Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An update on the 360 Political Song Contest

Hi everyone! I was going to talk about the show and all but this just came to me from our fellow blogger, Sapphire. Thanks! Apparently AC360 has sensed our impatience regarding the 360 Political Song Contest. Gabe Falcon, 360 Writer posted this on the 360 Blog:

Of theme songs and lawyers
I know you've been waiting anxiously to find out who the finalists are in our search for 360's political theme song. Frankly, the suspense has been killing me.

But we've run into a bit of a problem. You may have run into the same problem. It's called lawyers.

I'll explain by using Starship's "We Built This City" (voted one of the worst songs of all-time) as an example.

So let's say that '80s artifact makes it to the final round.Great. Once that's settled, we have to find out who exactly owns the publishing rights to "We Built This City." Our search starts with the artist and the record company.

Assuming Starship (Or Jefferson Starship or Airplane or whatever name the band is currently taking) gives us the green light, we need to negotiate the rights to use it on air. And believe me, it's not cheap.
In fact, it's way more than we thought. Our budget only allows for limited expenses like paper for the copying machine and pizza on Fridays.
So, until our lawyers iron out a deal that our bosses deem financially acceptable, we're in music limbo.

Sorry, and stay tuned.

-- By Gabe Falcon, "360" Writer

Thank you very much for the update Gabe. I'm assuming you are joking about "We Built This City! LOL!

Dude, they can only get you pizza for lunch? I'm thinking you outta hold out for Mangia. I love their sandwiches! All kidding aside, we do appreciate you keeping us in the loop!

More Debate Stuff
This article filtered thru my Google Alert yesterday. Adam Nagourney from the NY Times wrote about his experience at The Citadel during the debate last week. It's a good read! Here is one of the things he had to say about Anderson. (Click the title to read the full article.)

NY Times
Adam Nagourney

Here is what you missed watching it on television, starting with some fluff.

Anderson Cooper is taller than he looks on television. He also was wearing a much nicer suit than any of the men on stage who wanted to be president. (If you are now looking for some carping about Senator
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s fashion sense, you have come to the wrong place: turn the page or click the link, or whatever it is one needs to do these days to move on.) Mr. Cooper is also rather funny, in a droll sort of way, as was clear during the moments he bantered with the audience in those expectant moments leading up to the debate.

“We really have no idea if this is going to work,” he said.

“Take a deep breath!” someone yelled from the audience.

Speaking of the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate, Book Asylum found over 1000 pictures on The Citadel's website. I went thru the site and these are the best ones of Anderson. Thanks for the heads up, BA!!!

Speaking of Anderson being the Best Dressed
Phebe mentioned in her post this morning that Anderson Cooper made Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed Hall of Fame. According to some of our readers who recently purchased the magazine, there is no mention of the Anderson's honor so save your money!
According to M.Minkoff, the Best Dressed issue will be out in September. Thanks for the tip!!!

One last note: My thoughts go out to Anderson's one-time collegue Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. Robin announced today that she is fighting breast cancer. I pray for her swift and complete recovery.

I'll leave you with some screencaps from last night's show. I thought I'd post the cap of the Prince to brighten everyone's day! LOL! Have a great night! ~Sheryn

Monday, July 30, 2007

Help, my pc died!

I’ve had the most frustrating night with computer problems on Monday and I spent hours trying to figure it out. We had a huge storm late in the afternoon. When I couldn’t connect to the internet I just assumed it was a problem caused by the 2” of rain we had in a little over an hour. But then I discovered that my neighbors all had internet and my laptop could connect but not my desktop. So the solution is simple, right? Just blog from my laptop, except it has a very finicky battery and will shut down at the most inopportune moment. Also it doesn't have the ability to do screencaps. So bear with me, I’m going to try to get this posted. It will be a little short on content and you'll have to wait until Sheryn posts on Tuesday afternoon for screencaps. But, oddly enough, I found a bunch of pictures of AC, stored in my laptop, with the same tie he had on Monday night. So not to confuse anyone but that's what I'll use for the purposes of getting this posted.
What I did manage to catch on Monday’s AC 360 was the naked picture of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Prince what’s-his-name. Ewwww. This is one time everyone should be happy I can't screencap.

Sad to see that the Goldman’s and the Brown’s have ended up on opposite sides of a courtroom. I never understood why Fred Goldman thought he was entitled to 100% of money seized from OJ, I think the Brown’s had to proceed with this lawsuit. That said, Ms. Brown didn’t let Anderson get a word in. She not only asked all the questions she answered them. I found it very annoying…but it didn’t take much to annoy me on Monday night.

It was good to see AC360 spend a few minutes covering the horrific helicopter crash that occurred in Phoenix on Friday. Tuesday is the funeral for 2 of the victims and Phoenix will come to a standstill for this service. It’s hard to explain the popularity of the local channel they worked for. They advertise themselves as Arizona’s Family and it really is true. Most of them, like Mike Watkiss, have been with the station for many, many years and are just like family to the viewers. CNN’s Kristi Paul worked at this station and was one of the first to call to offer her condolences.
That’s it for program coverage for me. I’m sure I missed much, but I’m just as sure you’ll let me know about it too!

We have another Anderupdate thanks to our wonderful ATA team. Megan found that Anderson Cooper has been named to Vanity Fair’s 2007 International Best Dressed Hall of Fame. No surprise there, right? He’s being inducted along with George Clooney in the August issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands now.

I have a bit of Big Brother news for those of you who have been watching since the beginning. Dr. Will, winner of Season 3, and participant in Big Brother All Stars is making his debut on E!'s Dr. 90210 Monday night. If you’re not familiar with this show it is a reality show about a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. I’ve been told that Will is going to be joining the practice on a temporary basis.


credit: Getty Images

Just wanted to let you know that we discovered that Anderson Cooper was in Colorado this weekend working on an SIU special concerning elderly abuse. Danielle in Colorado wrote about the sighting on her myspace blog this afternoon. Here is her story from poor Danielle in Colorado Springs, CO.

Hello and hello again,

Apparently yesterday Anderson Cooper and his camera crew were less then one block from my house in this small town in which I reside. Apparently my grandmother who by chance was taking a walk around the block got to meet and talk with him. I ask you where the sanity or justice is in this event?!! I, having been a fan of Anderson's since his stint as a reporter for Channel One News in 1992 (oh, I'm showing my age now....) was not even a full block away, yet knew nothing and saw nothing--no thanks to my grandmother. Who, by the way, acts as if it is completely nothing out of the ordinary!

For those interested, the story they were following up on involved elderly abuse, or something of the like. My grandmother said he was very nice, looks just like he does on tv (I don't think any of expect he really has, like, a horn in the middle of his forehead or anything...) and that he asked her general questions like how long she has lived on her street. (Which is 36+ years for those keeping track...) I am still in a state of general shock and disbelief. Just not fair at all. Oh yes, the report in question is supposed to air on or around Nov. 6th, for his Special Investigations Unit segment. I'd better go...I think I may actually cry a little..........Danielle.

Danielle thank you for the information and we feel your pain.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Video Contest Part 1

A few weeks ago we asked for submission of Anderson related videos. I'll post one now and add one later today. Then next week I'll put up the rest along with the voting. We had some great submissions again this time!

The first one is from Annie Kate. Here's a preview of hers....

As was noted by one of our commenters today, the Republican YouTube debate may or may not happen.

According to TVNewser:

"Time Magazine's Swampland says the Sept. 17 GOP CNN/YouTube debate is being moved back, possibly to December. Only two of the GOP candidates had committed to the debate which was planned for Sept. 17. The Washington Post reports Mitt Romney agreed to participate, if CNN moved the date."

Also, from the Washington Post about this:

"CNN Washington Bureau Chief David Bohrman, the mastermind behind the CNN-YouTube marriage, spoke with Romney's campaign late yesterday. CNN says the former Massachusetts governor may participate if the debate, scheduled for Sept. 17 in St. Petersburg, Fla., can be pushed back.

In the meantime, conservative bloggers started an online petition yesterday, on SaveTheDebate.com. "Some Republicans are talking about ditching the long-planned YouTube debate, like the Democrats and Fox News," the site reads. "As concerned Republicans, we respectfully ask them to reconsider. Republicans cannot surrender to Democrats on any front -- least of all new media -- or we may well lose in 2008."

Looks like Romney, who's aggressive in using YouTube to connect with voters, could be pressured into this."

Romney also stated this about the format:

"There is a degree of respectfulness that ought to be associated with the process of selecting a nominee. From what I've heard, that level of respectfulness was breached."

Yeah, this coming from a guy that straps his dog on the roof of his car. LOL But seriously, I have to strongly disagree with him. The people asking the questions are REAL people, whether they were being funny or they are being serious they are real people and with a statement like that he seems to be acting above them. That doesn't sit right with me and I'm sure it wouldn't sit right with a lot of the people that took the time to submit the videos. Honestly, he needs to take a step back for a moment. These are the people he will be representing if elected and if he feels the their questions are disrespectful of the process then we're in trouble. It's hard to have a lot of respect for him with that kind of attitude (and the dog thing doesn't help!)

Read the rest HERE

Since I didn't really talk too much about Anderson (not a lot of new info) I thought I'd post some pictures...

Taking Delays to the Nth Degree

I was digging around for an Nth Degree where Anderson talks about The View since he is scheduled to be on the show this coming Friday. What I found instead was a clip that would have fit perfectly in my February 4, 2007 post "Taking $%#* to the Nth Degree.

It is from April 2, 2004, a few months after the "Janet Jackson nipple ripple" (Anderson's words, not mine). Yes, he mentions The View, especially Star Jones. I laughed the first time I saw this. His expressions are so funny.

I went to The View's website and they are calling Friday's show a "Special Edition" saying it is "a preview of Fall politics, television, film and fashion from Anderson Cooper, People, Entertainment Weekly and Nina Garcia. Guest co-hosts are both Caroline Rhea and Melissa Claire Egan." It is also their last show until September. They are on hiatus the entire month of August.

I didn't have any luck finding an Nth about the Tonight Show. This is his first appearance with Jay Leno but it supposedly isn't his first appearance on the Tonight Show. According to IMDB, he was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on September 17, 1970. I haven't seen the video and Johnny Carson's official website doesn't have his mom listed as a guest that evening so who knows. Maybe when he goes on the show, Jay will dig out Anderson's first appearance and embarrass him a little.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stand back, she's about to blow.......

I don’t usually go off on a commenter, like I’m about to do, but Anonymous 11:10AM picked the wrong day, the wrong topic, and the wrong person to piss off. Here's their comment and my response:

You know you guys say you don't want negative comments made about Anderson, but yet here again there are some made and you did not delete them. What is up with that? You say you want comments that are respective. And don't say it is more about CNN and 360, than it is against Anderson, because he has said he has input into his own show,so he must agree with these changes and formats.
Yes he takes off a lot of Fridays and he only has been doing an hour each night, but did anyone notice that two nights last week he was live for an hour and then had a wrap up of the debate each night and all of you that notice what he wears, should have noticed that each night of the taped portion he had the same clothes on as the live show. So my point is he still worked the extra hour at some point during the day, which I figure he probably either went in an hour earlier or at least the same time.
He also was in SC all last weekend getting ready for the debates and then was on live for 3 hours that night.
You know regular tv networks have reruns in the summer, so why shouldn't CNN have the same right. Unless there is really Breaking News or something then they should have a right to do what the want and as long as their sponsorship don't mind then why should we?
Also with the changes coming with PZ leaving and Campbell Brown coming on, their might be all kinds of changes coming that we all need to get use to and yes this could even mean changes to Anderson own show.
I just think sometimes people are to hard on Anderson and CNN. I still don't see any of us going to the places and reporting the great stories that they have.
Also remember, this time last year Anderson was in the Middle East for a month and he was on the air a lot, reporting on other CNN shows. He also had shows on most weekends while he was there and so I am sure they gave him comp time for that, so maybe he is using that time from last year. And lord knows how much comp time he had for all the hours he put in during Katrian.
I know this is just my opinion and will probably get shot down, but I had to write what I felt.
And one more thing, you don't want negative things on this blog about Anderson, but you don't have a problem trashing Kiern Chetney on All Things CNN?

Dear Anonymous 11:10AM,
Let me first comment on your last paragraph, concerning Kiran Chetry. When she first came to CNN I asked readers to give her some time. I didn’t take a stand until she had time to acclimate to her new network and her new anchor position. Believe me the last thing I like doing is to criticize a woman in network news. They are few and far between and deserve our support when possible. But I’ve really come to the conclusion that a pretty face is not enough to warrant an anchor slot. My blog post was clearly labeled as my opinion, and I’m entitled to that. If you want to air your opinion why not start your own blog? Maybe you’ll enjoy devoting hours and hours of unpaid time to it, only to be told your wrong by someone who doesn’t even sign their name.

Now onto your criticism of comments that we post, and that you construe as negative. Many of said comments are from regular commenters, who we know to be true devoted fans that are simply disappointed that the show isn’t what they want or expect. Simply because you don’t agree with a comment, that doesn’t make it negative. Since you are not in my shoes, and privy to the comments I reject, you have no idea what a truly negative comment is. Trust me, you would not believe what some people have to say and try to get posted.

You say “I still don't see any of us going to the places and reporting the great stories that they have.”
Maybe that’s because it’s not our job. Mr. Cooper is a grown man, making millions of dollars a year doing something he loves. It doesn’t get much better than that. Along with his high profile job comes public scrutiny, including some criticism from his most loyal fans. He’s a big boy, he can take it.

As to readers complaints that you deem negative, concerning the reruns. Our complaints have nothing to do with Anderson and everything to do with CNN. Don’t repackage worn and tired repeats and call it a new special. When CNN cut AC360 back to 1 hour why didn’t they tell us what they were doing? Why did it take 2 readers in JAPAN to get to the bottom of it? Why? Because CNN doesn’t respect regular viewers enough to be honest. It is said that we are the exception, that most AC360 viewers flip back and forth during the program and don’t watch the entire 2 hours. I believe this to be true. But a press release announcing a change in programming, for the summer or longer, doesn’t seem too much to ask. Those channel flippers will still wander back and forth and the regulars wouldn’t have gotten so angry. I’d much rather see AC360 stay one hour with no repeats than go back to the way it was this Spring. And if you see that as negative then I’d suggest you move on, ATA is not for you.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Crime & Punishment and A Cartoon, Too

Let me start off by warning you, I am not a big fan of the canned programming that strings together stories that we've already seen. I much prefer live news broadcasts. Now, that I've got that out of my system, on with the post...and a slightly different approach tonight. Since all of these stories have aired previously, I'm going to provide you with mostly pictures and let you sound off in the comments.

Tonight's program was a special: Keeping Them Honest: Crime & Punishment

The first of five stories was Gary Tuchman's report from Rockville, Maryland about an alleged rapist that had the charges against him dropped because an interpreter was not available. The court spent two years looking for an interpreter and couldn't find one. CNN spent under three hours and found one just a few minutes away.

My favorite line of the night was from Gary Tuchman: "You need to know more than Vai to get by" referring to the alleged rapist being able to graduate from a Maryland high school.

Next was Kathleen Koch's report on a Harrison County Jail in Mississippi where there has been evidence of excessive force, beatings, and murder- not from the prisoners, but the guards.

Jeffrey Toobin pointed out that this jail has been looked at by the federal government, but it doesn't appear as though its curbed the violence.

The News Brief tonight was brought to us by Randi Kaye.

Then Randi Kaye's report on the violence and murder rate in New Orleans.

OK, this is just a gratuitous screen cap of Anderson.

The fourth report tonight was also from Randi Kaye. A 22 year old student was raped and murdered in her dorm room at Eastern Michigan University. The University buried the truth about her death and initially claimed "no foul play".

Finally, Dan Simon's report on the Portland, Oregon jail that's built and ready to house prisoners, except the county can't afford keep the new complex running.

This is the jail that has nice art work outside.

And now for something that you might not have seen before... have you ever checked out the cartoons posted to CNN.COM? This week there was a cartoon by Mike Mikula that depicted Anderson and the candidates at the YouTube debate. Below is a snippet from the cartoon:

That cute snowman keeps stealing the show! That's it for me tonight! Have a good weekend!

Lord of the Lies

Apologies to KO, whose title I stole. •Thursday's AC360 began with coverage of Attorney General Gonzales. To me it's just another case of Bush cronyism when Gonzales can lie under oath repeatedly and remain in office. There is not much else to say on the subject, it's business as usual for this White House.

• John King talked with AC about an interview he did with Hillary Clinton concerning the friction between her campaign and that of Obama. I'm really past this story. I think we've all formed our opinions on this matter and maybe the candidates should just move on to bigger issues.
•Next up was Randi Kaye's piece on the murders in Cheshire, CT. If you watched LKL Lisa Bloom covered this story in depth and I didn't think Randi's report added anything new. I'm starting to sound really negative, and I really don't mean to. It was a much better program than Wednesday night.
•Like many other nights Tom Foreman's Raw Politics was the highlight of the night for me. First we had Anderson Cooper 'Simpsonized' : then the 'Simpsonized' Tom Foreman. BTW, I'm not sure if you can see it but I LOVE the TF tie.
•The report on anesthesia awareness is something that I'm very aware of. I had a good friend who had emergency surgery several years ago, under general anesthesia. Her body was paralyzed from the anesthesia but her brain was wide awake. She was intebated and couldn't yell, her eyelids were taped so she couldn't blink, she had no way of telling the surgeons that she felt every cut, every tug, everything. Her experience became my worst fear.
Most of you know I've had two major surgeries this year. One in January and one in May. I've had surgeries before, under general anesthesia, with no problem. But ever since I heard my friends story I've had this irrational fear that it could happen to me. How did I face my fear of anesthesia? I didn't, I still have the fear. I actually had both of my surgeries with a spinal that froze my body from the chest down but left me wide awake. I discussed the Super Bowl with my surgeon during my January surgery as he was making incisions and repairing what needed repaired. My experience in May was much the same. I will always chose this option when it is possible. If it's not I'm going to make sure the operating room I'm in as a brain activity monitor. If you'd like to learn more please check out Anesthesia Awareness.com. •I didn't/couldn't watch the dog fighting story so I'll just take this time to tell you how disappointed I was that AC360 didn't cover the Pat Tillman story on Thursday's show. The White House is going to strip another General of a star and blame the cover-up on him. But this will not satisfy the Tillman family, I guarantee it. They know that this cover-up was approved and assisted by the White House and the Tillman family won't stop until you know it too. If you didn't come back at the end of the second hour to see 'the Shot' don't forget to check out the podcast. AC and Erica presented cute animal videos trying to better the other, as they often do.
thanks to Lavendar Blue for the podcap

•We've had a few readers send us mentions of the AC podcast done at the debates on Monday night. Follow this link, go to 'featured podcasts' on the right side of the screen and it's the second one on the list. I'm hearing raves about this one so check it out.

And thanks to Gracie we have a video link (no podcast this time for those of you having troubles) where Erica Hill reviews how she and AC do the 360 Bulletin and The Shot. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

AC360's Keeping Them Honest and making a difference

Do you know how many times I've eaten crow in the past 1 1/2 years of blogging about AC360? A whole bunch, thank you very much! It ain't fun having to eat your own words but that's what happens when I continue to question that which I know nothing about! What am I talking about? Last night I blogged that I just couldn't get into Kathleen Koch's piece on Lee Demond Smith, the inmate who was strangled by jailers in Mississippi. I said the report was good but a bit too long for my taste. Well, here's where I eat crow. I read an article today in the Sun Herald that said, "A family's concerns over conflicting autopsy reports and a national TV news show's interest prompted District Attorney Cono Caranna to call for a federal investigation of a Harrison County jail inmate's death."

Apparently, the DA found out that Ms. Koch planned to do this story to expose the second autopsy report and then he ordered the investigation. Hats off to Kathleen Koch and the 360 team for Keeping Them Honest in Mississippi. I truly hope that the family of Lee Demond Smith gets the just they so rightly deserve.

What's the name of that song?
Okay, here's where I'll complain and rightfully so! What the heck happened to the AC360 Political Theme Song Contest? I know we have a long campaign season ahead of us but we've all been waiting with baited breath for the three choices to vote on. This is one of those times that I feel like AC360 just drops the ball. I mean they might be working on getting rights to use the songs but it wouldn't hurt for them to update us on the situation. That way we won't feel like we wasted hours of effort pouring over playlists and CDs to find just the right song like good little Anderfans.

Come on AC360, tell us! What's the Name of those Songs? (Damn, now I have that Sesame Street tune playing in my head!)

The things I do for Anderson Cooper! (I'm sorry Ms. Phebe I know you like The View.)
Sydney, I'm stealing that line from you! The things we are force to do to support Anderson Cooper. I was so depressed last night reading that I have to sit thru watching the shrews on The View next Friday just to support my Anderfan habit. Anderson, honey, I mean I have sat thru hours of Warren Jeffs, John Mark Karr, Paris Hilton, Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump for you. BUT PLEASE, NOT THE VIEW! UGHHHHHH!!!! I would rather sit thru a bikini wax than listen to those whiny women that early in the morning.

Mr. Cooper, if you didn't already know that I am a loyal fan, this just proves it!

I'm not sure I can watch tonight
Well, I must say that I am really happy that I do not have to blog about tonight's show on Friday. I'm not sure I can sit thru David Mattingly's special report tonight. Oh my goodness, I cannot imagine the absolute horror these patients must have gone thru being trapped in their own bodies not able to scream yet feeling the pain of an operation.

One of my recurring nightmares is that I'm trying to scream but nothing comes out of my mouth. Just that fear alone is horrifying. Can you imagine also experiencing the pain of an operation as well? Yeah, I don't think I can watch this one.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a terrific weekend! ~Sheryn

OH, GREAT NEWS! I just found out my house is officially SOLD!!!! Yay! You won't have to be subjected to my bitching, whining and complaining any longer!!!! Thanks to everyone for their moral support. I truly appreciate all of your well wishes! Y'all kept me sane!