Friday, June 22, 2007

Serious with a side of Fun!

We have so much Anderson Cooper news today, outside of AC360, but we need to get down to business before pleasure.Thursday's AC360 revisited the Congressional earmark issue at the beginning of the show. If you haven't checked your Representative's record or written to 'keep them honest' check the links in Tuesday's ATA post. This story has legs and I'm sure we haven't heard the last of it.

Next up was discussion of SWMNBN (she who must not be named) million dollar interview. Anderson seem truly shocked and amazed that NBC was willing to pay and that Meredeth Viera, the newest addition to NBC News, was willing to do the interview. His point was that SWMNBN is getting paid basically for drunk driving. I for one will not be watching and I hope someone with a little influence organizes a boycott of the interview.

God bless Henry Waxman for taking on Vice President Cheney. Instead of Cheney revealing his records to the National Archives and Records Administration the Vice President wants to abolish the office asking for the records. Cheney says his office isn't part of the Executive Branch of the government. Maybe he's so old that the Constitution (specifically Article II Section I)wasn't finished when he was taking social studies? And didn't The Gerg hit the nail on the head when he said all Cheney needs to do is drag this out and soon his term as vice president will expire and it will be a moot point?

I haven't had a rant in ages so if you're not interested in what has me pissed off today just skip this next part.
On Tuesday, in Phoenix, there was outrage over a vehicular homicide committed by an illegal alien. The illegal was driving erratically on one of Phoenix’s major city streets throwing beer bottles out the window (in broad daylight). An undercover narcotics officer spotted the driver and decided to follow, no siren, no hot pursuit, just observe. The illegal spotted the officer, put his car in reverse and rammed the undercover officer’s unmarked SUV numerous times. The officer pulled off the road and let the illegal move on (I’m assuming as the officer called for backup). After a few minutes he pulled back onto the street and was again spotted by the illegal who turned his car around and again rammed the undercover vehicle, this time forcing it into oncoming traffic where it collided head on with a sedan killing the 46 year old woman driver. The story is outrageous enough, but the topper is the illegal had previously been deported back to Mexico FOUR TIMES, at taxpayer expense. And now he’s back for a 5th illegal visit. This time taking the life of someone who legally deserves to be in this country, traumatizing a police officer and outraging a community. This cannot continue, we must secure our borders. And that can only happen, in my opinion, when we have our military right back here at home, where they are needed to protect our borders from those who have no regard for our laws and our lives.

Now on to the fun stuff.

Did you know.... Jeff Corwin would be so enthusiastic about the indri lemur in Madagascar? Was it the spiders and creepy crawlies that kept AC from joining in the fun? If you were as excited about the call of the indri lemur as Jeff was here's a link to hear more.

Did you know.... All Things Anderson was linked today by the New York Post's blog? They said about us "At least there are some females out there who are willing to admit they have crushes on the gunmetal-grey-haired reporter." Some females?.... I'd say that's a bit of an understatement if our readership is any indicator.

Did you know...Anderson Cooper has a very sadistic sense of humor? How did AC introduce David Mattingly being smacked by the carp video for the umpteenth time? He used poor Rick Sanchez getting tasered. OMG it was just freak'in hysterical.

Did you know...that 60 Minutes will be repeating Anderson's report on the Abu Ghraib whistle blower, Sunday night? It was AC's first piece for 60 Minutes and right up there with the Jackson Pollock piece as my two favorites.

And I'll finish tonight by professing my love for Kathy Griffin. Did you see her on LKL on Thursday night? She's one of us, she too loves Anderson Cooper and she told him so, live on national television. Kathy you are my hero! Thanks to Ms. Sheryn here's the clip.


Leigh said...

that was so funny, Kathy said what we all would say correct?? Phebe, I saw that story on the news you were talking about, and I was so appalled!! I think there was another one with a man here illegally from Turkey? Correct me if I am wrong. Again thank you for the pics and videos tonight!

Anonymous said...

I like Anderson Cooper, I went to a book signing in Atlanta,Georgia last month. He is a very nice and caring guy he was nice enough to have picture's made with me.

All I can say is that, I meet other stars like George Clooney and music stars but Anderson beats them all in my book, He's HOT!!!!!

ACAnderFan said...

360 was so good last nite. All very interesting stories.

I can't believe that NBC is paying a million dollars for and interview with she who shall not be named. What that said I simply cannot wait to see this interview and I will make sure I watch it. This interview will be celebrity news at it's best. I have been waiting for this since the day she went into jail. I just didn't think that it would happen the day after she gets released. I may have to tape it to make sure that I don't miss it. I want to see it SO SO SO bad!!!

Jeff Corwin was so cute getting all excited about lemurs.

Phebe, congratulations on getting a mention in the NY Post!!! That is so exciting!!!

OMG, Kathy was simply HILARIOUS!!! I think she is just vocalizing what all us Anderfans think. OK, now I know I need the Naughty Chair now.

*sits quietly in the naughty chair thinking about things I would like to say to Anderson, but never would*...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clip. I really enjoyed it. Kathy Griffin just said it all, what we're all thinking. I'm glad you posted it because CNN Intl doesn't feature LKL LIVE, except on Saturdays (here in Asia) and they usually show the replay in the afternoon so they edit out Larry's teaser for AC360.


Unknown said...

I LOVE Kathy Griffin! I have watched her show and followed her for several years now. :)

Great show tonight.

BookAsylum said...

OK- so who sent the scissor sister’s song in?

Poor David Mattingly and his flying fish. But I think I'd rather get hit by a flying fish than tasered. Being mildly electrocuted sounds far worse than a few bruises.

More Gerg & King, please! I always love the political analysis segments. Cheney needs to request a copy of the constitution from the National Archives. He'd then understand the purpose of the agency and understand which branch of the government the vice-president's office is in. Just proves that you don't need to be able to pass 9th grade civics to become the VP.

Dan Simon’s Bullied No More story... just shows that kids are amazing. To think two sisters could make a difference in a stranger’s life & ultimately provide an outlet for their peers all over the world. That’s something.

I'm among those Some females mentioned by the Post.

Anonymous said...

Love Kathy...she was cracking me up and her bit with Anderson was one for the Andervault...loved it!

copperfish said...

Kathy is so funny. I got teary-eyed laughing. @Phebe, thanks for posting that video!

I can't believed that NBC is willing to go for something like that. Americans aren't teaching her a lesson in fact they are tolerating her. What a SHAME!

Last night NBC nightly news did investigative report on how easy it was to obtain US passports, papers and fraudulent green cards on the Laredo, Texas border. While I think that sufficient manpower is needed, they should also look into angles of corruption. These men on the Mexico border can't work without connections inside the US.

Wow! that's cool for ATA, congratulations! There's a comment that says we have decent commentaries aside from nightly reviews of the show.

ACAnderFan said...

Oooh I forgot to do my fangirl moment so I'll just do it now...LOL!!!

FanGirl moment: How AMAZING did Andy look last nite??? The suit/tie/shirt was so pretty on him and his eyes looked really blue last nite. And I think he got a haircut too...his hair looked super nice!!!

Megs said...

I have to go to work and have limited time right now so I am going Fangurl now and serious after work.

OH MY GOD.....KAthy Griffin is freakin hilarious. Firstly I was laughing so hard during the whole LK interview but when she professed her love to Anderson I almost died. I was laughing so hard that I was crying, not sad crying but you know what I mean. She basically told Anderson what we have all thought at one point in time (or like me more often then not :P) and she did it in front of millions of people.
Anderson was laughing so hard that he went red and the fact that he was able to get through his blurb really impressed me.

This is I believe my new all time favourit Anderson moment. It has passed Gloria embarrassing Anderson on his birthday.

Kathy Griffin.......your my hero!!!WE'RE NOT WORTHY, WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!

cactuskid said...

Kathy,Kathy,Kathy you are SO CRAZY!! You just never know what she is going to say! Hilarious! Yes, that is one for the Andervault. Even Larry King was wiping his eyes.

Congrats. ATA for the mention in the NY Post!

Anonymous said...

What a show last night. I loved Jeff Corwin showing all those lemurs. Thank god no ACCIDENT happening this time. I had a good laugh over Anderson weeping over convict heiress story. She really get on his nerve for getting paid for getting into trouble. $1 million for interview after she come out jail. Even NR got slammed. Good for Anderson to said what all of us in our mind about these bimbos. On the other hand AC won't get an exclusive interview from PH or NR. I don't think he is too sad about it either.

I can't believe he just bought a CD player, he is pulling our legs.

He and Erica should do a morning show, they are funnier than Regis & Kelly.

Etoile Bebe said...

I really appreciated Dan Simon's report on Olivia Gardner and her problem with bullies. I think Anderson also seemed to have a real appreciation for her situation as well. The two sisters who came to her defense showed great maturity and self-confidence. I was glad that my comments were "finally" posted to the "360" blog. What's up with the blog anyway? I think it needs a dedicated monitor!

"Coop I am available if you need some help!!"

My favorite fun part of last night's show happened at the very end when Anderson "cried" over the "fan letters" of SWMNBN!! Classic Coop!! The sarcasm was oozing just the way I like it!!

I can appreciate that ATA was named in the post, but I think they should have given us more credit for being able to discuss more important issues than just admitting to having "crushes!!" After all we have had some pretty in depth discussions on many important issues covered on "360."

I think Coop was thinking of Dan Abrams' when he let NBC have it for paying for "the interview" because I monitored Dopey Dan last night and he "talked" about it; he was on the verge of trashing Anderson, but he didn't.

"Watch your step Danny Boy you don't want another 'love letter' from me!!"

aries moon said...

You can always depend on Kathy Griffin saying exactly what she thinks; when I saw the promos for her appearance on LKL, I knew we'd be in store for something interesting during AC's preview and she didn't disappoint. It was fun seeing AC have one of his periodic giggle fits and Kathy's comments about her feelings for him were pretty bold, but perfectly understandable.

Anonymous said...

Hi gals,
Congrats on being mentioned in the Post. Heads up, Anderson will be on 60 Min. on Sunday it''s a rerun from 12/06 but I've never seen this one.

CNN's Anderson Cooper interviews Joe Darby, the former military policeman who turned those pictures in, but who is paying a high price for it. No longer able to return to his hometown because of threats – some of the soldiers he turned in lived there, too – he now lives with his wife at an undisclosed location. "I worry about the one guy who wants to get even with me, and that one guy could hurt me and my family," says Darby, who would do it again because, he tells Cooper, the abusers committed a crime. (OAD: Dec. 10, 2006)

Anonymous said...

@etoile bebe, I agree that we have had many interesting and intelligent discussions about the news reported on AC 360. This blog is about a lot more than just squeeing on Anderson Cooper. I wish the New York Post would give us credit for that.

Last night's show was pretty good. I'm definitely going to check up on my congressman to find out his position on disclosing earmarks. I thought Anderson's interview with Rep. Rahm Manuel was really good. I like the tenacious Anderson and get annoyed with him when he sometimes gives a pass to the person he is interviewing and just lets them say whatever.

I didn't see Kathy Griffin's piece as I'm not a big fan of the celebrity interviews that constitute most of the Larry King Show. But the bit about Anderson sounds so funny that I'll look at the clip tonight.

I have such mixed opinions about the immigration issue that I hesitate to say anything at all.

I really wish She Who Shall Not Be Named would just disappear. Poof! No more!

Sheryn said...

Okay, I've watched that clip like 10 times and I still crack up. I'm not sure Anderson heard Kathy say the inappropriate touching comment though because he was laughing soooo hard! It was classic!

Kathy Griffin, you are AWESOME! Larry looked like he was having a blast last night trying to control her. He was getting a real kick out of her for sure!

On another note: I tell you one thing, I think it's disgusting to pay a do nothing waste of human space $1M for her interview. That just send the WRONG message to kids about drunk driving. And as a mother, that TICKS me off!

As a friend said to me today, Dan Abrahms should be directing his insults towards his parent company instead of Anderson and Larry King. What is up with the people at MSNBC, do they watch their own network or maybe they need to get their news from CNN since MSNBC sucks at reporting. Just sayin...

@sfacfan, Hi! Thanks for the info. Phebs had it in the post. I'm so sorry you had to do all that typing!

Anonymous said...

I think that Kathy Grifin was right on the money last night, Larry King couldn't get a word in edge wise everything that other people think about other stars she just comes right out and saids it.

I just love it!!!! The part she did with Anderson their are no worlds for it, it was Amazing I just loved it! I hope they have her on again soon.

Thank you, Kathy Grifin for the amazing hour.

Anonymous said...

Hi there....
I missed Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper last night. I unfortunately had a black out in my neighborhood. The light went out during horrid thunderstorm and had back on before 3 o'clock in the morning. Oh well, I will read the transcripts tonight.

Anonymous said...

I cannot get enough of that Kathy Griffin clip!! I TiVo'd that clip so many times my husband actually came up to see what I was laughing about. Thank GOD I tuned into LKL and saw her there, I just knew she would have something totally wild to say about Anderson. This one will live forever on my TiVo.

The New York Post...the same dish rag that ratted out Alex Rodriguez. As usual Faux news and "Da Rupe" find an even lower standard to reach. I have put parental locks on that channel so I no longer have to deal with the less than brilliant IQ's that work there. I'm amazed everytime I see any Faux personalities hawking their books since I don't think they can read anything that doesn't have a picture of Elmo on it-especially O'Reilly.

And yes there are SOME women who profess their admiration for Anderson Cooper....Good looking, hard working, mothers, non-mothers, old, young, married and unmarried HOT women who like Anderson for who he is and the great job he does.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know which song they played last night as the first of the suggestions for teh election coverage? I switched to HGTV during the commercial and juuuust missed it.


Megs said...

@ Cassie - I don't feel like dancing by Scissor Sisters.....have to agree with Anderson when I think of the campaign I do not think of that song :P

ACAnderFan said...

@Cassie, the song they played last nite was I Don't Feel Like Dancin' by the Scissor Sisters.

Anyone who has never heard a Scissor Sisters song I suggest you listen to their stuff. They are by far one of the best gruops and they are one of my favorites.

lori said...

OMG! I laughed. I cried. I wet my pants. Long live Kathy Griffin! May I be blessed with some of her chutzpah!

Well, at least the Post didn't refer to us as pent-up, frustrated or delusional fans, eh? Congrats on the mention!

Megs said...

I fangurled this morning and promised to be serious once I got home from work. Last night's show was another great one. I hate when Anderson goes on vacation but when he comes back, the shows are great!!!

The earmark coverage all week has been really good and I agree, I don't think 360 will stop until they get all the earmark request. I mean if Anderson is dedicated enough to dig to China he will keep on this.

Speaking of Anderson digging to cute was the Anderca banter last night. Anderson teasing Erica about her lack of commitment to dig to China was so funny! Anderson just committed to a cd player.....very funny Mr. Cooper!!!

If NBC wants to pay for an interview with SWMNBN so badly, why don't they give the million dollars to someone like MADD on her behalf. I really liked Anderson's interview with the professor. He told it straight....hw will watch like most people will.....he was just keeping it honest with Anderson :P

Anderson's interview with Rep. Rahm Emanuel was very interesting. I love how Anderson kept trying to get him to just answer the question.

The PIP piece was really, really good and it was so great seeing Jeff do what he does best, hanging out with wildlife :)

Oh my, tying the David Mattingly piece to Rick Sanchez getting tazered was to funny. David Mattingly had the Rich Sanchez story of the month it looks like!

Anytime you get JK and the Gerg you know it will be great and it was no exception last night. Great discussion.

I really like the "Running Mates" stories they have been doing but they hadn't done it in a while so I am glad they picked it up again. Can't wait to see the other candidates spouses as well.
Not that I am anyone to judge a person's personal life so I won't comment on how they got together but I hope Rudy, Judith and his two children some how work through their issues and reconnect. They will all be sorry one day if they don't at least try and they don't have time to do it later.

The story on bullying was so only take one act of kindness for the floodgates to open and I think these three young girls will be life long friends.

Oh god the Andersarcasm and tears about writing to SWMNBN is so funny and Erica commenting on the 41 cents was so true. In Canada it would have cost 42 cents.

How does Anderson know Nicole Ritchie's book has pictures?!?!?!?

Did you know that I like the "Did you Know" bits lately Phebe....they have been very good.

Congrats on the mention in the New York Post.......that is so awesome. ATA ROCKS!!!

m.minkoff said...

I finally got to watch the Kathy Griffin clip. How funny is that!Well, Anderson laughs at others' embarrassments, like David Mattingly getting smacked by a carp, so why shouldn't we laugh at his? He sure regained his composure quickly. A total pro!

Anonymous said...

So where is Anderson tonight? Off to Iraq? Think June may have been the month

Etoile Bebe said...

I have a feeling Anderson is going to join Jeff in Madagascar. It is much too interesting, for "Curious Coop" to pass up! I don't think they would have sent Jeff over there just for what we saw yesterday. I think he thinks he is going to surprise us like he did in Greenland!

At least I hope Anderson is going to Madagascar, because I would hate to see him go to Iraq right now, it has gotten so much worse there and sometimes he is forgetful about wearing his vest. It is not worth the risk right now.

Anonymous said...

Thought someone reported at the Miami book signing he said he was supposed to go to Iran or Iraq in June but I don't know.

Anonymous said...

You think he really will go to Madagascar? The link to Jeff Corwin has been horrible and practically no coverage. Sometimes I don't see the sense of Anderson himself going to these locations when the satellite connection is so bad that he is only on for a segment of two. And Jeff Corwin can do that sort of coverage.

Sometimes I get the feeling that even knowing that he still will go because he likes to travel.

Anonymous said...

at the end did he call her "kthy domingo" what was that?