Monday, July 30, 2007


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Just wanted to let you know that we discovered that Anderson Cooper was in Colorado this weekend working on an SIU special concerning elderly abuse. Danielle in Colorado wrote about the sighting on her myspace blog this afternoon. Here is her story from poor Danielle in Colorado Springs, CO.

Hello and hello again,

Apparently yesterday Anderson Cooper and his camera crew were less then one block from my house in this small town in which I reside. Apparently my grandmother who by chance was taking a walk around the block got to meet and talk with him. I ask you where the sanity or justice is in this event?!! I, having been a fan of Anderson's since his stint as a reporter for Channel One News in 1992 (oh, I'm showing my age now....) was not even a full block away, yet knew nothing and saw nothing--no thanks to my grandmother. Who, by the way, acts as if it is completely nothing out of the ordinary!

For those interested, the story they were following up on involved elderly abuse, or something of the like. My grandmother said he was very nice, looks just like he does on tv (I don't think any of expect he really has, like, a horn in the middle of his forehead or anything...) and that he asked her general questions like how long she has lived on her street. (Which is 36+ years for those keeping track...) I am still in a state of general shock and disbelief. Just not fair at all. Oh yes, the report in question is supposed to air on or around Nov. 6th, for his Special Investigations Unit segment. I'd better go...I think I may actually cry a little..........Danielle.

Danielle thank you for the information and we feel your pain.


ACAnderFan said...

Ooohh nice Anderupdate. I can't wait to see his SIU. I think it's going to be really good and very interesting.

sydney said...

I'm pretty sure that photo requires some sort of warning... :-)

Yeah, if Anderson were in my neighborhood and I didn't find out until after the fact, I'd be pretty bummed (OK, beyond bummed). But geez, does the man ever take a day off?

Sapphire said...

Colorado....interesting. Thank you Phebe for the update. I am so excited for a new SIU and even more excited that it is Anderson's

If I found out Anderson was in my area and I found out after the fact I think I might just send the man some feedback because I had that conversation with him (long story)

Hopefully Anderson is back in NYC tonight and on 360....Ask, Believe, Recieve!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with sydney! That picture is dangerous! :P haha... I love it!

I don't know what I'd do if that happened to me... to know he was so close without me knowing! I would be a little more than angry. There would be a whole emotional rollercoaster! haha

Sounds like a really interesting SIU though, it's unbelievable that stuff like that happens.

ACAnderFan said...

@Sapphire, I remember that conversation you had with him. Hopefully Andy learned from it and will let you know when he's in your area...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Phebe - I am continually astounded how you find these things out! And also am continually grateful that you do so I know too!

Sapphire said...

@ ACAnderfan - I WISH Anderson would personally let me know but I doubt that but but if he came here it would probably be announced in the news and newspapers here

cactuskid said...

Danielle, I'm sorry that happened to you. Can just imagine how it made you feel! Bummer, I know!

Was hoping Anderson was getting some rest last weekend after the long week he had. He was looking pretty tired. Am looking forward to the SIU though in November.

Evelyn said...

I have been waiting for a new Anderson SIU! How exciting! You just made my day Phebe :)

I'm with all of you...I would be beyond tears if Anderson was that close to me and I didn't know :(

And yes, that picture should definitely come with a warning label...

Em said...

Poor Danielle...I had told Phebe that I was close to Sun Valley twice in the month before Anderson was there and am going again next weekend. Like Danielle, I am sure if he was anywhere near me, it would pretty much guarantee I was clueless and heading in the opposite direction! Thanks for the heads up on the special, it should be interesting.

beachlzrd said...


I will be in Denver this coming weekend ....... ANDERSON!

I know at least I am in the SAME COUNTRY as Anderson, but yea, it is a SMALL WORLD! This story brings merit to the "Six Degrees of Separation" theory!

The only thing I can say, is HOW COOL that her Grandmom met him. VERY VERY COOL!

Have a good week!

aries moon said...

Anderson Cooper, The Hardest Working Man in News.

Jennifer said...

I've heard that Anderson going to be in Los Angeles tonight.

Blade said...

@ Sydney:

The photo does require a fire extinguisher or something! Wow!

I don't think Anderson ever takes a day off because he is having so much fun. Look at him tonight. He is just so curious.

Of course, I would love for him to take time out for some dance lessons! I guess I could meet him in NOLA for a magical night of swing dancing. LOL! Like that would ever happen! :)

@ Phebe:
Did you get any photos of Rick Sanchez tonight?

@ All:
The nude prince was just gross!

Pixiedust said...

Ooohhh, that is a good photo...those blue eyes!

I feel so bad for Danielle, and her grandmother couldn't call her to give her the inside scoop? I'm afraid that Grandma would have coal in her stocking this Christmas! Jeeezz, wouldn't that be more than you could stand! I don't have to ever worry about Anderson showing up in Muncie, IN -- but they are dedicating the new communications building at Ball State, and it is being named David Letterman...a C graduate of BSU. He even has an annual scholarship for C students. Maybe Anderson could come here to cover a state-of-the-arts telecommunications building LOL.

Anonymous said...

But geez, does the man ever take a day off?

Yeah: Fridays.
Maybe he's Jewish, Sabbath thing.