bebe said...

@Sheryn: I will definitely email you about the song!! That is probably the most difficult part of making the videos. Wait until you see the Christmas song I have picked out!! Yes, I believe in thinking ahead!!

Just call me Etoile; that is perfectly O.K!!

Megs said...

@ Sheryn - that's funny we were both watching AH.....I haven't watched it in a while and I just happen to catch it on the night they show a CNN clip :P

swmpratt said...

@Sheryn - you are welcome on the comment on the pictures. I'm sure it was a easy one to screencap. It was easy to clip too - I made a dvd of the special. such images- didn't it remind you of National Geographic? But those sad little eyes......

Off topic I know but for those who have itunes AC's book is over there in audio book form in about 3 parts. He does the accents, etc. I have been able to listen to about 1 part of it so far - it lulls me to sleep every time.

copperfish said...

@Sheryn, he's gorgeous in the last photo. And thanks for posting the video....poor David!

cactuskid said...

The picture of the lady with her hands on her face makes me wonder what she's thinking about she's so pensive.

@ Annie Kate: The pictures of the animals made me think of National Geographic, too. The lemurs are so cute.

@ Sheryn: Thanks for all the great pics this week. And I love that picture of Anderson, also.

Etoile Bebe said...

@Sheryn: Did you deliberately put that little lemur right above that second breathtaking photo of Coop? Let's see now: "Ask, believe, receive" that Anderson joins Jeff in Madagascar and poses with the lemurs!!

ac said...

Oh lordy,that man should come with a warning sign-'may cause irregular
heartbeat'(and drooling on the computer)!That pic is soooo adorable.I loved the video about the fish-gosh,isn't our Andy just too cute for words?
Fangurl moments seem to come out a lot where Anderson is concerned-but,we can't help it,can we?LOL

sydney said...


Kathy Griffin on LKL telling Anderson she was in love with him - his reaction - HILARIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

@ anne carter,
lol! lol! I'm siding with you 100% on that, actually a huge sign in capital letters! with pics like that(that will be all of his pics)

(add this too, totally me!)

Okay on a serious note, the picture of Angelina and that little boy just breaks my heart. One of many of her brilliant comments was, that other side/part of refugees, the inside, emotions and feelings. In a situation like this one, I know that most of the times its the basic needs that counts like food, water and shelter but, Its definate that they need help in all areas, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Angelina pointed out that, the kid was just soo scared, so I guess they didn't even need to tie him up like that. If he got someone's full attetion most of the times, he would've been just fine. In situations like these, you find yourself wish, you have enough to do whatever you wanna do!

Anonymous said...

I was reading about Costa Rica, and THAT's where PIP needs to drag Anderson next. Supposedly, Costa Rica has the largest number of different species of animals of any country in the world-- Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're so right, he REALLY is VERY gorgeous...I love that picture!