Sunday, July 01, 2007

Taking Foresight to the Nth Degree

Cap from Stillife

In light of the Supreme Court decision this week I thought a timely Anderclip would be an Nth Degree from May 7, 2004 - 50 years after Brown vs. Board of Education. If your not a history buff (like me), Anderson gives us an interesting history lesson.

If you have trouble seeing the video, here is the transcript:

Tonight, taking foresight to "The Nth Degree."

While we're remembering the nine Supreme Court justices who did the right thing 50 years ago today in Brown versus Board of Education, we ought also to remember the one justice who did the right thing 58 years earlier in the 1896 case that Brown overturned. Here is what Justice John Marshall Harlan, the lone dissenter in Plessy versus Ferguson said -- "Our constitution is colorblind and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law. The humblest is the peer of the most powerful. The arbitrary separation of citizens on the basis of race is a badge of servitude wholly inconsistent with the civil freedom and the equality before the law established by the constitution. It cannot be justified upon any legal grounds."

On this subject, before and after 1896, so many people were so very wrong, but John Marshall Harlan of Kentucky was right. If only he hadn't been alone.

London Calling
If you've had CNN on any this weekend I'm sure you've seen what is going on in the United Kingdom. Back in 2005, Anderson did a Reporter's Notebook on his coverage of the July 2005 London bombings. If you want to check it out go to AC360 Reporter's Notebook website HERE.

For all John Roberts fans, he is on his way to London and he will be reporting live from there Monday on American Morning. Here is what we received from CNN. "CNN's American Morning will air in a split broadcast on Monday. In keeping with bringing CNN viewers the most news and information in the morning, co-anchor John Roberts will report live from the U.K. [London]bringing viewers the latest updates on the investigation into the terrorist attack at the Glasgow Airport in Scotland on Saturday, and the two bomb-rigged cars discovered in Central London on Friday. Kiran Chetry will co-anchor from New York." Also, according to TVNewser, he covered the July 2005 attacks in London for CBS. (cap from Sheryn)

Canadaville, Louisiana

In my local paper this morning underneath the headline about the London bomb plot was a huge headline entitled "A Chance in Canadaville". It is this town in Louisiana that a Canadian businessman has created for Katrina families. Here is the deal. "People can live at Canadaville rent-free for five years if they follow a "charter of conduct." Among other things, they must work or go to school, volunteer at least eight hours a week, participate in the community council, and stay away from drugs." When I first read the article talking about the slower pace of life, "corn-country peace", and it being 150 miles from NOLA, I thought someone who is used to the city wouldn't like it there. I realized I was wrong when one of the residences in the article said "They can sleep at night without hearing gunshots." You can check out the full article as well as photos of the community HERE.


ACAnderFan said...

I'd never seen that Nth Degree before. Thanks for sharing it, Quitty!!!

I remember Andy's Reporter's Notebook from the 2005 London Bombings. It's always been one of my favorite Reporter's Notebooks.

I bet that if Andy didn't have to go to Texas on monday that he'd be in London as well.

ac said...

I love to watch Anderson's reporter's notebooks-they are so good!
I have been trying to watch the old nth degrees on pipeline,but they are revamping it,so I hope the archives are still available when it comes back on.
I forgot in my previous post yesterday,but a big welcome to new commentators,red high heels,and
To any fellow Canadian commentators
or readers,Happy Canada Day!

Anonymous said...

The Canadaville story is incredible. I hope AC 360 does a report on this soon. I live right outside of Baton Rouge and I've never heard of this before now. This is the kind of story that reaffirms my belief that people really do care about each other. What an enormously gracious thing this is.
After Katrina, I think New Orleans got a lot of bad publicity about the crime increase-not to say that it wasn't true. And I understand why it was important to show the rest of the country what was happening, but it also probably hurt New Orleans as well. That didn't apply to everyone who lives there-there are some very wonderful people in New Orleans. I have two new neighbors because of Katrina and they're great). After seeing some of the reports on AC 360, I curtailed the number of visits I made there. But I know that the only way to prompt action was to highlight how bad the problem has gotten-and it's very bad. I'm scared to go there anymore. And that hurts because New Orleans has always been special to me even though I don't live there. I WILL still go there despite the crime. It's hard to describe ...but it's a very sultry place and as you walk around the French Quarter I swear sometimes it feels like there's a heart beating under your feet. Everything there is have to be there to understand. But I can tell it's changed and it's very disheartening. I think the rest of the world has moved on and I know that's appropriate. But when I read some of the comments on the AC 360 blog about how there is no point in trying to resurrect New Orleans and the people there are criminals and we need to forget it-it hurts. A lot. Because even though I've never lived there,(but if you're from Louisiana, you know that New Orleans is a part of the definition of Louisiana) the creole culture there is part of my heritage and that city's influence, its music, its food, its spirit is felt all over this country and that is undeniable. And shame on anyone who thinks it isn't worth saving.

Sorry for the rant-a little PMDD moment. But it's true and thanks for the forum.

Anonymous said...

Is this businessman the president of Magna corporation , Stronick's dad?
Happy Canada Day! Best country in the world IMHO.Let's show some pride.

Anonymous said...

Hi Quitty:

Thanks for some good news from Canadaville. The investor behind this is a FL billionaire. He is a guy you would never see on TV or in magazines. Just a good humble guy.

How do I know him? He is on the FL and NY Polo circuit. My BIL is a polo player.

Thanks for good news! Don't forget ladies, Concert for Diana on VH1 at 11 AM Eastern. Let's rock and have some fun.

Quitty, do you dance?


Anonymous said...

The media is not all good, all the time. Sometimes it's that newscast bringing you a late breaking story that also throws in a shopping bag of false information, TMI, gossip and personal opinions. Ratings are often lower than desired for news programs, so to boost popularity, it's not moot for a report to be only partially fact based. Telling the world that NO was loaded with derelicts, drugs, petty crimes, murder, a corrupt police force and lazy residents, sent the potential tourist touring clearly above and beyond the Mason-Dixon line. Who would have thought the Sonesta had great rates and rolled out their red carpets for guests? No one, if they watched the news reports and saw that people were being robbed in the street. If a journalist is to tell the truth whether negative or positive, he/she should present both sides in equal airtime. For all that's seedy and dangerous in NO, that much and more is quaint, friendly, very welcoming and a lot of fun. There are crimes committed everywhere, potential for crime is everywhere. That shouldn't keep anyone locked away in their house. Canadaville is a perfect example of what's on the positive side of NO.

Megs said...

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quitty thank you so much for the story of Cnadaville, LA......I hope you know that I would truly appreciate it :P I love Canada, it truly is a fantastic place to live and visit if you ever get the chance. And hopefully this city will be able to help alot of Katrina has been far too long for help to come to them

Love the Nth degree clips but I will have to watch it later. Thanks for the transcript

Since it is Canada Day weekend here I will be able to watch all of AM tomorrow and not just the small little bits before I go to work. Can't wait to see JR in London......I hope he stays safe because there is some crazy stuff going on over there. I woke up to breaking news this morning about the hospital in Glasglow where the suspect is being treated......"a contained explosion" (whatever that means) in the parking one getting in, or out. So my Toronto homeboy better stay safe

I honestly would not be surprised if Anderson flew to London right after Texas but we will see

Anonymous said...

Quitty, thank you for the vids and info on Canadaville- some one sent me the artcle this morning. It sounds like a very intriguing place. Anything that would give people the feeling of being safe is great,.

Megs said...

OT - Jeffrey Toobin is filling in for Wolf Blitzer on Late Edition and he was doing his intro and they cut to the pre-taped lead in for the it seems CNN is having a weird week all around on all there shows :P

JT handled it well though :)

Anonymous said...

I was just reading the comment from the anonymous writer and I have to agree to some extent. Firstly, the crime in New Orleans was prevalent before Katrina and wasn't probably any worse than it is in most larger cities across the country. The per capita crime rate might be higher, but that's based on population. I do agree that crime and the potential for crime is everywhere. And I do agree that the media-and I have to specifically point to Anderson Cooper simply because of his ongoing involvement in NO and the Gulf Coast, tends to only show the bad side of NO. That is absolutely unfair and I wish he'd come down to NO and highlight the good things that have been happening and what a beautiful city it really is. But at the same time, I think someone needed to prompt change down there even if it's in the form of shaming Mayor Nagin and whoever else into DOING SOMETHING. But if AC could just show the progress in NO, I think it would help immensely. I bet the convention business NO depends on has slacked-I read that they're only booked til July for conventions. No doubt the negative press has influenced this.

Phebe said...

As always a wonderful and timely post.
As to Canadaville, I'm going to send the story to 360 Feedback and ask them to pay this wonderful place a visit the next time they are in the NOLA area. I'm also going to give credit for finding the story to Quitty.
@Blade, you ask if Quitty can dance? I'm not sure if she can dance but she sure can party. Here's the link to the rest of the story!

Sheryn said...


Have you guys seen Anderson's new page on

OH GOOD LORD, the picture is definitely, just WOW!!!

You have to check it out!

Sheryn said...

Whew, okay now that I got that off my chest, Ms. Quitty, what a wonderful post! Thank you!

Blade, as Ms. Quitty's chaperones, you must check her dance card with us before you as the lady to dance! LOL!

ac said...

OMG-I just checked out the new 360
site page-that pic is,well...yum yum!
The new CNN site seems interesting.I wish I could say the same about their programming choices lately,but well,that's another story!

Dixie Girl said...

@debbie from Denham Springs.
Glad to have another local commenting on NOLA. I live in one of the River Parishes but go to BR quite frequently. One of my best friends just moved to Denham Springs.

My husband and I have dinner in the French Quarter every weekend and I feel completely safe. We particularly love the piano bar at Pat O'Briens. Last weekend we cruised the Quarter until we found a restaurant we had never been to before and it was fantastic. I agree with you about NOLA having a heartbeat that can't be explained.

My husband works downtown and there are many days that he comes home and is depressed about the slow progress being made in the neighborhoods. But we just can't imagine living anywhere else, partly because of the food and music, but also because we love the outdoor activities. We are out in the Gulf of Mexico fishing whenever we can.

Thanks for the info on Canadaville. I do wish 360 would decide to highlight some of the positive things going on here.

ACAnderFan said...

Oh WOW!!! I just saw Andy's new CNN page. That picture of him is AMAZING!!! Is he even capable of taking a bad picture??? I LOVE his new CNN page. So much better than the old one.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Sheryn that the new Anderson Cooper 360 page, it is very HOT!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies:

Sorry about the pass at Quitty to ask her to dance. I assumed she was a grown woman! Now I know how protective you are of Ms. Quitty. As far as that party goes, ewwwee. Sign me up for this year only if you want a male dancer there. I could do some Chip and Dale moves for you ladies. LOL

I dance with everyone -- male and female. I have been rocking all day with Diana's Concert. Heck I was even dancing to Tom Jones making a hamburger and nearly had a heart attack over Dan Gillespie Sells.

Okay, ladies make it a fun day! I can't understand why Anderson isn't at the concert of the Summer. God Bless that Diana. She loved everyone!


Quitty said...

Ms. Sheryn (or should I say Auntie Sheryn :) thanks for the info about the new website. Lurve the pic.

@Blade, I don't have 2 left feet but I'm no Ginger Rogers either. Back in the day I danced in front of an audience a time or two. Sure I'll dance with you. Apparently though, you have to ask my chaperones first. LOL.

Now for the gray-haired anchor, he ain't asking permission from the chaperones. They'll steal him away.

aries moon said...

Man, you guys have been posting practically ALL my cherished Nth Degrees lately! AC's done some great ones but there are some that really had an impact on me and cemented my interest in Anderson and that I have never forgotten. The "foresight" Nth is one of them. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

OMG Sheryn...the new CNN website was up last night but Anderson's wasn't updated. I just had a look at it and the picture is awesome. The man is just so darn handsome. Don’t think he ever met a camera lens that didn’t love him! I also like the new layout and color palette of the page.

I've been emailing 360 asking for new reporters notebooks and was hoping we'd get one from his trip to the Amazon. Now that I know they're planning a special, I won't expect to see that for awhile. Unfortunately, a very good new notebook might mean Anderson has put himself in a dangerous situation. Crawling in to holes, on patrol with soldiers, a rope tied to is leg while he reports on a hurricane…you get my drift. Not to mention the emotional toll reports like those on Aminu, NOLA, and the women in the Congo must have on him. I love those reports but can't help think about his mom. She isn't so young anymore and the worry must be excruciating!

I have been a news and political junkie all my life. I actually remember JFK’s funeral. I am the same age as John Jr. and have a vivid memory of him saluting the casket. My entire family was stunned and heart broken when Bobby was assassinated. The news and 60 minutes have always been an integral part of my relationship to my dad. He is a man with a 4th grade education and one of the few people I knew growing up who actually read the paper from cover to cover every morning. Dad loves Anderson too. The only reporter he likes more today is Meredith Vieira and that’s cause he is Portuguese and his Grandma was a Vieira (ethnocentric I know, but that’s dad!) The reason I am telling you this is because in my entire life I can’t remember ever watching a journalist who moves me the way Anderson does when he's reporting on real people struggling through the adversities and tragedies of life. I am honestly stunned by his ability to take me into a story. Here’s to hoping he gets to do some great stories in the next year…stories that don’t require him to risk life and limb or his mental health!

On NOLA, I’ve never been there but my son has several times and he loved it. They are sending a few people from my work there in October to attend training. I have volunteered to go. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but don’t have a lot of hope cause I have a big project going on line that month. It is my goal to get there sometime in the near future. I hope 360 follows Phebe’s advice and does a story on Canadaville. It sounds like a great example of what people can do if they really choose to make a difference.

I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our new commenters and wish a Happy Canada Day to our friends up North!

sydney said...

Holy s%$t, you guys weren't lying! I've been to CNN new site this weekend, but hadn't bothered to visit the 360 site figuring it didn't say anything new. It didn't occur to me it would be reformatted. I had myself braced after the warning, but I still had to catch my breath.

I've been watching the concert all day. Never thought I'd ever hear Tom Jones covering Arctic Monkeys, but he's always on the cutting edge LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Quitty:

Dear don't worry about the feet. I worked my way through college and law school teaching dance lessons. Yes, really! The pay is great and it keeps you in shape.

If the Coop needs dance lessons I would be glad to teach the man how to dance! Maybe some salsa or the tango! Oh course only if Quitty and her chaperones had the cameras rolling! LOL

How about the wonderful Rod Stewart today? The man loves to rock.


Megs said...

@ "Auntie" Sheryn :P
Thanks for the heads up about the new 360 page. I was over at last night and it was different and my main concern was how to get to Anderson's page.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anderson's new picture is so HOT!!!
It is almost like Anderson is looking you directly in the eye and I love it.

I am off to go read Ms. Phebe account of Ms. Quitty night o fun at the anniversary party.......

Question for Ms. the second anniversary coming up soon, can we expect a general invite in the headline soon, cause I would love me an Anderblue martini :P

Megs said...

Phebe when I cut and paste the link it does not take me to the old post.

What month was it in.....I will go to the archives :)

Phebe said...

@megan, It was Dec. 23,2006. Here's the link again. I tested it and it works for me in IE.
@blade, We'll keep you in mind for our Christmas party entertainment. Do I need to find a venue with a pole? Maybe if we have enough of the blue martinis we could get you to teach our grey haired guest of honor a move or two. Sorry, guess I'm in the naughty chair for the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

OH WOW. Sheryn thank you sooooo much for that tip off about AC's new CNN page. I had to gasp for breath when I saw the picture. OH WOW. I swear that man is the most gorgeous being on the face of the earth...

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe:

No, dear, no poles for me. I am a real dancer and was a dance teacher.

I really dance and have taught 100's of people how to dance. Dancing has revived many relationships with fun!

The only requirement for Coop is that he wears tight black pants and a shirt open to his navel so we can get the full effect of the salsa or the tango! Just like the guys on Univision! LOL!

@ Quitty:

Please wear your Jimmy Choo's to this year's party. Women dance better in high heels!

Elton is coming on...have to run! If he does Candle in the Wind, I am going to cry!


Jennifer said...

Quitty thank you for your stories today they were very good.

Now on a lighter note in London a huge concert.

Their is going to be a concert for Princess Diana at Wembley stadium the big stars are coming out for this one, for example, Duran Duran, Rod Stewart, Elton John and so on.

The Wembley stadium is going to be over flowing, I hope and pray this is a safe and enjoyable concert for the people their.

I heard that is going to be your day Megan Canada Day, what you guys usually do on Canada Day.

Your Friend Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I came across the new layout of Anderson Cooper 360, I'm with ya'll the layout is really HOT!!!!!!

Thank you Sheryn :)

It made my day

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheryn WOW my heart skips a beat, I saw the new 360 webpage

AC told Larry King a while back that he has cut a rug or 2 in his days maybe he can teach us something.

I'm ready ANYTIME!!!!!!!!

I wonder if he knows what he does to us WOMEN. Lord help us

From Red High Heels

Anonymous said...

I love to dance with Anderson ANYTIME, I will put my red dancing shoes on.

If I don't pass out first, maybe it be a slow one so he can catch me if I fall you better be sure I WILL FALL if you get my mean. HOT!!!!!!!!

Going to my me a fan now, I already had air conditioner

Jennifer said...

I agree with you, Red High Heels why don't we all of us girls put our dancing shoes on, He can tell us the time and place and I be their.

Megs said...

@ Jennifer......Canada Day is very much like Independence Day. Fireworks, BBQ, the whole 9 yards.

Thanks very much for the link Phebe

Etoile Bebe said...

@Sheryn: You are so right; that photo is SMOKIN HOT!!!!!! Sorry, I had to say it!!

Now if he would only add it to the Photo Gallery!! It's about time they updated it anyway. I've been asking them for months!

I told Anderson in a recent blog that no matter what he picks that there better be some serious booty shaking going on!!

I've have taken dance lessons in jazz and modern in college and ballroom dancing for ages; I'd love to teach Anderson how to Tango or at least a little Cha cha cha!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies:

Do you think I should nominate Anderson to be a dancer on "Dancing with the Stars?" A much better choice than say Larry King or Lisa Gibbons. LOL

I have been trying to find a show transcript and have been killing myself for the last hour trying to find the transcripts and I can't. Can anyone direct me to it on the new BETA page? Any transcript readers out there beside me?

I found the "instant feedback BUDDON" and I have to say I am happy they kept that one. LOL

Also, if anyone knows Harry or William have them contact me on this thread. They need some dance lessons too after today's concert!

Dancing with ATA

Quitty said...

@Blade...I didn't notice until you mentioned it that there isn't a link to the transcripts page on the new AC360 site either. I'm searching the CNN transcripts all the time.

Here is the link to the AC360 transcript page:

And the main transcript page:

copperfish said...

The terrorist threat discovered in London and the attack on Glasgow Airport had domino effects. The international airport in my country had raised alerts inside and out of the area. They had added security personnels as well as bomb sniffing dogs. My god! when will be these terror plots be put to an end.

copperfish said...

@Sheryn, I went and checked it out. My gosh! I almost fell off my chair. He's ruggedly handsome in that page! ;-)

Sheryn said...

Ah Ms. Quitty, you are so right, if the gray-haired anchor came a calling, I'd run away with him so fast your head would spin.

All's fair in love and AC War! LOL! That should be the book we write at ATA. LOL!

@Blade, we'll need to see a tape of your dance moves before we hire you. No pole, huh? Hmmm, I'm sure we'll have to think about this for a bit! LOL!

Can you tango?

Anonymous said...

@ Quitty:

Thanks for the links. I will bookmark them.

@ Sheryn:

Yes, dear one, I could even teach you the tango. Quitty, first though. She is the lady with the links. LOL

And you think Anderson is cute. Trust me, women want to run off with me all the time. LOL

Your ATA Dance Instructor

Sheryn said...

@Blade, you don't have to teach me dear, we can go straight to the dance floor! I dance a pretty mean tango myself! LOL!

OOH What a Holiday Party this is going to be!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies:

I just wanted you to see me on one of my videos. I was on Yahoo today.


Quitty said...

@Blade...LOL...Can you teach me your little "chicken dance"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Gulf Coast update, Quitty. That "candaville" sounds like a good plan, especially the part about having to keep a job in order to live in the house. Excellent idea to empower people.

Oh , Etoile that was YOU who said you want Anderson to do some serious "booty shaking?!" I replied to that and said we want to see Anderson dancce to "Funky President" by James Brown!