Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some New Pictures

No one likes a know-it-all, but when I heard Anderson say, on Thursday night "I'll see you tomorrow night" I said "Liar". I didn't really have inside information, it's was just one of those hunches women get that drive men crazy. Luckily our ATA readers have been forwarding us new Anderson pictures all week long and Anderson's absence gives us the opportunity to enjoy.

First up are these lovely shots of the promotional materials from Hudson's Bookstores. There are book bags, posters and bookmarks.

One of ATA's regular readers, Jennifer, emailed her pictures from the Atlanta book signing. It sounds like she had a wonderful experience and I know you'll all enjoy sharing her up close and personal encounter with Anderson Cooper.

Another of our readers sent me this picture on Friday. She scored a cardboard Andy from a Hudson's bookstore this week. Their promotion of the paperback 'Dispatches From The Edge' ended on Wednesday so the displays will be coming down and given away to some lucky Anderfans. BTW cardboard Andy is really plexiglass Andy and he's heavy as hell.

From Xtina and Book Asylum one more shot of AC from the St. Anselm debates.
And where will Anderson Cooper be next week? We do have a few clues. CNN has devoted the upcoming week (actually Saturday through Wednesday) to Uncovering America: Fighting for Acceptance, a focus on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. CNN is asking for viewers stories, so if you've got one follow the link. AC360 will examine the experiences of straight parents raising gay kids and vice versa.
On Thursday AC360 will be live on the Texas border doing another episode in the 24 Hours on the Border series. This is not a repeat, he will be live.
That's it for me, I'm off to start my weekend. Have a happy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Phebe for posting my pictures on ATA Hope you have a good weekend.

And thanks for the info

Your Friend, Jennifer

copperfish said...

My goodness, those pictures were wonderful!@Jennifer, thanks for sharing them.:-)
@Xtina and BA, another great pic! :-)

It seems to me that CNN is trying to tackle indepth the more prominent and hot issues that the presidential candidates are faced with. If that's the case, I think it's a good idea.

aries moon said...

When Anderson says that he'll see us the next night, I always take him at his word and most of the time he is there when he says he'll be there, so it was kind of surprising that he wasn't around on Friday night, but anything can happen, who knows? I'm just glad that he'll be around next week.

Those photos of Anderson at the book signing are just gorgeous. He's incredibly handsome and he's not even in the studio with all the makeup and lights.

ACAnderFan said...

Andy is such a liar. I couldn't believe last nite when I turned 360 on and he wasn't there. I feel stood up (Megan said that to me last nite). She's right though. He did stand us up. He better have had a good reason for not being on. Yeah I'm mad...LOL!!! Yesterday just wasn't my day so I was really looking forward to seeing Andy but Mr.I don't do friday nites (that's my new nickname for wasn't there!!! LOL!!!

Jennifer, those are very nice pics. Seeing them brought back memeories of how nice that book signing was. Thank you for sharing them.

I think 360 is going to be interesting next week.

Fangirl moment: Oh wait I can't he wasn't on. lol

sydney said...

I have to say I was very disappointed with 360 last night. Not just 1 but 2 repeats? We couldn't even get 1 live hour of real news w/ SOMEONE? A couple of brief updates doesn't cut it. If I had known this was going to happen, I would've watched more news earlier in the evening (I usually avoid doing that so I don't get overloaded by the time 360 comes on).

Nice pics. Plexiglass Andy is probably heavier than the real thing LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi there..

Was Anderson in New Orleans last night or is it repeat? Anderson was there in NOLA a couple weeks ago. I missed the whole program last Thursday because of the blackout in my neighborhood.

We all know that Anderson is a unpredictable guy and he disppointed you that he was not on last night. I think on almost every Friday, he will be doing with his staff/assistants for his own projects as sort of organizing the schedules (trips, campaign debates, and various type of his activities that you can name it) for ahead of time. I've noticed that he rarely shows up on Friday and am not that surprised. I do love CNN and do think that CNN especially 360 is the best,honest and reasonable news.

To Acanderfan,

I am really cracked up when you said, "Mr.I don't do friday nites". Why don't you write him? LOL

By the way, I might have told you last week on blog that I am hearing impaired. Well, I am trying to catch up on what did Kathy say to Andy on Larry King Show (Video on your blog last Thurs). Could any of you tell me what is going on and why is Andy giggle and blushin'?

ACAnderFan said...

@Sydney, I too was dissapointed in 360. I even sent them negative feedback. Telling them I was dissapointed that they showed us two specials that we had just recently seen.

I'm sorry but there is no reason to do what they did last nite. Obviously Randi Kaye was there in the studio. They couldn't have had her do 360 for an hour and then give us our usualy friday nite speical.

Anonymous said...

You said he'd be on the border on Thursday. Any idea which part of the border? I ask because I live along the Texas border and might muster enough courage to stop and say hi if he's close enough.

ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 6:30AM, I'm gald I could make you laugh. It makes me feel good that I can make others laugh. I did send feedback to 360, something which I hardly ever do. I let them know I feel.

I really would like to know what Mr.I don't do friday nites does. I mean surely he must have a good reson for never being on. It's ridiculous. The man is never on firday.

Megs said...

ok so last night I did feel stood up because I believed Anderson when he said see you tomorrow. I guess my woman's intuition is not as fine tuned as Ms. Phebe's :P Well after a good night sleep I feel better. It is amazing what sleep can do.

So last night seemed alittle odd to me because they did not have anyone on......forget where was Anderson, where was JK???? I know I was at work yesterday but didn't anything happen in the news?!?!?!?

Everyone who handed over photos.....thank you so much. They are awesome!!!! Jennifer thanks for the memories of Anderson in Atlanta.....oh the fantastic memories.

Plexiglass wonder if Plexiglass Andy weighs more then real Andy :P (I'm just playing y'all :P)

Oh I love the fact CNN is doing such different and diverse stories. I may be incorrect and if I am let me know but I believe this week is Pride Week. I know there is alot of Pride Coverage happening in Toronto over the last couple days and the parade might be tomorrow. Unfortunately for me, I don't watch local news anymore.....unless it is on CNN I don't know what's happening in Toronto which is bad but I do go to my local tv stations website daily so I do know somethings :P Next week on CNN sounds very good!

Phebe said...

@Jennifer, You're welcome and thank you again for sharing.
@anonymous 6:30, the NOLA's segment was taped on June 11th. As to your hearing impairment would it help if you could read the transcripts? They go up on the AC360 homepage within hours of the end of the show.
@sydney,'re probably right.
@acanderfan, I'm not feeling the love for RandiKay, I'd rather have the repeats. But I do think it's an appropriate use of feedback to tell them our opinions.
@anonymous 7:40, If you want to email me at I have a suggestion for you.

ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 6:30AM, Basically Kathy said that she loved Anderson, and that she wanted him to touch her inappropriately. And then for him to take her home and love her. It was absolutely hilarious.

Megs said...

@ Anon 6:30 - LK told Kathy to introduce Anderson. Kathy then said:

"I love you! I love you Anderson Cooper. Love me! Touch me innappropriately! Come over to my house tonight and love me!"

Ok I just type that from memory I have watched it so many times.......I love it, it makes me laugh hard everytime :P

Anonymous said...

acanderfan, I am glad you sent a feedback. I wished I had the nerve. I just wonder what he does on Friday nights also. Is it in his contract he doesn't have to work full two hours on Fridays?

I think most of us thought he would be going to Madagascar, but I guees that is out, if he is going to be on the border Thursday and cover the other stories that are planned this week.

Thanks to all for sharing their Atlanta pictures. I was at the one at the CNN studio and he was all dressed up. These in his polo shirts are really great.

ac said...

Hi all,
Great pics Jennifer,thanks for sharing them with us.It must be a dream come true for all of you who have met Anderson-how lucky you are!
Anderson Cooper-you little fibber,you-"see you tomorrow",indeed.Oh my,I would love to get one of those displays-cardboard Andy,plexiglass Andy,plastic Andy,rubber Andy-heck,I don't care-I want an Andy!
I was disappointed that 2 hours of 360 were repeats(again)-why couldn't somebody come on live?
I bet plexiglass Andy would be heavier than our Andy!
I love the name "Mr.I don't do Friday nites" ACAnderFan-very appropriate!

Megs said...

ok so I just check and since the beginning of February, Anderson has been on 14 Fridays......there have been 21 Fridays since the beginning of February

So he has missed 7 Friday maybe he should be Mr. "Mostly I do Friday's but I like the odd one off" Cooper!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@acanderfan 8:00am

I'm truly enjoyed laughing everytime I read the blogs like you. I would rather write him a letter than send feedback to 360. If anyone send feedback, it would take 100 years for them to receive it. Light it up...Andy will be around.

@ Hi Phebe,

Yes, the transcripts do help me enormously. I also do have close-captioned on TV. But the 360CNN/Larry King Show transcipts for last Thursday are not there yet.

Sometimes, Anderson talks fast which is understandable. I am trying to catch up by reading his lip. The TV close-captioned helps me a lot. Too bad, when I am reading his lip, I won't able to see his incredible blue eyes. Oh well, he does have a nice lip.

Anyway, I do enjoy watching everything what he has said from A to Z issues.

@ Hi Megan,

Thanks a lot!! I love Kathy to death and she is a doll!! Not everyone really adore her, for some reasons she used few negative remarks on celebrities or anyone else. But we are all alike like Kathy and Anderson. We are not perfect!!! That is so funny that Kathy said to him. I saw the video and I can tell his body language. His body language tells me that he doesn't want to be on the naughty chair. LOL

@ acanderfan 8:04am

Same as above...

Unknown said...

Maybe he was sick or had a personal issue crop up? I'm sure he gets sick days like us all. (Well, except me because my company is cheap LOL) Even if not, he works so hard and has only had less than two weeks of vacation this year. Don't worry, he'll be back guys :)

Anonymous said...

How is it that the "Hudson Group" BoOkstore has the better Anderson paraphanalia?

Anonymous said...

Aaron Brown used to take Fridays off all the time, even more than Anderson. That's the perk of being on at 10 I guess.

m.minkoff said...

@Purple Tie, Well, I barely recovered from the last Anderdrought, and here is MIA again. With the way anchors seem to be playing musical chairs these days, it just makes me nervous when he's gone. But you make a good point that he could have called in sick. Seems even more plausible given that he didn't have a substitute for a live program. Hopefully he was just off having fun. However, from the description on his blog of Monday's program, it doesn't sound like he'll be there. Obviously I hope I am wrong.

ACAnderFan said...

@m.minkoff, I too just recovered form the last Anderdrought. I too get nervous when he's off. But like you said he may have called in sick which would explian why they had no one to fill in for him. I hope you're worng too, about monday...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson took Kathy Griffin up on her offer. ;)

Phebe said...

@anonymous 12:42, LOL!

Anonymous said...

"I love you! I love you Anderson Cooper. Love me! Touch me innappropriately! Come over to my house tonight and love me!"

Yes, he went to see Kathy.

And no, he won't be in on Monday. I am sure of it.

But where will he be?

Etoile Bebe said...

@Phebe: Thanks for giving us such a "visually stimulating" post today; we needed it after what Mr. Cooper pulled on us yesterday!! I had the same "instinct" myself, but if he ends up in Madagascar I will forgive him!!Ha

I don't like Coop screwing with "Anderson and Jeff's Excellent Adventures!!" We need to see more of that camaraderie we so love!!

@Jennifer: Your photos are lovely!! Would you mind if I used some of them in my video?

I think I'll keep my "impressions" of KG to myself....

Anonymous said...

Oh! no, there was no Anderson! on friday, but Anderson you said that you'll say us on friday!

: (

Anonymous said...

So I guess his comment made at the Miami book signing about going to Iran (or Iraq) is not true?

Besides being at the border live on Thursday, can you tell us where else you think he will be this week? Like in the studio on Monday perhaps?

Megs said...

@ anon 12:42 - LOL oh my god that's it LOL. Makes total sense

OT -Rick Sanchez is getting a total kick out of the the story David Mattingly carp story and why shouldn't was not him this time!

oh no they foud a body that they believe to be Jessie Davis and the baby.....this is so sad

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1:57pm

Let's me guess...Is that you, Kathy??

Anonymous said...

Anderson's pics,.. makes me speechless, numbers 1,2,3.. can't say words, and if you add 4..makes my words more less, what will I do?..God have mercy!

Pic # 4, he looks so young! ....and fiiiiiiiiiiiine.
But seriously, Anderson is so gorgeous. BON!

Anonymous said...

Pris is going to be on Larry King next week. What will Anderson say, if anything?

swmpratt said...

Just saw on NBC news that they found body of missing pregnant woman - chief suspect is boyfriend who would be charged with her death and the death of the unborn child. How horrible and how horrible for her son; I wonder if her family will raise him? I was so afraid it would end like this.

Also saw the winner of what appeared to be Britains Idol show - a man named Paul Potts who sings opera and sounds like the next Pavarotti. He was a cell phone salesman; I don't believe he has ever had any operatic training; just a natural. He is amazing - he even left Simon Cowell almost speechless and for the first time I heard Simon say NICE stuff to a contestant. They showed his tryout too - he got a standing ovation on it. Just an amazing voice. I'm going to see if there are clips on youtube so I can listen again.

Have not been on - broke arm. Lets just say I "fell" and did not bounce. Arm sounded like Rice Krispies - snap, crackle, pop.

Hope all have good weekend. Got my daughter to type this and she says last time so I will see you when arm gets better maybe.

Megs said...

OMG can you imagine SWMNBN doing the leadin to AC 360 Wednesday......oh I will totally be watching to see if there is any interaction between Anderson/SWMNBN

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 1:57, what makes you so sure he won't be on Monday????

Jennifer said...

Hi Etoile Bebe, Yes you can use my photo's in your video's I don't mind.

Thanks for your compliment :)


Anonymous said...

@Annie Kate, I'm so sorry you broke your arm. I hope you're feeling better really soon.

copperfish said...

@Acanderfan, I liked your nickname for our dear anchor for his non-appearance on friday nights.

@Anon:1242, you made me laugh!

ACAnderFan said...

@ Annie Kate, I'm sorry to hear that you broke your arm. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

copperfish said...

@Annie Kate, Oouch that hurts. Hope you get well soon. And that's a gruesome news for the Davises' family.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 2:52, I'm sure if he said he'd be doing some traveling this summer that will be the case. As to where AC will be on Monday? Your guess is as good as mine. We'll just have to wait and see.