Friday, July 27, 2007

Crime & Punishment and A Cartoon, Too

Let me start off by warning you, I am not a big fan of the canned programming that strings together stories that we've already seen. I much prefer live news broadcasts. Now, that I've got that out of my system, on with the post...and a slightly different approach tonight. Since all of these stories have aired previously, I'm going to provide you with mostly pictures and let you sound off in the comments.

Tonight's program was a special: Keeping Them Honest: Crime & Punishment

The first of five stories was Gary Tuchman's report from Rockville, Maryland about an alleged rapist that had the charges against him dropped because an interpreter was not available. The court spent two years looking for an interpreter and couldn't find one. CNN spent under three hours and found one just a few minutes away.

My favorite line of the night was from Gary Tuchman: "You need to know more than Vai to get by" referring to the alleged rapist being able to graduate from a Maryland high school.

Next was Kathleen Koch's report on a Harrison County Jail in Mississippi where there has been evidence of excessive force, beatings, and murder- not from the prisoners, but the guards.

Jeffrey Toobin pointed out that this jail has been looked at by the federal government, but it doesn't appear as though its curbed the violence.

The News Brief tonight was brought to us by Randi Kaye.

Then Randi Kaye's report on the violence and murder rate in New Orleans.

OK, this is just a gratuitous screen cap of Anderson.

The fourth report tonight was also from Randi Kaye. A 22 year old student was raped and murdered in her dorm room at Eastern Michigan University. The University buried the truth about her death and initially claimed "no foul play".

Finally, Dan Simon's report on the Portland, Oregon jail that's built and ready to house prisoners, except the county can't afford keep the new complex running.

This is the jail that has nice art work outside.

And now for something that you might not have seen before... have you ever checked out the cartoons posted to CNN.COM? This week there was a cartoon by Mike Mikula that depicted Anderson and the candidates at the YouTube debate. Below is a snippet from the cartoon:

That cute snowman keeps stealing the show! That's it for me tonight! Have a good weekend!


Jennifer said...

I watch AC360 tonight its just repeats on top of repeats that's just my opinion.
I notice that tonight's 360 wasn't live Anderson must had broadcast Keeping Them Honest segment late last night or this afternoon.

@BookAsylum, thanks for posting the cartoon picture of CNN/Youtube that is really cute :) and the Anderson pictures you posted tonight they are really good ones.

Phebe said...

If Randi Kaye really wanted to bring us the news she'd tell us where Mr. Cooper is.
I didn't watch any of AC360. I've been glued to the television all day watching news of the helicopter crash in Phoenix. One of the copters was from Mike Watkiss's station and 3 of his close friends were killed. His reporting was amazing considering the emotional situation.

Unknown said...

Phebe that's horrible. I can only imagine how sad that is for both of those TV stations. I'm sure it's been very emotional.

I have to admit I didn't watch either because I knew I had seen them all already.

ACAnderFan said...

I also must admit that I did not watch 360 either. SO I guess Andy is back to being Mr.I don't do fridays.

I just don't see why 360 keeps showing us the same thing over and over and over again. I mean it's fine if Mr.I don't do fridays isn't there and needs or wants some time off, just show us something different. Show us some specials that we have seen in a while. I know thre are plenty of them.

FanGirl moment: Andy sure does look nice in those screencaps dosen't he??? I mean the tie looks so pretty on him and his hair looks really nice although in those pics it dosen't look too soft..yes that's right I am having a fangirl moment over some pics from a show that I did not even!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to having a sub when Anderson is not going to be on rather than all taped. There must have been some news to report.

I just think that not having a live person for 1 hour (as is usual for 360 when there is a sub) rather than two hours of taped material is not very inviting to its loyal viewers.

But since 360 is cut back to 1 hour live for the summer perhaps they are trying to give the subs some time off also.

sydney said...

My problem wasn't so much with the special (I can see why they put together these similar stories in one show for people who might not have watched all week), but with the fact that they immediately followed it with a repeat of THE SAME SPECIAL! Repeat of a repeat of a.... I expected to fall into some sort of time warp or wormhole or something. The least they can do is follow it with a different repeat special - it's not like they don't have plenty of them laying around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and the cute cartoon.

I haven't watched 360 all week. I have just been too busy and too tired and to keep it honest, I have been just sick of the news. I had to take a news break! Does anyone else get like that? Maybe it is just me.

Ladies, have an awesome weekend and have some fun. Life is too short. Phebe, sorry to hear about the accident. Were these folks your personal friends?


Phebe said...

Blade, I didn't know any of those killed, except by watching them and their work on a daily basis. I would feel the same sense of loss if it was any of the regulars on CNN too. These people are in our homes everyday and even though you don't 'know' them it sure feels like you do.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone!!

I knew from the moment that last night's 360 wasn't live. But I did watch several stories about Crime & Punishment from "Keeping Them Honest". If this has been previously repeats, I wasn't noticed it.


Are you from PHX? I am sorry to hear that terrible situation. It was shocked to hear the awfully realistic news to the collegues who knew them. My cousin from Scottsdale watched it every night. I will tell my cousin. She is in New York now.


I still love your famous quotation " Mr.I don't do fridays". I wish there is something I can help you by dragging Anderson back to CNN studio. But I don't know where he is!!! LOL So, Be patience with Anderson.

I also enjoyed the CNN/Youtube cartoon especially recently simpsonized cartoon, Tom Forman and himself, Anderson.

Have an enjoyable weekend to all!!

Hearing impaired gal

Sheryn said...

It was actually nice to watch House Hunters and Food Network during the time I usually watch 360. I look at Fridays as a 360 Free Zone if Anderson isn't live.

I hope he is enjoying not having to work on Fridays.

@Phebe, that crash was horrible. I saw a man on TV today who saw the crash happen and it broke my heart. He was distraught because he couldn't help anyone. So very sad.

@BA, Thanks for the cartoon. And thanks for the pretty! Have a great weekend!

ACAnderFan said...

@Sydney, I did not realize that the special was repeated yeat agian at 11:00 as soon as it was over. I fliped back to 360 and 11 and honestly thought that it was a two hour special. Silly me.

That has got to be an all time new low for 360 showing a repeat of a repeat or however you said...LOL!!!

What is going on at CNN/360??? I really think they need to re-evaluate somethings and get themselves back on track.

Now this one hour live of 360 and then hour two a rerun of the first hour...that's only suppoed to go on until August or through August??? I can't remember which it is.

So I wonder if Mr.I don't do firday's had fun last nite since he was off. Does anyone know if he said he'd see us tomorrow on thursday's show??? Not that it matters or anything I'm just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add my condolences to all the above about those killed in the crash. Like you said, you may not know them personally but they are in your home every day and become part of your daily routine.

We had a treasured local TV news anchor pass last week unexpectedly during a routine surgery. I grew up watching this guy on the news, so it was very sad.

My sympathies to all his family, and his TV News and audience as well.

Anonymous said...

Thursday's and Friday's programs were an insult to intelligent viewers.

I think Anderson and 360 are beginning to take advantage of the viewers. I guess he thinks we will watch anything as long as he shows his face.

Quitty said...

They sure did make him look old in that cartoon.

Nebraska Fan said...

So is that what 360 is doing this summer - taking time off from the second hour? Since I'm new, I wasn't sure if it was always like or just lately. I have noticed on the CNN blog that Anderson has not posted very much. In reading the archives, he used to do it quite a bit, but I though maybe he has just become too busy.

I really enjoy some of the older clips that people post. Anderson seems a lot funnier and more relaxed than he does now. Has anyone else noticed that? Is his show becoming more tense or serious than it used to be? Or is he?

Nebraska Fan

Anonymous said...

You know you guys say you don't want negative comments made about Anderson, but yet here again there are some made and you did not delete them. What is up with that? You say you want comments that are respective. And don't say it is more about CNN and 360, than it is against Anderson, because he has said he has input into his own show,so he must agree with these changes and formats.

Yes he takes off a lot of Fridays and he only has been doing an hour each night, but did anyone notice that two nights last week he was live for an hour and then had a wrap up of the debate each night and all of you that notice what he wears, should have noticed that each night of the taped portion he had the same clothes on as the live show. So my point is he still worked the extra hour at some point during the day, which I figure he probably either went in an hour earlier or at least the same time.

He also was in SC all last weekend getting ready for the debates and then was on live for 3 hours that night.

You know regular tv networks have reruns in the summer, so why shouldn't CNN have the same right. Unless there is really Breaking News or something then they should have a right to do what the want and as long as their sponsorship don't mind then why should we?

Also with the changes coming with PZ leaving and Campbell Brown coming on, their might be all kinds of changes coming that we all need to get use to and yes this could even mean changes to Anderson own show.

I just think sometimes people are to hard on Anderson and CNN. I still don't see any of us going to the places and reporting the great stories that they have.

Also remember, this time last year Anderson was in the Middle East for a month and he was on the air a lot, reporting on other CNN shows. He also had shows on most weekends while he was there and so I am sure they gave him comp time for that, so maybe he is using that time from last year. And lord knows how much comp time he had for all the hours he put in during Katrian.

I know this is just my opinion and will probably get shot down, but I had to write what I felt.

And one more thing, you don't want negative things on this blog about Anderson, but you don't have a problem trashing Kiern Chetney on All Things CNN?

Sapphire said...

ok for me I was glad Anderson was off last night because I got to take my cold medicine and go to sleep.

BA - I have to second Ms. Sheryn and thank you for the Andercartoon and the pretty. I do have to say that Simpsonized Andy was much better though.

Hopefully Anderson will be on Monday...I have no reason to believe that he won't be so I will have to watch the debate again to get through the Anderwithdrawal

Anonymous said...

@Phebe, I have been out of touch for the last few days trying to help my son and his wife complete their move. I am so sorry to hear about the helicopter crash. I have great respect for Mike Watkiss and can only imagine how tough it would be to report on a situation like an accident like that involving friends or coworkers.

Happy to see that I didn't miss much the last few days. I have tivo'ed the programs but I may just settle for the highlights from the podcast. It was funny (strange - not ha,ha) to read the story about your friend and the anesthesia. I had a procedure last year where they give you a pill that basically promotes amnesia. In essence, you feel the pain but don't remember it afterward. It worked pretty well. I have woken briefly in the middle of two surgical procedures in the past. One I felt pain and the surgeon immediately told them to give me more anesthesia. The other I didn't feel anything but discomfort..basically the were putting in the sutures. Boy did this story scare me. I have been putting off a minor surgery and now I am afraid to have it. Why the heck don't they just get those brain activity monitors? I can't imagine why surgeons don't insist on the safeguard. The meer thought that even a small percentage of people have this issue would prompt me to make sure it never happened. The whole thing just gives me the shivers.

I am looking forward to getting back to normal. Between parents visits, family crisis', and my son moving, I am drained. Here's to a nice peaceful weekend for everyone!

Pemberly said...

Phebe, I thought of you immediately when I saw Mike Watkiss being interviewed about the terrible crash. I know how much you admire him. I extend my sympathies to everyone impacted by this awful event. I hope some good will come of it - the end of preoccupation with these police chases. But, I doubt it.

I too turned 360 off as soon as I realized it was a "special." To make it worse, the stories were ones that were shown very recently. I am also beginning to suspect 360 doesn't care about its viewers. But it's not limited to 360. CNN in general has shown a disregard for the intelligence of the people who watch. This is especially true on the Headline News channel. What they have done there is a disgrace. Eventually, it will come back to haunt them, if it hasn't already.

Nebraska Fan said...

Hello Everyone,

I reread my post and I hope that no one thinks I was being negative. It really wasn't meant that way, I just thought that the show always had a second hour of repeats, until someone said something that made me think I might be wrong. I definitely can see why they would want to keep it to one hour in the summer - let some of these poor people go home and veg on the couch and eat cheetohs once in a while, especially Anderson!

As for criticizing Anderson - I have such a huge crush on him that I don't think I could say anything bad if I tried! The guy has me watching the news every night, for crying out loud! And checking out his tie, then reading what all of you think of his tie, too! I was just worried that he might be seeming a little more stressed than he does on the older clips, and I wanted someone's opinion that has been watching him for a long time.

Plus, I love this blog - lots of other people that feel the same way I do and care about the news. Please keep up the excellent work - I am having way too much fun reading all of your posts and comments each day!

Anonymous said...

I have a question regarding the name "Mr. I don't do Friday's". That's a bit harsh. If you do some research throughout the TV news industry, and the TV talk show industry, almost every anchor or host only film 4 days a week. Just because Anderson, or any anchor/host isn't on air on the Friday does not mean they are not working. The fact is, they are more than likely putting together their reports, editing and interviewing on that day. It's naive to think just because someone doesn't have a 9 to 5 job, that they don't work as much as the rest of us.

Now that the steam is out of the top of my head, CNN is more the responsible party for the final say in programming choices, not AC or any anchor. He probably has a say, and I bet he would rather have a sub on air instead of a repeated special, but he may not be the one makeing that decision.

Also, I have to remind myself of this all the time, CNN isn't intended for the viewers like us (360 fans) who watch CNN most of the day, and 360 every single night. So, saying that, to many viewers these are not repeats because it's the first time they've seen it.

I commend ATA, Phebe, PT, Quitty, Sheryn and all the others on trying to present a fair and balanced discussion/review of Mr. Cooper and AC360.

Thanks ladies :-D

ACAnderFan said...

@duckie, Mr.I don't do fridays is just a fun nickname. I know that he works hard. I used the nickname one other time and people laughed it, so I figured I'd uses it again. I don't mean it as disrespectful towards Anderson. I know that he is a very hard worker and I'm glad when he takes times off for himself. Ask anyone here at ATA and they'll tell you that I love Anderson and always try to be very respectful of him. I am sorry that I have offended you.