Thursday, July 26, 2007

AC360's Keeping Them Honest and making a difference

Do you know how many times I've eaten crow in the past 1 1/2 years of blogging about AC360? A whole bunch, thank you very much! It ain't fun having to eat your own words but that's what happens when I continue to question that which I know nothing about! What am I talking about? Last night I blogged that I just couldn't get into Kathleen Koch's piece on Lee Demond Smith, the inmate who was strangled by jailers in Mississippi. I said the report was good but a bit too long for my taste. Well, here's where I eat crow. I read an article today in the Sun Herald that said, "A family's concerns over conflicting autopsy reports and a national TV news show's interest prompted District Attorney Cono Caranna to call for a federal investigation of a Harrison County jail inmate's death."

Apparently, the DA found out that Ms. Koch planned to do this story to expose the second autopsy report and then he ordered the investigation. Hats off to Kathleen Koch and the 360 team for Keeping Them Honest in Mississippi. I truly hope that the family of Lee Demond Smith gets the just they so rightly deserve.

What's the name of that song?
Okay, here's where I'll complain and rightfully so! What the heck happened to the AC360 Political Theme Song Contest? I know we have a long campaign season ahead of us but we've all been waiting with baited breath for the three choices to vote on. This is one of those times that I feel like AC360 just drops the ball. I mean they might be working on getting rights to use the songs but it wouldn't hurt for them to update us on the situation. That way we won't feel like we wasted hours of effort pouring over playlists and CDs to find just the right song like good little Anderfans.

Come on AC360, tell us! What's the Name of those Songs? (Damn, now I have that Sesame Street tune playing in my head!)

The things I do for Anderson Cooper! (I'm sorry Ms. Phebe I know you like The View.)
Sydney, I'm stealing that line from you! The things we are force to do to support Anderson Cooper. I was so depressed last night reading that I have to sit thru watching the shrews on The View next Friday just to support my Anderfan habit. Anderson, honey, I mean I have sat thru hours of Warren Jeffs, John Mark Karr, Paris Hilton, Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump for you. BUT PLEASE, NOT THE VIEW! UGHHHHHH!!!! I would rather sit thru a bikini wax than listen to those whiny women that early in the morning.

Mr. Cooper, if you didn't already know that I am a loyal fan, this just proves it!

I'm not sure I can watch tonight
Well, I must say that I am really happy that I do not have to blog about tonight's show on Friday. I'm not sure I can sit thru David Mattingly's special report tonight. Oh my goodness, I cannot imagine the absolute horror these patients must have gone thru being trapped in their own bodies not able to scream yet feeling the pain of an operation.

One of my recurring nightmares is that I'm trying to scream but nothing comes out of my mouth. Just that fear alone is horrifying. Can you imagine also experiencing the pain of an operation as well? Yeah, I don't think I can watch this one.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a terrific weekend! ~Sheryn

OH, GREAT NEWS! I just found out my house is officially SOLD!!!! Yay! You won't have to be subjected to my bitching, whining and complaining any longer!!!! Thanks to everyone for their moral support. I truly appreciate all of your well wishes! Y'all kept me sane!


Sapphire said...

Congrats Sheryn ~ you must be so relived :)

I really liked the piece the other night about the Harrison County Prison and I love the fact that stories 360 reports on effect change. Anderson and the whole team really take the phrase "Keeping Them Honest" to heart and I for that 360 has my up most respect.

Where is the theme song???? Now that is a good question. I want to vote for something darn it.

I don't mind the View but I am so glad Anderson doesn't have to deal with Rosie......can't stand her but then that is MHO for all it is worth. I love that Anderson will most likely be sitting on the couch on Leno for most of the hour if he is the first guest (fingers crossed).....gosh next week is going to be a fantastic Anderweek. I once email the Ellen show and suggested Anderson be a guest on her if anyone hears anything about it...definately share the 411!

ACAnderFan said...

Sheryn, congratulations on selling your house!!!

I don't mind The View. I mean it's OK. But I'll do anything to feed my Anderfan habit (I like that term)...LOL!!!

About the 360 song contest. I've come up with a great idea. Instead of going through all the legal issues to get a song, why dosen't Andy just ask Jake Shears to write a song for 360??? I think that would be better anyway because then we'd have an original song just for 360.

Unknown said...

Congrats, Sheryn!

I don't usually watch The View, but it's ok. I like Joy a lot. Not a big fan of Elizabeth's, though. It'll be interesting to see what they will talk to Anderson about.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! Mis Sheryn.


Kimber M. said...

Not to be looking over Mr. Cooper's shoulder but it looks like a binder, phone, wallet on the desk...And that's definitely Outlook express he's reading

Phebe said...

The View is not that bad...I actually love Joy Bahar and Sherry Shepard is really funny. Just cover your ears and sing lalalala when Elizabeth opens her mouth and you'll be fine. As for Barbara Walters I would think AC would find her interesting. She's pretty much an icon in his industry.
Joy and Barbara often talk about CNN, especially Wolf. Joy also mentions AC a lot so I think she's somewhat a fan. It will be interesting, to say the least.

Evelyn said...

Whoo Hoo! Congrats Sheryn! Make yourself a mojito and enjoy :)

I'm also pretty ticked they don't have a song for us to pick yet...

I'm actually looking forward to David Mattingly's report'll be interesting to see how it went wrong and such. Then again, I love all that science/medical stuff.

I never watch the view so i guess i have no opinion on that, but i do know one thing...i don't like rosie so i'm glad she's not gonna be on there. i think i'm gonna have to tape it since i have class at that time...

Anonymous said...

Congratulation.. You've sold your house. Where are you moving to? Here is in New York, it has been insane! The housing market hasn't been doing well lately. So, I am happy for you..

I also am looking forward to hear about the theme song and am hoping to hear from Anderson very soon.

What's next....okay..About The View, be honest with me, are you doing Anderson's favor? Does Anderson Cooper read our blogs from All Things Anderson? If Anderson does, that's great.. I love your All Things Anderson programs. I also used to watch that program, "The View". I have a feeling that Anderson is not too crazy about Rosie. I may be wrong but Anderson is a rational person.

I do believe 'Keeping Them Honest" is important to everyone to be aware of. I've learned a lot from Anderson and his staff.

I am hoping to see Anderson at the Leno Show. Could you please tell me when Anderson going to be on?

That's me, Hearing Impaired Gal..I haven't done anything with blogs since several weeks. I just got back from London. It was a cool vacation but it was $$$$$ expensive.

Anonymous said...

OK Sheryn, I'm sorry but I almost peed my pants. We have the exact opinion on those evil View women...Especially that whiny "im soooo perfect, I love pres bush. Im soooo rich" Elizabeth. I just wish some one would smack here (well maybe after she pops out that soon to be another republican troll.) Second congrats on selling the house.

I agree with the song mix up...What's going on???? Personally I think "We're not gonna take it" by Twisted sister. Atleast thats how I felt.

I'm totally loving watching the debates. I'm actually really happy b.c I've been introduced to many of the other canidates and I like some of their views on things.

Oh did anyone catch Larry King last night??? EXCELLENT SHOW!!! Besides the point that Phillipe Cousteau and Survivor man were some of the guests!!!!

ac said...

Sheryn yay,congrats on selling your house!
Where the heck is that political theme song anyway?Come on Anderson Cooper-we need an update on this,is 360 so tied up in legal crap that you dropped the whole idea?We would at least like to know one way or the other!
I really don't know if I can put up with those "the View" persons-not even for our Andy!They just really get on my nerves trying to all talk at once.I also think he would never agree to appear if Rosie were still there!He certainly
knows Barbara well from his days at ABC I'm sure-Joy's ok,but the 'other one'-well I won't go there!LOL!Sorry Anderson,don't know if I can do it!LOL

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, sheryn + family! Well, Anderson said he doesn't like to talk about himself... no prob. -- the "View" ladies won't let him get a word in edgewise!

Evelyn said...

@ kris jordan: i watched the LKL last night as well! all i have to say is my goodness that Philippe Cousteau is gooooood looookin!

Evelyn said...

Hey all, the CNN All Access Podcast just came out with their latest podcast: CNN/YouTube Debate: Anderson and CNN staff give you an inside look. It's not very long (only a little under 3mins) but Anderson shows you around for a little bit so I guess it's worth it :)

Anonymous said...

To all the girls at ATA,

I'm hoping that you would allow me to post these two links....

Each are off of the PETA website. I have been sickened over the recent coverage of the dogfighting at the hands of Michael Vick and other monsters like him. LKL covered the story for the first half hour. I just think its important to pass stuff like this on. If you wouldn't mind posting or maybe writing a piece on it for all to see. I would greatly appreciate it as would some dog that may be saved from dog fighting torture.

Sapphire said...

Anderson will be on Jay leno Wednesday August 1 :)

Dixie Girl said...

Congrats on selling your house. My husband and I bought a lot in Slidell, LA two months before Katrina hit and we are still trying to sell it. I may have to consider burying a St. Joseph statue to get it sold.

I don't mind The View. I hate to admit it but I use The View to catch up on celebrity gossip. I'm sure the ladies will treat AC with respect. They just need to give Elizabeth the day off.

Take care.

aries moon said...

360 covers stories that don't get a lot of attention, but are still worthwhile and should be brought to light. Lee Demond Smith and the others deserve to have their stories told, even if it's not palatable to some viewers. 360 and Kathleen Koch did an excellent job in reporting this story and I'm glad it's leading to an investigation.

Yeah, what the heck happened to the song contest? Why are they leaving us hanging about it?

Congrats on your home being sold Sheryn!

Sheryn said...

Thanks guys! I really do appreciate your support!

Now we just have to secure a place to live! LOL!

MeshugahMazal said...

Congrats on getting your house sold, Sheryn!! :)

U brought up a good point about the AC:360 theme song. If memory serves me, they were close to the final 3 but there were "legal" issues to wrangle thru here. But yeah, an music theme update would be nice for fans of the 360 show!

Sheryn said...

@Dixie Girl, I buried St. Joseph in my back yard. I recommend it!

Anonymous said...

LOL ! I told you the St. Joseph statue works! I've done it twice :)

sydney said...

Hey Sheryn, what do they say, "plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery"? Steal away, I'm honored! Fortunately, I have DVR so I can FF through all The View "yak yak yak" and just watch AC. Seriously, it's shows like that that actually make me grateful I work all day.

Weird, we have the same recurring nightmore (trying to scream and nothing coming out). I'm not sure how long that's been going on, years anyway.

My main fear of surgery, though, has been just the opposite, going under too deeply and not being aware of anything (probably one of the main reasons I've never been much of a drinker). It never occurred to me to be afraid I might be *too* aware. Great, now something else to worry about! :-P But if I ever need a procudure and can just get a spinal, that would be cool.

And yeah, where the heck *is* that theme song?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sale! Whoo hoo blue margaritas all 'round!

Why, why does AC have to do TWO appearances the ONE week I'm out of town for a work thing (at a retreat center with no TVs)? I'll have to cross my fingers and pray to the gods of the VCR (and while I'm at it maybe ask them for a TiVo).